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This is a full list of passive abilities in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Passive abilities can be learned innately by Paradigm Pack monsters. Serah and Noel can equip weapons and accessories for the effects.

Passive abilities[]

Name Effect Monster Equipment
Ally KO: Power Surge (I or II) Boosts Strength and Magic each time an ally is KO'd. (I: 110%, II: 130%) Lucidon, Sarracenia, Tonberry, Ceratoraptor, Silver Chocobo, Cactuarama, Flanitor, Amodar Sacred Cross
ATB Advantage Charges a single ATB gauge segment before battle. Swampmonk, Black Chocobo, Clematis, Pantopoda
ATB Gauge +1 Increases ATB gauge by one segment. Sagittarius, Mac an Luin
ATB Rate Reduced Reduces ATB gauge charge rate by 30%. Fire Aegis, Ice Aegis, Lightning Aegis, Wind Aegis
ATB Rate: +X% Increase ATB gauge charge rate by X%. Faerie's Bow, Rune Feather, Angel's Bow, Eurytos's Bow, Indrajit, Genji Bow, Genji Bow: Kiku, Genji Bow: Sakura, True Genji Bow, Rune Tooth, Sargatanas, Nomad's Machete, Orochi, Romulus and Remus, Catastrophe Blade, Catastrophe Blade: Σ, Catastrophe Blade: Ω, Catastrophe Blade: ∞, Kaiser Knuckles, Durable Kaiser Knuckles, Magistral Crest, Durable Magistral Crest
Attack: ATB Charge (I or II) Recharges ATB gauge each time an enemy is attacked. Apkallu, Chichu, Chocobo, Dragoon, Goblin, Reaver, Twilight Odin, Yeoman, Gremlin, Pleuston, Barbed Specter, Hedge Frog, Pitterpatter, Lightning (COM), Lightning (RAV) Butterfly Bow
Augment Maintenance (I or II) Extends the duration of offensive buffs. (I: 40% boost, II: 80% boost) Imp, Miquiztli, Nanochu, Purple Chocobo, Sahagin Prince, Testudo, Sazh
Auto-Tetradefense Casts Protect, Shell, Veil, and Vigilance at the start of battle with a 30 second duration. Grand Behemoth, Tezcatlipoca
Auto-Protect Casts Protect at the start of battle with a 60 second duration. Garganzola, Gigantuar Durable Guardian Amulet
Auto-Shell Casts Shell at the start of battle with a 60 second duration. Sarracenia, Spiranthes Durable Auric Amulet
Auto-Bravery Casts Bravery at the start of battle with a 60 second duration. Cactuar, Narasimha, Thermadon, Vodianoi, Major Moblin, Omega, Lightning (COM) Durable Hero's Amulet
Auto-Faith Casts Faith at the start of battle with a 60 second duration. Metallicactuar Durable Saint's Amulet
Auto-Haste Casts Haste at the start of battle with a 60 second duration. Cactuaroni, Yeoman, Samovira, Phosphoric Ooze (Dummied), Glyptodon (Dummied), Schrodinger, Sahagin Prince Durable Hermes Sandals
Auto-Vigilance Casts Vigilance at the start of battle with a 60 second duration. Yaksha, Notsugo, Gigantuar, Microchu Durable Zealot's Amulet
Auto-Veil Casts Veil at the start of battle with a 60 second duration. Mandrake, Narasimha, Caterchipillar, Ultros Durable Watchman's Amulet
Auto-Enfire Casts Enfire at the start of battle against enemies known to be vulnerable to fire. Bomb, Typhon
Auto-Enfrost Casts Enfrost at the start of battle against enemies known to be vulnerable to ice. Cloudburst, Cryohedron
Auto-Enthunder Casts Enthunder at the start of battle against enemies known to be vulnerable to lightning. Circuitron, Debris
Auto-Enaero Casts Enaero at the start of battle against enemies known to be vulnerable to wind. Grenade, Tempest, Typhon
Bonus CP Doubles CP earned after battle. Don Tonberry, Pulsework Gladiator, Green Chocobo
