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December 2010Edit

Another Possible Final Fantasy-Spinoff In the Works?Edit

December 29th by Zeta Nova

Could there possibly be another Final Fantasy-spinoff in the works? Final Fantasy Type-0 is the latest title to be trademarked by Square Enix.

Square also trademarked "Type-Zero", which appears to be in kanji. Whether this is Final Fantasy's next spinoff game remains to be seen; perhaps more will be revealed at their upcoming 1st Production Department conference on January 18th.

For the full article, see Siliconera's article here.

Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection Receives a Date in JapanEdit

December 28th by Zeta Nova

Fans that played the original and its sequel on the Wii ( Final Fantasy IV: The After Years ), will be happy to know that they will be able to play both games on the PSP. The game releases March 25, 2011 in Japan. At this time, there's no word on whether Square Enix will make a collection overseas.

For the full news, you can head to Siliconera's article here

Final Fantasy TCG Gets a Release Date, At Least in JapanEdit

December 27th by Zeta Nova

A while back Square Enix announced that they'd be making a TCG based on the Final Fantasy franchise. Now, they're happy to announce that the trading card game has been given a release date of February 25, 2011. Well, for Japan at least.

Each starter pack will cost 1,500 yen ($18). For more info, you can read Siliconera's article here

Final Fantasy V Goes to Wii's Virtual Console in JanuaryEdit

December 24th by Zeta Nova

Fans who have played several renditions of Final Fantasy V will be pleased to know that the game will be making its Virtual Console debut. It will arrive sometime in the month of January, priced at 800 Wii Points.

For more info, you can head to this site here

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy japanese site updated - Jump Festa Trailer AddedEdit

December 24th by: Zeta Nova

The Japanese Site of Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy gets an update once again. Which the site includes the latest Jump Festa trailer

You can see the Jump Festa 2011 Trailer here

Tetsuya: Noctis Will Receive a VoiceEdit

December 21st by Zeta Nova

Speaking to Dengeki. Nomura shared some details on Final Fantasy Versus XIII which will be one of the main highlights of the 1st Production Department conference. He said that Noctis will actually get a voice. And this time, it will be actual game footage.

For the full article, you can head to Andriasang's article; here

Tetsuya Nomura and Takahashi Explains Duodecim's FeaturesEdit

December 20th by Zeta Nova

As you probably know, Duodecim sports several new features. Nomura also added that there will be two distinctive storylines. The original from the original game, and a completely brand new one. Which uses the World Map feature. They also said that the board-system is back. But it takes the form of dungeons, rather than have checker-like pieces wandering about.

For more info, you can head to Andriasang's article here

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Japanese Site Gets an Update - Several Characters Get AddedEdit

December 20 by Zeta Nova

The japanese site updated once again. Which recently revealed; Laguna gets added. Along with Onion Knight and Cloud of Darkness. You can see the site's update here

1st Production Department Conference Will Be StreamedEdit

December 20th by Zeta Nova

For those that won't be able to attend the conference in January, worry not. Streaming video site; Nico Douga also has plans on streaming the conference. As the 1st Production Department implies, these are the games within their first production line up. Games such as; the Dissidia series, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Final Fantasy Agito XIII. Full details can be read here

Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection Website UpEdit

December 20th by Drake

The website for the Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection is up. The PSP bundle of Final Fantasy IV and its sequel The After Years will feature higher quality 2D graphics akin to those seen in the PSP remakes of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II, and will also feature a new FMV intro for The After Years and a new scenario linking the two games.

The website can be viewed here -

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy On Target for March 3, 2011. At Least in JapanEdit

December 17th by Zeta Nova
Edited by Sorceror Nobody
And Kupohunter FFV gilgamesh

Square Enix has finally set a date for the Japanese release of Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. To celebrate the release, they also plan to release specially-designed PSPs, which are based on the logos for Cosmos and Chaos. There is not yet a known date set for the overseas version.

