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Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Original Soundtrack is the complete soundtrack for Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age. It contains new tracks composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto specifically for Zodiac Age and new arrangements of tracks from the original.

The Blu-ray includes the ability to view remastered in-game footage with the music. High-quality mp3 files are also included on the disc for extraction for portable music devices.

Track list[]

  1. Demo Movie (Zodiac Age Version) — 1:42
    (ループデモ (Zodiac Age Version), Rūpu Demo?, lit. Loop Demo)
  2. FINAL FANTASY (Zodiac Age Version) — 2:25
  3. Opening Movie (Zodiac Age Version) — 7:02
    (オープニング・ムービー (Zodiac Age Version), Ōpunigu Mūbī?)
  4. Into the Fortress (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:33
    (潜入 (Zodiac Age Version), Senyū?, lit. Infiltration)
  5. Boss Battle (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:46
    (ボス戦 (Zodiac Age Version), Bosu-sen?)
  6. Shadow Play (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:39
    (幻聴 (Zodiac Age Version), Genchō?)
  7. Training in the Sewers (Zodiac Age Version) — 2:31
    (秘密の練習 (Zodiac Age Version), Himitsu no Renshū?, lit. Secret Practice)
  8. Streets of Rabanastre (Zodiac Age Version) — 5:57
    (王都ラバナスタ/市街地上層 (Zodiac Age Version), Ōto Rabunasuta/Shigaichi Jōsō?, lit. The Royal City of Rabanastre/City Ward Upper Level)
  9. Penelo's Theme (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:17
    (パンネロのテーマ (Zodiac Age Version), Pannero no Tēma?)
  10. To Be a Sky Pirate (Zodiac Age Version) — 0:34
    (空賊への夢 (Zodiac Age Version), Kūzoku e no Yume?, lit. The Dream to be a Sky Pirate)
  11. The Dalmasca Estersand (Zodiac Age Version) — 4:28
    (東ダルマスカ砂漠 (Zodiac Age Version), Higashi Darumasuka Sabaku?)
  12. Level Up (Zodiac Age Version) — 0:07
    (レベルアップ! (Zodiac Age Version), Reberu Appu!?)
  13. Cooperation: Imperial (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:08
    (共存 (帝国バージョン) (Zodiac Age Version), Kyōson (Teikoku Bājon)?)
  14. Winds of Change (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:01
    (変化の兆し(Zodiac Age Version), Henka no Kizashi?, lit. Signs of Change)
  15. Lowtown (Zodiac Age Version) — 2:56
    (ラバナスタ・ダウンタウン (Zodiac Age Version), Rabanasuta Dauntaun?, lit. Rabanastre Downtown)
  16. Quiet Resolve (Zodiac Age Version) — 4:17
    (静かなる決意 (Zodiac Age Version), Shizukanaru Ketsui?)
  17. Giza Plains (Zodiac Age Version) — 5:03
    (ギーザ草原 (Zodiac Age Version), Gīza Sōgen?)
  18. Parting Ways (Zodiac Age Version) — 0:31)
    (パンネロとの別れ (Zodiac Age Version), Pannero to no Wakare?, lit. Parting with Penelo)
  19. The Garamsythe Waterway (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:17
    (ガラムサイズ水路, Garamusaizu Suiro?)
  20. The Clan Hall (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:42
    (クラン本部 (Zodiac Age Version), Kuran Honbu?, lit. Clan Headquarters)
  21. Portent (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:17
    (予兆 (Zodiac Age Version), Yochō?)
  22. Unrest (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:17
    (騒乱 (Zodiac Age Version), Sōran?)
  23. Ashe's Theme (Zodiac Age Version) — 5:45
    (アーシェのテーマ (Zodiac Age Version), Āshe no Tēma?)
  24. Visions (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:49
    (王女の幻影 (Zodiac Age Version), Ōjo no Gen'ei?, lit. The Princess' Vision)
  25. Flash of Steel (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:02
    (剣の一閃 (Zodiac Age Version), Tsurugi no Issen?, lit. Clash of Swords)
  26. Victory Fanfare (Zodiac Age Version) — 0:57
    (勝利のファンファーレ (Zodiac Age Version), Shōri no Fanfāre?)
  27. Gathering Storm: Imperial (Zodiac Age Version) — 2:19
    (暗雲 帝国バージョン (Zodiac Age Version), An'un Teikoku Bājon?)
  28. Balthier's Promise (Zodiac Age Version) — 0:39
    (バルフレアとの約束 (Zodiac Age Version), Barufurea to no Yakusoku?, lit. A Promise with Balthier)
  29. Nalbina Dungeons (Zodiac Age Version) — 4:40