Chain Bonus Boost (I or II) Increases the Chain Bonus of attacks. (I: 1%, II: 2%) Blue Chocobo, Buccaboo, Ceratoraptor, Garchimacera, Koboldroid Yang, Pink Lily, Dendrobium, Valfodr
Chain Bonus Lv. X Increases the Chain Bonus of attacks. (0.50%, 0.75%, 1%, 1.25%, or 1.5%) Amazon Bow, Fellowship Arc, Trollspike, Fatal Barb, Gandiva, Azrael, Azrael: Σ, Azrael: Ω, Azrael: ∞, Survivor's Edge, Avenger's Edge, Shellbreaker, Fragarach, Grasitha, Muramasa, Muramasa: Kiku, Muramasa: Sakura, True Muramasa, Kaiser Knuckles, Durable Kaiser Knuckles, Magistral Crest, Durable Magistral Crest
Critical: Tetradefense Casts Protect, Shell, Veil, and Vigilance when HP is low with a 60 second duration. Golden Chocobo, Twilight Odin, Grand Behemoth, Mud Frog, Pulse Gladiator, Tezcatlipoca, Snow
Critical: Protect (Weak or Normal) Casts Protect when HP is low. (Weak: 60 seconds, Normal: 120 seconds) Reaver, Albino Lobo, Mimi, Purple Chocobo Guardian Amulet, Delicate Guardian Amulet, Durable Guardian Amulet
Critical: Shell (Weak or Normal) Casts Shell when HP is low. (Weak: 60 seconds, Normal: 120 seconds) Albino Lobo, Vespid, Calautidon, Bamapama, Exoray Auric Amulet, Delicate Auric Amulet, Durable Auric Amulet
Critical: Bravery (Weak or Normal) Casts Bravery when HP is low. (Weak: 60 seconds, Normal: 120 seconds) Cactuar, Proto-behemoth, Reaver, Red Chocobo, Mud Frog Hero's Amulet, Delicate Hero's Amulet, Durable Hero's Amulet
Critical: Faith (Weak or Normal) Casts Faith when HP is low. (Weak: 60 seconds, Normal: 120 seconds) Metallicactuar, Proto-behemoth, Bomb, Circuitron, Cloudburst, Cryohedron, Debris, Grenade, Mud Frog, Tempest, Vespid, Green Chocobo Saint's Amulet, Delicate Saint's Amulet, Durable Saint's Amulet
Critical: Haste (Weak or Normal) Casts Haste when HP is low. (Weak: 60 seconds, Normal: 120 seconds) Cactuaroni, Moblin, Blue Chocobo, Mud Frog, Hedge Frog, Schrodinger, Sazh Hermes Sandals, Delicate Hermes Sandals, Durable Hermes Sandals
Critical: Vigilance (Weak or Normal) Casts Vigilance when HP is low. (Weak: 60 seconds, Normal: 120 seconds) Miniflan, Proto-behemoth, Albino Lobo, Microchu, Triffid Zealot's Amulet, Delicate Zealot's Amulet, Durable Zealot's Amulet
Critical: Veil (Weak or Normal) Casts Veil when HP is low. (Weak: 60 seconds, Normal: 120 seconds) Mandrake, Sahagin Prince Watchman's Amulet, Delicate Watchman's Amulet, Durable Watchman's Amulet
Critical: Power Surge (I or II) Boots Strength and Magic when HP is low (I: 20%, II: 40%). Chocobo, Dreadnought, Flangonzola, Fencer, Snow
Critical: Shield (I or II) Reduces damage taken when HP is low (I: 15%, II: 30%.) Garganzola, Koboldroid Yin, Swampmonk, Amodar Guardian's Edge
Debilitation Halves maximum HP. Martyr's Badge, Martyr's Emblem, Lightning Cross, Sergeant's Badge
Debilitation Duration: -X% Reduces the duration of debilitation status ailments by X%. Snow's Bandanna
Debuff Duration: -X% Reduces the duration of debuff status ailments by X%. Colonel's Glasses
Defense Maintenance (I or II) Extends the duration of defensive buffs (I: 40%, II: 80%). Goblin Chieftain, Pulse Soldier, Oannes, Yakshini, Ultros
Diva's Gift (I or II) Slightly increases the odds of obtaining items after battle. Does not stack with Item Scavenger. Diva's Microphone, Delicate Diva's Microphone
Enervation Decreases Strength and Magic by ~ 10%. Royal Amulet, Delicate Royal Amulet, Durable Royal Amulet, Entite Ring, Delicate Entite Ring, Durable Entite Ring
Enhanced Role Enhances the role's bonus.
