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Final Fantasy XIII-2: Original Soundtrack is the official soundtrack to the game, Final Fantasy XIII-2. Tracks from the Final Fantasy XIII: Original Soundtrack are also present, though it plays the Japanese versions of the songs with lyrics like "Serah's Theme".

Masashi Hamauzu, composer of the music for Final Fantasy XIII, returns, now joined by composers Naoshi Mizuta and Mitsuto Suzuki, known for their work on Parasite Eve II and The 3rd Birthday respectively. The soundtrack has an unprecedented number of songs with vocals, by various artists, more than any other Final Fantasy title.


Director Motomu Toriyama wanted to take the music of the franchise into a new direction by incorporating more vocal songs and different music genres. With Masashi Hamauzu returning, Toriyama and the producer approached Naoshi Mizuta and Mitsuto Suzuki to create music with the basic concept of "music that's unlike Final Fantasy".

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Original Soundtrack.

Masashi Hamauzu, who composed the soundtrack for Final Fantasy XIII, focused on tracks associated with Lightning and aspects from Final Fantasy XIII, while Naoshi Mizuta composed music connected to Noel, Caius, and Yeul, and Mitsuto Suzuki contributed modern and techno pop music to the soundtrack. [1] When asked about the possible problem of styles clashing, Suzuki and Mizuta said that the direction given by director Motomu Toriyama was to craft something different, which led to the decision of having three main composers creating the game's soundtrack together. The use of various vocal themes resulted in the composers being a little more creative and including a lot of their own ideas.[2]

"Unseen Intruder" was possibly the first track Mizuta wrote for the game, and because it is a rap song, it reflects Toriyama's desire to create music that wasn't "typical Final Fantasy." For "Crazy Chocobo", Toriyama asked for it to be similar to death metal. For "Serah's Theme ~Memories~", Hamauzu made it by using elements from Final Fantasy XIII to make it feel more human than Serah's original theme from Final Fantasy XIII.

After writing "Caius's Theme" four times with difficulty getting approval from Toriyama, Naoshi Mizuta followed his demand for it to be something that could possibly surpass Sephiroth's theme, "One-Winged Angel" from Final Fantasy VII. He developed "Serendipity" as an 80's musical piece, and with "Yeul's Theme", Mizuta created a ballad with an ad-libbed piano interlude performed by pianist Febian Reza Pane.

Suzuki made the "Aggressive Mixes" in the style of DJ mixes by having them cross-fade into their respective regular versions. He made "Historia Crux" with the concept of blending multiple different tunes into one with an irregular time signature in relation to the game's time travel aspect. For "New Bodhum", Mitsuto made it based on his time fantasizing about going to a beach. After a trip to Hawaii, he asked vocalist ORIGA to sing the accompanying lyrics with the feeling of "walking along a beach".[3]

Masashi Hamauzu didn't consciously decide which parts would carry over from Final Fantasy XIII, but has described the process as natural since the world view is largely the same was in the previous game, so certain motifs would creep into the music at points.[4] Masashi Hamauzu has named "Etro's Champion" his favorite piece from the soundtrack, because he had put a lot of thought into it; Hamauzu composed the track right after the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami and in a meeting with the game's director, Motomu Toriyama, he had asked Hamauzu to write a battle song that would encourage the listener, yet be in the same caliber as the Final Fantasy XIII main battle theme, "Blinded By Light". Hamauzu had an idea flash in his head right then and there of a song in a major chord, with a chorus that involved a melody with half notes that sounded as if taking one step at a time to climb to the top.[3]

Track list[]

Disc 1 (1:10:35)[]