The game will retail at 6,090 yen ($72/£46) in stores, and 4,980 yen ($60/£38) on the PlayStation Network. Siliconera's article can be found here.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Japanese Site Updated - Includes Fight Videos of Laguna, Lightning, Vaan and TifaEdit

December 15th by Zeta Nova

Square Enix updated the Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Japanese site once again. They added fight videos of the newly added characters Tifa, Lightning, Vaan and Laguna. You can view the update here on Square's official Japanese site

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions iOS release next SpringEdit

December 14th by Zeta Nova

The Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions iOS release won't be happening this year. Square Enix says that it will be released in spring. For more information, check Siliconera's article on The War of The Lions Heads to iPhone in the Spring

Next Issue of V Jump Hints at a Possible New Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy CharacterEdit

December 14th by Zeta Nova

Along with Laguna, V Jump has also hinted that Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy may be getting another character as well. This may lead towards to either the Jump Festa reveal or the upcoming 1st Production Department conference that will be held on January 18. For more, you check Andriasang's article on the Dissidia World Map Details

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Japanese Site Updated - Includes Info of the 1st Department ConferenceEdit

December 14th by Zeta Nova

As you guys know, Square Enix has changed their Fabula Nova Crystalis conference to the 1st Production Department. As the name implies, the "1st Department" are the games in development within their first party. The japanese site; Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy has included such information. You can view it here

Fabula Nova Crystallis Conference Has a New NameEdit

December 13th by Zeta Nova

At long last, fans may get to see a glimpse into the Crystallis' two other games; Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII. Which Square Enix confirmed that they went under a name change. Titled; 1st Production Department. The conference will be held January 18th at Japan's Toho Cinema in Roppongi Hills. Perhaps this may be the footage that gamers are looking for. For more info you can check Siliconera's article on Square Enix to Hold 1st Production Department Conference in January (Update)

Final Fantasy IV "Compilation" coming to PSPEdit

December 13th by Drake

Final Fantasy IV and it's sequel The After Years are coming to the PSP in Spring 2011. According to early reports, the project is called the Final Fantasy IV Compilation, and will include enhanced visuals, as well as a new scenario connecting the original game to the sequel.

You can read more here.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII And Final Fantasy Agito XIII At Jump? Don't Count On It Says NomuraEdit

December 11th by Zeta Nova

Final Fantasy players hoping to see any new footage of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, much less Final Fantasy Agito XIII will have to wait a while, as Nomura tweeted on his Twitter for The 3rd Birthday that these games won't be making an appearance. Rather, he will save such games for January's conference. The full article can be read here.

Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial Period Until Staff Figures What to Do With the GameEdit

December 9th by Zeta Nova

As you know, Final Fantasy XIV didn't get favorable reviews, of which Yoichi has apologized. Today Square Enix has stated the free trial has been extended once again for players until the staff can figure what to do with the game. Along with it, people that used to work on Final Fantasy XI will be replaced by Naoki Yoshida as game producer and director. Shintaro will be the Assistant Director. For the article, you can read it here at Siliconera's Final Fantasy XIV Sees Major Staff Changes, Free Trial Period Extended Again article.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Japanese Site - Historical Compendium UpdatedEdit

December 8th by Zeta Nova

Square Enix have updated the Historical compendium with information on the characters, music, and impressive scenes from Final Fantasy IV. here.

Final Fantasy Agito XIII Will Have a Multiplayer Mode Says TabataEdit

December 8th by Zeta Nova

Players will be happy to know that they won't just be playing alone. As that Tabata has told Famitsu that he plans on adding a multiplayer mode. What kind of feature this entails remains to be seen. For more info you can check out Siliconera's article Final Fantasy Agito XIII Will Have a "Unique Multiplayer" system

Laguna Loire comes to Dissidia 012!Edit

December 8th by Drake Clawfang

Final Fantasy VIII's bumbling but lovable secondary protagonist has been confirmed for the sequel. Laguna naturally fights using his machine gun, it appears, but his EX Burst is truly unique, depicting Laguna riding some sort of hoverboard-like object mounted with guns and rocket launchers into the enemy. The same scan also reveals Dissidia 012's new map system - it seems there are parties and an overworld map this time, the scan showing Lightning, Kain and Tifa's portraits lined up along the bottom of the screen as Lightning wanders a grassy plain with ruined buildings. The shape of the overworld resembles that of the original Final Fantasy entirely, although the existence of snow on the map indicates some alterations.

You can view the scan revealing Laguna's inclusion here.

Final Fantasy XIII Takes Platinum Prize!Edit

December 4th by  The SirLaguna Dissicon ff8 Lag1

At the Sony PlayStation awards this year, Final Fantasy XIII took the platinum prize and was the only game this year to do so, also making it the only game that sold over one million copies.


