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The Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Ultimania is a Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age guide book published in Japanese by Square Enix in Japan in 2017.

Table of contents[]

The book begins with the prologue, a world map of Ivalice and a diagram of character relationships. Below are the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1 - Battle Character
    • Explains the battle system and new mechanics, character statistics, a list of Magicks and Technicks, a list of all Gambits, and a list of all Esper statistics.
  • Chapter 2 - Game System
    • Includes an explanation of the Zodiac Job System, the Jobs List and detailed layout of all 12 License Boards. Includes affected stats and the laying-out of Esper and skillsets correlation.
  • Chapter 3 - Scenario
    • A complete rundown of the story.
  • Chapter 4 - Sub Event
    • A complete rundown of subquests, Hunts and optional bosses.
  • Chapter 5 - Item
    • A complete list of Loot acquired from the Bazaar and Hunts, a list of all Weapons, Accessories, Armors and Recovery Items.
  • Chapter 6 - Monster
    • Explains category and type, appearance in relation to climate, terrain, elements, attitude, chasing and searching, attacking. Followed by a complete bestiary and stats of all 380+ enemies and bosses.
  • Chapter 7 - Map
    • Illustration of all area maps followed by Shop, Treasure and Monster Data.
  • Chapter 8 - Trial Mode
    • Introduction to the Trial Mode and details of every stage enemy and loot dropped.

The Chapters begin with illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano and end with a "Clan Report" that explains the version differences between the original release and the Zodiac Age release.