    (ナルビナ城塞地下雑居房 (Zodiac Age Version), Narubina Jōsai Chika Zakkyobō?, lit. Nalbina Fortress Underground Prison)
  30. Among Savages (Zodiac Age Version) — 2:55
    (蛮族 (Zodiac Age Version), Banzoku?, lit. Barbarians)
  31. Drums of War (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:07
    (戦いのドラム, Tatakai no Doramu?)
  32. The Archadian Empire (Zodiac Age Version) — 8:06
    (帝国のテーマ (Zodiac Age Version), Teikoku no Tēma?, lit. Theme of the Empire)
  33. The Barheim Passage (Zodiac Age Version) — 4:06
    (バルハイム地下道 (Zodiac Age Version), Baruhaimu Chikadō?)
  34. I Give You My Word (Zodiac Age Version) — 2:17
    (バッシュの回想 (Zodiac Age Version), Basshu no Kaisō?, lit. Basch's Reminiscence)
  35. Sorrow: Resistance (Zodiac Age Version) — 4:00
    (悲哀 解放軍バージョン (Zodiac Age Version), Hiai Kaihōgun Bājon?)
  36. On the Riverbank (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:31
    (水のほとり (Zodiac Age Version), Mizu no Hotori?, lit. Near the Water)
  37. Nalbina Fortress (Zodiac Age Version) — 2:55
    (ナルビナ城塞市街地 (Zodiac Age Version), Narubina Jōsai Shigaichi?, lit. Nalbina Fortress Town Ward)
  38. The Dalmasca Westersand (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:18
    (西ダルマスカ砂漠 (Zodiac Age Version), Nishi Darumasuka Sabaku?)
  39. Cooperation: Resistance (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:10
    (共存 解放軍バージョン (Zodiac Age Version), [missing rōmaji]?)
  40. The Skycity of Bhujerba (Zodiac Age Version) — 4:11
    (空中都市ビュエルバ (Zodiac Age Version), Kūchū Toshi Byueruba?)
  41. The Stone's Secret (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:44
    (魔石の秘密 (Zodiac Age Version), Maseki no Himitsu?)
  42. Giving Chase (Zodiac Age Version) — 2:56
    (言葉無き戦い (Zodiac Age Version), Kotoba naki Tatakai?, lit. A Speechless Battle)
  43. Black of Night: Imperial (Zodiac Age Version) — 2:31
    (闇夜 帝国バージョン (Zodiac Age Version), Yamiyo Teikoku Bājo (Zodiac Age Version)?, lit. Dark Night (Empire Version))
  44. On the Bridge of Leviathan (Zodiac Age Version) — 4:14
    (戦艦リヴァイアサン艦橋 (Zodiac Age Version), Senkan Rivaiasan Kankyō?)
  45. Defying the Empire (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:38
    (帝国への挑戦 (Zodiac Age Version), Teikoku e no Chōsen?)
  46. Discord: Imperial (Zodiac Age Version) — 2:52
    (動乱 帝国バージョン (Zodiac Age Version), Dōran Teikoku Bājon?)
  47. The Razor's Edge (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:30
    (切迫する事態 (Zodiac Age Version), Seppaku suru Jitai?, lit. State of Emergency)
  48. The Yensan Sandsea (Zodiac Age Version) — 2:42
    (大砂海 (Zodiac Age Version), Dai Sakai?)
  49. Lying in Wait — 4:01
    (待ち受けしもの, [missing rōmaji]?)
  50. The Guardians — 3:39
    (ガーディアン, [missing rōmaji]?)
  51. The Tomb of Raithwall (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:58
    (レイスウォール王墓 (Zodiac Age Version), Reisuwōru Ōbo?)
  52. Battle with an Esper (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:45
    (召喚獣戦 (Zodiac Age Version), Shōkanjū-sen?)
  53. Life and Death (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:11
    (死闘 (Zodiac Age Version), Shitō?)
  54. Ozmone Plains (Zodiac Age Version) — 2:59
    (オズモーネ平原 (Zodiac Age Version), Ozumōne Heigen?)
  55. Jahara - Land of the Garif (Zodiac Age Version) — 5:26
    (ガリフの地ジャハラ (Zodiac Age Version), Garifu no Chi Jahara?)
  56. The Golmore Jungle (Zodiac Age Version) — 4:08
    (ゴルモア大森林 (Zodiac Age Version), Gorumoa Daishinrin?)
  57. Eruyt Village (Zodiac Age Version) — 4:37
    (エルトの里 (Zodiac Age Version), Eruto no sato?)
  58. Try to Grow Up (Zodiac Age Version) — 0:09
    (本当に子供なんだから…。 (Zodiac Age Version), Hontō ni Kodomo nandakara...?, lit. You're Really a Child...)
  59. Chocobo Theme (Zodiac Age Version) — 2:25
    (チョコボ (Zodiac Age Version), Chokobo?)
  60. Threat Impendent (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:06
    (迫る脅威 (Zodiac Age Version), Semaru Kyōi?)
  61. Fury of the Entites — 4:13
    (荒ぶる精霊, [missing rōmaji]?)
  62. Lust for Power (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:35
    (求めし力 (Zodiac Age Version), Motomeshi Chikara?)
