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The Updating Images project is a project that aims to keep track of images that should be added to pages, improved, or otherwise updated. This should ensure a high quality of relevant images on pages.


When uploading images, please familiarise yourself with the correct Category:copyright templates. While {{SECopyright}} works in a lot of cases, it should not always be used. Try to upload high quality images, either through good screenshots captured from YouTube let's plays, in-game (if required, a legal emulator may be used to capture them), or by ripping models and sprites from game files.

When adding images to pages, it is always important to check if an image already exists. It may be found in an image hosting page already, in which case if that image is of good enough quality, it should be added.

Pages requiring images[]

A full list of pages requiring images can be found at this category. Please place {{image needed}} on pages that require an image. If it is a gallery that is missing some images, please add {{galleryincomplete}} below the gallery.

Hosting page[]

Often times, an image will be uploaded to the wiki, but the uploader may have forgotten to add it to a page. In many cases, these images could be useful, and therefore should be preserved.

The following pages are used to host unused images which could be useful. Please add these to pages, and remove them when they have been added. If you see an image in Special:UnusedImages that may be useful, please add it to a hosting page.

Note also that if an image in the hosting page is not high quality or useful enough, it can be removed.

Many images hosted on the following hosting page are site images that should not be used on pages, and therefore should remain in the hosting page.

Updating images[]

Many images that exist on the wiki need improving. This may be to improve image quality, or to provide a more relevant shot. See here for a list of images that need updating.