The Wiki enforces a signature policy to its userbase. At the heart of it all, a signature helps users to identify you as the author of a block of text, know whether the discussion is current, and to track down the order of which a discussion is made. Wikia automatically includes a link to your user page to make it easier for users to learn about and communicate with each other.[1]

You are free to customize your individual signatures. However, due to limitations and to make text easier to read, set below are restrictions which the wiki adopts:

  • Your signature clearly displays your username or an acceptable identifiable alternative in Latin lettering.
  • Your signature carries a timestamp in this format: 19:25, March 13, 2005 (UTC),
  • Your signature must not include images that are higher than 15px,
  • Your signature must link to your userpage.


Below are Forums where this Policy has been discussed:


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