December 2011Edit

Final Fantasy X mentioned in Yahoo's six best years in gaming historyEdit

December 28th

Final Fantasy X has been mentioned in Yahoo's The five… no, SIX best years in video game history list. Placed in the top three as number three, it gives good word to Final Fantasy X recommending it as one of the best of 2001 and says "role-playing monster Final Fantasy X round out one of the biggest years on record."

You can read the statement here (See the final sentence before 2007)

Jump Festa trailer for Bravely Default: Flying Fairy releasedEdit

December 27th by Steamygoreng

The new trailer for Bravely Default: Flying Fairy has been released in the Nintendo District event in Japan. The trailer features the main character traversing different places in the game.

You can watch the trailer here

Final Fantasy XIV released as a PC digital downloadEdit

December 26th by Steamygoreng

Final Fantasy XIV is now available as a digital download for the PC. It comes at the introductory price of $13.39, down from the $19.99 regular price. A special item Garlond Googles is included in the download

You can read the article here

Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Trailer releasedEdit

December 19th by Coolawits

Square Enix have released a trailer for Final Fantasy XIII-2 - this time showing off the DLC Content the game will contain, including Noel's "Brave in Blaze" costume, Serah's "Evening Calm" and "Resort Style" costumes, the Omega battle and the Lightning battle.

See the trailer here.

Twenty two new Final Fantasy XIII-2 screenshots releasedEdit

December 17th by Steamygoreng

While the release of Final Fantasy XIII-2 in the West is still a month to go, Square Enix has released 22 new screenshots to help make the wait a bit easier.

You can see them all here

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is released in JapanEdit

December 15th by Henryacores^

The most recent title of Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy and direct sequel of Final Fantasy XIII was released today in Japan. Western releases are set for the fifth week of 2012: January 31st in NA and 3rd of February for Europe.

Full Final Fantasy XIII-2 opening releasedEdit

December 14th by

A day before the release in Japan, it seems the opening to Final Fantasy XIII-2 has been either released or leaked. The opening mainly features Lightning and Caius dueling in Valhalla. New scenes include a longer battle squence, Caius laying a fading Paddra Nsu-Yeul to rest in Valhalla's waters, and Caius transforming into Chaos Bahamut.

You can see it here

Eight new Final Fantasy XIII-2 screenshots and a video releasedEdit

December 13th by Steamygoreng

Two days before the release of the game in Japan, Square Enix has released a new batch of screenshots. These feature the start menu, a new scenario with Caius and Paddra Nsu-Yeul, Gigantuar and a compendium of chapters from Final Fantasy XIII.

They also released a video called A Guided Tour, which is a gameplay and field montage.

You can see them all here

New Final Fantasy XIII-2 commercial airs in JapanEdit

December 11th by Steamygoreng

A new Final Fantasy XIII-2 commercial for the Xbox 360 has recently aired in Japan. The new commercial features Lightning doing Zantetsuken during a Cinematic Action and a clip of Caius about to strike Serah, when Noel intervenes.

You can view the video here

Update: A 30 sec version of the Xbox 360 commercial has appeared online, and another new 30 sec commercial for the game has aired, except this one is for the PS3. It features more new scenes, notably one of a half-naked Lightning gaining her suit of armor. FFfangirl

They can both be viewed here

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Video Preview in "Qore"Edit

December 10th by Coolawits

A video preview with interviews with the director and producer of Final Fantasy XIII-2 as well as new clips has been released in the latested edition of "Qore".

See the video here.

Final Fantasy XIII-2: Original Soundtrack Promotional Video releasedEdit

December 10th by Coolawits

Square Enix have released a video to promote the Original Soundtrack of the game - featuring interviews with the composers.

Check out the movie (in Japanese) here.

Final Fantasy XIII-2's Paddra Nsu-Yeul CG render leaked in JUMPEdit

December 9th by Steamygoreng

A picture of next week’s JUMP has leaked and it features Yeul’s CG render.

Check it out here

Final Fantasy XIII-2 receives perfect score from FamitsuEdit

December 7th by Steamygoreng

Final Fantasy XIII-2 receives the much coveted perfect (40/40) score from Famitsu, a popular gaming magazine in Japan. This makes Final Fantasy XIII-2 the second Final Fantasy game to achieve a perfect score from the said magazine, the first one being Final Fantasy XII

You can read a coverage here

Japanese Final Fantasy XIII-2 commercial airs with new footageEdit

December 5th by FFfangirl

A new commercial for Final Fantasy XIII-2 has aired in Japan, showing bits of new footage.

View it here

Twenty six screenshots from Final Fantasy XIII-2 releasedEdit

December 2nd by Steamygoreng

Twenty six new screenshots have been released for Final Fantasy XIII-2. The screenshots feature Archlyte Steppe, Chocolina, shops, blood damage and more.

See them all here

Two Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gameplay Trailers ReleasedEdit

December 1st by UltimateAnnihilation

Two Japanese gameplay trailers for the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII-2 were released today. These feature new gameplay, battle mechanics and areas, and consist of one "-Expert-" version, and one "-Basic-" Version.

Check the basic one out here, and the expert one here.

November 2011Edit

Type-0 Confirmed to be released in the WestEdit

November 30th by Coolawits

Square Enix are already working on a western release to Final Fantasy Type-0 according to a leaked snippet from the Japanese Ultimania.

Read the full article here at Siliconera.

Noel Gets a New DLC Costume in Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

November 29th by Griever-Renzokuken

Square Enix has announced via their official Facebook page that they're collaborating with Ubisoft to bring Ezio's clothing from Assassin's Creed: Revelations to Noel Kreiss as a DLC costume.

See it here!

New Final Fantasy XIII-2 screenshots featuring Caius and Fragment systemEdit

November 28th by FFfangirl

A new batch of screenshots from Final Fantasy XIII-2 previously seen in Jump have been officially released, focusing on the antagonist Caius and the new Fragment gameplay system.

Check them out here at EU Square-Enix Members

New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Artwork Released!Edit

November 28th by

Square Enix Japan has released seven new (way different looking) artwork pictures of Final Fantasy XIII-2. Normally artwork is CGI based, but this time they are manga styled.

You can check 'em out from here!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Caius Render Released in Jump!Edit

November 25th by FFGirl

In the newest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Jump, a new render of Caius has been released.

Check the scan out here!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Opening ReleasedEdit

November 23rd by Koharu Nami

Square Enix France has released an edited version of the opening cinematic of Final Fantasy XIII-2. The video is about two and a half minutes long, and most of the footage has been seen in earlier trailers and screenshots. Still, those wanting to avoid spoilers might not want to watch.

You can watch the video here.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Japanese theme song releasedEdit

November 22nd by FFfangirl

The Japanese theme song of Final Fantasy XIII-2, "Yakusoku no Basho" has been released in Japan.

