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The following is a list of stats in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

List of stats[]


LV is the unit's current level in the Crystarium. Each role is leveled separately.


HP is the unit's health. At 0 HP, a party member is knocked out. If the party leader's HP is 0, the control will switch to the other party leader, e.g. control of Serah will switch to Noel if she is the fallen leader, and vice versa. If both Serah and Noel are defeated, the game ends even if their monster ally is still alive, as the monster cannot be directly controlled. All characters' HP will be replenished when the battle ends. HP can be increased by advancing through the Crystarium or by equipping accessories.

In battle, HP is reduced when a unit takes either physical or magical damage. Suffering from Poison gradually decreases HP, while suffering from Wound Damage reduces the unit's maximum HP for the duration of the battle. HP can be replenished by using restorative items, casting healing magic, or attacking using weapons with Vampiric Strike


Strength icon.

Strength increases the power of physical attacks. It can be boosted by advancing through the Crystarium, or by equipping accessories or weapons.


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Magic increases the power of magical attacks. Damaging spells deal more damage, healing spells restore more HP, and buffing and debuffing spells have their effects last longer (especially useful when casting Bravega and Faithga that expire fast). Magic can be boosted by advancing through the Crystarium, or by equipping accessories or weapons.

ATB Level[]

ATB Level determines the number of segments the unit has on its ATB Gauge. It determines the number of commands that can be queued on the gauge.


Resistances determine the unit's vulnerability to a certain status or element.


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