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This is a list of components in Final Fantasy XIII. Components add experience to weapons and may be dropped by enemies, purchased through the Retail Network, found in treasure spheres, or created via dismantling weapons and accessories.

  • Base Experience Value: The maximum and minimum amounts of experience that the component adds to the item. Each item has a hidden rank value that determines exactly how much experience is gained from within the given range; more powerful items have a higher rank, resulting in less experience from components.
  • Bonus Points: How much the component increases or decreases the item's hidden bonus points value, which in turn determines the item's experience bonus multiplier.
  • Availability: Where the item can be attained. When a location is given, the item is found in a Treasure Sphere.

Components can also be rewarded by completing missions.

Experience Bonus Edit

Weapon upgrade screen2

EXP Bonus is achieved via using organic parts.

Upgrade components modify a hidden item value called bonus points. When an item has enough bonus points, it gets bonus experience from components. Organic components increase bonus points and synthetic components decrease bonus points.

Bonus Points Experience Bonus
0–50 x1
51–100 x1.25
101–200 x1.5
201–250 x1.75
251–500 x2
501+ x3

Organic Components Edit

Component Name Base Experience Value Bonus Points Availability Cost Sell
Begrimed Claw 1–8 +4 Drop: Kaiser Behemoth, Behemoth King, Humbaba 15
A claw caked with dirt and grease.
Bestial Claw 3–23 +10 Buy: Creature Comforts 80 40
A gruesomely sharp claw of some fierce beast.
Gargantuan Claw 10–48 +15 Buy: Creature Comforts
Drop: Behemoth King
150 75
An impressively large but prohibitively heavy claw.
Hellish Talon 21–77 +24 Drop: Kaiser Behemoth, Humbaba, Proto-behemoth 110
A fearsome talon that could no doubt shred steel as easily as paper.
Shattered Bone 1–8 +8 Drop: Yaksha 15
A severely fractured animal bone.
Sturdy Bone 4–25 +14 Buy: Creature Comforts 80 40
A stout bone that must once have supported a heavy frame.
Otherworldly Bone 12–48 +21 Buy: Creature Comforts 150 75
A most peculiar bone that could have come from no earthly creature.
Ancient Bone 21–74 +31 Drop: Yaksha 110
A battle-scarred bone whose pearly sheen belies its true age.
Moistened Scale 1–7 +5 Drop: Sahagin, Dagonite, Orobon 15
A sodden scale that reeks of the sea and death.
Seapetal Scale 3–22 +11 Drop: Sahagin 40
A delicate silver scale with a form reminiscent of a flower petal.
Abyssal Scale 10–46 +16 Drop: Orobon 75
A thick, deep-green scale that looks strong enough to withstand great pressure.
Seaking's Beard 20–74 +25 Drop: Dagonite 110
A rare inverted scale that grows from the throat of an elusive sea creature.
Segmented Carapace 1–9 +7 Drop: Navidon 15
An animal's bony armor. It feels like limestone to the touch.
Iron Shell 5–27 +13 Buy: Creature Comforts 80 40
The metal-rich and malleable shell of some beast.
Armored Shell 13–52 +20 Buy: Creature Comforts 150 75
A shell composed of metallic crystal, rivaling composite armors in strength.
Regenerating Carapace 23–81 +30 Drop: Gurangatch 110
A resilient carapace capable of repairing its own wounds.
Chipped Fang 1–9 +7 Drop: Gorgonopsid 15