Music video can be viewed here: [1]

New screenshots and unlocking sub-character Aerith in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy revealedEdit

November 22nd by Steamygoreng

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy has at least one cutesy hero from Final Fantasy I – XIII plus unlockable sub-characters. Aerith from Final Fantasy VII is one of them and you can unlock her by collecting crystal fragments. Find all of them and you can add Aerith to your party.

Other sub-characters include Princess Sarah from Final Fantasy, Cid from Final Fantasy III, Faris from Final Fantasy V, Prishe from Final Fantasy XI, and Snow from Final Fantasy XIII.

Read the full article here

Final Fantasy XIII-2's Trophy and Achievement List LeakedEdit

November 22nd by Steamygoreng

Final Fantasy XIII-2's Trophy and Achievement list has leaked. There are 23 secret ones and PS3 users will have the Platinum Trophy.

Check out the list here

Japanese Version of Final Fantasy XIII-2 is now complete.Edit

November 22nd by Steamygoreng

Famitsu reports that the Japanese version of Final Fantasy XIII-2 is complete. The team is currently finishing up the North American and European versions. They are also finishing up downloadable content as well.

The Japanese version of the game hits December 15th in Japan, which is less then a month away now.

Read the article here

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Track Samples ReleasedEdit

November 21st by FFGirl

Square Enix Japan has released four new samples from the Final Fantasy XIII-2 soundtrack and also revealed that Nobuo Uematsu is doing some tracks for the game.

Listen the new tracks here!

New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Special Set to Air in DecemberEdit

November 20th by FFGirl

Square Enix is teaming up with BS11 for a new Final Fantasy XIII-2 launch special just ahead of the game’s release. To celebrate the team-up a new commercial has been shown on TV where a monster and Sazh Katzroy say "It's showtime!"

Next commercial is set to air on December 14 at 21:00. The show will once again be hosted by the voice of Sazh Kaztroy, Masashi Ebara.

Original News & Direct link to the commercial!

28 Brand New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots ReleasedEdit

November 17th by FFGirl

Square Enix Europe has released 28 brand new Final Fantasy XIII-2 screenshots, including a new Lightning render. They also shared new info about Augusta Tower, Historia Crux and Crystarium and the screenshots include shots of monsters leveling and styling.

Check new pictures out here!

Final Fantasy XV could possibly be an action RPGEdit

November 16th by Sovereign92

According to an interview of Yoshinori Kitase by Edge the next installment might abandon the traditional turn-based system. Kitase mentioned that they see many players moving away from turn-based games to action RPGs, and saying "That's a trend, and you ignore things like that at your peril."

He also mentioned that the changes introduced in Final Fantasy XIII showed that the series are moving forward, but left the door wide open for even more substantial changes in the future games. "FFXIII and FFXIII-2's battle systems have those elements of speed and action that are the key words for us, though that doesn't necessarily mean we're going to stick to the same route in our next game."

Final Fantasy XIII-2 New Artwork and gameplay!Edit

November 16th by User:KingOFHearts

During the weekend, Square Enix had an event showing Final Fantasy XIII-2. They showed a demo from the Sunleth Landscape and some artwork from Valhalla, Odin, etc.

Links: 1,2, and 3!

Official ESRB Rating for Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

November 16th by User:KingOFHearts

The ESRB has posted its rating for Final Fantasy XIII-2. Like most Final Fantasy games, it is rated T for Teen, due to Drug Reference, Mild Language, Mild Suggestive Themes, Simulated Gambling, and Violence.

More info here.

Game Informer magazine spoils beginning of Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

November 12th by User:FFfangirl

The latest issue of Game Informer has leaked the first few hours of XIII-2, and the scans full of spoilers are now online.


Final Fantasy XIII-2 North American collector's edition announcedEdit

November 10th by Anonym

Europe won’t be the only territory receiving a special edition of Final Fantasy XIII-2. Square Enix today announced a North American collector’s edition, which includes:

  • Premium packaging featuring artwork by Yoshitaka Amano.
  • A 4-disc official soundtrack.
  • A full-color collection of concept artwork containing “a variety of never-before-seen illustrations, environments and more.”

It will cost $79.99.

Check the NA collector's edition out here!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 limited edition soundtrack box art and details revealedEdit

November 10th by Anonym

SQEX France has revealed Final Fantasy XIII-2 soundtrack collectors' edition box art and that it will include 4 discs and a DVD.

Check the CE ost out here!

Serah's DLC costume to be decided by the playersEdit

November 10th by Kaimi

Yuko Oshima from AKB48 have designed two concepts for Serah Farron's DLC outfits, which players may decide which one will make to the actual game. There are two options available: outfit similar to Lightning from the first installment, which is a cross-over with Suzaku uniform from Final Fantasy Type-0 or Red Riding Hood with daring look with both attires having Serah being equipped with shield, similarly to Tidus from Final Fantasy X.

They can be seen here and votes can be cast at this site.

Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI to be released on North America PSNEdit

November 4th by The Man In The Black Cape

Edited by: FF9

Square Enix has announced on the PlayStation Blog that Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI are to be released on the PlayStation Network on the 22nd of November and the 6th of December of this year respectively, alongside non-Final Fantasy title Chrono Cross on the 8th of November in their "Winter of RPGs" campaign.

Full announcement on PlayStation Blog

October 2011Edit

Final Fantasy Type-0 is released in JapanEdit

October 27th by TheDespot

Final Fantasy Type-0 is released in Japan. A downloadable version of Final Fantasy Type-0 will be available on the same day as the UMD release on October 27th. There is however no news on whether the game will be released outside of Japan.

Fantasy Type-0 Intro Cinematic Trailer

25 Brand New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots Released!Edit

October 27th by User:KaizureDragon

Square Enix North America has released 25 brand new screenshots of Final Fantasy XIII-2. New screenshots include new clips of new city called as Academia, Chocobo racing, more city shots, Hope render and more other screenshots!

Check 'em out here!!

"Yakusoku no Basho" soundtrack cover revealedEdit

October 26th by Coolawits

Mai Fukui has released the soundtrack cover of her song Yakusoku no Basho - the theme song to the Japanese PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIII-2 - which features a render of Lightning. The single is available in Japan on the 23rd November and will come with a DLC item for all those who purchase it.

View the cover here.

Morinaga's "Potelong" snack to feature Final Fantasy XIII-2 packaging for a limited timeEdit

October 26th by Coolawits

Square Enix have teamed up with snack producers Morinaga in Japan and for a limited time, their product - Potelong - is to feature Final Fantasy XIII-2 packaging.

Here is an article in English and here is the official campaign site which includes downloadable wallpapers (note this site is in Japanese).

Hope CG Render for Final Fantasy XIII-2 released.Edit

October 26th by Coolawits

A recent issue of the Japanese "Jump" magazine included a full CG Render of Hope Estheim as well as a new screenshot.