  • Enhanced Commando
  • Enhanced Ravager
  • Enhanced Sentinel
  • Enhanced Saboteur
  • Enhanced Synergist
  • Enhanced Medic
Lightning (COM), Snow Berserker's Ruby, Blaster's Sapphire, Defender's Topaz, Impeder's Opal, Supporter's Amethyst, Healer's Emerald
Exsanguination Inflicts significant wound damage to self at the start of battle. Bloody Medallion
Feral Fatigue Inflicts status ailments when Feral Link abilities are used. Scutari, Shaguma, Rangda, Leyak, Thexteron, White Chocobo, Omega
Feral Speed (I, II, or MAX) Increases the Feral Link gauge charge rate. (I: 20%, II: 40%, MAX: 60%) Chichu, Dragoon, Hoplite, Shaguma, Lancer, Major Moblin, Gancanagh, Gancanagh Ace, Cactuarina, Haguma, White Chocobo, Sazh Hypnocrown, Delicate Hypnocrown, Durable Hypnocrown
Feral Surge Boosts all attributes when Feral Link gauge is full. Scutari, Shaguma, Navidon, Rangda, Leyak, Mewmao, Nanochu, Sahagin Prince, Thexteron, Cactuarina, White Chocobo, Omega, Ultros
Fettered Magic Reduces magic damage dealt to enemies by 30%. Gigantuar
First Strike Fully charges ATB gauge before battle. Yeoman, Chelicerata, Clematis, Deathgaze, Pantopoda, Oannes, Yakshini, Ultros
Fragment Energy Increases potency of weapons with the amount of fragments collected. Odinbolt, Odinblade
Gilfinder (I, II, or MAX) Increases gil earned after battle. (I: 30%, II: 50%, MAX: 100%) Chunerpeton, Crawler, Frag Leech, Moblin, Apotamkin, Bloodfang Bass, Buccaboo, Buccaboo Ace, Ceratoraptor, Munchkin Boss, Calautidon, Ceratosaur, Gancanagh Collector Catalog, Delicate Collector Catalog, Durable Collector Catalog
Goddess's Gospel (I or II) Increases gil earned after battle. Does not stack with Gilfinder. (I: 5%, II: 10%) Diva's Headphones, Delicate Diva's Headphones
Hindrance Reduces physical damage dealt to enemies by 30%. Metalligantaur
HP: +X% Increases maximum HP by X%. Chunerpeton, Lucidon, Yaksha, Grenade, Bunkerbeast, Flandit, Pulsework Gladiator, Pulse Knight, Pulse Soldier, Forked Cat, Necrosis, Luminous Puma, Oannes, Testudo, Yakshini
Immovable (I, II, or MAX) Reduces the chance of command interruption by enemies. (I: +5 Keep, II: +10 Keep, MAX: +15 Keep) Notsugo, Metalligantaur, Gigantuar, Lightning (COM) Twist Headband, Delicate Twist Headband, Durable Twist Headband
Improved Ability Boosts success rate or efficiency of Ability.
