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Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin Original Soundtrack is the complete soundtrack for the Final Fantasy XI expansion Seekers of Adoulin.

There are 11 tracks from Seekers of Adoulin and two bonus tracks.

Track list[]

  1. A New Direction — 1:51
    Plays on the title screen after Seekers of Adoulin is installed and registered.
  2. Breaking Ground — 5:41
    This track plays when taking part in Lair and Colonization Reives.
  3. The Pioneers — 3:23
    This town track plays in Western Adoulin.
  4. The Sacred City of Adoulin — 3:33
    This town track is featured in Eastern Adoulin.
  5. Into Lands Primeval - Ulbuka — 3:55
    This track plays when exploring the wilderness in the continent of Ulbuka.
  6. Steel Sings, Blades Dance — 2:46
    This battle theme plays in all Seekers of Adoulin areas during both solo and party play.
  7. Arciela — 1:59
    The theme of Arciela.
  8. Mog Resort — 5:33
    This track plays in the Mog Resort.
  9. Water's Umbral Knell — 5:05
    This track plays in the Rala Waterways and in Yorcia Weald.
  10. Hades — 4:43
  11. Keepers of the Wild — 3:38
    This track plays during Skirmishes and when taking part in Wildskeeper Reives.
  12. Where It All Begins (bonus track) — 4:26
    The theme of Provenance.
  13. Provenance Watcher (bonus track) — 3:35
    Plays during the confrontation with Provenance Watcher as a part of Voidwatch.

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