Template:IncompleteTable A list of various abilities used exclusively by enemies in Final Fantasy XIII-2.


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Enemy abilities


Ability Type Description Enemies
1000 Needles Physical Deals around 1000 damage with every hit. May inflict the statuses Pain or Fog. Gigantuar
10000 Needles Physical Deals around 10000 damage with every hit. May inflict the statuses Pain, Fog or Daze. Metal Gigantuar


Ability Type Description Enemies
Absolution Removes all status ailments from Caius; buffs Caius with Protect, Shell, Veil, and Vigilance. Heals Gogmagog. Gogmagog, Caius Ballad
Abyssal Yawn Jet Bahamut
Accelerator Omega
Acid Grenade Support Inflicts debuffs. Lieutenant Amodar
Adieu Support Flees from battle. Metallicactuar
Aleph Zero Magical Deals extreme magic damage to all enemies. Raspatil
Anguished Melody Gorgyra
Anti Force Garnet Bahamut
Apparition Ray Amber Bahamut
Army of One Physical Deals 11 hits of physical damage against a single opponent. Lightning
Attack Physical Inflicts physical damage. Gahongas
Attitude Shift Support Moves in and out of "out of reach"-zone. Jet Bahamut


Ability Type Description Enemies
Bashosen Physical Inflicts Slow and removes a buff. Gilgamesh
Belch Inflicts Poison. Royal Ripeness, Mutantomato
Beseech Raspatil
Black Hole Faeryl
Blast Wave Magical Deals non-elemental damage and inflicts Wound damage. Caius Ballad
Bloody Claw Garnet Bahamut
Bloody Knife Physical Deals physical damage to target and inflicts Poison. Used after Revenge. Don Tonberry
Body and Soul Support Grants Bravery, Faith, Haste, and Regen. Caius Ballad
Bolverk Valfodr
Break Curse Inflicts Poison, Curse, and Slow on party. Jet Bahamut
Brilliant Shower Pacos Luvulite, Pacos Amethyst


Ability Type Description Enemies
Call Reinforcements Summons PSICOM Wardens, Nightblade Pumas, and Azure Behemoths. Nabaat
Causality Barrier Support Gogmagog (2nd fight in New Bodhum), Aloeidai
Chain Break Support Clears the Chain gauge. Caius Ballad
Changing Skies Support Buffs Amber Bahamut with (Bravery and Haste), and Garnet Bahamut with (Faith and Haste); removes status ailments from Amber and Garnet. Jet Bahamut
Chastise Nabaat
Choco Cure Support Restores a huge amount of HP to the user. Chocobo, Green Chocobo, Purple Chocobo, White Chocobo
Choco Dash Support Flees from battle. Green Chocobo
Cold Shock Inflicts Wound damage. Pacos Amethyst
Comet Pacos Luvulite, Pacos Amethyst
Crimson Flames Gogmagog (last fight)
Crippling Surge Omega
Cross Slash Valfodr
Crushing Blow Physical Twilight Odin
Cura Magic Restores HP to all allies in range. Forked Cat
Curasa Magic Heals HP proportionate to amount of damage taken. Forked Cat, Major Moblin
Cursega Magic Makes targets more vulnerable to interruption and deals magical damage to targets in range. Valfodr


Ability Type Description Enemies
Dark Flames Jet Bahamut
Darkness Cutter Raspatil
Defensive Maneuvers Support Casts Protect and Shell on summoned allies. Nabaat
Defensive Stance Support Zenobia
Delirious Dance Support Gahongas
Demi Meteor Inflicts Wound damage. Left Manipulator, Right Manipulator
Deployment Support Summons Scutari. Testudo
Deprotect Magic Reduces target's physical resistance by 30% and deals magic damage. Ahriman
Deprotega Magic Reduces target's physical resistance by 30% and deals magic damage to targets in range. Schrodinger, Valfodr
Dirge Gorgyra
Dispel Magic Removes a target's most recent status enhancement and deals magic damage. Ahriman
Dispelga Magic Removes nearby targets' most recent status enhancements and deals magic damage. Caius Ballad (Requiem of the Goddess + last battle)
Divide and Conquer Support Paradigm Shifts Amodar to Saboteur role and Lightning to Commando role. Lieutenant Amodar
Divider Physical Gilgamesh
Doom Inflicts Doom. Gorgyra
Double Trouble Support Paradigm Shifts both Amodar and Lightning to Commando role. Lieutenant Amodar
Dragon Breath Faeryl
Draining Slash A series of slashes that drain a portion of the damage dealt. Nabaat
Dying Sun Magical Deals heavy non-elemental damage to the party and inflicts Wound damage. Jet Bahamut