  • Improved Debuffing/Debilitation I: 40%, II: 80%
  • Improved Cure I: 10%, II: 20%
  • Improved Raise I: 50%, II: 100%
  • Improved Guard I: 8%, II: 16%
  • Improved Counter I: 40%, II: 80%
  • Improved Ward I: 8%, II: 16%
  • Improved Potions: Doubles potency of potions
Bunkerbeast, Flandit, Goblin Chieftain, Lancer, Navidon, Pulsework Gladiator, Xolotl, Ahriman, Bamapama, Black Chocobo, Chelicerata, Forked Cat, Garuda, Hedge Frog, Illuyankas, Mimi, Necrosis, Silver Lobo, Cactrot, Cactuarina, Cait Sith, Caterchipillar, Exoray, Flanitor, Green Chocobo, Haguma, Spiranthes, Snow, Nabaat, PuPu Grimoire Hat, Durable Grimoire Hat
Ironstrike Reduces ATB gauge recharge rate by 40%. Yaksha
Item Collector Increases the odds of obtaining rare items after battle. Crawler, Apotamkin, Gancanagh Ace, Triffid, Cactrot, Exoray, Spiranthes, Sazh Durable Collector Catalog
Item Scavenger (I, II, or MAX) Increases the odds of obtaining items after battle. Calautidon, Silver Chocobo, Breshan Bass, Microchu, Cactrot Collector Catalog, Delicate Collector Catalog, Durable Collector Catalog
Jungle Law Strength and Magic are increased by 20% against enemies with lower HP than the user, but decreased by 20% against enemies with higher HP than the user. Flangonzola, Narasimha, Calautidon, Imp
Kill: ATB Charge Restores 50% of an ATB segment when an enemy is slain. Seeping Brie, Blue Chocobo, Ceratoraptor, Vespid, Metalligantaur, Ceratosaur, Samovira
Kill: Libra Reveals a piece of information about each defeated enemy. Crawler, Flanborg, Koboldroid Yin, Zwerg Scandroid, Goblin Chieftain, Metalligantaur Grimoire Hat, Durable Grimoire Hat, Stiltzkin's Diary, Durable Stiltzkin's Diary
Leadenstrike Reduces ATB gauge recharge rate by 70%. Thermadon, Omega
Magic: +X Increases magic by X. All weapons, Magistral Crest, Durable Magistral Crest
Magic: +X% Increases magic by X%. Crawler, Gorgonopsid, Mandrake, Miniflan, Tonberry, Bomb, Buccaboo, Buccaboo Ace, Circuitron, Cloudburst, Cryohedron, Debris, Flanbanero, Garchimacera, Grand Behemoth, Gremlin, Koboldroid Yang, Munchkin Boss, Nekton, Pleuston, Spiceacilian, Tempest, Zwerg Metro, Metalligantaur, Ahriman, Black Chocobo, Forked Cat, Schrodinger, Gahongas, Gigantuar, Triffid, Cactrot, Caterchipillar, Haguma, White Chocobo, Typhon, Ultros Blessed Blade, Magician's Mark, Delicate Magician's Mark, Durable Magician's Mark, Shaman's Mark, Delicate Shaman's Mark, Durable Shaman's Mark, Lightning Cross, Goddess's Earring, Stiltzkin's Diary, Durable Stiltzkin's Diary
Mana Link Adjusts Strength to match Magic. Nagaraja
Nullify Element Nullifies damage of Element. Fire Aegis, Ice Aegis, Lightning Aegis, Wind Aegis
Pack Mentality Increases the user's strength and magic by 30% when all paradigm pack monsters are the same type. Chichu, Sarracenia, Apotamkin, Zwerg Metro, Ceratosaur, Hedge Frog, Nanochu, PuPu
Perpetual Poison Inflicts Poison on the user throughout each battle. Don Tonberry, Mud Frog Martyr's Badge, Martyr's Emblem, Lightning Cross, Sergeant's Badge
Power Link Adjusts Magic to match Strength. The Tower
Pressure (I, II, or MAX) Increases the user's chance of interrupting enemy commands. (I: +5 Cut, II: +10 Cut, MAX: +15 Cut) Gandayaks, Miniflan, Metalligantaur, Gigantuar, Luminous Puma, Nabaat Sniper's Eye, Delicate Sniper's Eye, Durable Sniper's Eye
Quick Stagger Instantly staggers enemies close to the stagger threshold (90 to 95%). Don Tonberry, Flangonzola, Garganzola, Narasimha, Orion, Svarog, Fencer, Gilgamesh Chrysalis Arc