A fang missing its tip, perhaps having bitten off more than it could chew.
Wicked Fang 5–27 +13 Buy: Creature Comforts 80 40
A twisted fang that seems to pulsate with diabolic power.
Monstrous Fang 13–52 +20 Buy: Creature Comforts 150 75
A fearsome tri-pronged tooth that must have belonged to an equally fearsome monster.
Sinister Fang 23–81 +30 Drop: Uridimmu 110
An elongated fang with a wicked, stiletto-sharp tip.
Severed Wing 1–6 +6 Drop: Amphisbaena 15
A once-proud wing that has been brutally hewn at its base.
Scaled Wing 3–21 +12 Buy: Creature Comforts 80 40
An unusual wing dusted with dark scales.
Abominable Wing 9–43 +17 Buy: Creature Comforts 150 75
A wing marked with a strange spiral pattern that emits a mild phosphorescence.
Menacing Wing 18–68 +26 Drop: Zirnitra 110
A pair of wings that, although featherlight, may as well be wrought of steel.
Molted Tail 1–8 +8 Drop: Triffid 15
The shed tail of some creature, exceedingly smooth on its inner side.
Barbed Tail 4–25 +14 Buy: Creature Comforts 80 40
A monstrous tail tipped with a barbed stinger.
Diabolic Tail 12–48 +21 Buy: Creature Comforts 150 75
A whiplike tail that carries the sickening stench of sulfur.
Entrancing Tail 21–74 +31 Drop: Mushussu 110
An iridescent tail feather whose dancing hues irresistibly draw the eye.
Torn Leather 1–7 +5 Drop: Adroa 15
A ragged scrap of leather that could surely be put to use for something.
Thickened Hide 3–22 +11 Buy: Creature Comforts 80 40
A coarse and granite-like hide beyond the working of ordinary tools.
Smooth Hide 10–46 +16 Buy: Creature Comforts 150 75
Thin and supple leather that surpasses even synthetic materials in durability.
Supple Leather 20–74 +25 Drop: Adroa, Verdelet 110
Leather that shapes itself to the skin as if worked by a master craftsman.
Gummy Oil 1–10 +6 Drop: Alraune 15
A highly viscous oil corrupted by impurities.
Fragrant Oil 5–28 +12 Buy: Creature Comforts 80 40
A nearly transparent, and marvelously aromatic, essential oil.
Medicinal Oil 14–58 +19 Buy: Creature Comforts 150 75
An oil of complex formulation with a distinctly medicinal odor.
Esoteric Oil 23–81 +29 Drop: Alraune, Rafflesia 110
A colorless, odorless, tasteless oil that radiates light when placed in darkness.
Scraggly Wool 1–5 +7 Other: Sheep (Windy/Fog) 15
Severely torn and knotted wool.
Rough Wool 2–19 +13 Other: Sheep (Sunny) 40
Rough wool that seems durable, albeit unrefined.
Thick Wool 8–39 +18 Other: Sheep (Thick Fog) 75
Rugged wool that is excellent at trapping and retaining heat.
Fluffy Wool 16–61 +27 Other: Sheep (Rainy/Thunderstorm) 110
Premium-grade wool so soft it nearly begs to be squeezed.
Murky Ooze 1–8 +8 Drop: Flan 15
An organic mucosal secretion that dissolves when touched by human hands.
Vibrant Ooze 4–25 +14 Buy: Creature Comforts 80 40
A brightly colored, translucent secretion that actually looks rather appetizing.
Transparent Ooze 12–48 +21 Buy: Creature Comforts 150 75
Wholly transparent slime, visible only due to its shimmering surface.
Wonder Gel 24–84 +31 Drop: Ectopudding, Rust Pudding, Ferruginous Pudding 110
A cubical mass of transparent gel with a ghostly green glow at its core.
Fractured Horn 1–6 +6 Drop: Goblin 15
A beastly horn, shattered along what had been a deep crack.
Spined Horn 3–21 +12 Drop: Munchkin 40
A short, stout horn covered by a carpet of fine thorns.
Fiendish Horn 9–43 +17 Drop: Goblin 75
