Your Userspace is your own personal space. Userspace includes your userpage, which is the page that represents you, and is linked to after every edit you make and in every submission to talk pages. Your userspace is then built up of subpages of your main userpage.

Here, you can write about yourself, give a bit of background info, tell us your interests, and, most importantly, tell us your interests within Final Fantasy, Square Enix, and other video games. You can access it by registering and clicking on your username on the upper right corner of every page. You can decorate your userpage with userboxes provided at the link to the left. If you don't see one you like, you can make and customize your own.

In addition to your userspace, each user has some more pages they can recognize as their own, such as their user talk page. The user is allowed to edit and decorate the page, but they do not have full control over the content. Users are allowed to remove vandalism and trolling from their user talk page, but they are not allowed to remove anything else. Administrative messages and notes by staff must be kept intact. Content may be removed from the user talk page only if it is then archived in a subpage of the user talk page. Users usually like to personalize their user talk page by adding a navigation through their archives.

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