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Staff on the Final Fantasy Wiki are users with higher user access levels. They are awarded their position both in recognition of their work, and out of trust for their ability to use to the tools well for the moderation and maintenance of the wiki. All staff members are accountable to the Final Fantasy Wiki's community standards.

Below is a list of staff by their user access level, including what they can be contacted for. Staff members will also be indicated with a busy cactuar (Cactuar) on their userpage. Questions and requests to staff can be asked at the Discord, or the Staff Noticeboard. To nominate a user to the Staff, head to the Requests for Promotion page.


Administrators are users with sysop (system operator) user access levels. This includes the ability to delete and undelete pages, roll back edits, protect and unprotect pages, block and unblock users, and edit the site's interface.

In addition, administrators have an additional right on the Discord server: access to the Admin Lab, a suite of tools that includes access to all of our social media accounts and Intangir Bot (though Intangir Bot should not be used without permission). Because of their access to social media, influence in policy discussions, and ability to block users, administrators are expected to show good judgment and leadership skills.

Bureaucrats are administrators with the ability to add and remove the administrator role to and from users. They also have full rights on the Discord server.


Delita from WotV portrait WotV Cecil Harvey Portrait WotV Rosa Joanna Farrell Portrait Zidane from WotV portrait Warrior of Light (Dissidia) from WotV portrait Barret from WotV portrait Dagger from WotV portrait WotV Tidus Portrait (1)
Catuse CSM Diablo Scathe Shane TA Yuan Zero-ELEC
  • Yuanchosaan: Awarded for consistent wiki-gnoming and attention and updating to policy.
  • ScatheMote: Hard-working and active contributor.
  • Catuse167: Technical editor who operates bots and Lua modules.
  • Zero-ELEC: Edits in bursts, comes and goes but always reachable.



Bartz from WotV portrait Snow from WotV portrait WotV Kain Highwind Portrait WotV Cidolfus Orlandeau Portrait WotV Prompto Argentum Portrait (1) Vivi from WotV portrait Celes from WotV portrait Terra from WotV portrait Lightning from WotV portrait
8Bit Adonzo BlueH Bluer Bluesey Drake Fëasindë Henry Kaimi
Lenna from WotV portrait Aerith from WotV portrait Cloud from WotV portrait Rinoa from WotV portrait WotV Y'shtola Portrait (2) Thancred Waters from WotV portrait Auron from WotV portrait Faris from WotV portrait Yuffie from WotV portrait
Kelt JBed Jimcloud Mierna MMIL SCM Techno Tia Xeno
  • Adonzo: A prolific Final Fantasy XIV editor and image contributor.
  • BlueHighwind: Represented FFWiki at Fandom-sponsored events and broadly on the platform; leads the Podcast.
  • Bluestarultor: Coding specialist and active user.
  • DrakeyC: Content writer, specialist in Final Fantasy VI and Dissidia Final Fantasy; adept at image work
  • Jimcloud: Content writer (specialist in Final Fantasy XI); high engagement in wiki discussions.
  • Kaimi: Content writer, specialist in Final Fantasy XIII and mobile games.
  • Keltainentoukokuu: Extensive maintenance, linking, skilled in content writing and page quality standards.
  • Mierna: Specialist in Opera Omnia, Final Fantasy Type-0, and translation and script data.
  • Some Color Mage: Technical editor that focuses on JS/CSS and general wikitext formatting, lead of the FFWiki's Twitch account.
  • Technobliterator: Lead in article writing and page quality standards (specialist in the Final Fantasy VII series), skin designer, possesses technical skillset if needed.
  • Xenomic: Page-writer who also maintains both content and files, often singlehandedly parsing through hundreds of unused images in a short time.



Content moderators are quasi-administrators, with the ability to delete and undelete pages, roll back edits, and semi-protect pages.

Users who were marked as inactive (gray) during the most recent change to moderator rights (August 2017) have not had their rights changed; however, if they become active again they can request that their rights be changed by contacting an active bureaucrat. In addition, users who have been moderators since then may face rate limits; if this happens, please contact a bureaucrat so that the issue can be fixed.

DFFOO Cait Sith Portrait DFFOO Gabranth Portrait DFFOO Mog Portrait DFFOO Prishe Portrait
BlueAscian Leon LKDB Mecorx
DFFOO Arciela Portrait DFFOO Firion Portrait DFFOO Ignis Portrait
Miphares MrAce Nocturne

  • BlueAscian: A Final Fantasy XIV editor who specializes in lore.
  • Leon95: Maintenance editor who cleans up formatting, links, and categories.
  • LightKeyDarkBlade: Contributions to Final Fantasy XIV music and Duty articles.
  • Mecorx: Prolific Japanese translator who also greatly contributes to the wiki's images.
  • Miphares: Contributions of high-quality graphics and towards our coverage of Japanese-only content.
  • MrAceAttorney: Consistent, constant, and long-term wiki-gnoming work, especially on enemy pages.
  • Nocturne1697: Specialist in Final Fantasy VII series lore.