A horn retaining regenerative capabilities even when shorn from its anchorage.
Infernal Horn 18–68 +26 Drop: Borgbear 110
A bedeviled horn that, when knocked to the ground, always points northeast.
Strange Fluid 1–10 +6 Drop: Ceratosaur 15
A putrid liquid whose origins are better left a mystery.
Enigmatic Fluid 5–28 +12 Buy: Creature Comforts 80 40
Offensively noxious fluid most assuredly secreted from somewhere unpleasant.
Mysterious Fluid 14–58 +21 Buy: Creature Comforts 150 75
A sticky sweet substance whose constituents are more palatable for being unknown.
Ineffable Fluid 21–74 +29 Drop: Ceratosaur, Ceratoraptor 110
Frothy fluid of an unsettling purple hue, obtained by means unspeakable.
Cie'th Tear 1–12 +10 Drop: Almost all Cie'th 15
A pebble-sized shard of crystal gradually crumbling to ashen sand.
Tear of Frustration 4–25 +14 Drop: Pijavica 40
A milky white crystal, faintly warm to the touch.
Tear of Remorse 12–48 +24 Drop: Seeker, Vetala, Taxim, Nelapsi 75
A beautiful, virtually flawless crystal that stirs feelings of regret.
Tear of Woe 24–84 +40 Drop: Vampire, Varcolaci, Wladislaus 110
A crystal of fractal form that burns with a deep, sanguine light.
Red Mycelium 1–12 +10 Find: Treasure Sphere 85
A mat of fungal hyphae that decompose organic contaminants.
Blue Mycelium 10–45 +21 Find: Treasure Sphere 190
A mat of symbiotic fungal hyphae that secrete exodermal hardening agents.
White Mycelium 24–88 +34 Find: Treasure Sphere 360
A mat of fungal hyphae resembling cotton that can rapidly consume even metal.
Black Mycelium 42–144 +51 Find: Treasure Sphere 675
An unsightly mat of fungal hyphae used for the flavorsome fermentation of food.
Dawnlight Dew 2–24 +31 Find: Chocobo (Treasure Hunt) 500
A droplet imbued with the chill of the dawn from which it takes its name.
Dusklight Dew 8–56 +42 Find: Chocobo (Treasure Hunt) 850
A droplet imbued with the darkness of the dusk from which it takes its name.
Gloomstalk 12–64 +46 Drop: Microchu, Picochu 1,000
The pistil of a carnivorous flower that emits light when pollinated.
Sunpetal 51–175 +21 Drop: Ochu 1,000
The petal of a carnivorous flower that lures its prey with a warm, inviting light.
Moonblossom Seed 21–147 +55 Drop: Bandersnatch
Reward: Mission 24
Repeat Reward: Mission 24, Mission 39, Mission 45, Mission 55
The seed of an annual wildflower that blooms at twilight. Can be sold for a premium.
Starblossom Seed 115–480 +91 Drop: Bandersnatch 13,000
The seed of a flower that emits ghostly bioluminescence at dawn. Can be sold for a premium.
Chocobo Plume 2–14 +34 Drop: Cactuars, Tonberry, Microchu, Picochu
Find: Chocobo (Treasure Hunt)
Repeat Reward: Mission 54
A lovely, golden chocobo feather.
Chocobo Tail Feather 13–59 +58 Find: Chocobo (Treasure Hunt)
Drop: Ochu
A resplendent, golden feather from a chocobo's tail.
Succulent Fruit 5–20 +55 Find: Treasure Sphere 1,750
A mouth-wateringly tart and juicy fruit. Can be sold for a premium.
Malodorous Fruit 2–14 +21 Find: Treasure Sphere 4,000
An offensive-smelling yet highly delectable fruit. Can be sold for a premium.
Green Needle 30–110 +100 Buy: R&D Depot 7,000 3,500
The slender but sturdy needle of a burgeoning cactus.
Perfume 90–280 +120 Drop: Sanctum Inquisitrix, Sacrifice 12,500
A fragrance that soothes the mind and soul. Can be sold for a premium.