November 2010Edit

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Coming!Edit

November 30th by Drake Clawfang
Edited by BlueHighwind

It probably would be fair to say many a fan has dreamed or dreaded it - an official Final Fantasy trading card game has been announced. The official site confirms Cloud, Sephiroth and Zidane, and silhouettes in the background allude to other appearances including Aerith, Firion, Yuna, Lightning and Refia in her Sage attire. Other details are sketchy, but some cards will feature unique artwork and there will be a summon element and numerous characters with unique skills.

The official site can be seen here -

Tabata: Final Fantasy Agito XIII Will Have Conflicts Between NationsEdit

November 24th Zeta Nova

Following the completion of The 3rd Birthday. Tabata went on to tweet on his other project. That is; Final Fantasy Agito XIII. He states that Agito XIII will be at war with several nations. And the story will focus on the two sides of reality. One being extraordinary and the other being ordinary.

Battles are said to be a deadly clash between magic and weapons. For more info, you can check this site here

Final Fantasy XI Players Get to Enjoy One More ExpansionEdit

November 24th Zeta Nova 04:02, November 29, 2010 (UTC) Edited by lakesideminuet

Final Fantasy XIV may be out in stores, but that doesn't mean that Final Fantasy XI players are totally left out. Square Enix has confirmed that they plan on releasing one more Final Fantasy XI mini-expansion, titled Final Fantasy XI: Heroes of Abyssea. This is the final chapter of the Abyssea series.

Abyssea offers players new content, including new gear, as well new monsters to encounter. They say that you would need to be at least level 30 in order to access the new game content. More information can be found here.

Dissidia 012 Japanese Site Updated, Introduction of the Assist SystemEdit

November 24th Zeta Nova

Located beneath the character's life meter is two Assist meters. At anytime as long as the character has 1 bar of assit full, they can summon their benched character to attack their opponent.

The official japanese site has been updated to include this new feature. You can look at it here. Click on system and click on the video that says "Basic Assist".

Dissidia 012 Japanese Site Updated, Vaan AddedEdit

November 22nd Zeta Nova

The official japanese site updated as well. Which they included Final Fantasy XII's hero; Vaan. Along with his movesets on the site. As with Cloud Strife, his "Another Form" is also based on Yoshitaka Amano's art as well.

For more info, you can check Square's site here. And you can read his Switch Attacker concept here.

Dissidia 012 English Site UpdateEdit

November 13th by Drake Clawfang

The english website for Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy has been updated. It now hosts character profiles for Warrior of Light, Garland, Lightning, Kain and Tifa, with artwork of each, game renders of some of their outfits and screenshots. Those of you who have followed the Japanese website will find little new here, but the update indicates Square-Enix intends to keep the fans on both sides of the world up-to-date through official channels. There is still no official English release date, however, given that several English voice actors have indicated they've already recorded their lines, it likely won't be too long after the Japanese release in spring of next year.

You can view the site here -

Vaan Confirmed for DuodecimEdit

November 10th by TheOtherGod
Edited by Sorceror Nobody

This week's Shonen Jump magazine has confirmed the long-awaited Dissidia 012 appearance of the protagonist of Square Enix's 2007 big PS2 title, Final Fantasy XII. Vaan finally takes the stage in the latest instalment of Dissidia, which will be out next year in Japan. The issue shows Vaan's Tetsuya Nomura design, in his usual outfit; his alternate costume is a black Amano version of his normal attire. The first screenshot shows Vaan using a 'Protect' spell against Gabranth's attack, and the second screenshot shows Vaan's EX Burst which, similar to Gabranth, turns out to include his third Quickening, 'Pyroclasm'. The final screenshot is a scene of Vaan having a conversation with Tina Branford (Terra in English); Tina is seen in what seems to be her third alternate costume, which appeared in the TGS' extended trailer. That's all for now, please wait while translations are on the way.

October 2010Edit

Dissidia 012 Japanese Site UpdateEdit

October 26th by MarioLazar
Edited by Jeffrey oBartz Overworld Spriter SSFF6B

The site updated their character selection with new screens, character information, and information on some of the characters' "3P" looks.

Dissidia 012 Website

Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest arrives on Virtual ConsoleEdit

October 18th by SSFF6BBurtz - Knight - Ultima Sword

While it's not the most memorable Final Fantasy, Mystic Quest has arrived on the Wii Virtual Console, making it the third in the series to do so, after the original Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy IV. Like most SNES VC games, it costs 800 Nintendo Points, or $8. Nintendo

Crisis Core International Version AnnouncedEdit

October 13th by FFfangirl

Square Enix has announced an International Version of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- that will be available via digital download. It will include a new gallery mode, which will allow players to watch the game's cutscenes freely. Unfortunately, it will be a Japan exclusive. The Examiner

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light Is In StoresEdit

October 5th by Zeta Nova

For those wanting to try this game, Square Enix has confirmed that the game is now available in stores across the U.S and in Canada. Unlike the main Final Fantasy flagship, this is an original Final Fantasy game made for the DS.

