FFXIII wiki icon This is a list of official Square Enix merchandise available for Final Fantasy XIII. For a generic list, see Merchandise.


Video Games released in all regions.


Special edition of the PlayStation 3 has been released to commemorate the game's release.


Several albums and singles have been released for Final Fantasy XIII.

Sheet musicEdit

Several sheet music books have been published containing solo piano sheet music for the songs on the official soundtracks.

Drama CDsEdit

Two drama CDs dedicated to the retelling of Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero -Promise-, the prologue to Final Fantasy XIII, have been released.


Ultimania seriesEdit

The Ultimania series, published only in Japan, contain information about characters, locations, story, battle system, artwork, and interviews with staff and voice actors.

  • Final Fantasy XIII Battle Ultimania - Published 1/29/2010 by Square Enix, ISBN4757527764
  • Final Fantasy XIII Scenario Ultimania - Published 2/1/2010 by Square Enix, ISBN4757527756
  • Final Fantasy XIII Ultimania Omega - Published 10/4/2010 by Square Enix, ISBN4757529589

Final Fantasy XIII Official Strategy GuidesEdit

FINAL FANTASY® XIII - THE COMPLETE OFFICIAL GUIDE - Published by Piggyback on 03/09/2009 simultaneously in the UK and the US. It has 260 pages. The Collector's Edition of this book is hardcovered.


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