View the relevant magazine page here.

A Preview Clip of the Japanese Theme Song of Final Fantasy XIII-2 Released!Edit

October 20th by User:KaizureDragon

A new preview clip of the Japanese theme song of Final Fantasy XIII-2 has been released. The song is called “Yakusoku no Basho” and it is sang by Mai Fukui. The single will be out on 23th day of November in Japan and it also includes DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2.


SQUARE ENIX Reveals FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Nordic/Limited/Special Editions for EUROPE & AUSTRALIAEdit

October 19th by User:KaizureDragon

Today Square Enix announced two exclusive FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Special Editions; the LIMITED COLLECTOR’S EDITION and the CRYSTAL EDITION, alongside the NORDIC EDITION (Nordic countries) of the game. FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 is due to be released in Europe 3rd February 2012.

They also revealed pre-order extras for the game. If you pre-order either version you receive all pre-order items.

More info and pictures here!

EB EXPO 2011: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Will Be Available in Three Editions in Europe!Edit

October 18th by User:KaizureDragon

Big announcement for fans awaiting the follow-up to Final Fantasy XIII. Namco Bandai in association with Square-Enix confirmed at EB Expo over the weekend that the heavily-awaited Final Fantasy XIII-2 will indeed come in more than one edition; in fact in three different editions.

Read more!

Final Fantasy XIV unbilled period to be ended; Final Fantasy XIV "2.0" announced. Edit

October 14th by User:DiamondEdge

Square Enix has announced today the end of the extended trial period for Final Fantasy XIV; the service will become subscription based between the end of November and early December.

Another major announcement is the release of a "2.0" version of the game, planned for between October and December of 2012. This new version will feature a major change on the game world map, and will need to be distributed via a new PC client, which will be available online for download at the time of release, free of charge.

More info:

New Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer releasedEdit

October 13th by User:FFfangirl

IGN has unveiled a new 7 minute long Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer titled "New Adventures," showing off new events scenes and gameplay footage.

Check it out here: FFXIII-2 New Adventures trailer or here

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gets One to Two Download Content Updates per MonthEdit

October 11th by User:KaizureDragon

Square Enix has planned to release two DLC updates per month for Final Fantasy XIII-2

More info:

Final Fantasy Type-0 TGS Extended Trailer releasedEdit

October 8th by User:KingOFHearts

The extended trailer for Final Fantasy Type-0 from TGS has been released! It shows some new characters that were introduced last several weeks like Aria, Caetuna, etc.

Watch here!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 - A Brand New Snow Render/Keyart Released in JumpEdit

October 7th by User:KaizureDragon

The latest issue of Jump includes an update on Final Fantasy XIII-2. The preview comes with a look at Snow’s character render/artwork.

Scan here!

September 2011Edit

Final Fantasy XIV YouTube Live QA on October 4thEdit

September 28th by DiamondEdge

To celebrate Final Fantasy XIV's one-year anniversary, Square Enix will feature a live broadcast with the game's Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida, scheduled to air on October 4th, 2011 at 5:00 PDT, coinciding with patch 1.19's release.

"Yoshi-P" will be answering various questions sent by players around the globe during the QA. Details about a possible translation for western players are currently unknown.


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Original Soundtrack Will Be Available 14th DecemberEdit

September 25th by User:KaizureDragon
Edited by: SΓΣamyGoreng 02:07, September 27, 2011 (UTC)

Although not officially listed on Square Enix’s site as of this posting, has leaked the first details on the upcoming soundtrack for Final Fantasy XIII-2.

As with most Final Fantasy soundtracks, XIII-2′s will be available in two editions: standard and limited edition.

Read more

Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC ConfirmedEdit

September 21 by Leon95

Yoshinori Kitase has confirmed that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will have downloadable content. This content will include monsters, costumes and weapons, and may be used by retailers as a pre-order incentive.


Final Fantasy XIII-2 XBOX360 and PS3 English TGS Trailer released!Edit

September 20 by User:KingOFHearts

The XBOX360 TGS Trailer has been released! The Trailer begins with Lightning at Valhalla. It shows more scenes of Caius, and Yuru. No new scenes of Hope and Snow. As for the PS3 trailer, it is the same thing.

Check it Here and Here

Final Fantasy VI is no longer coming to NA PSN this TuesdayEdit

September 19 by SSFF6BBurtz - Knight - Ultima Sword

Unfortunately, those who wish to replay Final Fantasy VI in North America on PlayStation-devices will have to wait for the rerelease, as Sony has now reported that Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger were incorrectly stated on the PSN blog as being released on Tuesday.


Final Fantasy VI comes to NA PSN this TuesdayEdit

September 18 by User:MightyKingJohan

On September 20th, Final Fantasy VI will be released to the PSN store in the USA, available for download to PS3 and PSP systems. Another Square game, Chrono Trigger, will be available as well on that day.


Famitsu releases a 7 minute gameplay video of Theatrhythm Final FantasyEdit

September 18 by User:KingOFHearts

As part of releasing some footage of games in TGS 2011, Famitsu has released footage of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.

Footage here!

A new Final Fantasy XIII-2 clip showed In Japanese Inside XboxEdit

September 18th by User:KaizureDragon

Japanese Inside Xbox shows a brand new clip about Final Fantasy XIII-2 where Lightning and Caius Ballad fight against each other.

Check the clip out here!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 TGS 2011 trailer releasedEdit

September 14th by Koharu Nami

A new trailer for TGS has been released. It shows events that happened right after Final Fantasy XIII ended. It shows more footage of the mysterious rival, and a glimpse of a new character. Snow and Hope also make an appearance.

You can watch the trailer here.

Alternative link.

Release dates and Special Edition PS3 for XIII-2 revealedEdit

September 14th by Koharu Nami

Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be released in Japan on December 15th, in North America on January 31st, and in Europe on February 3rd.

A new PlayStation 3 bundle, "Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning Edition Ver.2", features the same design of Lightning from a promotional picture of her and Serah. It is priced at ¥37,960, and is so far only for release in Japan


On another note, Square Enix has announced a post release DLC. Not exactly downloadable content, but rather a "Final Fantasy XIII Lost Report." It will be distributed through the game's official site and offer a look back at XIII's story through Rygdea and Yaag Rosch's perspective.

Final Fantasy XIII-2's Theme Song Singers AnnouncedEdit

September 14th by Koharu Nami

Artists Mai Fukui and Charice Pempengco will be singing the theme song for Final Fantasy XIII-2. However, they will not be singing together. Instead, they will sing different variations of the same song. Charice's version of the song will appear on all platforms except the Japanese PS3 versions, while Mai Fukui's version is PS3 exclusive.

The titles of the songs are "Yakusoku no Basho" and "New World". The latter will be featured in Charice's Album, Infinity, which will be released in Japan on October 5th.