  1. FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Overture — 2:12
    Plays during the opening.
  2. Warrior Goddess — 2:56
    (麗しき軍神, Uruwashiki Gunshin?, lit. The Beautiful War Goddess)
    Plays during the first battle between Lightning and Caius in Valhalla, and when the three Cie'th in Academia 400 AF attack Yeul. Also plays during the Gorgyra fight in Yaschas Massif 1X AF.
  3. FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 - Wishes - — 1:57
    The main theme. Plays during the title screen, when Snow tells Noel and Serah that Lightning appeared to him in a dream, in Oerba 400 AF when Mog decides to stay with Serah, and when Serah saves Noel from being trapped in his endless dream.
  4. "Etro's Champion — 2:16
    (女神の騎士, Megami no Kishi?, lit. Knight of the Goddess)
    Plays during the first battle between Lightning and Chaos Bahamut, and when Noel, Mog, and Serah enter the Historia Crux after leaving New Bodhum. Returns as a battle theme in the Dying World and in the battle against Snow at Coliseum.
  5. "Eternal War — 3:52
    (永劫の闘争, Eigou no Tousou?, lit. Eternal Fight)
    Plays during the series of Cinematic Action battles between Lightning and Caius, and before Lightning faces Caius in "Requiem of the Goddess".
  6. Divine Conflict — 3:22
    (戦神, Ikusagami?, lit. God of War)
    Plays when Noel arrives at Valhalla, during the aerial battle against Chaos Bahamut and random encounters in Academia 500 AF. It also plays at the beginning of "Requiem of the Goddess".
  7. An Arrow Through Time — 2:42
    (時を超える矢, Toki wo Koeru Ya?)
    Plays when Lightning asks Noel to find her sister, Serah, and guide her to Valhalla.
  8. Paradox — 4:05
    (パラドクス, Paradokusu?)
    Plays at the beginning of Episode 1, during the prophecy of Cocoon's fall in Yaschas Massif 1X AF, and after Serah talks to Snow in her dream.
  9. Giant's Fist — 3:02
    (ジャイアントインパクト, Jaianto Inpakuto?, lit. Giant Impact)
    Plays during the series of battles in New Bodhum 3 AF against rift beasts at the beginning of Episode 1, the battle with the first Gogmagog, and the battle with Atlas.
  10. A World Without Cocoon — 3:40
    (コクーンのない世界, Kokūn no Nai Sekai?)
    Plays when Noel introduces Serah to her moogle companion, Mog, where he explains his reasons of coming to New Bodhum.
  11. Full Speed Ahead — 3:55
    (疾走, Shissou?, lit. Dash)
    Plays when Serah is exploring New Bodhum after her initial battle and during the battles afterwards. It also plays as the field theme for the Bresha Ruins 300 AF.
  12. Noel's Theme — 4:21
    (ノエルのテーマ, Noeru no Tēma?)
    Noel Kreiss's leitmotif. Plays when Noel reveals the Time Gate in New Bodhum, and before they leave the Bresha Ruins 5 AF, and in the Historia Crux as they go to Sunleth Waterscape in 300 AF after "Memories for the Future", when Yeul dies in Academia 400 AF, and when Mog reveals Caius's past as a Pulse l'Cie in the Dying World.
  13. New Bodhum — 5:39
    (ネオ・ボーダム, Neo Bōdamu?)
    Main background theme of New Bodhum 3 AF.
  14. New Bodhum - Aggressive Mix - — 5:45
    (ネオ・ボーダム-Aggressive Mix-, Neo Bōdamu -Aggressive Mix-?)
    Plays whenever monsters appear on the field in New Bodhum.
    • Performed by ORIGA.
  15. Paradigm Shift — 3:50
    (パラダイムシフト, Paradaimu Shifuto?)
    Plays in random battles in New Bodhum 3 AF, Yaschas Massif 10 AF, 1X AF, and 100 AF, Oerba 200 AF and 300 AF, Sunleth Waterscape 400 AF, and the Coliseum battle against PuPu.
  16. Glory's Fanfare — 1:54
    (名誉のファンファーレ, Meiyo no Fanfāre?, lit. Honor's Fanfare)
    One of the victory themes. Plays after battles with less than a 5-star rating.
  17. Groovy Chocobo — 4:29
    (グルービーチョコボ, Gurūbī Chokobo?)
    Plays whenever riding a normal chocobo.
  18. FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 - The Future - — 2:47
    Plays when Serah, Noel, and Mog prepare to leave New Bodhum, and after Serah escapes her endless dream. It plays at the end of "Heads or Tails?", and in "Requiem of the Goddess", when Serah's spirit asks Lightning to remember her.
  19. Historia Crux — 4:28
    (ヒストリアクロス, Hisutoriakurosu?, lit. Historiacross)
    Plays during the Historia Crux menu.
    • Performed by ORIGA.
  20. Worlds Collide — 3:23
    (衝突する世界, Shoutotsusuru Sekai?)
    Plays during the battles with Paradox Alpha in Bresha Ruins 5 AF, Aloeidai in Yaschas Massif 10 AF, and Kalavinka in Bresha Ruins 100 AF.
    • Performed by David Whitaker.

