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The following is a list of characters from Final Fantasy XIII.

Player charactersEdit

FFXIII-Lightning CG
Japanese ライトニング
Age 21
Occupation Ex-Guardian Corps
Hometown Bodhum
Weapon Gunblade
Primary Role(s) Commando, Ravager, Medic
Full ATB skill Army of One
Eidolon Odin
Snow Villiers
Japanese スノウ・ヴィリアース
Age 21
Occupation NORA leader
Hometown Bodhum
Weapon Coat Emblem
Primary Role(s) Commando, Ravager, Sentinel
Full ATB skill Sovereign Fist
Eidolon Shiva
Oerba Dia Vanille
Japanese ヲルバ・ディア・ヴァニラ
Age 19
Hometown Oerba
Weapon Rod
Primary Role(s) Ravager, Saboteur, Medic
Full ATB skill Death
Eidolon Hecatoncheir
Sazh Katzroy
Japanese サッズ・カッツロイ
Age 40
Occupation Airship Pilot
Hometown Unknown
Weapon Pistols
Primary Role(s) Commando, Ravager, Synergist
Full ATB skill Cold Blood
Eidolon Brynhildr
Hope Estheim
Hope Estheim
Japanese ホープ・エストハイム
Age 14
Occupation Student
Hometown Palumpolum
Weapon Boomerang
Primary Role(s) Ravager, Synergist, Medic
Full ATB skill Last Resort
Eidolon Alexander
Oerba Yun Fang
Japanese ヲルバ・ユン・ファング
Age 21
Hometown Oerba
Weapon Spear
Primary Role(s) Commando, Sentinel, Saboteur
Full ATB skill Highwind
Eidolon Bahamut

Guest charactersEdit

Japanese レブロ
Age 19
Occupation Resistance
Hometown Bodhum
Weapon Rifle
Japanese ガドー
Age 21
Occupation Resistance
Hometown Bodhum
Weapon Machine Gun

Non-player charactersEdit

Sanctum officialsEdit

Other charactersEdit

The fal'CieEdit

Gods mentioned in DatalogEdit


  • With roughly 20 characters in total, Final Fantasy XIII is the second numbered installment with the second fewest characters. It is tied with Final Fantasy II, which had 20 characters in its PSP edition (but 19 in the original Famicom version). The numbered installment with the fewest characters is Final Fantasy III with 17 characters.
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