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Weapon upgrade screen.

Most weapons and accessories in Final Fantasy XIII can be leveled up with components. Once the maximum level (indicated with a ★ as opposed to the item level appearing in the menu next to the item) has been reached, many are upgradable to another weapon or accessory altogether with catalyst minerals. The ability to upgrade is given early in the game and is accomplished at save stations.

Weapons and accessories can also be dismantled, returning various rewards in the process. Dismantling something of a higher level gives a higher quantity of components, and dismantling something at ★ level will give additional rewards.


Catalysts, which cannot be improperly applied, are components used to upgrade weapons and accessories to their better counterparts. Catalysts can only be applied once the item has reached its maximum level, indicated by a star replacing the item's level in the menu. Trapezohedrons will always be used to transform a second-tier weapon into its third-tier form.

Weapon catalysts[]

Catalyst Applied to Becomes
Adamantite Axis Blade Enkindler
Umbra Solaris
Healer's Staff Physician's Staff
Cobaltite Organyx Apocalypse
Aldebarans Sadalmeliks
Tigerclaw Wyrmfang
Dark Matter Procyons Betelgeuse Customs
Perovskite Blazefire Saber Flamberge
Edged Carbine Razor Carbine
Wild Bear Feral Pride
Unsetting Sun Midnight Sun
Binding Rod Hunter's Rod
Pearlwing Staff Brightwing Staff
Rod of Thorns Orochi Rod
Vega 42s Altairs
Deneb Duellers Canopus AMPs
Pleiades Hi-Powers Hyades Magnums
Bladed Lance Glaive
Partisan Rhomphaia
Hawkeye Eagletalon
Ninurta Jatayu
Malphas Naberius
Scarletite Lifesaber Peace Maker
Lionheart Ultima Weapon
Paladin Winged Saint
Power Circle Battle Standard
Punisher Banescissor Spear
Sacrificial Circle Indomitus
Mistilteinn Erinye's Cane
Gae Bolg Gungnir
Pandoran Spear Calamity Spear
Spica Defenders Sirius Sidearms
Vidofnir Hræsvelgr
Otshirvani Urubutsin
Uraninite Gladius Helter-Skelter
Hauteclaire Durandal
Rebel Heart Warrior's Emblem
Feymark Soul Blazer
Belladonna Wand Malboro Wand
Heavenly Axis Abraxas
Rigels Polaris Specials
Antares Deluxes Fomalhaut Elites
Airwing Skycutter
Simurgh Tezcatlipoca
Alicanto Caladrius
Dragoon Lance Dragonhorn
Shamanic Spear Heretic Halberd
Taming Pole Venus Gospel

Accessory catalysts[]

Catalyst Applied to Becomes
Adamantite Diamond Bangle Adamant Bangle
General's Belt Champion's Belt
Witch's Bracelet Magus's Bracelet
Cobaltite Tungsten Bangle Titanium Bangle
Power Wristband Brawler's Wristband
Magician's Mark Shaman's Mark
Ember Ring Blaze Ring
Frost Ring Icicle Ring
Spark Ring Fulmen Ring
Aqua Ring Riptide Ring
Zephyr Ring Gale Ring
Clay Ring Siltstone Ring
Aurora Scarf Nimbletoe Boots
Gold Watch Champion's Badge
Dark Matter Adamant Bangle Wurtzite Bangle
Power Glove Kaiser Knuckles
Weirding Glyph Magistral Crest
Royal Armlet Imperial Armlet
Ribbon Super Ribbon
Millerite Iron Bangle Silver Bangle
Mnar Stone Mythril Bangle Platinum Bangle
Collector Catalog Connoisseur Catalog
Speed Sash Energy Sash
Fire Charm Twenty-sided Die
Ice Charm Twenty-sided Die
Lightning Charm Twenty-sided Die
Water Charm Twenty-sided Die
Wind Charm Twenty-sided Die
Earth Charm Twenty-sided Die
Perovskite Titanium Bangle Gold Bangle
Metal Armband Ceramic Armband
Serenity Sachet Safeguard Sachet
Giant's Glove Warlord's Glove
Glass Buckle Tektite Buckle
Glass Orb Dragonfly Orb
Star Pendant Starfall Pendant
Pearl Necklace Gemstone Necklace
Warding Talisman Hexbane Talisman
Pain Dampener Pain Deflector
White Cape Effulgent Cape
Rainbow Anklet Moonbow Anklet
Cherub's Crown Seraph's Crown
Guardian Amulet Shield Talisman
Auric Amulet Soulfront Talisman
Watchman's Amulet Shrouding Talisman
Hero's Amulet Morale Talisman
Saint's Amulet Blessed Talisman
Zealot's Amulet Battle Talisman
Flamebane Brooch Flameshield Earring
Frostbane Brooch Frostshield Earring
Sparkbane Brooch Sparkshield Earring
Aquabane Brooch Aquashield Earring
Hermes Sandals Sprint Shoes
Champion's Badge Survivalist Catalog
Rhodochrosite Silver Bangle Tungsten Bangle
Whistlewind Scarf Aurora Scarf
Scarletite Warrior's Wristband Power Glove
Sorcerer's Mark Weirding Glyph
Tetradic Crown Tetradic Tiara
Platinum Bangle Diamond Bangle
Uraninite Gold Bangle Mythril Bangle
Brawler's Wristband Warrior's Wristband
Shaman's Mark Sorcerer's Mark
Blaze Ring Salamandrine Ring
Fulmen Ring Raijin Ring
Icicle Ring Boreal Ring
Riptide Ring Nereid Ring
Siltstone Ring Gaian Ring
Gale Ring Sylphid Ring
Black Belt General's Belt
Rune Bracelet Witch's Bracelet
Survivalist Catalog Collector Catalog
Hunter's Friend Speed Sash
Entite Ring Goddess's Favor