The following is a list of all elements in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Fire[edit | edit source]

Fire Icon FFXIII.png

Ice[edit | edit source]

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Lightning[edit | edit source]

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Wind[edit | edit source]

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Physical[edit | edit source]

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Magical[edit | edit source]

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Water[edit | edit source]

The Water element was removed from the game, and its associated abilities can still be found within the game's data and they function as intended if added to a character's ability list through a third party tool.

Game Element Type Effect
Aquastrike Ravager Inflict water-attribute physical damage.
Water Ravager Inflict water-attribute magic damage.
Watera Ravager Inflict water-attribute magic damage on target and nearby foes. Staggered targets take more damage.
Waterga Ravager Inflict water-attribute magic damage on targets within a wide radius.
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