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We at the Final Fantasy Wiki understand the flurry of excitement when a trailer or announcement for some new Final Fantasy game comes out, after all, we're fans of the series just like you. But when editing articles about upcoming games, we ask you observe the following Upcoming Games Policy guidelines to make you a more productive editor, and to ease the stress of the community as we sort out the incoming new information:

  1. Source all new content - This is the most important rule about upcoming games. Fan rumors and speculation run rampant so we need to be sure the information added is valid. Spreading information like this around via sources is not only courteous to other users interested in the game, but allows more information to be added to the wiki as others look at the source and see content they can add. Unsourced edits that are easily disputed can be reverted, and only information with proof of confirmation can be added. For more information on how to source something, see Project:Verifiability.
  2. Do not use fan names - The wiki's mainspace is only interested in official canon. Fan names for characters and concepts are not allowed. If a character or term does not have an official name yet, do not make one up or use a fan-coined name, once their name is announced there will be plenty of time to make an article for them. If you wish you can create a sandbox at your personal sandbox or at the wiki sandbox and work on an article there at your own pace, then when the subject's name is revealed you will be able to lift content from the sandbox to the mainspace and save yourself some time looking for sources and writing new content.
  3. Please be polite to other users - This is a rule that should always be observed on the Wiki, but when it comes to adding information on an upcoming game, do not assume everyone else knows about the new trailer you saw that mentions a new character's name, or the magazine article that discusses the battle system. If someone reverts your edits out of concern for the validity of your additions, direct them to the source you got the information from and do not edit war with them, it is disruptive and nonconstructive. This is also why we ask all new additions be sourced, so hopefully, this will not happen.
  4. Observe the Style Guide - When editing, keep in mind proper style and formatting. Especially when creating a new article, create appropriate sections, use appropriate templates and coding, etc.
  5. Observe the Media Guide - When uploading images, remember to add copyright templates and categorize them. Please also check the Image categories for the game to see if the image already exists on the Wiki, and if it does but your version of the image is of superior quality, upload it as a new version of the old image rather than uploading it as an entirely new image. This helps cut down the workload of our admins as they sort out duplicate and outdated images for deletion.
  6. When in doubt, ask - Our Staff members are some of the most experienced and oldest users on the site, if there's something you're unsure about, ask one of them. If you think an article should be changed but are unsure, post on its talk page and see what other users think.