Random: Nullify Element Occasionally nullifies damage from Element. Ultros Delicate Fire Aegis, Delicate Ice Aegis, Delicate Lightning Aegis, Delicate Wind Aegis
Rapid Recovery Reduces the duration of status ailments by 25%. Spiceacilian, Tabasco Toad, Mewmao, Microchu, Haguma
Resilience: +X% Increases all status ailment resistances by X%. Glyptodon (Dummied), Barbed Specter, Necrosis, Schrodinger, Cactuarama, Valfodr Ribbon, Delicate Ribbon
Resist Elements: +X% Increases all elemental resistances by X%. Twilight Odin, Pink Lily, Caterchipillar, Valfodr Entite Ring, Delicate Entite Ring, Durable Entite Ring, Genji Shield, Delicate Genji Shield
Resist Physical: +X% Increases physical resistance by X%. Garganzola, Hoplite, Seeping Brie, Svarog, Flanbanero, Munchkin Boss, Nekton, Pleuston, Tabasco Toad, Calautidon, Flandit, Glyptodon (Dummied), Major Moblin, Pulse Soldier, Tezcatlipoca, Xolotl, Bamapama, Breshan Bass, Necrosis, Fachan, Leyak, Purple Chocobo, Thexteron, Cactuarina, Green Chocobo Black Belt, Delicate Black Belt, Durable Black Belt, General's Belt, Delicate General's Belt, Durable General's Belt, Martyr's Badge, Martyr's Emblem
Resist Magic: +X% Increases magic resistance by X%. Moblin, Vespid Soldier, Bloodfang Bass, Buccaboo Ace, Koboldroid Yin, Nekton, Pleuston, Spiceacilian, Glyptodon (Dummied), Tezcatlipoca, Xolotl, Black Chocobo, Breshan Bass, Deathgaze, Mimi, Rangda, Unsaganashi, Gahongas, Imp, Mewmao, Testudo, Cait Sith, Flanitor Rune Bracelet, Delicate Rune Bracelet, Durable Rune Bracelet, Witch's Bracelet, Delicate Witch's Bracelet, Durable Witch's Bracelet, Martyr's Emblem
Resist Damage: +X% Increases both physical and magic resistance by X%. Pulse Knight Royal Amulet, Delicate Royal Amulet, Durable Royal Amulet, Genji Glove, Delicate Genji Glove
Resist Fire: +X% Increases fire resistance by X%. Red Chocobo, Svarog, Bomb, Ceratoraptor, Garchimacera, Koboldroid Yang, Calautidon, Goblin Chieftain, Chelicerata, Viking, Clione Ember Ring, Delicate Ember Ring, Durable Ember Ring, Blaze Ring, Delicate Blaze Ring, Durable Blaze Ring
Resist Ice: +X% Increases ice resistance by X%. Dragoon, Albino Lobo, Bloodfang Bass, Blue Chocobo, Ceratoraptor, Cloudburst, Cryohedron, Gremlin, Swampmonk, Breshan Bass, Ceratosaur Frost Ring, Delicate Frost Ring, Durable Frost Ring, Icicle Ring, Delicate Icicle Ring, Durable Icicle Ring
Resist Lightning: +X% Increases lightning resistance by X%. Mánagarmr, Circuitron, Debris, Zwerg Scandroid, Garuda, Fachan, Miquiztli Spark Ring, Delicate Spark Ring, Durable Spark Ring, Fulmen Ring, Delicate Fulmen Ring, Durable Fulmen Ring
Resist Wind: +X% Increases wind resistance by X%. Chocobo, Debris, Vespid Soldier, Cloudburst, Tempest, Unsaganashi, Miquiztli, Triffid Zephyr Ring, Delicate Zephyr Ring, Durable Zephyr Ring, Gale Ring, Delicate Gale Ring, Durable Gale Ring
Resist Deprotect: +X% Increases Deprotect resistance by X%. Garganzola, Vodianoi, Vouivre, Flanbanero, Swampmonk, Zaghnal, Bunkerbeast, Flandit, Ceratosaur, Deathgaze, Gancanagh, Samovira, Gahongas, Gancanagh Ace, Microchu, Purple Chocobo, Haguma Metal Armband, Delicate Metal Armband, Durable Metal Armband
Resist Deshell: +X% Increases Deshell resistance by X%. Blue Chocobo, Zaghnal, Bunkerbeast, Samovira, Gahongas, Gancanagh Ace, Haguma Serenity Sachet, Delicate Serenity Sachet, Durable Serenity Sachet