  63. Discarded Power (Zodiac Age Version) — 2:50
    (捨て去りし力 (Zodiac Age Version), Sutesarishi Chikara?)
  64. Sorrow: Imperial (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:19
    (悲哀 帝国バージョン (Zodiac Age Version), Hiai Teikoku Bājon?)
  65. The Stilshrine of Miriam (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:48
    (ミリアム遺跡 (Zodiac Age Version), Miriamu Iseki?)
  66. Shiroi Heya
  67. The Mosphoran Highwaste (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:15
    (モスフォーラ山地 (Zodiac Age Version), Mosufōra Sanchi?)
  68. The Salikawood (Zodiac Age Version) — 2:56
    (サリカ樹林 (Zodiac Age Version), Sarika Jurin?)
  69. The Phon Coast (Zodiac Age Version) — 4:16
    (フォーン海岸 (Zodiac Age Version), Fōn Kaigan?)
  70. The Fates (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:17
    (宿命 (Zodiac Age Version), Shukumei?)
  71. Tchita Uplands — 3:40
    (ツイッタ大草原, [missing rōmaji]?)
  72. The Sochen Cave Palace (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:57
    (ソーヘン地下宮殿 (Zodiac Age Version), Sōhen Chika Kyūden?)
  73. Respite (Zodiac Age Version) — 2:31
    (安息の時 (Zodiac Age Version), Ansoku no Toki?)
  74. A Moment's Rest (Zodiac Age Version) — 5:01
    (一時の休息 (Zodiac Age Version), Ichiji no Kyūsoku?)
  75. Gutter-churl (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:32
    (小悪党 (Zodiac Age Version), Koakutō?, lit. Little Rascal)
  76. The Port of Balfonheim (Zodiac Age Version) — 2:35
    (港町バーフォンハイム (Zodiac Age Version), Minatomachi Bāfonhaimu?)
  77. Heart of a Child (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:22
    (童心 (Zodiac Age Version), Dōshin?, lit. Naivety)
  78. Catnap (Zodiac Age Version) — 0:15
    (仮眠 (Zodiac Age Version), Kamin?)
  79. The Cerobi Steppe (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:45
    (セロビ大地 (Zodiac Age Version), Serobi Daichi?)
  80. Zertinan Caverns (Zodiac Age Version) — 4:00
    (ゼルテニアン洞窟 (Zodiac Age Version), Zerutenian Dōkutsu?)
  81. The Forgotten City (Zodiac Age Version) — 4:43
    (忘れ去られし都 (Zodiac Age Version), Wasuresarareshi Miyako?)
  82. Realm of Memory (Zodiac Age Version) — 4:27
    (追憶の地 (Zodiac Age Version), Tsuioku no Chi?)
  83. Gloom — 4:08
    (暗影, [missing rōmaji]?)
  84. Game Over (Zodiac Age Version) — 0:24
    (ゲームオーバー (Zodiac Age Version), Gēmu Ōbā?)
  85. Battle on the Big Bridge (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:08
    (ビッグブリッジの死闘 (Zodiac Age Version), Biggu Burijji no Shitō?)
  86. The Feywood (Zodiac Age Version) — 4:52
    (幻妖の森 (Zodiac Age Version), Gen'yō no Mori?)
  87. The Esper (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:05
    (召喚 (Zodiac Age Version), Shōkan?)
  88. The Mystery of Giruvegan (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:11
    (ギルヴェガンの謎 (Zodiac Age Version), Giruvegan no Nazo?)
  89. To Walk Amongst Gods (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:48
    (神々の場所へ (Zodiac Age Version), Kamigami no Basho e?, lit. To the Place of Gods)
  90. Memories Eternal — 3:50
    (悠久の記憶, [missing rōmaji]?)
  91. The Final Act (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:57
    (終局の始まり, Shūkyoku no Hajimari?, lit. The Beginning of the End)
  92. Ascent (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:56
    (頂上へ, Chōjō e?)
  93. The Ultimate Trial — 3:23
    (最後の試練, [missing rōmaji]?)
  94. Sky Fortress Bahamut (Zodiac Age Version) — 3:38
    (空中要塞バハムート, Kūchū Yōsai Bahamūto?)
  95. Bahamut Shudders (Zodiac Age Version) — 0:44
    (揺れるバハムート, Yureru Bahamūto?)
  96. Struggle for Freedom (Zodiac Age Version) — 9:55
    (自由への闘い, Jiyū e no Tatakai?)
  97. Struggle's End (Zodiac Age Version) — 1:18
    (闘いの結末, Tatakai no Ketsumatsu?)
  98. Ending Movie (Zodiac Age Version) — 6:20
    (エンディング・ムービー, Endingu Mūbī?)
  99. THE ZODIAC AGE (7:28)
  100. An Untimely End (Zodiac Age Version) — 2:31
    (非情な結末 (Zodiac Age Version), [missing rōmaji]?)
  101. Vayne's Words (Zodiac Age Version) — 1:33
    (ヴェインの言葉 (Zodiac Age Version), [missing rōmaji]?)
  102. Vaan's Resolve (Zodiac Age Version) — 0:26
    (ヴァンの決意 (Zodiac Age Version), [missing rōmaji]?)


