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Final Fantasy XII: BradyGames Signature Series Guide is BradyGames official guide for Final Fantasy XII.

  • ISBN: 0-7440-0837-9
  • Pages: 351


  • Contents, p.001
  • Getting Started, p.002
  • The License Board, p.018
  • Gambits, p.029
  • Espers & Quickenings, p.044
  • Walkthrough, p.060
  • Hunts, Side Quests & Secrets, p.224
  • Weapons, Armor, and Accessories, p.262
  • Magicks & Technicks, p.284
  • Items & Sundries, p.287
  • The Bazaar, p.288
  • Merchant Shops, p.295
  • Bestiary, p.304
  • Final Fantasy XII Official Strategy Videos p.350

This page gives information about their website for Final Fantasy XII information,, which no longer exists. The page claims to have videos for defeating Belias, Mateus, and Zalera, and that it has an interactive license board with information on the items, spells, and abilities gained with each license, and where the items are found with their cost.

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