Resist: Dispel +X% Increases Dispel resistance by X%. Apkallu, Chunerpeton, Vouivre, Grand Behemoth, Pantopoda, Pitterpatter, Amanojaku, Purple Chocobo Obsidian Choker, Delicate Obsidian Choker, Durable Obsidian Choker
Resist Pain: +X% Increases Pain resistance by X%. Behemoth, Notsugo Zwerg Metro, Black Chocobo, Kanna Kamuy Pain Dampener, Delicate Pain Dampener, Durable Pain Dampener
Resist Slow: +X% Increases Slow resistance by X%. Cactuar, Cactuaroni, Metallicactuar
Resist Imperil: +X% Increases Imperil resistance by X%. Flanborg, Albino Lobo, Zwerg Metro, Pulse Gladiator, Dendrobium Pearl Necklace, Delicate Pearl Necklace, Durable Pearl Necklace
Resist Poison: +X% Increases Poison resistance by X%. Gorgonopsid, Mandrake, Uridimmu, Albino Lobo, Clematis, Samovira, Sahagin Prince, Thexteron Star Pendant, Delicate Star Pendant, Durable Star Pendant
Resist Curse: +X% Increases Curse resistance by X%. Vodianoi, Chelicerata, Kanna Kamuy, Pitterpatter, Samovira, Clione, Cait Sith Warding Talisman, Delicate Warding Talisman, Durable Warding Talisman
Resist Fog: +X% Increases Fog resistance by X%. Dendrobium, Pitterpatter, Rangda, Unsaganashi, Fachan, Leyak, Cait Sith, Flanitor White Cape, Delicate White Cape, Durable White Cape
Role Resonance Increases Strength and Magic by 20% when all paradigm roles are the same. Frag Leech, Miniflan, Sarracenia, Buccaboo Ace, Munchkin Boss, Nekton, Pulsework Gladiator, Cactuarama
Siphon Boost (I or II) Boosts ATB gauge recovery from Siphon abilities, Attack: ATB Charge (I and II), Kill: ATB Charge. (I: 50%, II: 100%) Chunerpeton, Seeping Brie, Vespid Soldier, Fencer, Nekton, Lightning (RAV)
Stagger Maintenance (I or II) Extends the duration of enemy stagger. (I: 10%, II: 30%) Golden Chocobo, Red Chocobo, Svarog, Buccaboo Ace, Zwerg Metro, Gilgamesh, Valfodr
Strength: +X Increases Strength by X. All weapons, Kaiser Knuckles, Durable Kaiser Knuckles
Strength: +X% Increases Strength by X%. Apkallu, Behemoth, Chichu, Chocobo, Dreadnought, Flangonzola, Gandayaks, Mandrake, Meonekton, Miniflan, Seeping Brie, Thermadon, Tonberry, Uridimmu, Vodianoi, Vouivre, Yaksha, Buccaboo, Buccaboo Ace, Fencer, Grand Behemoth, Koboldroid Yin, Munchkin Boss, Tabasco Toad, Major Moblin, Metalligantaur, Silver Lobo, Gigantuar, Omega Wild Chorus, Power Wristband, Delicate Power Wristband, Durable Power Wristband, Brawler's Wristband, Delicate Brawler's Wristband, Durable Brawler's Wristband, Goddess's Bangle
Uncapped Damage Raises damage cap to 999,999. Lightning (COM)
Victory: Feral Boost Feral Link gauge recharges by 0.4% even after obtaining a low battle rating. Durable Hypnocrown
Weak Spot (MIN or I) Increases damage inflicted by attacks that target an enemy's vulnerability. (I: 15%) Amanojaku, Typhon, Valfodr Durable Grimoire Hat, Stiltzkin's Diary, Durable Stiltzkin's Diary
Woundward (I, II, or MAX) Reduces wound damage. (I: 20%, II: 40%, MAX: 70%) Bloodguard, Delicate Bloodguard, Durable Bloodguard

Synthesized passive abilities[]

Synthesized passive abilities are abilities created by equipping weapons and accessories belonging to the same group. Many of these abilities can be enhanced by equipping more accessories.

The following table displays a list of synthesized abilities. Only standard accessories are mentioned in the table, but Delicate and Durable accessories belong to the same synthesis group as their standard versions. The same applies to upgraded DLC weapons, while the Japanese DLC accessories are an exception.

