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While Altana soars on wings of freedom, Promathia is bound in chains; his confinement is said to be a limitation he has placed upon himself. Can this legend be true? And do rumors of the frightening phenomenon occurring in faraway lands have any relation to Promathia? The unfolding mystery of Chains of Promathia will bring adventurers ever closer to the astonishing truth behind Vana'diel's origin.

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Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia (also referred to as CoP) is the second expansion pack for Final Fantasy XI.

This expansion pack brings several new areas, quests, and a new mission storyline to the game. No additional jobs were released with the expansion.



Chapter 1: Ancient Flames Beckon

On Qufim Island, the Ducal Guard led by Wolfgang rush to Delkfutt's Tower and order all adventurers to stay away. Jeuno scientists in the tower are baffled when the flow of energy in the northern crystal line reverses.

In the sea to the north of the tower, the ruler of the skies Bahamut emerges from the water. He issues a warning to the children of Vana'diel, stating that the arrival of the Keeper of the Apocalypse is near and calls for his minions to spill the blood of the gods.

Back in the tower, an explosion occurs, presumably killing all the scientists. The Ducal Guard find an unconscious boy who survived the explosion and take him to the infirmary in Upper Jeuno.

Monberaux, the physician in Jeuno, finds the boy uninjured and does not know what is wrong with him. When the player visits the infirmary, the mysterious boy awakens. He gives the player an amulet and shows him a vision of a mysterious place submerged in water. The Ducal Guard, together with a Jeunoan diplomat Nag'molada, attempt to bring the boy in for questioning but he runs out of the infirmary and vanishes.

The player goes to investigate shattered telepoint crystals at Holla, Mea and Dem, and is drawn into the dark realm of Promyvion. After climbing to the spire within Promyvion and defeating monstrosities known as the Empty, the player arrives at a giant crystal known as the mothercrystal. Nag'moloada arrives and tries to kill the player to prevent harm to the crystal, but is stopped by the mysterious boy who appears and blocks the pursuers with shrouds of darkness. The boy gives the player another vision, that of Yve'noile foretelling the final battle between the Twilight God Promathia and the Dawn Goddess Altana.

At the second crag the player explores, the mysterious boy appears at the mothercrystal again and shows him a vision of Prishe in a dream state.

The player arrives at the third crag and is ambushed by Nag'molada who has been waiting for him. Nag'molada orders Wolfgang to kill the player but he hesitates for lack of proof of crimes committed. When the mysterious boy appears, Wolfgang strikes him down without a fight. The boy however appears unhurt even after being smote and draws them into Promyvion.

At the third mothercrystal that the player reaches, Nag'molada claims the enigmatic boy has released Emptiness, a dark destructive force, on the crystal. The boy shows the player yet another vision, this time of Eald'narche, pledging his faith in the mothercrystal and Yve'noile stating that there is no salvation for the world.

Chapter 2: The Isle of Forgotten Saints

Nag'molada and the player appear to have been teleported to a distant land, which they later learn to be the Tavnazian Archipelago. While the player is unconscious, a trio of Tarutarus known as the Chebukki triplets steal the amulet from his possession, thinking it belongs to Prishe, the leader of their settlement. Nag'molada and the player arrive at the Tavnazian Safehold and are greeted by Justinius, who asks them to rest there until Prishe returns.

They meet with an elder, Despachiaire, who explains that he and other survivors from the Tavnazian Marquisate were led to safety by the cardinal Mildaurion during the war. The survivors have since lived in isolation because the landbridge connecting it to Quon was destroyed. Nag'molada volunteers their aid to slay a minotaur lurking in the nearby Phomiuna Aqueducts in order to gain their trust. After defeating the minotaur, the players finds out Nag'molada had also intended to search for a precious artifact there.

Prishe returns with her good friend Ulmia after making her rounds patrolling the vicinity and informs the town that fierce monsters and a dragon have gathered at Cape Riverne. She meets with the two castaways and agrees to let them stay on account of their good deeds.