Ability Type Description Enemies
Eerie Soundwave Inflicts status ailments. Gilgamesh
Electrocute Deals heavy Lightning damage to party members near the Centaurion Blade. Immortal
Electroflare Inflicts Wound damage. Proto fal'Cie Adam
Enrage Support Valfodr
Envenomate Physical Inflicts Poison. Albino Lobo
Esuna Magical Removes two last suffered debuffs. Mewmao
Eye of Bahamut Magical Inflicts multiple debuffs on the target. Caius Ballad
Exaflare Magical After a countdown from three, inflicts massive damage on the party, only a Sentinel can survive this. Only used if both Amber Bahamut and Garnet Bahamut are alive. Jet Bahamut
Excalibur Gilgamesh
Exoproofing: Ice Support Pink Lily
Exoproofing: Lightning Support Pink Lily


Ability Type Description Enemies
Fanatical Dance Gahongas
Feeding Stoop Physical Inflicts severe damage to targets in range. Deathgaze, Kanna Kamuy, Svarog
Fireball Magical Deal massive fire-elemental to the party. Typhon
Flamethrower Inflicts fire-elemental damage on party. Omega
Flare Shock Inflicts wound damage. Pacos Luvulite
Flourish of Steel Physical 4-hit physical attack Twilight Odin
Frost Breath Magical Deal ice-elemental damage to the party. Ultros (second battle)


Ability Type Description Enemies
Gagnrath Valfodr
Gate of Babylon Proto fal'Cie Adam
Gigaflare Magical After a countdown from three, inflicts heavy non-elemental damage on the party. Jet Bahamut
Giga-Graviton Magical Inflicts moderate non-elemental damage. Similar to Ruinga. Caius Ballad
Glacier Crush Inflicts wound damage. Pacos Amethyst
Gnash Removes buffs. Typhon
Goblinhancement Support Buffs allies. Buccaboo Ace, Gancanagh Ace, Goblin Chieftain, Major Moblin, Munchkin Maestro
Graviton Magical Inflicts non-elemental damage. Similar to Ruin. Caius Ballad
Great Roar Faeryl


Ability Type Description Enemies
Hand Grenade Deals damage to nearby targets. Lieutenant Amodar
Headspin Pulsework Gladiator, Pulsework Knight
Heart of Chaos Support Grants Reraise. Used at the start of the battle. Caius Ballad
Heave Physical Heavy physical damage and launches target into air. Used when the behemoth is on all fours. Feral Behemoth, Narasimha
Hellish Breath Removes all status ailments from self and inflicts them on the party; inflicts Wound damage. Gogmagog
Hellstorm Bolt Garuda, Kalavinka
Heretical Dance Samovira


Ability Type Description Enemies
Icy Breath Magical Inflicts ice-elemental damage on party. Calautidon
Ignis Physical Inflicts moderate non-elemental damage. Chaos Bahamut
Impenetrable Aura Makes user temporarily immune to damage. Yomi
Imperil Magic Reduces elemental resistances of target and deals magic damage. Ahriman
Inertial Barrier Support Ispusteke
Inferno Magical Deals heavy fire-based damage and inflicts Wound damage. Caius Ballad, Chaos Bahamut
Inspire Support Gives buffs to self. Green Chocobo, Red Chocobo
Iron Bear Claw Physical Deals heavy physical damage to one target. Lieutenant Amodar
Issue Orders Support Testudo