Electronic Components Edit

Next to using the "Exp Purchase Efficiency" as way to choose what to buy, the player can also use it as a tool to choose if they are going to sell a component to buy an other one, or instead go grinding for them. When the component the player is going to buy is more than double the percentage of the one they plan to sell, they will get more experience out of the one they are going to buy (for this reason one could choose only to sell components that have less than 40%, as Ultracompact Reactor has double that amount).

Component Name Base Experience Value Multiplier Value Availability Cost Sell Efficiency (Approximate)
Insulated Cabling 18–131 -18 Buy: Lenora's Garage 280 140 23%
Cabling protected by a layer of insulation.
Fiber-optic Cable 108–432 -49 Buy: Lenora's Garage 840 420 26%
A high-grade cable capable of transmitting data as light.
Liquid Crystal Lens 20–140 -19 Buy: Lenora's Garage 320 160 22%
A lens with an electrically modulated refractive index.
Ring Joint 104–416 -50 Buy: Lenora's Garage 840 420 25%
A circular joint crafted for low-friction rotation.
Epicyclic Gear 19–133 -20 Buy: Lenora's Garage 320 160 21%
A gear train frequently employed in transmissions.
Crankshaft 107–430 -47 Buy: Lenora's Garage 840 420 26%
An engine part that converts piston motion into rotative force.
Electrolytic Capacitor 19–137 -20 Drop: Bulwarker 160 21%
An electronic component used in power supply filters.
Flywheel 102–408 -48 Find: Treasure Sphere 420 24%
A device that uses a disc to store rotational energy.
Sprocket 20–142 -21 Find: Treasure Sphere 160 22%
A toothed wheel designed to transmit rotary motion.
Actuator 110–440 -46 Dismantle: Edged Carbine 420
A device that generates motion in response to a control signal.
Spark Plug 17–124 -18 Drop: Pulsework Gladiator 160 19%
An inexpensive electrical device for igniting fuel vapors.
Iridium Plug 51–204 -48 Find: Treasure Sphere 420 12%
A miniaturized precision spark plug.
Needle Valve 20–140 -21 Drop: Boxed Phalanx 160 22%
A needle-shaped valve for precisely regulating the flow of fluid.
Butterfly Valve 116–464 -50 Drop: Ambling Bellows 420 28%
A sophisticated, self-repairing throttling valve.
Bomb Ashes 6–74 -8 Drop: Cryohedron 90 21%
The stark white ashes of an immolated bomb.
Bomb Fragment 30–160 -27 Buy: Lenora's Garage 430 215 19%
The scorched remains of a detonated bomb.
Bomb Shell 103–412 -53 Drop: Circuitron
Repeat Reward: Missions 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 23, 28, 32, 33, 35, 36, 37, 38, 40, 48, 56, 57, 58
420 25%
The blackened exterior of a bomb that miraculously survived detonation.
Bomb Core 275–945 -71 Drop: Cryohedron
Repeat Reward: Missions 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 25, 26, 27, 30, 34, 42, 43, 44, 46, 47, 50, 51, 52, 53, 59, 60, 62, 64
600 46%
The ghostly, inexplicably heatless flame from the heart of a bomb.
Analog Circuit 6–81 -9 Drop: Hoplite 90 22%
A simple but durable analog circuit board.
Digital Circuit 33–179 -21 Drop: Aquila Velocycle 230 19%
An advanced digital integrated circuit.
Gyroscope 66–298 -34 Drop: Megrim Thresher 330 23%
A rotational sensor commonly used in attitude control systems.
Electrode 217–796 -56 Drop: Vernal Harvester
Repeat Reward: Mission 22
500 43%
A biometric sensor for monitoring brain activity.
Ceramic Armor 65–295 -35 Buy: Lenora's Garage 660 330 22%
Armor made from the firing and resultant hardening of a clay-like putty.
Chobham Armor 230–844 -54 Drop: Bulwarker 500 46%