For more info, you can check Square's Press Release page here; Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light Now Available

Get your Ultimania Omega dose of Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

October 4th by Bluer

Square Enix and Studio Bent Stuff have released the Final Fantasy XIII Ultimania Omega (ISBN-10: 4757529589) on 30th September 2010. Everything from understanding the world of Cocoon and Gran Pulse, from languages to technology, from character clothes design to what brand of glasses Jihl Nabaat wears are all entailed in this epic 511-page guide, priced at 1,995 yen. Did we mention it's completely in Japanese? Get a copy today!

Official Dissidia 012 website updated - the closed trailer is made publicEdit

October 1st by Keltainentoukokuu

The official Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy website has been updated and the trailer has been extended to the longer version previously only seen behind closed doors at the Tokyo Game Show. The extended trailer reveals new scenes, Cloud and Kuja appear to be conversing on a new yet-to-be-announced arena, and at the trailer's end Tifa is seen talking to Sephiroth. More information about the game and its DLC has also been added to the site.

Visit Official Website Here

September 2010Edit

Standard edition of Final Fantasy XIV launches!Edit

September 30th by Adonzo

The world of Eorzea is now available to the masses! While servers have been online for a week to accommodate the early launch of the Collector's Edition, the Standard Edition is now available worldwide!

Game listing on Amazon for all versions

Before Crisis to see 3DS remake?Edit

September 29th by Drake Clawfang

Final Fantasy XIII Agito director Hajime Tabata has said that if he had a choice of game for the 3DS, it would be a remake of Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, noting an action RPG with the Turks interests him. Tabata went on to say he isn't alone in this - Yoshinori Kitaste and Tetsuya Nomura have also indicated interest in reviving the mobil-exclusive game. Officially, this is only Tabata's personal desire and not an announcement of such a project. Before Crisis, for those who have not heard of it, is a mobil phone exclusive prequel to Final Fantasy VII starring the Turks as they battle AVALANCHE. It is the only Compilation game to not be released outside of Japan.

Source -

Final Fantasy Wiki Welcomes Its First Vagrant Story WalkthroughEdit

September 26nd by Bluer

R8.50Mango, an editor who has worked on information for Vagrant Story enemy articles, has completed his Vagrant Story walkthrough. This succinct 10-part guide is also the Final Fantasy Wiki's first walkthrough on the year-2000 Square title. The Wiki congratulates R8.50Mango (pronounced 8 Rand 50 Mango) for a job well done!

Final Fantasy XIV Collectors Edition Releases EarlyEdit

September 22nd by Zeta Nova

For those that want to explore the world of Eorzea early, Square has confirmed that the game is now available in its Collector's Edition box form. Those that want the regular edition will have to wait next week.

U.S blog site; Kotaku, has posted a video of the unboxing of the Collectors Edition. You can view the article and video here.

Dissidia 012 Official Website UpdatedEdit

September 22nd by Keltainentoukokuu

The official website for the upcoming Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy has been updated with the trailer shown at Square Enix's stand at the Tokyo Game Show. The trailer is only the public trailer, not the exclusive one shown only at the Closed Mega Theater.

See the full trailer at the official website.

Dissidia Duodecim Details UpdateEdit

September 21st by Zeta Nova

For those wanting to know when Dissidia releases, you need not look any further. Square Enix has recently confirmed that Dissidia has been given a spring 2011 release. Nomura has also went on to provide new details for the prequel. Which gamers get to have new costumes for Lightning and Cloud.

Along with the announcement of the release date. Gamers will also get to dress Lightning as Parasite Eve's Aya Brea, and Cloud in his original Kingdom Hearts outfit. The catch? You will have to purchase the Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep [Final Mix] respectively.

For more info in this exciting sequel. You can head here to Andriasang's Dissidia Sequel Article

Versus XIII and Agito trailers leakedEdit

September 17th by TheCheeseGrater

Exciting news for fans of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series as the trailers from TGS have been leaked! Both trailers were originaly only meant to be viewed in a privated booth at the Tokyo Game Show this year but it would seem someone managed to sneak in a camera and film them.