Ability Type Description Enemies
Judgement Blade Physical Inflicts heavy non-elemental damage on the party members in front of Jet Bahamut. Jet Bahamut


Ability Type Description Enemies
Kinetic Booster Support Gives allies Bravery. Proto fal'Cie Adam


Ability Type Description Enemies
Landshatter Aloeidai
Launch Physical Launches the target into the air. Lieutenant Amodar, Gilgamesh, Snow
Launching Slash Launches the target into the air. Nabaat
Levinbolt Magical Deals major Thunder-based damage. Cocytus
Light Eruption Amber Bahamut
Limit Breech Support Lightning


Ability Type Description Enemies
Magic Blast Seeker
Malicious Surge Deals even more damage than Sadistic Surge. Used after Nabaat sacrifices an Azure Behemoth. Nabaat
Manadrive Overload Support. Gives allies Faith. Proto fal'Cie Adam
Masamune Gilgamesh
Mediguard Support Guards while recovering HP. Only usable in Sentinel role. Lieutenant Amodar
Megaflare Magical Inflicts heavy non-elemental damage on the whole party. Chaos Bahamut
Megaton Charge Physical Faeryl
Megiddo Flame Garnet Bahamut
Metamorphosis Support Switches form. Chaos Bahamut
Meteor Magical Deals massive damage to party. PuPu
Miasma Inflicts status ailments on party. Cocytus, Varcolaci
Missile Physical Omega
Motivation Lost Support Inflicts status ailments on self. Typhon
Multicast Magical Multiple magical attacks. Amber Bahamut, Ispusteke, Apotamkin, Gogmagog (last fight)
Muramasa Physical Gilgamesh


Ability Type Description Enemies
Obliterating Breath Chaos Bahamut (Requiem of the Goddess)
Offensive Maneuvers Support Casts Bravery and Faith on summoned allies. Nabaat
Onslaught Vaballathus
Operation Ω Omega


Ability Type Description Enemies
Photon Burst Thermadon
Pilebunker Physical Omega
Plead Support Gains healing from Ochu. Microchu
Pollen Ochu
Potion Restore some HP to all targets. UFO
Pouty Pudding Gives self Bravery, Faith, and Haste. Mutantomato
Power Spritz Support Gives buffs to self Swampmonk, Apkallu
Pulsar Burst Caius Ballad, Chaos Bahamut
Putrescence Dispels buffs and inflicts Poison on party. Yomi


Ability Type Description Enemies
Quasar Valfodr (Level 99)
Quivering Wrath Bestows Haste (status) on self, and gives self the ability to inflict Wound damage with attacks. Royal Ripeness (Paradox fight)


Ability Type Description Enemies
Rancor Knife Physical Deals 9999 damage to the target. Used after "Vengeance is nigh!". Tonberry
Ravager Stance Support Caius Ballad (Requiem of the Goddess)
Regenerate Carapace Support Regenerates carapace after being staggered. Bunkerbeast
Rescue Magical Heals the target at a fast rate. Flanitor
Resist Lightning Support Resists magic based Lightning attacks. Chaos Bahamut (Requiem of the Goddess)
Resist Wind Support Resists physical-based Wind attacks. Chaos Bahamut (Requiem of the Goddess)
Resonance Clione
Revitalize Magical Heals and bestows Regen to the target. Miniflan, Royal Ripeness (first encounter)
Roar Physical Deals massive physical damage and inflicts Daze on the whole party. Long Gui, Ugallu
Ruin Magical Deals non-elemental magic damage to a single target. Cactuaroni, Red Chocobo
Ruinga Magical Deals non-elemental magic damage to target and nearby foes. Narasimha*(when standing), Seeping Brie
Rush Physical Chance to inflict Deprotect, Debrave, and Dispel all buffs. Apkallu, Mandrake