You can see the video at

Final Fantasy X To Be Released in HD For PS3Edit

September 14th by Drake Clawfang

Square Enix has announced their intent to re-release Final Fantasy X in HD for the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita, to celebrate the game's 10th anniversary.


New Final Fantasy XIII-2 information on BS11 broadcastEdit

September 13th by User:Ragnavinal

A special show on Final Fantasy XIII-2 will air on Japanese TV Station BS11 in two days time. The special promises brand new information on the sequel, and a new trailer.

View this news article here on [4]

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Gameplay Trailer Released!Edit

September 12th by SquallRocks FFXIII - Sprite-MadLightning

New gameplay trailer was released earlier today, showcasing the tracks and gameplay. Also, it seem that the game will use actual game footage from past games as backdrops for levels.

You can watch the video here on YouTube.

New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Details ReleasedEdit

September 11th by User:Ragnavinal

Some new information has been released for Final Fantasy XIII-2 during the Q & A session for fans event in Tokyo this week. New information includes references to a new levelling system similar to the Crystarium, and a few new story and character details. Toriyama also hinted that full release dates should be revealed at the TGS event next week.

All details here!

New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots Released!Edit

September 8th by User:KaizureDragon

New screenshots and art have been released for Final Fantasy XIII-2 showing field locations, such as Valhalla, and the Historiacross system, which lets the player travel from AF (After Fall) 0005 to AF0300 in the same location using Out of Place Artefacts.

See the screenshots here

New Final Fantasy XIII-2 footage showed at CEDEC 2011Edit

September 7th by User:KaizureDragon
Edited by: Koharu Nami

During the CEDEC 2011 (Developer's conference in Japan) presentation, Square Enix's developers showed a new clip on display. The new clip included an in-game cutscene with Odin holding Lightning, in honor of Final Fantasy XIII's story board director, Yoshinori Kanada, who passed away two years ago. At the beginning of the video you can see some old clip where Lightning is fighting against Chaos Bahamut.

See the full clip from here!

New Final Fantasy XIII-2 details revealed in Jump magazineEdit

September 2nd by User:FFfangirl

The new issue of Jump magazine has revealed new info about Noel and Lightning. Noel is from the future, the last surviving human of his time, and he now wants to change that fate. Lightning is in fact Serah's only remaining relative, and now she fights as a knight to protect the Goddess Etro's shrine. With the aforementioned details has appeared with a new CG render of Lightning in her armor and new screenshots.

Source: Nova Crystallis

August 2011Edit

Final Fantasy XIII-2 website updatedEdit

August 26th by Koharu Nami

The website has been updated with a small synopsis of the game, recent trailers, character profiles and more.

You can view it here.

Brand New Final Fantasy XIII-2 "Quest for Lightning" Trailer ReleasedEdit

August 25th by KaizureDragon
Edited by: Kaimi
Edited by: Koharu Nami

This trailer was supposed to debut at the Penny Arcade Expo, but was accidentally released early online by IGN.

The trailer shows some footage seen in the demo from E3 2011, as well as more of Serah's gameplay footage. It also features a small glimpse of Hope Estheim and the mysterious man that was seen with Lightning in the first trailer.

Watch it now on Youtube!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 TGS Trailer Shows on Japanese TVEdit

August 23rd by Zeta Nova

It seems that Square Enix can't get enough of Final Fantasy XIII-2. The latest info comes from Gematsu, reporting that the upcoming TGS '11 trailer will broadcast on Japanese TVs. The game itself will debut later this year in Japan and early next year in the U.S and Europe.

Gematsu has more on this topic.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Shows Up At This Year's PAX Convention, Says Square EnixEdit

August 22nd by Zeta Nova
Edited by SquallRocks FFXIII - Sprite-MadLightning

With the game set to release this December in Japan and early in 2012 in the U.S and Europe, Final Fantasy XIII-2 is set to make another appearance in U.S via the PAX convention, which is set to go live later this year.

Gaming Everything has more on their site.

Brand New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots ReleasedEdit

August 22nd by User:KaizureDragon

Square Enix released five brand new screenshots and one piece of art where you can see a brand new Serah CG render.

Check them out here..

Final Fantasy Type-0 Offers An Alternative to Summoning, Which're Team-based AttacksEdit

August 20th by Zeta Nova

Those that don't like the idea of having to sacrifice your character in order to summon will be pleased to know that you can also have team-based attacks. Though, while not as powerful as the summons, these attacks can be performed multiple times.

Andriasang lists several of those attacks on their site

New Square Enix Magazine released onlineEdit

August 13th by Sorceror Nobody

Square Enix has started an online official magazine, the first issue of which contains a few items of interest to the Final Fantasy Wiki, including news about new events and features upcoming in Final Fantasy XIV and an interview about the story, characters and gameplay of Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Most interesting, however, is the selection of fansites that Square Enix consider especially notable: Final Fantasy Wiki gets the thumbs up!

For more details about the magazine, see the blog post.

Brand New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots Released and Motomu Toriyama Interview!Edit

August 11th by User:KaizureDragon

Final Fantasy XIII-2 News site released today 9 brand new screenshots, 1 piece of art, new information about game and their Motomu Toriyama interview.

New screenshots & the interview

Final Fantasy Type-0 Demo Officially Launches on Japanese PSN'sEdit

August 10th by Zeta Nova

Those still not sure whether Final Fantasy Type-0 is for them can try and see for themselves, as the demo version of the game has launched on the Japanese version of the PlayStation Network.

Siliconera has more on the article

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Will be a No-Show At This Year's TGS, Says NomuraEdit

August 9th by Zeta Nova

Players wanting to know when they can get more info on the anticipated Fabula title; Final Fantasy Versus XIII, will have to wait a while. Nomura stated on the Dengeki PlayStation publication that Versus XIII won't be making it to this year's Tokyo Game Show. Though, he did say that he has plans on another showing.

Readers can catch more on this at Andriasang's No Final Fantasy Versus XIII at Tokyo Game Show article

Final Fantasy Type-0 Demo Comes Next Week, Says Square EnixEdit

August 4th by Zeta Nova

As I reported earlier this week, that the demo would be arriving in the near future. Gamers will be happy to know that they can get their hands on the demo really soon, as Square Enix confirmed that the demo will be launching next week. Well, at least in Japan.

Siliconera has more on this topic

A Brand New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshot Released - New Information and Screenshots Coming Next Thursday!Edit

August 4th by User:KaizureDragon

Final Fantasy XIII-2 News site released today a brand new screenshot of Serah. They also wrote that Square Enix will release brand new screenshots and information from Final Fantasy XIII-2 on next Thursday.

Check a brand new screenshot from here.

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions has been released for the iPhone/iPod Touch!Edit

August 4th by Windstryker

The release is intended for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and 4th generation iPod Touch. The iPad version is to be released sometime in September, but no official date has been given.