The quality is not great but they do show gameplay from both games. Check them out HERE

Versus XIII and Agito Will Have More Time in January Says Square EnixEdit

September 16th by Zeta Nova

Fans wanting to see Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII in this year's Tokyo Game Show will have to wait a little bit longer. As Square Enix has confirmed that they plan on bringing these games to light in their January 2011 Fabula Nova Crystalis Conference.

For more info, you can check Andriasang's article; Fabula Nova Conference

012: The Fantasy Is A RealityEdit

September 13th by Bluer

Famitsu has confirmed that a sequel to Dissidia will be released in 2011 for the PlayStation Portable. Titled Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy, the game will introduce new battle systems, soundtrack and maps. Additionally, players can communicate with others through a yet to be introduced communication system. New characters will also added to the player roster.

A demo of the game will be made playable to visitors to the Tokyo Game Show 2010. Tetsuya Nomura returns as the character designer as well as the producer of the title.

Source: Famitsu

Sephiroth Perfume To Be ReleasedEdit

September 12th by Divinecross
(Edited by SSFF6B on September 12th)

Following on from the release of the Final Fantasy XIII Lightning perfume last year, Square-Enix have announced the release of a Sephiroth themed perfume. The scent will be a unisex fragrance, that is light and refreshing. It is set to be released in mid-August for 17,140 yen.

Dissidia Final Fantasy SequelEdit

September 8th by Bluer

The Leaked information, particularly a page from Weekly Shounen Jump, suggests that Dissidia Final Fantasy will have a sequel. Titled "Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy", the game is supposedly made for release in 2011, and may include Kain Highwind and Lightning. While this information had been circulated all over the Internet, any other details are currently unknown.

As a side note, it is entirely possible that this is a hoax - please refrain from making any main space edits regarding this game until it has official confirmation.

First cited from Andriasang.

Final Fantasy XIII Hits Japanese XboxesEdit

September 7th by Drake Clawfang

Up until now, Final Fantasy XIII was a dual-platform game only in Europe and the west - in Japan the game was available only on the Playstation 3. However, leaked information from Dengeki Playstation magazine's next issue, which goes on sale in Japan later this week, suggests that 360 owners in Japan will soon be able to play the latest release on the console. The leaked information suggests the 360 release will include English voice acting and a new "easy" mode. The 360 version of the game is expected to go on sale December 16th, approximately one year since Final Fantasy XIII's original release on the PS3.

Source -

Final Fantasy XIV Beta No Longer DelayedEdit

September 1st by TheCheeseGrater

The open beta is now back on track and will begin tonight at 19:00 (PDT), Square Enix stated they had investigated and corrected the critical bugs.


August 2010Edit

Hajime Tabata: Final Fantasy Agito XIII Is Halfway Through DevelopmentEdit

August 31st by Zeta Nova

Tabata confirmed on 3rd Birthday's twitter feed that Agito has been halfway in development. As you know the trailers for Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII will be merged into a short trailer dubbed the Nova Crystalis project. And will be a last minute project. It's unclear whether Square Enix plans on making this trailer public or not in the TGS show.

Tabata notes that once 3rd Birthday's development's done his team will move on to complete Agito XIII.

For more info, you can head to Siliconera's article titled; Final Fantasy Agito XIII is Halfway Through Development

SQUARE ENIX: Sorry, No Final Fantasy XIV Beta Test. Will RescheduleEdit

August 31st by Zeta Nova

Hate to be the be the bearer of bad news. But fans wanting to play the Beta Test will have to wait a little while longer as SQUARE confirmed that there seems to be problems. Of course, this' bad considering that the game's release is September 22. Will keep you informed as we get more info.

For more info. You can head here at Kotaku's article: Final Fantasy XIV Beta is a No Go

Final Fantasy XIV Beta Test Begins Wednesday Says SQUARE on their Twitter AccountEdit

August 30th by Zeta Nova

SQUARE ENIX has confirmed on their twitter account that U.S Final Fantasy XIV players won't have to wait for long to beta test Final Fantasy XIV. Beta testing will commence this Wednesday; September 1, 2010. A pre-release trailer has also been released, revealing the theme song and an array of new cutscenes.

