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Book cover.

The Final Fantasy XII Battle Ultimania is a book published by Square Enix in Japan in 2006.

Table of contentsEdit

The book has the following chapters:

  1. Battle Character
  2. Battle system
  3. Item (Armor, Weapons, Accessories... etc)
  4. Monster (Bestiary)

The guide begins with a two paged picture of the Rare Monster Ivalice Map.

Chapter One, Battle CharacterEdit

This chapter begins by giving the reader info on the six playable characters and their stats, Quickenings etc, including Reks. Then it goes into a detailed section about all Guest Party Members and their stats including "Amalia" (Ashe), Basch (when he first joins as a guest), "Lamont" (Larsa), Vossler, Larsa (when he rejoins the party) and Reddas. Next it gives a detailed guide on other members that temporarily join the party in battle such as Basch (before joining the main party), the three Dalmascan Soldiers, ???? (Ashe before she was named), Larsa (during the first fight with Vayne), Judge Gabranth, Bansat, Monid, Krjn, Viera Wayfarer, Insecure Seeq, Rabanastre Watch, Bangaa Hunter, Garif Hunter, Garif Warrior (War-Chief Supinelu) and the Seeq Fisher. The chapter ends with a small character interview.

Chapter Two, Battle systemEdit

This chapter begins by talking about Active Dimension Battle and what it entails. Then it gives a guide of the thirteen Espers in the game along with their stats and abilities. Then it gives some more info on the games battle system and ends with a short guide on getting to level 99 quickly.

Chapter Three, ItemEdit

This chapter begins by giving information on all the rare weapons and how to obtain them. Then it gives highly detailed lists of all the weapons, accessories, status items, armor, shields, etc. It gives a picture guide of all the games weapons and shields. The chapter ends with a short interview about the games programming.

Chapter Four, MonsterEdit

This chapter gives an incredibly extensive guide on all the enemies in the game, as well as info on the monsters A.I. and how it works. It also gives a complete Bestiary along with all the enemies stats and how to find, fight and defeat every rare monster.


  • This guide has a few translation that differ from others:
    • In this book and the Final Fantasy XII Ultimania Omega guide book , Balthier is called Balfleer.
    • The Insecure Seeq is called the Unsought Seeq.
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