Official news can be found here.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Demo Coming Soon to PSN, Says Square EnixEdit

August 2nd by Zeta Nova

Not sure if Final Fantasy Type-0 is for you? Well, you can try a demo of the game as Square Enix confirmed that a demo of the game will be coming to PSN soon, well in Japan at least. Siliconera has more on this topic on their site.

July 2011Edit

New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Song and Japanese Voice acted E3 trailer releasedEdit

July 29th by User:KaizureDragon

Square Enix Japan released the Japanese voice acted version of the E3 trailer and a new song from Japan Expo on official Final Fantasy XIII-2 site.

The new song on YouTube

Square Enix Europe Announces Pre-order Bonuses for the European Version of Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

July 24th by User:KaizureDragon

On the official European Final Fantasy XIII-2 Facebook page, Square Enix is asking fans to vote on pre-order bonuses for the game. Pre-order bonuses are a set of art prints inside a card sleeve with the logo of the Final Fantasy XIII-2, the Final Fantasy XIII -Episode i- booklet, which was included in the International version of the game (Japan only), downloadable recruitable monster battle, and downloadable costumes for Noel and Serah.

Read more

New Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Screenshots ReleasedEdit

July 22 by SquallRocks

New screenshots released showcasing the battle system, exploration, and some menus.

They can be seen here at Andriasang.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Release date announcedEdit

July 20th by SquallRocks Fans of Final Fantasy Type-0 will finally get a chance to own the game on October 13 in Japan. The price for the two UMD RPG is higher than most: ¥7,700. (Most PSP games cost ¥5,040.)

Square Enix also announced the game's theme song; "Zero" by Bump of Chicken.

A new trailer for Final Fantasy Type-0 has been released. You can watch the five minute trailer here. Furthermore, Famitsu posted a video of the game's director, Hajime Tabata, playing the "Natsubi" demo.

You can watch the gameplay demo here at Famitsu.

Square Enix Announces “Word To Your Moogle” Tour for Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

July 19th by User:KaizureDragon

Square Enix announced today the Final Fantasy XIII-2 "Word To Your Moogle" tour will debut at San Diego Comic–Con. Fans attending the convention Wednesday July 20, through Sunday July 24, can take part in the "Word To Your Moogle" contest for a chance to win event exclusive prizes. The contest will also run at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX Prime) in Seattle and at New York Comic–Con.

Read more here & here.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Releases in January in the U.S, Says Square EnixEdit

July 18th by Zeta Nova

Players wanting to know when they can play Final Fantasy XIII-2 will have to wait a while. As Square Enix has confirmed that the game will be releasing next January. The game will be featured at this year's Comic Con. Siliconera has more on their site.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Website UpdatedEdit

July 15th by SquallRocks

Square-Enix updated the Final Fantasy Type-0 website, adding numerous videos showcasing the gameplay. The videos showed the basic battle gameplay, the Kill and Break site, the world map system, and the Special Order system.

The videos can be seen from the website here and at Andriasang here.

New Final Fantasy XIII-2 screenshots and Bresha Ruins info releasedEdit

July 14th by User:KaizureDragon

Edited by SquallRocks

Square Enix released 12 new screenshots and Bresha Ruins information from Final Fantasy XIII-2.

They can be seen here.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII updateEdit

July 13 by SquallRocks

Famitsu interviewed Tetsuya Nomura for a small update on Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but he provided much more information, devoting a whole page to the discussion. Nomura mostly talked about the game's event scenes; the real time cutscenes are now controllable.

Nomura also mentioned the character models, stating that there are only minimal differences between the game's high and low quality models.

Also, they're making preperations to enter full production for Versus, as they were still only using core members.

More information can be found for the interview at Andriasang here.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Gameplay Info ReleasedEdit

July 12 by Coolawits

Edited by -- Some Color Mage ~ (Talk)

Some new information has been released about the gameplay of Theatrhythm. The game will include content from the main series games I through XIII, with each game split into three stages; field, battle and events. The battle stage is the most intense of the three, but it's still possible to mess up pretty badly in the other two.

In the stages, there are three types of notes; red notes, which players have to tap, blue notes, which players have to touch and hold, and green notes, which show a path that needs to be traced by the stylus.

The game will also feature StreetPass.

More information can be found at Siliconera here and here.

New Final Fantasy XIII-2 screenshots releasedEdit

July 11th by User:FFfangirl

Square Enix released 5 new screenshots from Final Fantasy XIII-2.

They can be seen here.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy has a new Teaser SiteEdit

July 5th by Koharu Nami

Square Enix has opened up the teaser site for the new 3DS game, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. The site features a new remix of the Prelude as well as a prologue to the game.

You can see it here.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Update, Overseas Versions ConsideredEdit

July 5th by Zeta Nova

The latest game in the Fabula series; Final Fantasy Type-0, has caused quite a commotion. Both in Japan and with overseas players. The latest news comes via Famitsu. And regarding the overseas versions, Tetsuya confirmed with his interview that he's thinking of putting the game onto the PlayStation Network.

GameSpot has more details regarding this matter.

Final Fantasy rhythm game coming to the 3DSEdit

July 5th by Koharu Nami

The game called Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is a rhythm themed game that will feature music and field backgrounds from past Final Fantasy games. Characters like Cloud Strife and Lightning will appear in their chibi forms resembling the avatars from Kingdom Hearts Mobile. A storyline seems to be involved, dealing with characters fighting to restore light back to the crystal.

A release date is currently unknown.

See the article on Andriasang for more details.

LittleBigPlanet 2 gets Final Fantasy VII PackEdit

July 4th by

Edited by Sorceror Nobody

A Final Fantasy VII costume pack is slated for release – on the week of July 13th – for the PlayStation 3 game LittleBigPlanet 2. It will include costumes of Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Vincent and Sephiroth.

See the Siliconera article for details.

New Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer revealedEdit

July 1st by Keltainentoukokuu

Square Enix France has released a new Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer at Japan Expo. The trailer has new song, although the name of the song isn't known yet.

Watch the new trailer at YouTube.

June 2011Edit

Final Fantasy VI released on North American Wii Virtual ConsoleEdit

June 30th by Supersnazzi

Nintendo has updated the North American Wii virtual console by adding Final Fantasy VI under the name Final Fantasy III.

More information can be found on Nintendo's site.

Final Fantasy Type-0 May not see western releasesEdit

June 16th by FF9

According to gaming union Yoshinori Kitase, the director of Final Fantasy Type-0, hinted at the possibility that Final Fantasy Type-0 may not be released outside of Japan. Though he doesn't outright confirm that it may never be released out side of Japan, his statements about the differing PSP market worldwide does seem concerning.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Will be 3-4 Discs Says Square EnixEdit

June 9th by Zeta Nova
Edited by Sorceror Nobody
Edited by Henryacores^

Users hoping to play on a single disc with the X360 will have to think again. Speaking to the Just Push Start site, Square Enix confirmed that like its predecessor, the sequel will also be spread across 3-4 discs, whereas PS3 players will once again be able to enjoy the game on a single disc.