Disc 2 (1:18:09)[]

  1. Unseen Intruder — 7:02
    (不可視の侵略者, Fukashi no Shinryakusha?)
    Main background theme of the Bresha Ruins 5 AF and 100 AF.
  2. Unseen Intruder - Aggressive Mix - — 6:39
    (不可視の侵略者 -Aggressive Mix-, Fukashi no Shinryakusha -Aggressive Mix-?)
    Plays whenever monsters appear on the field in the Bresha Ruins 5 AF and 100 AF.
    • Performed by Aimee Blackschleger.*(No vocals are present in the western release.)
  3. The Last Hunter — 5:39
    (ラストハンター, Rasuto Hantā?)
    Plays in random battles in Bresha Ruins 5 AF and 100 AF, Yaschas Massif 110 AF, Oerba 400 AF, Sunleth Waterscape 300 AF, the Archylte Steppe Year Unknown during sunny, rainy, and cloudy weathers, Augusta Tower 200 AF and 300 AF, and the Coliseum battle against Ultros and Typhon.
  4. Blessed Fanfare — 2:03
    (勝利のファンファーレ, Shōri no Fanfāre?, lit. Victory Fanfare)
    One of two victory fanfares. Plays after battles with a 5-star rating.
  5. The Story So Far... — 2:04
    (戦いの軌跡, Tatakai no Kiseki?, lit. The Traces of Battle)
    Plays when Mog speaks for the first time in Bresha. Also plays during the story recaps that follow loading a save file.
  6. Missing Link — 4:05
    (ミッシングリンク, Misshingu Rinku?)
    Plays after Atlas is defeated, and as the new background theme for Bresha Ruins at 5 AF.
    • Performed by ORIGA.
  7. Memories for the Future — 3:30
    (末来への追憶, Mirai he no Tsuioku?)
    Plays when Noel tells Serah about his origins in New Bodhum, when they leave the Bresha Ruins 005 AF for Sunleth Waterscape 300 AF and Yaschas Massif 10 AF for Oerba 200 AF, in the Archylte Steppe after Serah and Noel defeat the Faeryl, and in the Dying World when Serah and Noel activate the Oracle Drive at the Farseers' Relic.
  8. Eclipse — 3:36
    (エクリプス, Ekuripusu?)
    Main background theme for the Yaschas Massif 10 AF and 100 AF.
    Contains elements of the "Prelude".
  9. Eclipse - Aggressive Mix -— 4:28
    (エクリプス-Aggressive Mix-, Ekuripusu -Aggressive Mix-?)
    Plays whenever monsters appear on the field in Yaschas Massif in 10 AF.
    • Performed by Michiyo Honda.
  10. Hope's Theme - Tomorrow's Dream - — 2:33
    (ホープのテーマ~託す想い~, Hōpu no Tēma ~Takusu Omoi~?, lit. Hope's Theme ~Giving Hope~)
    Hope Estheim's leitmotif. Plays during Hope's introduction in the Yaschas Massif 10 AF, and later at 1X AF, when he tells Serah why he wants to travel through time.
    Arrangement of "Hope's Theme".
  11. Song of the Farseers — 6:46
    (時詠みの歌, Tokiyomi no uta?, lit. To Compose a Song of Time)
    Plays in the Yaschas Massif 10 AF after Hope tells Noel about the Farseers, after Hope induces a vision of Lightning and Caius's battle in Valhalla with the Oracle Drive, and during the boss battle against Pacos Amethyst and Pacos Luvulite in Academia 500 AF.
  12. Village and Void — 5:32
    (壊れた郷, Kowareta Kyō?, lit. Destroyed Hometown)
    Main background theme for Oerba 200 and 400 AF.
  13. Village and Void - Aggressive Mix - — 5:29
    (壊れた郷-Aggressive Mix-, Kowareta Kyō -Aggressive Mix-?, lit. Destroyed Hometown -Aggressive Mix-)
    Plays when monsters appear on the field in Oerba.
    • Composed by Naoshi Mizuta with vocals by Joelle.
  14. Temporal Rift — 3:22
    (時の迷宮, Toki no Meikyuu?, lit. The Labyrinth of Time)
    Plays in the Crystal Bonds Temporal Rift.
  15. Oracle Drive — 3:09
    (予言の書, Yogen no Sho?, lit. The Book of Prophecies)
    Plays when Noel uses the Oracle Drive in Yaschas 10 AF, and when he, Mog and Serah first enter the Coliseum.
  16. Caius's Theme — 3:14
    (カイアスのテーマ, Kaiasu no Tēma?)
    Caius Ballad's leitmotif. Plays when Caius and Yeul appear to Noel and Serah in Oerba 200 AF, during his battle against them, and his one-on-one fight against Serah in the Void Beyond.
  17. Eyes of Etro — 2:16
    (エトロの瞳, Etoro no Hitomi?)
    Plays before Serah and Noel leave Oerba 200 AF.
  18. Parallel Worlds — 3:26
    (並行世界, Heikou Sekai?)
    Main background theme for the Yaschas Massif 1X AF.
    • Performed by ORIGA.
  19. Parallel Worlds - Aggressive Mix - — 3:16
    (並行世界-Aggressive Mix-, Heikou Sekai -Aggressive Mix-?)
    Plays whenever monsters appear on the field in Yaschas 1X AF.
    • Performed by ORIGA.