Composite armor that neutralizes impacts via a process known as crack deflection.
Radial Bearing 18–128 -20 Buy: Lenora's Garage 320 160 20%
A lightweight bearing employing balls of composite alloy.
Thrust Bearing 100–400 -48 Drop: Pulsework Gladiator 420 24%
A rotary bearing designed to control axial forces.
Solenoid 110–440 -47 Drop: Hoplite 420 26%
A cylindrically wound wire capable of generating a magnetic field.
Mobius Coil 313–1,075 -81 Drop: Vernal Harvester
Repeat Reward: Mission 29
800 39%
A gravitational inhibitor critical to the functions of AMP technology.
Tungsten Tube 96–384 -53 Drop: Juggernaut 420 15%
A thin-walled tube made of a durable tungsten alloy.
Titanium Tube 282–969 -84 Find: Treasure Sphere 750 38%
A tube that, although expensive to manufacture, offers peerless durability.
Passive Detector 94–376 -54 Buy: Lenora's Garage 840 420 22%
A sensor that uses phase difference measurements to detect targets.
Active Detector 291–998 -82 Drop: Pulsework Centurion 750 39%
A sensor that emits directed pulses to track targets with pinpoint precision.
Transformer 7–84 -9 Drop: Tyrant 90 23%
A device that transfers electricity across circuits via mutual induction.
Amplifier 40–217 -28 Buy: Lenora's Garage 520 260 21%
A device that magnifies electrical energy.
Carburetor 137–548 -55 Drop: Immortal 420 33%
A device that blends air with liquid fuel to facilitate combustion.
Supercharger 387–1,327 -82 Find: Treasure Sphere 800 48%
An air compressor that permits sustained amplification of power output.
Piezoelectric Element 155–620 -50 Buy: Lenora's Garage
Repeat Reward: Mission 17, 18
840 420 37%
A device that generates an electric charge through the application of stress.
Crystal Oscillator 422–1,449 -79 Drop: Megrim Thresher
Repeat Reward: Mission 31, 49, 61
1,000 42%
A circuit that produces a signal determined by the resonance of a vibrating crystal.
Paraffin Oil 19–134 -20 Buy: Lenora's Garage 320 160 21%
A flammable lubricant formed of a mixture of heavy alkanes.
Silicone Oil 67–304 -32 Buy: Lenora's Garage 660 320 23%
An artificially refined nonflammable lubricant suitable for clinical applications.
Synthetic Muscle 111–444 -49 Find: Treasure Sphere 420 26%
A robotic component composed of synthetic muscle fibers.
Turboprop 384–1,317 -85 Find: Treasure Sphere 800 48%
A power plant employing a turbine to drive a propeller.
Turbojet 106–424 -46 Buy: Lenora's Garage 840 420 25%
A power plant that uses exhaust as the impetus for its output.
Tesla Turbine 411–1,411 -79 Buy: Anavatapta Warmech 900 46%
An exceptionally durable power plant invented by a maverick engineer.
Polymer Emulsion 8–96 -18 Buy: Lenora's Garage 200 100 24%
A colloidal dispersion used as a raw material in bioengineering.
Ferroelectric Film 38–204 -37 Buy: Lenora's Garage 460 230 22%
A film with unique properties permitting spontaneous polarization.
Superconductor 200–800 -59 Buy: Lenora's Garage
Reward: Mission 10
840 420 48%
A material possessing no electrical resistivity under certain conditions.
Perfect Conductor 375–1,288 -83 Buy: Lenora's Garage
Reward: Mission 17, 31
1,600 800 47%
A conductor with zero electrical resistance and a fixed internal magnetic field.
Particle Accelerator 2,400–8,800 -87 Buy: R&D Depot
Drop: Juggernaut, The Proudclad
Reward: Mission 22, 49
10,000 5,000 48%
A device that smashes ions at high speeds in order to release their intrinsic energy.
Ultracompact Reactor 20,000–70,000 -100 Buy: R&D Depot
Other: Bhakti
50,000 25,000 80%
A miniaturized fusion reactor whose reactions produce tremendous energy.