RPGSite has more on their site. You can also view the full interview here.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 to appear playable at E3Edit

June 2nd by FFfangirl

Final Fantasy XIII-2 has been confirmed to appear at E3 2011 as a part of Square Enix's lineup. It has also been confirmed to be playable.

The full list of Square titles appearing can be seen at this link: Gaming Worlds Collide As Square-Enix Unveils E3 2011 Titles

Update: Two new screenshots from the game have been released showing in-game footage for the first time. The first shows Serah with new character Noel asking her if she can fight, and the second shows Noel in battle with the improved battle system. They can be viewed here at RPG Site: First Final Fantasy XIII-2 In-Game Screenshots

Update 2: That site has said on it's Twitter Feed that SE released those shots by accident, and are now recalling them. They've had to take it down. They are available on NeoGAF though: [5]

PlayStation Store back onlineEdit

June 2nd by Sorceror Nobody

After the recent PSN outage and subsequent restoration, the PlayStation Store is finally back up. As a result, it is now possible to download the latest batch of Dissidia 012 DLC, among other things.

In addition, Final Fantasy VI is now available on the EU PlayStation Store.

May 2011Edit

Final Fantasy V Set for North American PSN Store Edit

May 28th by Supersnazzi

According to a another rating by the ESRB, Final Fantasy V will also be making its way to the North American PSN Store.

You can read the full article here Final Fantasy V Masters Job As PSN Download In North America article

Final Fantasy Type-0 Gets a Big Site Update Edit

May 16th by Zeta Nova

Fans wanting to play the latest game in the Fabula Nova Crystalis series will have to wait until summer, well at least in Japan. Instead, they can check out the new update that hit the net.

Users can view the full site here. The original article can be read here at Andriasang's Huge Update at Final Fantasy-Type-0's Site article.

Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy Tactics to be Featured in Smithsonian Exhibit Edit

May 5th by XIII Heartless. Edited by Lego3400

The Smithsonian American Art Museum will be featuring an exhibit titled "The Art of Video Games" in summer of 2012, and both Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy Tactics have been chosen to be presented. FFVII won in the Adventure category under notable PlayStation titles, and FF Tactics in the Combat/Strategy category; screenshots and artwork will be featured in the "Era 4: Transition" segment of the exhibition. Other nominated Final Fantasy titles included Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XIII under the Adventure categories for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3, respectively.

You can view a list of all of the games to be featured at the bottom of the Smithsonian American Art Museum exhibit page, as well as check for the scheduled exhibition dates. A link to the PDF file displaying the exhibit's numerous categories and generations is given in the "Winning Games" section as well.

April 2011Edit

Final Fantasy VI Set for North American PSN Store Edit

April 23rd by Supersnazzi

Thanks to another rating by the ESRB Final Fantasy VI will soon be making its way to PS3 and PSP owners. The ESRB rated this as a PSOne Classic for the two systems and according to Shinji Hashimoto (via Twitter) the file size will be around 185 MB.

You can get a full scoop here Final Fantasy VI Ready To Blitz PSP And PS3 In North America article

Final Fantasy Type-0 Website Opens Edit

April 22nd by SamSandy

Square-Enix has opened the official Japanese website for Final Fantasy Type-0. The page features information about the world, the characters of Ace, Queen, Nine and Kurasame, as well as some gameplay information and new art and screenshots.

Link: Final Fantasy Type-0 Website

Final Fantasy VI Set for North American Virtual ConsolesEdit

April 16th by Zeta Nova

North American fans of Final Fantasy VI will be happy to know that the 6th game in the long running Final Fantasy series has been confirmed for U.S Virtual Console. The ESRB site has listed what seems to be a synopsis of the game.

You can catch the full article here on Siliconera's Final Fantasy VI Moogle Slamming Virtual Console in North America article

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy gets its first batch of DLC Edit

April 14th by Wyvern777

Dissidia 012's first batch of DLC has arrived to the PS Store today with a free alternate costume for Warrior of Light which removes his helmet and paid alternate costumes for Zidane and Kuja for $1.60 AUD each, Zidane's alternate outfit is the Marcus Cloak he wears at the end of Final Fantasy IX and Kuja's alternate outfit is that of a Treno Nobleman's outfit.

Final Fantasy VI announced for Japanese PSN release Edit

April 13th by Diamond Dragoon

Following several requests from fans, Square Enix has announced the release of Final Fantasy VI on the Playstation Network. Like Final Fantasy V before it, it will be released as a PSOne Classic.

Shinji Hashimoto announced the release via his Twitter account. The game is set for release in Japan on April 20th.

Sources: Square Enix Twitter, IGN, RPGFan, Gamepur

Final Fantasy V announced to be released on Japanese PSN Edit

April 5th by Lycentia

Square Enix announced a release of Final Fantasy V will be available on the Japanese Playstation Network. It is said to be "enhanced by exclusive CGI cut scenes."

Square Enix's Shinji Hashimoto announced the PSOne Classics release -- compatible with PS3 and PSP -- of the PlayStation port of the Super Famicom RPG, revealed the April 6 release date today on Twitter.

Square Enix Members EU then announced a European release has been confirmed, but not dated. No news is currently available on a North American release.

Sources: Kotaku, Joystiq,The Escapist, Square Enix Members EU

March 2011Edit

Final Fantasy Type-0 Japanese Cast RevealedEdit

March 21st by Zeta Nova

Players wanting to know who will voice the heroes need not look any further as Andriasang has also revealed the actors that will be voicing the character you will be controlling and his teammates.

  • Ace: Kaji Yuki
  • Nine: Daisuke Ono
  • Queen: Ami Koshimizu
  • Kurasame: Takahiro Sakurai

Dengeki reveals that Ace and Nine will be among the characters you control and that Kurasame is your teacher. Andriasang has the full article up on their site

Frustration for EU players as Prologus release is delayedEdit

March 16th by Sorceror Nobody

Despite previous announcements that the release of Dissidia Duodecim Prologus Final Fantasy on the European PlayStation Network would be today, just one day after the NA release, it transpires that the release date will be the 23rd of March – a week later than yesterday's release for the US, as well as being a mere two days before the EU release date of the main game, Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, on the 25th.

Needless to say, there has been some negative reaction from European fans. For more information, see the blog on Square Enix's members' site.

In other news, Final Fantasy XII is the featured article on Wikipedia's main site.

Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV servers to be shut down temporarily due to the EarthquakeEdit

March 13th by DiamondEdge

Square Enix has announced the suspension of several online services to conserve energy due to the recent Earthquakes. All Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV game servers will be unavailable during at least one week, as well as the PlayOnline service. Players will not be billed for any PlayOnline service throughout the April billing cycle.