Disc 3 (1:14:46)[]

  1. The Void Beyond — 4:02
    (時空の狭間, Jikuu no Hazama?, lit. The Spacetime Interval)
    Plays when Yeul appears to Serah and Noel in the Yaschas Massif 1X AF, when Serah speaks to Noel in Academy headquarters in Academia 4XX AF and when the party is lost in spacetime at the Historia Crux and most locations are inaccessible.
    • Performed by ORIGA.
  2. Oathbrand — 1:56
    (誓いの烙印, Chikai no Rakuin?, lit. Brand of an Oath)
    Plays at the beginning of Episode 3, and when Alyssa betrays Noel and Serah in Academia 4XX AF.
  3. Limit Break! — 6:33
    (限界突破, Genkai Toppa!?, lit. Breaking the Limits!)
    Plays during the battles with Royal Ripeness, Mutantomato, Zenobia, Proto fal'Cie Adam, and Gogmagog (second encounter in New Bodhum).
  4. Starting Over — 5:21
    (スターティングオーバー, Sutātingu ōbā?)
    Main background theme of the Sunleth Waterscape 300 AF.
    • Performed by Joelle.
  5. Starting Over - Aggressive Mix - — 5:21
    (スターティングオーバー -Aggressive Mix-, Sutātingu ōbā -Aggressive Mix-?)
    Plays whenever monsters appear on the field in Sunleth Waterscape.
    • Performed by Joelle.
  6. Mischievous Mog's Marvelous Plan with Flan — 2:05
    (プリンをもってプリンを制す, Purin wo motte Purin wo Seisu?, lit. Fight Pudding with Pudding)
    Plays during the paradox ending for the Sunleth Waterscape. Also plays when initiating Coliseum Challenge: Uninvited Invertebrate feautring Ultros and Typhon in the DLC episode "Snow's Story: Perpetual Battlefield."
  7. Plains of Eternity — 3:37
    (悠久の大平原, Yūkyū no Daiheigen?)
    Main background theme of the Archylte Steppe.
    • Performed by Joelle.
  8. Plains of Eternity - Aggressive Mix - — 3:31
    (悠久の大平原-Aggressive Mix-, Yūkyū no Daiheigen -Aggressive Mix-?)
    Plays whenever monsters appear in the Archylte Steppe.
  9. Serendipity — 4:40
    (逸楽の宮殿ザナドゥ, Itsuraku no Kyūden Zanadu?, lit. Xanadu, the Palace of Pleasure)
    Background theme of Serendipity.
  10. Chocobo Rodeo — 2:02
    (ロデオdeチョコボ, Rodeo de Chokobo?)
    Plays during chocobo racing in Serendipity.
  11. All or Nothing — 5:39
    (のるかそるか, Noru ka Soru ka?, lit. Win or Lose)
    Sazh Katzroy's leitmotif. Plays during his adventure in Serendipity.
  12. Threat Level Omega — 2:18
    (コンディションオメガ, Kondishon Omega?, lit. Condition Omega)
    Main background theme of Academia 400 AF (continues playing during random battles).
  13. Chaotic Guardian — 5:41
    (混沌の誓約者, Konton no Seiyaku Sha?, lit. The Followers of Chaos)
    Plays when Caius appears to Noel and Serah in Academia 400 AF, and during the one-on-one fight between him and Noel in the Dying World.
  14. Yeul's Theme — 6:45
    (ユールのテーマ, Yūru no Tēma?)
    Paddra Nsu-Yeul's leitmotif. Plays when she dies in the Yaschas Massif 1X AF and Augusta Tower 200 AF. Also in the Dying World after Caius and Noel's fight, and when Yeul dies in that time.
    • Performed by Joelle.
  15. Feral Link — 2:40
    (シンクロドライブ, Shinkuro Doraibu?, lit. Synchro Drive)
    Plays at the beginning of Episode 2.
  16. Augusta Tower — 2:40
    (アガスティアタワー, Agasutia Tawā?)
    Main background theme of Augusta Tower 200 AF and 300 AF.
  17. Augusta Tower - Aggressive Mix - — 2:51
    (アガスティアタワー-Aggressive Mix-, Agasutia Tawā -Aggressive Mix-?)
    Plays whenever monsters appear in the tower.
  18. Academia — 3:38
    (新都アカデミア, Shinto Akademia?, lit. Academia, the Capital City)
    Main background theme of Academia 4XX AF.
  19. Academy's Theme — 3:27
    (アカデミーのテーマ, Akademī no Tēma?)
    The Academy's leitmotif. Plays after Alyssa frees Serah and Noel from custody.

Disc 4 (1:17:52)[]

