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Final Fantasy XI: Rise of the Zilart Original Soundtrack is the complete soundtrack of the first Final Fantasy XI expansion pack, Rise of the Zilart.

Track list[]

  1. Kazham — 2:38
    The theme for the village of Kazham.
  2. Yuhtunga Jungle — 8:16
    Plays when exploring the jungles of Elshimo Island.
  3. Battle Theme #3 — 2:16
    Party battle theme that plays in Rise of the Zilart outdoor areas.
  4. "Dash de Chocobo" — 3:29
    The chocobo riding theme.
  5. Rabao — 4:29
    The theme for the oasis of Rabao.
  6. Altepa Desert — 4:19
    Played when exploring the Altepa Desert.
  7. Battle in the Dungeon #3 — 2:10
    Party battle theme that plays in Rise of the Zilart dungeon areas.
  8. Grav'iton — 1:50
    Plays when speaking with Grav'iton during a cutscene.
  9. Norg — 3:23
    The theme for the pirate's cove of Norg.
  10. Tough Battle #2 — 2:46
    Plays during boss encounters in Rise of the Zilart battlefield zones.
  11. The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah — 4:13
    Plays when exploring the forests of the Sanctuary of Zi'Tah.
  12. Ro'Maeve — 4:26
    Plays when exploring the ancient ruins of Ro'Maeve.
  13. Hall of the Gods — 4:33
    Plays inside the Hall of the Gods.
  14. Fighters of the Crystal — 3:32
    Plays during boss encounters with the enigmatic Crystal Warriors.
  15. Tu'Lia — 3:55
    Plays when exploring the floating shrine of Ru'Aun Gardens.
  16. Ve'Lugannon Palace — 5:42
    Played when exploring the interior of Ve'Lugannon Palace and the Shrine of Ru'Avitau.
  17. Eald'narche — 1:54
    Plays during the first part of the final battle against Eald'narche.
  18. Belief — 3:29
    Plays during the second part of the final battle against Eald'narche.
  19. End Theme — 2:43
    Play during the ending cutscene of the Rise of the Zilart missions.

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