Source: Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone

Final Fantasy VI announced to be released on the European and Australian Virtual ConsoleEdit

March 11th by MATEOELBACAN

According to the weekly update of the Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo of Australia Virtual Console website, the original SNES version of Final Fantasy VI has been announced to be released in Europe on March 18, 2011, it will be the first time that European and Australian players will enjoy the original version of Final Fantasy VI (labelled Final Fantasy III). It will cost 900 Nintendo Points, 100 points more than an average SNES game.

Source: NintendoLife

Dissidia 012 Prologus US and EUR release date revealed!Edit

March 10th by RPD490

According to Playstation Blog, the US release of Dissidia Duodecim Prologus will be released on March 15 exclusively at PSN for $2.99. The European version of Prologus will be released on March 16. Features the chance to play as Lightning and also to unlock Aerith as an Assist-Only Character for when the full game is released a week later on the 22nd.


Final Fantasy I and II now available on the European Playstation StoreEdit

March 8th by Wyvern777

As of the last Playstation Store update in Europe Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II are now available for download on the PSN store for use on PSP and PS3 at the bargain price of $15.95 AUD each.

A New Challenger Appears! Desperado Chaos Has Been Revealed as Duodecim's Latest CharacterEdit

March 2nd by Zeta Nova

Edited by --Otherarrow 16:13, March 2, 2011 (UTC)

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy is getting closer to release and the latest update comes in the form of a new character. The character in question is Desperado Chaos , which appears to be Duodecim's antagonist. The streaming site; Nico Nico Douga also plans on showcasing a live broadcast of the Duodecim event today as well

Andriasang has more on their site

Vagrant Story releases for PlayStation Network in the USEdit

March 1st by Leon95

11 years after the game's original release, and almost two years after the PSN release in the UK, Australia and Japan, gamers in the USA can finally download the PlayStation classic, Vagrant Story, for $5.99 via PlayStation Network.


February 2011Edit

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection gets a Special Edition in EuropeEdit

February 28th by Keltainentoukokuu

Square Enix has announced today that the European version of Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection will be released on 22nd April in a special Limited Edition version, which features a special fold-out box, art cards and a PSP screen cloth.


Final Fantasy VI to be released on Virtual Console in JapanEdit

February 25th by Drake Clawfang

Following the trend set by other Nintendo-era Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy VI will be released on Nintendo's Virtual Console next month in Japan. The release is naturally based on the Super Famicom version. The download will cost 900 Wii Points.


Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Official Japanese Site UpdatedEdit

February 23rd by Kazuhira150

edited by SSFF6BBurtz - Knight - Ultima Sword

The official Japanese site has been updated today with a new gameplay video featuring the World Map from the story. In other news, 10 gameplay videos supposedly hidden in the site have been found, two of which being a Prishe gameplay video and another featuring Bartz fighting Gilgamesh.


Xbox 360 Players Have Been Denied Final Fantasy Versus XIIIEdit

February 21st by Zeta Nova

Xbox 360 owners have been wanting to hear whether or not Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be arriving on their system. Speaking on their Twitter account, V Jump has stated that it is indeed a misprint on their part, and that Square Enix intends to keep the game on PlayStation 3.

Andriasang has the article up on their site.

New Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Character Hinted At For Live BroadcastEdit

February 20th by Pyarox

Square Enix will be celebrating the release of Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy with a pre-release live broadcast on Nico Nico Douga. The event, titled "Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Pre-Release Night Festival," will be broadcast on March 2 starting at 19:00.

The broadcast will see talk sessions with the development staff and voice actors. The results of the "MAD" play movie contest and illustration contests, now running at Nico Nico Douga and Nico Nico Seiga, will be announced. It also looks like we'll get details on a new character that will be announced just ahead of launch (this could be just in reference to Gilgamesh, or it could be someone completely new).


The Wiki's First FFX-2 WalkthroughEdit

February 17th by Hamfruitcake

Wiki finally has its first Final Fantasy X-2 Walkthrough written by Hamfruitcake. Those who have never had the chance to get that magic 100% score, look no further. Enjoy.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy's box art revealed, looks a bit crowded Edit

February 10th by FF9

edited by Zeta Nova

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy box art has been revealed on the net, it looks kind of crowded though but has Cosmos and Chaos characters all fitted in. More info can be found here at Siliconera's Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy's Box Art is a Bit Busy article

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy's Site Gets Updated Once Again. Includes Prishe, Shantotto, and the 3rd Forms for Tifa, Vaan and Laguna Edit

February 10th by Zeta Nova

Square Enix has updated their site once again, adding Prishe, Shantotto and the 3rd alternate forms of Tifa, Laguna and Vaan. Visitors can view the new update on Square's Japanese Website.

The original source can be also viewed here, at Andriasang's Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Official Site Update article.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Prishe's Voice Actress Revealed, and a possible third alternate costume for SquallEdit

February 2nd by Pyarox

edited by SilverCrono

Final Fantasy XI's Prishe made her Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy debut in a trailer shown at Square Enix's 1st Production Department Premier event a couple of weeks back. The magazines have at last caught up on the coverage, with the character getting some space in Weekly Shounen Jump this week.

Along with Prishe's burst into the scene, Jump has shown pictures of a third Vaan (in which he appears in his Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift costume) and Squall costume.

For the full article visit Andriasang.

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection to be released in North America and Europe during SpringEdit

February 1st by unregistered contributor

Square has launched the official English site, confirming a release date for April 19, 2011. Also featured on the website is the English version of the trailer. In addition to this, an official announcement by Square has confirmed the game will be available in Europe this Spring.

January 2011Edit

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Lets You Create the Story of Your DreamsEdit

January 28th by Zeta Nova

New to the sequel is the option create your own stories, and share them via Mognet. To share with your friends, you must input a 12-digit Friend code and exchange with them. This is known simply as the Event Maker.

For more details on this, you can view Siliconera's article here

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy JP Site Gets Another Update.Edit

January 27 by Ultimecia82

Dissidia 012's JP website gets but another update, including the Final Trailer of the game.

Check out the website here

Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Type-0 Gets a Website Update. Includes the 1st Production Trailer in HDEdit

January 27th by Zeta Nova

As you guys have been wanting to see. Square has finally included the Versus XIII 1st Production trailer in HD format.

You can view the trailer here

The trailer for the PSP game can be viewed here

Update on Final Fantasy Versus XIII. More on the 1st Production TrailerEdit

January 25th by Zeta Nova

Speaking to Dengeki, Nomura listed several interesting points about the newest trailer. He also went on to joke that fans should forget about Versus XIII for the time being, and instead focus their attention on Type-0 and XIII-2, implying that a 2011 release isn't on the cards. And the girl that has appeared in recent trailers, as Nomura points out; is a Dragon Knight, an enemy of Noctis. He says that there are numerous Dragon Knights in the world of Versus XIII.