  1. A Fading Miracle — 2:45
    (壞れゆく奇跡, Kowareyuku Kiseki?, lit. Broken Miracles)
    Plays when Lightning, Serah, and Noel talk about Caius in New Bodhum 700 AF.
  2. Crazy Chocobo — 1:56
    (クレイジーチョコボ, Kureijī Chokobo?)
    Plays whenever riding on a rambunctious chocobo. Also in the Sunleth Waterscape 400 AF, when the Miniflan threaten the crystal pillar and during the battle against them.
    • Performed by by Shootie HG.
  3. Shadow of Valhalla — 4:46
    (ヴァルハラの影, Varuhara no Kage?)
    Plays during Serah and Noel's scenes in the Void Beyond, and when Serah speaks to the various Yeuls.
  4. Countless Partings — 3:48
    (数え切れない別れ, Kazoekirenai Wakare?)
    Plays after the vision of Lightning and Caius in Valhalla in Yaschas 1X AF, when speaking to the last Yeul in the Void Beyond, and after the battle with Gogmagog in the Dying World.
  5. Hollow Seclusion - Game Over - — 2:24
    (うつろなる幽境 ~ゲームオーバー~, Utsuronaru Yūkyō ~Gēmu ōbā~?, lit. Alone in the Emptiness ~Game Over~)
    Game over theme. Plays in Serah's dream before she awakens.
  6. Serah's Theme - Memories - — 2:48
    (セラのテーマ ~記憶~, Sera no Tēma ~Kioku~?)
    Serah Farron's leitmotif. Plays after the boss battle against the Proto fal'Cie Adam in Augusta Tower 200 AF, and when Serah refuses to remain in her endless dream. In "Perpetual Battlefield", it plays when it is revealed that Snow has to stay in the Coliseum.
  7. Noel's Theme - Final Journey - — 4:21
    (ノエルのテーマ ~最後の旅~, Noeru no Tēma ~Saigo no Tabi~?)
    Plays during the scenes of Noel's memories of Caius and Yeul in the Dying World, and when roaming the area.
    "Noel's Theme" with accompanying lyrics.
  8. Lightning's Theme - Unprotected Future - — 3:48
    (ライトニングのテーマ ~守れなかった未来~, Raitoningu no Tēma ~Mamorenakatta Mirai~?)
    Lightning's leitmotif, includes elements of "Blinded by Light". Plays when Noel and Serah encounter Lightning in New Bodhum 700 AF, and after she leaves them, as the area's background theme. In "Requiem of the Goddess", it plays when Lightning floats through the Historia Crux, and during her flashbacks.
  9. Etro's gate — 2:12
    (エトロの門, Etoro no Mon?)
    Plays during the FMV of Lightning being trapped in a paradox and falling through the Historia Crux.
  10. Tears of the Goddess — 2:07
    (女神の涙, Megami no Namida?)
    Plays after "Etro's Gate", when Lightning arrives in Valhalla and becomes Etro's protector, receiving her armor. Also after "A Fading Miracle", when Lightning reveals the final Time Gate and returns to Valhalla.