Composed, Arranged & Produced: Hitoshi Sakimoto

Composition and Arrangement: Masaharu Iwata (72, 86)

Composition and Arrangement: Hayato Matsuo (uncredited) (22, 44, 55, 62, 81, 82)

Original Composer: Nobuo Uematsu (01, 02, 26, 59, 85)

Orchestration: Yoshimi Kudo, Azusa Chiba, Kazuki Higashihara

Orchestration (uncredited): Hayato Matsuo (03, 98)

Limited Edition CD[]

FFXII Zodiac Age LE CD.jpg

The Limited edition included a bonus cd of exclusive tracks arranged by Sakimoto.

  1. The Zodiac Age Music Box Arrangement — 3:16
  2. The Dalmasca Estersand Folk Music Arrangement — 2:15
    (東ダルマスカ砂漠 Folk Music Box Arrangement, [missing rōmaji]?)
  3. The Barheim Passage Piano Arrangement — 2:24
    (バルハイム地下道 Piano Arrangement, [missing rōmaji]?)
  4. The Archadian Empire Military Band Arrangement — 3:09
    (帝国のテーマ Military Arrangement, [missing rōmaji]?)
  5. Training in the Sewers Acoustic Arrangement — 2:58
    (秘密の練習 Acoustic Arrangement, [missing rōmaji]?)
  6. Ashe's Theme Cinematic Arrangement — 3:07
    (アーシェのテーマ Cinematic Arrangement, [missing rōmaji]?)

Collector's Edition Original Soundtrack[]

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Collector's Edition Original Soundtrack is the Final Fantasy XII soundtrack album released by Square Enix Music, included with the Collector's Edition of Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age. Unlike the Final Fantasy X HD Remaster Original Soundtrack included with the collector's edition of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, this album is issued on CD and features only a sampling of 17 tracks from the game. It is included in the steelbook that also includes the game disc, along with a booklet of liner notes, with a personal message from composer Hitoshi Sakimoto. Although the track listing includes the statement "All tracks from Zodiac Age Version unless otherwise noted", the only notation present for any of the tracks is that the final track, "The Zodiac Age," is 'newly recorded'. Additionally, although a number of new tracks are featured in Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age, "The Zodiac Age" is the only such track present on this album, all others are simply new versions of tracks found within the original title. "The Zodiac Age" is used during the credits sequence accessible from the title menu for Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age.

Track list[]

  1. FINAL FANTASY — 2:25
  2. Streets of Rabanastre — 5:57
  3. Penelo's Theme — 3:17
  4. To Be a Sky Pirate — 0:36
  5. The Dalmasca Estersand — 4:28
  6. Nalbina Dungeons — 4:38
  7. Boss Battle — 3:45
  8. Golmore Jungle — 4:10
  9. Eruyt Village — 4:37
  10. The Salikawood — 2:56
  11. Flash of Steel — 3:01
  12. The Cerobi Steppe — 3:45
  13. To Walk Amongst Gods — 3:46
  14. The Final Act — 3:56
  15. Bahamut Shudders — 0:43
  16. Struggle for Freedom — 9:54
  17. The Zodiac Age (Newly Recorded) — 7:28

Liner notes[]

The liner notes feature the same artwork seen on the steelbook, as well a track listing, production information and a message from Hitoshi Sakimoto.

Message from Hitoshi Sakimoto[]

"Hello - It took a lot of small steps and constant steady effort in order to achieve what we were not able to do in the original title for the music. Now, because of you, I was able to bring it to a level that I am satisfied with. This was all made possible by everyone that had asked for a remaster! Let's open the renewed door of youth, and experience the joy and thrills together! Thank you! Hitoshi Sakimoto, Composer"

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