Nomura notes that their next update will be at this year's E3 conference.

For the full article, you can head to andriasang's site here

Update on Final Fantasy XIII-2. Game will explain Final Fantasy XIII events, and moreEdit

January 25th by Kaimi
Edited by Kaimi

Final Fantasy XIII-2 won't have a J-Pop theme, say Yoshinori Kitase and Motomu Toriyama in the newest issue of Dengeki Playstation. The game will further explain some of the events that took place in the climax of Final Fantasy XIII, and the overall vibe will be darker and more mysterious than the original. Toriyama also noted that in addition to Lightning, several other characters will be returning in new and unexpected forms.

More information can be read in Siliconera's article here

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Update. More on the 1st Production TrailerEdit

January 24th by Zeta Nova

The man in question that was shown sitting at the throne is actually Noctis' father, hence the tagline; "An act of love by the last King". Which he's the king of the only country that holds a crystal.

For more info, you can head to Siliconera's article here

Dengeki Online Lists Some Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy DLC FeaturesEdit

January 24th by Zeta Nova

Dengeki Online has listed some DLC features that gamers can grab from Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. The DLC features in question are namely character costumes and music from the game.

For more info, you can head to Siliconera's article here

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy gets two Ultimania guidesEdit

January 24th by Pyarox

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy will be getting two volumes of Square Enix's absurdly thick Ultimania guides. Vol.1 is tentatively titled "Action Side", and Vol.2 is tentatively titled "RPG Side."

A retailer lists Action Side for March 10 and RPG Side for March 31. Prices are not yet listed.

For more on this news, you can head on over to andriasang's article here

Noctis, Final Fantasy Versus XIII's Main Hero. On His Outlook on LifeEdit

January 23rd by Zeta Nova

The latest Jump (japanese version) details Noctis' attitude on life. Which life for him is dealt a bad hand as he dislikes how the way society is governed. Which Jump managed to capture one of the english quotes of the upcoming game. The quote reads as follows; "Fools set the rules in this world. Just take a look around. It's undeniable."

For more on this news. You can head to andriasang's article here

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Japanese Website Updated to Include YunaEdit

January 24th by Master Ragnarok
Edited by Some Color Mage

Square Enix has updated their website by adding Yuna to the characters page.

Check out the website here

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Official Site UpEdit

January 20th by Acboyz2

Square Enix has posted the official web site for Final Fantasy XIII-2. It shows the official English trailer for the game.

Check it out here

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Gets a Firm North American DateEdit

January 20th by Zeta Nova

Square Enix has finally pinned down a release date for the North American version of Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. Which they seem to be sandwiched between Japan's and Europe's release dates. North American gamers get to try their hands on the game on March 22nd, followed by Europe.

For the full article you can read Siliconera's article here

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailer is VoicedEdit

January 18th by Zeta Nova

For the first time, Square Enix revealed what seems to be an actual in game dialogue trailer for Versus XIII. The trailer also goes on to show actual combat footage as well.

For the trailer you can view it here

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Release Date for North America and Europe AnnouncedEdit

January 18th by Zeta Nova

Not long after the game was announced. Square also confirmed that the North American/European version will see a release window of next winter.

For the full article you can head to Siliconera's article here

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Update, Gilgamesh and Prishe join the CastEdit

January 18th by Zeta Nova

Square Enix revealed another contender. Which's Gilgamesh from Final Fantasy V. They showed him at the end of the Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy trailer. With the tagline; "Long time no see Bartz". Prishe from Final Fantasy XI appeared as well, and both characters were seen in a CG version of their respective stages.

For the original article, you can head to Siliconera's article here

Final Fantasy Agito XIII Now Becomes Final Fantasy Type-0Edit

January 18th' by Zeta Nova

Square Enix has confirmed that Agito for the PSP has been given a name change. Which's now Final Fantasy Type-0. They have went on to say that the game will be seeing a release in the summer.

Final Fantasy-Type 0 will have over 30 voiced characters. For more info, you can check Siliconera's article here

Final Fantasy XIII Gets a Direct Sequel, Enter; Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

January 18th by Zeta Nova

Seems the rumor of XIII-2 was indeed real. As Square Enix has announced from their press conference that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be arriving sometime this year.

For more info, you can check Siliconera's article here

Dissidia Duodecim:Prologus Announced, Aerith Will be an Assist CharacterEdit

January 18th by Zeta Nova

For those wanting to know if the rumor was true. Square Enix has just confirmed the existence of Prologus, due to their 1st Production conference. Along with the announcement, they've also confirmed that Aerith will be an assist character as well.

For the full article, you can head here here

Japanese Retailer Leaks Several Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy FeaturesEdit

January 15th by Zeta Nova

Japanese store; GameStar, has listed a few features that will be coming to Duodecim. One of which includes a tournament feature. This feature allows several gamers to come together and duke it out. However, those not currently playing will be able to watch it as chaos and mayhem clash on the battlefield. Along with this feature, they also list that the game will have improved camera support.

For more of the game's new features. You can read Andriasang's article here

Final Fantasy XIII Sequel in the Works?Edit

January 12th by Zeta Nova

Like any other Japanese company, Square's no stranger for adding several domain names to their upcoming games. Recently, they added one for Final Fantasy XIII-2 at This news comes via Superannuation's twitter post. Whether Square plans on making an actual sequel to Final Fantasy XIII, remains to be seen. However, considering the upcoming 1st Production Department conference, they may announce something.

For the full news. You can head to Siliconera's article here.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Will Have Original Stories Made by Players, Says Square EnixEdit

January 12th by Zeta Nova

Along with the original story of Duodecim and stories from the original Dissidia. It seems that players also get to make their own stories and share it with others internationally. However, it's not clear how players can distribute their original stories

For more info, you can head to Siliconera's article here

A New Challenger Appears! Final Fantasy X's Yuna Makes Her Dissidia DebutEdit

January 12th by Zeta Nova

Revealed by the latest Jump Festa trailer is Yuna of Final Fantasy X. Which was more revealed by the latest issue of the japanese version of Shonen Jump. She has the ability to summon two Aeons at the same time.

For more info, you can head to Siliconera's article here

Update on Final Fantasy Type-0Edit

January 3rd by Zeta Nova

A while ago Square Enix has trademarked the name; Final Fantasy Type-0. Now, they plan on digging deeper into this title by preparing an actual website. Siliconera lists several possible sites that could surface. Which system this supposed-spin off will be going to remains to be seen.

For the full article, you can read Siliconera's article here

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Gets an Official Rating by the ESRBEdit

January 2nd by Zeta Nova

The ESRB is known for leaking out information prior to the game's debut. This time the ESRB has pinned down an official rating for the upcoming Dissidia sequel; Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. And as such, they have pinned it as a T rating.

For more info, including the game's description, see Siliconera's article here