Will you let me hear you twitter?

Kuja, quoted completely out of context

The Official Final Fantasy Wiki Twitter account (@FFWiki) was rebooted on Saturday 25th August after a long hiatus. and Catuse167, ScatheMote, Tia-Lewise and Jeppo have been tasked with maintaining and tweeting on it. What were they thinking?

So what will the feed feature? Updates from Shinra News and the DNC, and also new Featured Articles and Featured Images. We'll also monitor other twitter feeds on Final Fantasy and retweet anything we feel is appropriate (or, in some cases, inappropriate).

We also tweet the odd question every now and again (usually at least once a week and whenever we haven't got anything else to say) and ask our esteemed followers to reply with the answer. The person who replies correctly first will get mentioned when we give out the answer, along with the link as to where the answer lay on our wiki. The quickest right answer will also be immortalised for all to see in the table below.

Date Question Answer (Highlight) Winner
19/9/12 We all know FFXII's Yiazmat holds the record for the highest HP, but which enemy in the series has the second highest HP? Minerva, from Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- @KurohanaKatsuo
13/9/12 Director and Producer Hironobu Sakaguchi makes a cameo appearance in which Final Fantasy title? Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within @crazypuppy999
7/9/12 What Final Fantasy game was first released in North America on the 7th September? Final Fantasy VII @Nochtcaelum
2/9/12 Which is the only Final Fantasy game where the player may encounter a character called Dave? Final Fantasy Tactics Advance @KurohanaKatsuo
26/8/12 Which character from the Final Fantasy series was called Tina in the Japanese localisation? Terra Branford @5lipi

If you would like to suggest a question, please poke one of the twitterors on the IRC, and make sure the answer is found somewhere on this wiki!

So what are you waiting for? Go follow @FFWiki now!

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