Since we are trying to create a comprehensive Final Fantasy database that is designed to be fan-friendly, it is not desirable to dump Wikipedia articles here and leave them. Aside from leaving templates not used on our wiki, and dead links meant for other pages on Wikipedia, they also prevent our users from writing things from scratch. Our goals are very, very different from Wikipedia. Wikipedians are more than welcome to edit, bring in material, and help rewrite articles. However, when articles are shamelessly dumped it looks very poor on this Wiki and on this Wiki's regular editors who come in day in and day out to fix things. Please help us out in this regard.

  • Do not copy and paste anything from Wikipedia pages still standing.
  • Articles and sections may be dumped if they are to be deleted from Wikipedia, therefore we are allowed to salvage. Salvaged content should use {{De-wikify}} at the top of the page.
  • Please do as best you can as to make the article more relevant to fans. Articles are meant to outline the story events of the games, and at the same time listing gameplay factors. Articles should help users with every aspect of the game. Just make sure the article maintains its tone while doing it.
  • Expand the article. The Final Fantasy Wiki's specificness allows for a level of depth that Wikipedia cannot delve into whilst covering everything ever. It just has to be relevant.
  • The Final Fantasy Wiki formats things very differently to Wikipedia. Be aware of our Manual of Style and try to structure our articles around these formats.
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