  11. Labyrinth of Chaos — 5:03
    (混沌のラビリンス, Konton no Rabirinsu?)
    Main background theme of Academia 500 AF.
  12. Time's Master — 4:21
    (時空の覇者, Jikū no Hasha?, lit. Ruler of Time and Space)
    Plays during the boss battle against Chaos Bahamut and Caius in Academia 500 AF.
  13. Heart of Chaos — 3:00
    (混沌の心臓, Konton no Shinzō?)
    Plays during the boss battle against Caius on Valhalla's beach. In "Requiem of the Goddess" it plays during the battle against Chaos Bahamut.
  14. Promise to the Future — 3:55
    (未来ヘの約束, Mirai e no Yakusoku?)
    Plays after "Heart of Chaos", during the clash of blades between Noel and Caius until after Lightning saves Noel and Serah from the endless abyss.
  15. Unseen Abyss — 4:45
    (不可視の深淵, Fukashi no Shin'en?)
    The final boss theme. Plays during the battle against Jet Bahamut, Garnet Bahamut and Amber Bahamut. In "Requiem of the Goddess" it plays during the battle against Caius.
  16. Endless Paradox — 5:56
    (永遠のパラドクス, Eien no Paradokusu?)
    Plays during the scene after the final battle when Caius continues to try and provoke Noel into killing him.
  17. World of Hope — 1:56
    (希望の地, Kibō no Chi?)
    Plays when Time Gates appear in Valhalla and Noel, Serah and Mog leave for Pulse at 500 AF.
    An arrangement of "FINAL FANTASY XIII - Miracles".
  18. Metashield Deployed — 1:16
    (メタシールド展開, Metashīrudo Tenkai?)
    Plays when Chaos Bahamut attacks Serah and Noel in Academia 500 AF, and during the scene with Hope checking on the status of Cocoon's pillar, just before the ending FMV.
    A dark rearrangement of "FINAL FANTASY XIII - Miracles".
  19. The Goddess is Dead — 1:55
    (女神なき世界, Megami naki Sekai?, lit. A World Without the Goddess)
    Plays during the ending, after "Yakusoku no Basho" or "New World", when chaos merges Valhalla with Gran Pulse.
  20. Closing Credits — 9:52
    (エンディングロール, Endingu Rōru?, lit. Ending Roll)
    End credits track. A compilation of various themes: "Caius's Theme", "Paradox", "Noel's Theme", "The Future/Serah's Theme", and "Yeul's Theme".
  21. Perpetual Battlefield (Secret Track) — 4:58
    (無窮の闘技場, Mukyuu no Tougijou?)
    Played when fighting the downloadable content superboss, Omega, in the Japanese version prior to version 1.03. Currently plays as the field music of the DLC version of the Coliseum.