When Prishe gets the player to explain where he got his amulet, which is identical to the one she received from the cardinal, Despachiaire seeks her counsel. He postulates that the dragon that appeared could be Bahamut, as depicted in a painting of the city of Al'Taieu given to them by Grezzo of the Tenshodo.

The player has to locate Ulmia for Prishe and finds her in Misareaux Coast. She is there singing the first verse of the Lay of the Immortals. When Nag'molada hears this, he is impressed and shares the second verse of the song, also known as the Memoria de la S^tona, with her. He reveals that the song continues with a third verse that is sung only by the gods.

Back in the safehold, Prishe intends to confront Bahamut in Cape Riverne for answers and finds out that Nag'molada and the Chebukki triplets have already headed there too. Prishe, Ulmia and the player arrive at Cape Riverne to find that it has been spacially distorted. After traveling to the Monarch Linn there, they find Nag'molada singing the Memoria de la S^tona to Bahamut, proving to him that he is a Kuluu. Because of this, Bahamut decides to honor the pact he made with their race ages ago.

An airship of Jeunoan scientists led by Esha'ntarl appear and they subdue Bahamut with a magical web. Prishe and the player are attacked by a few mammets that resemble the scientists and defeat them, freeing Bahamut from his binds. In his fury, Bahamut teleports Prishe, Ulmia, the Chebukki triplets and the player away.

In Delkfutt's Tower, Nag'molada meets with Esha'ntarl, who is revealed to be a Zilart and a member of the same society as him. She chastises him for approaching Bahamut alone, and blames him for letting Bahamut and the mysterious boy escape.

Chapter 3: A Transient Dream

Chapter 4: The Cradles of Children Lost

Chapter 5: The Return Home

Chapter 6: Echoes of Time

Chapter 7: In the Light of the Crystal

Chapter 8: Emptiness Bleeds

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New Additions


This list does not include reskinned enemies of the same genus or unique bosses.


New Regions


  • Newton Movalpolos
  • Oldton Movalpolos
  • Mine Shaft #2716

Tavnazian Marquisate

  • Tavnazian Safehold
  • Sealion's Den

Tavnazian Archipelago

  • Lufaise Meadows
  • Misareaux Coast
  • Phomiuna Aqueducts
  • Riverne - Site #A01
  • Riverne - Site #B01
  • Sacrarium
  • Diorama Abdhaljs-Ghelsba
  • Abdhaljs Isle-Purgonorgo
  • Monarch Linn


  • Hall of Transference
  • Promyvion - Dem
  • Promyvion - Holla
  • Promyvion - Mea
  • Promyvion - Vahzl
  • Spire of Dem
  • Spire of Holla
  • Spire of Mea
  • Spire of Vahzl


  • Al'Taieu
  • Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi
  • The Garden of Ru'Hmet
  • Empyreal Paradox


  • Apollyon
  • Temenos

New Zones

Gameplay Systems

Listed in order of implementation.

CoP also allows the player to challenge Diabolos and acquire his summon, though this possibility was not present when the expansion first came out.

Chains of Promathia was once considered the hardest expansion in the game.The vast majority of the areas must be unlocked, and many of the areas have a level restriction on them, not to mention enemies that can see/hear through stealth effects. Out of all expansions, it involves the most amount of battlefields and NM fights that need to be won. In spite of this, Chains of Promathia is known by some to be the most epic storyline in Final Fantasy XI.

As of the June 2010 update, the level caps of the Chains of Promathia areas and mission battlefield events have been lifted, and now only apply to empty notorious monster (ENM) battles and Chains of Promathia quests with level restrictions such as "The Big One" and "Return to the Depths". Provided a character is sufficiently leveled, many early missions can now be completed solo with relative ease. Many later missions, however, are still designed to provide a challenge for groups of high level players.




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