Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission Original Soundtrack is the added soundtrack to the International + Last Mission edition of Final Fantasy X-2. It includes the additional music pieces that were present in the the expanded version, as well as the English release versions of "real Emotion" and "1000 Words", performed by Jade Villalon of Sweetbox.

Also included is another vocal piece titled "To You", sung by Mayuko Aoki, the Japanese voice of Yuna. Because the expanded version was never localized in English until Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, an English version of the song was never made. The piece is used as the closing credits theme of Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission.

Track list[edit | edit source]

  1. "real Emotion (FFX-2 Mix)" - 2:34
  2. "1000 Words (FFX-2 Mix)" - 3:55
  3. "Wind Crest ~The Three Trails~" (風紋 ~3つの軌跡~, Fūmon ~Mittsu no Kiseki~?) - 2:27
  4. "Last Mission No.1" (ラストミッション No.1, Rasuto Misshon No.1?) - 5:26
  5. "Last Mission No.2" (ラストミッション No.2, Rasuto Misshon No.2?) - 5:48
  6. "Last Mission No.3" (ラストミッション No.3, Rasuto Misshon No.3?) - 4:30
  7. "Creature Creation" (クリーチャークリエイト, Kurīchā Kurieito?) - 3:45
  8. "Flash Over" (フラッシュオーバー, Furasshu Ōbā?) - 5:24
  9. "1000 Words (Orchestra Version)" - 6:27
  10. "Kimi e" (君へ。, Kimi e?, lit. To You) - 5:00

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