  • Masashi Hamauzu (Disc1 1~7, 10, 18; Disc2 10; Disc3 18, 19; Disc4 1, 6, 8~10, 17~20)
  • Naoshi Mizuta (Disc1 08, 09, 11, 12, 15, 20; Disc2 1~3, 5, 7, 12, 13, 15~17; Disc3 2, 4~9, 11~15; Disc4 4, 7, 11~16, 20)
  • Mitsuto Suzuki (Disc1 13, 14, 16, 19; Disc2 4, 6, 8, 9, 14, 18, 19; Disc3 1, 3, 16, 17; Disc4 3, 5, 15, 21)
  • Yoshitaka Suzuki (Disc4 14, 16)

Original Music Composer: Nobuo Uematsu (Disc1 17; Disc3 1; Disc4 2)


  • Masashi Hamauzu (Disc1 1~7, 1, 18; Disc2 1; Disc3 1, 18, 19; Disc4 1, 6, 8~1, 17~19)
  • Naoshi Mizuta (Disc1 8, 9, 11, 12, 15, 2; Disc2 1~3, 5, 7, 11~13, 15~17; Disc3 2, 4~9, 11, 12, 14, 15; Disc4 4, 7, 11, 12)
  • Mitsuto Suzuki (Disc1 13, 14, 16, 17, 19; Disc2 4, 6, 8, 9, 14, 18, 19; Disc3 1, 3, 16, 17; Disc4 3, 5, 8, 15)
  • Ryo Yamazaki (Disc1 4, 6; Disc3 18)
  • Yoshitaka Suzuki (Disc4 13, 14, 16)
  • Kengo Tokusashi (Disc3 1)
  • Shootie HG (Disc4 2)
  • Sachiko Miyano (Disc2 16; Disc3 13; Disc4 2)


  • DAGMUSIC LTD (Disc2 12, 13; Disc3 4, 5, 7, 8, 14; Disc4 7)
  • Atari productions inc. (Disc1 13, 14, 19; Disc2 8, 9)
  • David Whitaker (Disc1 2)
  • Aimee Blackschleger (Disc2 1, 2)
  • Motomu Toriyama (Disc2 16; Disc4 6)
  • Frances Maya (Disc4 6)
  • SQUARE ENIX MUSIC (Disc3 3; Disc4 2)

Latin Translator: Taro Yamashita

Music samples[]

Limited editions[]

The limited edition version of the soundtrack contains 4 CDs and a DVD. The standard version of the 4-disc soundtrack is also included in the European (Crystal Edition), which is packed in premium Digipack packaging, and North American collector's editions of Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Despite being a western release, both the "Unseen Intruder" and "Unseen Intruder - Aggressive Mix -" included within the Crystal Edition soundtrack feature lyrics.

XIII-2: Composer Selected Soundtrack[]

XIII-2: Composer Selected Soundtrack was a soundtrack album of tracks from Final Fantasy XIII-2 selected by composers. It was included in the European Limited Collector's edition of the game.

Track list[]

  1. Warrior Goddess — 2:57
  2. Etro's Champion — 2:18
  3. Full Speed Ahead — 3:55
  4. Historia Crux — 4:31
  5. Limit Break! — 6:36
  6. Yeul's Theme — 6:44

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