Premium Components Edit

Component Name Base Experience Value Multiplier Value Availability Buy Price Sell Price
Credit Chip 1 -1 Drop: PSICOM Raider, Sanctum Seraph, PSICOM Infiltrator, PSICOM Destroyer, Sanctum Celebrant, PSICOM Dragoon, PSICOM Huntress, PSICOM Marauder, PSICOM Executioner, PSICOM Warlord, PSICOM Reaver, Sanctum Templar, Corps Pacifex, Corps Steward, Corps Tranquifex, Corps Defender, Sanctum Archangel 500
Currency used for military remuneration. Can be sold for a premium.
Incentive Chip 1 -1 Drop: PSICOM Scavenger, PSICOM Raider, Sanctum Seraph, PSICOM Predator, PSICOM Infiltrator, Sanctum Archangel, PSICOM Bombardier, PSICOM Destroyer, Sanctum Celebrant, PSICOM Aerial Sniper, PSICOM Dragoon, PSICOM Huntress, Corps Steward, Corps Defender 2,500
Bonus credit used for military incentives. Can be sold for a premium.
Cactuar Doll 1 -1 Drop: Cactuar
Reward: Mission 54
A doll with a button-activated needle firing mechanism. Can be sold for a premium.
Moogle Puppet 1 -1 Find: Chocobo (Treasure Hunt) 18,000
A toy that says 'Kupo' when its bobble is squeezed. Can be sold for a premium.
Tonberry Figurine 1 -1 Drop: Tonberry
Repeat Reward: Mission 41
A figurine said to bear the grudges of former owners. Can be sold for a premium.
Plush Chocobo 1 -1 Find: Chocobo (Treasure Hunt) 35,000
A much sought after chocobo doll. Can be sold for a premium.
Gold Dust 1 0 Find: Chocobo (Treasure Hunt)
Drop: Adamanchelid
Sandy grains of gold. Can be sold for a premium.
Gold Nugget 1 0 Find: Chocobo (Treasure Hunt), Treasure Sphere (Archylte Steppe)
Drop: Shaolong Gui
Repeat Reward: Mission 63
A lump of smeltered gold. Can be sold for a premium.
Platinum Ingot 1 0 Drop: Adamantortoise, Adamantoise, Long Gui
Other: Bhakti
A bar of cast, refined platinum. Can be sold for a premium.

Catalysts Edit

Catalysts are used only to transform a maximum-level (★) item into a new item, and do not change experience or bonus points of the item.

Component Name Availability Cost Sell
Millerite Buy: The Motherlode
Drop: PSICOM Executioner
3,000 1,000
An aggregate of nickel sulfide. Functions as a transformational catalyst.
Rhodochrosite Buy: The Motherlode
Drop: PSICOM Warlord
Reward: Mission 9, 16, 20, 56
8,000 2,000
A pink manganese carbonate crystal. Functions as a transformational catalyst.
Cobaltite Buy: The Motherlode
Drop: PSICOM Reaver
Reward: Mission 2, 13, 19, 25
17,000 3,000
A bluish, corrosion-resistant mineral. Functions as a transformational catalyst.
Perovskite Buy: The Motherlode
Drop: Sanctum Templar
30,000 4,000
A stone composed of calcium titanate. Functions as a transformational catalyst.
Uraninite Buy: The Motherlode
Drop: Havoc Skytank
Reward: Mission 29, 30, 36, 57
45,000 5,000
A radioactive mineral rich in uranium. Functions as a transformational catalyst.
Mnar Stone Buy: The Motherlode
Reward: Mission 47
60,000 6,000
A stone said to grant the holder visions. Functions as a transformational catalyst.
Scarletite Buy: The Motherlode
Drop: Adamanchelid, Sacrifice
Reward: Mission 50
100,000 7,000
A fiery metal said to be of divine origin. Functions as a transformational catalyst.
Adamantite Buy: R&D Depot 220,000 8,000
A mineral boasting diamond-like hardness. Functions as a transformational catalyst.
Dark Matter Buy: R&D Depot
Drop: Shaolong Gui
840,000 9,000
Dark magic in material form. Functions as a transformational catalyst.
Trapezohedron Buy: R&D Depot
Drop: Adamantoise, Adamantortoise, Long Gui
2,000,000 10,000
A prism whose refracted light casts no shadow. Functions as a transformational catalyst.

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