Ability Description Equipment Ability Power
2 Items 3 Items 4 Items 5 Items
Buff Duration Extends duration of buffs cast by the user. Faerie's Bow, Indrajit, Orochi, Rune Tooth, Magician's Mark, Shaman's Mark Duration +8% Duration +11% Duration +16% Duration +24%
Buff: Duration Extends duration of buffs cast upon the user. Butterfly Bow, Eurytos's Bow, Meteorblaze, Romulus & Remus, Volatile Spark, Rune Bracelet, Witch's Bracelet Duration +20% Duration +25% Duration +30%
Damage Wall Subtracts a certain amount of damage off each physical hit the user suffers. Fellowship Arc, Sargatanas, Catastrophe Blade, Muramasa, Twist Headband Damage -10 Damage -20
Debuff: Duration Reduces the duration of debuffs inflicted on the user. Odinbolt, Odinblade, Metal Armband, Serenity Sachet, Star Pendant, Pearl Necklace, Warding Talisman, Pain Dampener, White Cape, Obsidian Choker Duration -33% Duration -50%
Fire Damage Fire-elemental attacks deal more damage. Frost Ring, Icicle Ring, Ice Aegis Damage +30%
Ice Damage Ice-elemental attacks deal more damage. Ember Ring, Blaze Ring, Fire Aegis Damage +30%
Lightning Damage Lightning-elemental attacks deal more damage. Zephyr Ring, Gale Ring, Wind Aegis Damage +30%
Wind Damage Wind-elemental attacks deal more damage. Spark Ring, Fulmen Ring, Lightning Aegis Damage +30%
High HP: Power Surge Increases damage when HP is above 70% (green bar). Izanami, Starseeker, Wild Chorus, Flame Fossil, Guardian's Edge, Mac an Luin, Iron Bangle, Silver Bangle, Gold Bangle Damage +10% Damage +25%
Low HP: Power Surge Increases damage when HP is below 30% (red bar). Angel's Bow, Nagaraja, Shellbreaker, The Tower, Hero's Amulet, Saint's Amulet, Zealot's Amulet, Hermes Sandals Damage +25% Damage +30% Damage +35% Damage +45%
Improved Cure Restorative spells heal more HP. Sagittarius, Trollspike, Blazing Spirit, Sacred Cross, Guardian Amulet, Auric Amulet, Watchman's Amulet Heal +5% Heal +8% Heal +11% Heal +15%
Improved Raise Increases the percentage of a revived character's HP restored with Raise. Chrysalis Arc, Raging Arc, Nomad's Machete, Vajradanda, Bloodguard, Royal Armlet, Entite Ring, Seraphic Wing 25% HP 33% HP 50% HP
Improved Stagger Increases the duration of stagger periods. Also recharges one ATB gauge segment whenever the user defeats an enemy. Arcus Chronica, In Paradisum, Martyr's Badge, Martyr's Emblem Duration +6 seconds
Siphon Damage Charges the ATB gauge by one segment when a certain amount of damage is taken. Gandiva, Lunar Stinger, Blessed Blade, Fragarach, Howling Soul, Black Belt, General's Belt ATB charge after 1000 damage ATB charge after 950 damage ATB charge after 900 damage
Strength & Magic Increases Strength and Magic. Rune Feather, Avenger's Edge, Sniper's Eye, Genji Bow, Azrael Strength & Magic +10 Strength & Magic +20
Vampiric Strike Drains a percentage of damage dealt, restoring HP to the user. Amazon Bow, Fatal Barb, Grasitha, Survivor's Edge, Power Wristband, Brawler's Wristband Drain 3% Drain 5% Drain 7%
Warrior Spirit Greatly boosts the effects of Genji accessories when HP is low. Genji Glove, Genji Shield, Genji Helm Genji Effect x5
Warrior Wisdom Boosts the effects of Genji accessories when HP is low. Genji Glove, Genji Shield, Genji Helm Genji Effect x2
Bonus CP Slightly increases CP earned after battle. Does not stack with Bonus CP passive. Delicate Goddess's Bangle, Delicate Goddess's Earring, Delicate Diva's Headphones, Delicate Diva's Microphone 5%
Improved Items Enhances the restorative effects of Potions. Does not stack with Improved Potions passive. Goddess's Bangle, Goddess's Earring 35%
Item Collector Increases the odds of obtaining rare items after battle. Does not stack with Item Collector passive. Diva's Headphones, Diva's Microphone 15%