Ability Type Description Enemies
Sacrifice Pawn Sacrifices enemies on the field to use Sadistic Surge. PSICOM Wardens will heal her, Nightblade Pumas will inflict Daze on the party, and Azure Behemoths power up Sadistic Surge. Will hit her for large damage if no enemies can be sacrificed. Nabaat
Sadistic Surge Magical A series of fast slashes, followed with quick stabs, then a launching upward strike, and a violet Ruinga-like explosion. Nabaat
Scatter Beam Lancer
Screech Ochu
Seed Dispersal Support Summons Microchus. Ochu
Seeds of Destruction Summons Ebon Seeds, which eventually explode. Jet Bahamut
Self-Destruct Deals damage based on HP. Bomb, Circuitron, Cloudburst, Cryohedron, Debris, Grenade, Tempest
Serial Killer Inflicts Deprotect, Deshell, and Poison. Dendrobium, Clematis
Shadowbind Support Immobilizes target. Metallicactuar
Shocking Breath Magic Inflicts Lightning-elemental damage. Bunkerbeast
Shuffle Inflicts Wound damage. Zenobia
Skyward Swing Physical May launch the target in the air. Twilight Odin
Slashing Garnet Bahamut
Slowga Magic Slows targets and deals magic damage to all targets in range. Valfodr
Sneer Used before Sacrifice Pawn. Nabaat
Snort Major damage to party, deals Wound damage, and inflicts Daze. Typhon
Solfire Garnet Bahamut
Song of Ruin Gorgyra
Sovereign Fist Physical Hits party for damage relative to power level. Will result in an immediate Game Over at the max level. Snow
Split Support Revives fallen enemy with the amount of HP the user has. Pacos Luvulite, Pacos Amethyst
Steam Clean Support Removes status ailments from the user. Dreadnought
Subversive Dance Samovira
Summon Support Summons Mánagarmr, Apkallu, or Proto-behemoth depending on the amount of other enemies alive. Mimi
Sunder Physical Inflicts severe damage to nearby targets. Used when behemoth is standing. Azure Behemoth, Narasimha, Proto-behemoth, Zaghnal
Supersonic Wave Inflicts status ailments on party. Blue Chocobo, Green Chocobo, Red Chocobo
Swamp Water Chance to inflict Deshell and Imperil. Pitterpatter
Swipe Physical Hits nearby targets. Gogmagog (first and second fights), Aloeidai


Ability Type Description Enemies
Tear Gas Support Inflicts debuffs. Lieutenant Amodar
Teraflare Magical After a countdown from three, if Garnet Bahamut or Amber Bahamut is on the field, causes massive damage on the party. Jet Bahamut
Twin Solfire Inflicts Wound damage. Garnet Bahamut


Ability Type Description Enemies
Ullr's Shield Support Reduces damage. Twilight Odin
Ultima Magical Inflicts moderate to massive damage on the party. Caius Ballad, Long Gui, Proto fal'Cie Adam, Valfodr
Umbral Vise Magical Chaos Bahamut
Unicorn Horn Support Removes all status buffs and ailments from both allies and enemies. Lieutenant Amodar


Ability Type Description Enemies
Vendetta Support Guard then counterattack, damage increases when attacked during guard. Gilgamesh
Version Upgrade Support Scutari
Virulent Breath Inflicts Poison. Albino Lobo, Silver Lobo, Ugallu, Uridimmu
Volcano Crush Inflicts Wound damage. Pacos Luvulite


Ability Type Description Enemies
War Cry Support Gives buffs to self. Gorgonopsid
Wave Cannon Inflicts massive damage on the party. Omega Staggers after using this. Omega
Whirlwind Chaos Bahamut
Wicked Whirl Deals massive damage to party with multiple hits. Yomi
Wind Shear Yomi
Wound Magic Deals Wound damage to target, reducing maximum HP. Ahriman
Wrecking Ball Physical Dreadnought
Writhe Inflicts debuffs on self. Gogmagog (last fight)


Ability Type Description Enemies
Zantetsuken Physical Twilight Odin


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