Unavailable moderators[]

DFFOO Emperor Portrait DFFOO Bartz Portrait DFFOO Cloud of Darkness Portrait DFFOO Terra Portrait DFFOO Garland Portrait DFFOO Kain Portrait DFFOO Golbez Portrait DFFOO Kuja Portrait DFFOO Shantotto Portrait
AK Azul DSS Fenrir GB2K Hexed Jeppo Kuja Lucy
DFFOO Tifa Portrait DFFOO Tidus Portrait DFFOO Kefka Portrait DFFOO Squall Portrait DFFOO Exdeath Portrait DFFOO Yuna Portrait DFFOO Jecht Portrait DFFOO Warrior of Light Portrait DFFOO Cecil Dark Knight Portrait
Miyuron Monterossa NA Netherith PanSola Renmiri SmegHead StijnX Twilight

  • AuronKaizer: Awarded for cleanup of many Wikipedia articles that had been dumped here.
  • Azul81677: Awarded for great work involving Final Fantasy IV enemies.
  • Deadlyslashsword: Awarded for being being a veteran long-standing member of the Wiki.
  • Fenrir9: Extensive work on lesser-covered Final Fantasies, dummied content, ability pages, glitches and general wiki-gnoming.
  • Goldberry2000: Awarded for categorizing images and pages and fixing links.
  • Hexedmagica: Consistent vandal fighting and page maintenance.
  • Jeppo: Awarded for great work on enemy pages and templates.
  • Kuja FFIX: Holds "Founder" status in the IRC channel; active in community discussion.
  • Lycentia: Categorizing an insane amount of images.
  • Miyuron: Consistent high quality work on mobile games and their translations, most notably Final Fantasy Record Keeper.
  • Monterossa: Content writer for several areas such as Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy Type-0, and mass uploader of images.
  • Netherith: Awarded for great work involving Final Fantasy VIII and WikiDragoning.
  • NeloAngelo: Awarded for re-categorizing a large sum of images and expanding a great number of articles.
  • PanSola: Awarded for great work for the walkthroughs and other stuff.
  • Renmiri: Awarded for the mass-uploading of XII images and for setting up the FF-Project forums.
  • SmegHead: Awarded for great work involving Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 and for great vandal fighting.
  • StijnX: Awarded for great vandal fighting and community activity.
  • Twilight Man: Our lead World of Final Fantasy contributor.


Bots are not actual users, but they are user accounts that are operated by users. Bots are given both the sysop and bot flag; the former is used only to edit protected pages (as bots cannot carry out sysop tasks), while the latter hides the bot's edits from the RecentChanges by default. Bots are generally used to make rapid fixes to multiple changes, as well as maintenance. They can be operated either using the AutoWikiBrowser program, JavaScript, or pywikibot scripts.

Bot accounts[]

The FFWiki makes all its edits through a few bot accounts operated by multiple users.

ZoneEater-ffvi-ios Intangir-ffvi-ios
Abuse filter Intangir Bot

  • Abuse filter - Automatically blocks vandals that trigger filters set by sysops.
  • Intangir Bot - The FFWiki's official bot account, operated by any user with access.


All operators use Intangir Bot to perform tasks that are requested by users.

Userbox ff7-caitsith Userbox ff7-cloud Userbox ff7-aerith2 Userbox ff7-barret Userbox ff7-tifa Userbox ff7-yuffie
Catuse Dan Drake Leon Techno Darth

  • Catuse167 - Pywikibot user, original bot operator and creator of Intangir Bot, takes any and all requests.
  • DanC07 - Pywikibot user, updates templates.
  • DrakeyC - AWB user, primarily fixes image categories and links, previously used DrakeyBot (now discontinued).
  • Leon95 - AWB user, primarily fixes incorrect capitalization and links.
  • Technobliterator - Pywikibot user, primarily updates templates and template parameters when code changes.
  • DarthKitty - JavaScript user, updates templates and scans for outdated code.

Community standards[]

Because staff members are entrusted with a higher access level than normal users, they are expected to uphold a high standard of conduct, observe and respect the process of consensus, and fulfill their responsibilities when needed. Administrators also fulfill the role of judging the outcome of certain discussions, and then codifying the resulting consensus.

Staff members are expected to exercise care and judgment, as the enforcement and fulfillment of the community's policies and administrative needs are generally left to staff member discretion. Staff members should not be impeded by excessive bureaucracy and formal procedures. However, they should take care that any autonomous action respects existing relevant consensus and is unlikely to be contentious.

Staff member are not, nor are they to act is if, they are a rank above normal contributors. Although staff members are authorized to act on behalf of the community (e.g. enforcing policy), their title is not a conferment of power over the community.