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Eternal calm

Eternal Calm.

Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm (ファイナルファンタジーX – 永遠のナギ節, Fainaru Fantajī Ten Eien no Nagisetsu?) is a cinematic cutscene taking place between Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, first released on a bonus DVD included with Final Fantasy X International and Unlimited Saga in Japanese, and through the Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine in English. It was also released in Japanese as part of the Final Fantasy X/X-2 Ultimate Box collection. This scene is also called Another Story in some languages.

The remastered version is included in Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch and PC. All the character models and textures have been upgraded, though the non-remastered music and Rikku's Final Fantasy X character model remain from the original release. Viewing the scene in this version earns the "A Journey's Catalyst" trophy/achievement.



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Yuna is trying to relax and enjoy her new lease on life two years after defeating Sin. She practices holding her breath for extended periods to play blitzball, her best time being 2 minutes and 41 seconds. When Wakka comes to fetch her he praises Yuna for her diving skills, but she thinks Wakka will always be the pro even if he has gotten a little chubby.


Tasgio talking to Yuna.

At the Besaid Temple, Wakka chats with a man named Tasgio, who has come to see Yuna for advice regarding his grandson who has joined the Youth League. Tasgio has nothing against the League, but he and his wife are with New Yevon and his grandson used to attend all the party meetings with his parents until one day. Tasgio thinks that even though it's okay for his grandson to be with people his age, he's worried their grandchildren are moving too quickly.

Yuna contemplates that new groups have formed because everyone wants to be a part of the new age and rebuild Spira. Tasgio only wants what's best for his grandson, but is struggling. Yuna believes people have different ideas, so they disagree on what to do, and tells herself that she is doing the right thing. Yuna tells Tasgio that he should talk to his grandson, believing that, though on a different path, he wants to rebuild Spira the same way as his elders do.

When Yuna is walking on the village outskirts, Wakka catches up to her, wanting to talk about the son of the Chairman of New Yevon, who has asked to marry Yuna. Yuna believes the chairman's son will only use her and Wakka apologizes. Yuna strives to tell the faction her answer herself, but Wakka says he'll do that. A man named Yaibal arrives with a message from the Youth League leader, Nooj. Wakka tells Yaibal that Yuna is not interested in joining the League and Yuna tells Yaibal that she's not joining any group. Yaibal wonders if Yuna will start a group of her own, but Yuna tells him to leave.

Rikku Wakka Eternal Calm

Rikku visits Yuna and Wakka.

Rikku arrives and, on the ship, Yuna says that Rikku is traveling around Spira, salvaging ancient machina and teaching people how to use it. Rikku teases Wakka and asks about Lulu who is in the village. Wakka asks about Kimahri who is at the Mt. Gagazet, teaching the orphaned Ronso. Rikku shows Yuna an ancient sphere that Kimahri had found of Mt. Gagazet that shows someone bearing an uncanny likeness to Tidus imprisoned and demanding to "see the summoner." Wakka, confused, wonders if that man is really Tidus. Yuna decides to find out the man's identity. Wakka wonders if Yuna is ready to just run off as Yaibal suddenly arrives, declaring that Nooj will help, having volunteered to ask Nooj himself. An annoyed Wakka tells Yaibal to leave and the latter complies, promising to return with a full report on the investigation.

Wakka says Yuna can't go because everyone wants to see her. Rikku retorts that after everything Yuna has done for Spira, she should be able to do whatever she wants. Wakka hesitantly agrees, but only when things calm down, after which Rikku asks what if things will never calm down. Rikku claims that when everyone is making their dreams happen Yuna's are on hold. Yuna ultimately decides to go much to Wakka's shock and Rikku's delight. Yuna quotes Tidus, saying "I know it's selfish, but this is my story."

Yuna's decision Eternal Calm

Yuna decides to run away with Rikku.

Rikku knew Yuna would want to go so she brought something; a costume change for Yuna to travel incognito. Wakka leaves to get Lulu, but Yuna decides to leave immediately and joins Rikku's sphere hunting group to search for Tidus, leading to the beginning of Final Fantasy X-2.

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Behind the scenes[]

The developers didn't initially plan on making a sequel for Final Fantasy X, but due to the strong fan reaction Eternal Calm received when it was released along with Final Fantasy X: International, they decided to continue the story.

Even though Eternal Calm takes place two years after Final Fantasy X, Rikku's model is the same as in Final Fantasy X; this can be explained by the developers initially not planning on making Final Fantasy X-2, so Rikku wouldn't have had a new character model yet.

Tidus Eternal Calm

Tidus appears in the Japanese version instead of Shuyin.

In the original Japanese version of the sphere recording, Tidus is the one shown in the Bevelle prison instead of Shuyin. This was changed in the English version.

In the original PlayStation 2 version the sphere recording of Shuyin in the Gaol is not set to music, but instead contains sound effects of him banging against the cell doors and rattling its bars. The HD Remaster plays "Shuyin's Theme" over it, while distorting Shuyin's voice and removing sound effects of the rattling cage.



Nagi (ナギ) from Eien no Nagisetsu (永遠のナギ節) came from the word nagi. Nagi (凪) is a Japanese word meaning the state of calm wind (wind speed 0 to 0.2 meters per second). In Japan, the nagi state is the safest time period for fishermen and mariners to take off from shore.

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