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Final Fantasy XI Wings of the Goddess Original Soundtrack is the complete soundtrack for the Final Fantasy XI expansion Wings of the Goddess.

The bonus tracks are three missing tracks from the Treasures of Aht Urhgan OST.

Track list[]

  1. March of the Allied Forces — 3:02
    The theme of the Allied Forces of Altana. Also played whenever the player is awarded a new Campaign medal.
  2. Flowers on the Battlefield — 3:30
    A very somber track that plays while exploring the war-torn outskirts of Jeuno.
  3. Roar of the Battle Drums — 2:55
    Plays whenever an ongoing Campaign Battle is in effect for the area.
  4. Autumn Footfalls — 2:53
    Plays when exploring the wartime Ronfaure area.
  5. Griffons Never Die — 3:11
    The wartime theme of the Kingdom of San d'Oria.
  6. Clash of Standards — 1:56
    This party battle theme plays in Wings of the Goddess outdoor areas.
  7. Echoes of a Zephyr — 4:00
    Plays when exploring the wartime Gustaberg area.
  8. Thunder of the March — 4:27
    The wartime theme of the Republic of Bastok.
  9. Encampment Dreams — 4:07
    This track plays in various cutscenes.
  10. The Cosmic Wheel — 4:11
    Plays when exploring the wartime Sarutabaruta area.
  11. Stargazing — 3:48
    The wartime theme of the Federation of Windurst.
  12. On this Blade — 2:24
    This party battle theme plays in Wings of the Goddess dungeon areas.
  13. Young Griffons in Flight — 1:45
    The theme of the Young Griffons junior brigade.
  14. Run Maggot, Run! — 4:29
    Plays during various Campaign Ops.
  15. Cloister of Time and Souls — 1:33
    The theme of the Walk of Echoes.
  16. Royal Wanderlust — 1:35
    The theme song of Cait Sith.
  17. Under a Clouded Moon — 2:58
    A very tense track that plays in various cutscenes and certain missions.
  18. Where Lords Rule Not — 3:30
    Played when exploring the strongholds of the Beastmen races.
  19. Kindred Cry — 3:24
    Plays during boss encounters in Wings of the Goddess battlefields.
  20. Snowdrift Waltz — 3:14
    Played when exploring the frozen wastes Xarcabard during the war.
  21. Troubled Shadows — 5:19
    The wartime theme of Castle Zvahl. This track is also played in various cutscenes.
  22. Wings of the Goddess — 3:18
    Plays on the title screen after Wings of the Goddess is installed and registered.
  23. Iron Colossus (bonus track) — 2:17
    The theme song of the Dark Divinity, Odin. This track also plays in Wings of the Goddess cutscenes whenever Shantotto appears.
  24. Ragnarok (bonus track) — 2:53
    Originally played during the final battle of Treasures of Aht Urhgan against Alexander. This track also plays in Wings of the Goddess when Karaha-Baruha summoned Fenrir to defend Windurst.
  25. An Invisible Crown (bonus track) — 1:16
    The ending theme of Treasures of Aht Urhgan.

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