Original article can be found here at Siliconera's Final Fantasy XIV Beta article New trailer can be viewed at FFXIV Trailer

Versus and Agito at TGS this SeptemberEdit

August 27th by TheCheeseGrater

Finally Nomura has confirmed that both Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Agito XIII will make appearances at the Tokyo Game Show in September but before you get excited, Nomura stated that they will both be compiled into one trailer that lasts one minute long with no public release, so will therefore only be available to watch at the show (so let us hope someone smuggles in a webcam!).

Footage of Versus gameplay will be shown during the trailer, though all command menus will be edited out to shroud the gameplay mechanics into further mystery. The Agito footage will be brand new and confirmed to be very similiar to the final product, again hinting that Agito will be released before Versus.

More info at Tetsuya Details Versus and Agito TGS Plans

Pre-Order Bonuses For those that Pre-Order Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of LightEdit

August 26th by Zeta Nova

Square Enix has confirmed to those who pre-order; Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light will receive incentives. Pre-Ordering through Gamestop nets players a mini-poster. And pre-ordering on nets you a $10 credit for use with purchasing future game(s).

More info can be caught here at RPGfan's Pre-Order Article

Final Fantasy Versus XIII for 2011? Don't Count on It.Edit

August 25th by BlueHighwind

Versus XIII was first announced in 2006. Four years later, Square Enix still is keeping this project very close to the chest, leaving the game still very vague even after all that time. Many fans were hoping for at least a Japanese release in 2011, but recent statements by Square Enix's head Kitase indicate that the game may not even make that deadline, leading to speculation that the game may not even be released until 2012. "We cannot commit ourselves to 2011 either" said Kitase on the issue of Versus's release date. This comes right after Versus failed to make even a token appearance at E3 2010. Perhaps the game's upcoming Tokyo Game Show appearance will clear the issue up, perhaps not.

Source -

Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon Announced for PSN!Edit

August 11th by Bjarnster
(Edited by SilverCrono on August 11)

So far, Square Enix has delivered Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX via the Playstation Store. Now producer Shinji Hashimoto has announced Final Fantasy: Chocobo’s Mysterious Dungeon is set to join the lineup of Square Enix classics.

There were no other details announced apart from the fact that the game is being brought to PSN, but if Square Enix are as quick to produce as they have been with the other PSN titles, then one can expect to have this game on their PS3 or PSP by the end of the month.

Source -

Agito and Versus XIII voice recording is underway plus more info.Edit

August 9th by User:FFfangirl
(Edited by ScatheMote on August 9th)

Nomura has reported on Twitter that voice casting for Versus and Agito XIII have begun, and that they will not make an appearance at Gamescom. Concerning the design of the fields in Versus, Nomura has said that they will be like those from the 2D FF games but in HD.

Source -

The Black Mages disband.Edit

August 8th by Exdeath64
(Edited by ScatheMote on August 9th)

Due to scheduling conflicts between the band members and copyright issues with Square Enix, the Black Mages have disbanded. BUT it is not the end of Uematsu's work, he has stated that he will continue to do arrangements of his music.

Source -

July 2010Edit

Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest Heading To Virtual ConsoleEdit

July 29th by Bjarnster

Looks like Square Enix's beginner-friendly Final Fantasy will be heading towards Nintendo's Virtual Console in the near future. Mystic Quest first appeared on the SNES as a spinoff from the proper Final Fantasy titles and was "simplified" to say the least.

The game's been approved by Australia's Classification Board and it appears that Nintendo will be handling the publishing, meaning the game is set for release on Virtual Console.


Distant Worlds Performs at San Diego's Comic ConEdit

July 23rd by Zeta Nova

The popular orchestral series: Distant Worlds, performed last night at San Diego's Comic Con. Nobuo Uematsu and many other guests made an appearance with Arnie Roth conducting.

You can find the article here at Destructoid's SDCC's Ultimate Final Fantasy Concert article

Final Fantasy XIII Gets a Drama CD!Edit

July 21st by Bjarnster

Final Fantasy XIII has very in-depth story to it, but the only way you can know the entire story is by reading the prologue called Episode Zero: Promise which is available on Final Fantasy XIII’s official site.

For those of us that are maybe too busy to sit down and read, Square Enix has created a Drama CD of Episode Zero called ‘Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero Promise Fabula Nova Dramatica Alpha’. This will include the game’s voice actors Maya Sakamoto, Daisuke Ono and the others from the original cast. If you have already read the Prologue, there is also a bonus exclusive story on the CD.

Source - here

New game announced - Final Fantasy Legends!Edit

July 21st by Doreiku Kuroofangu

The development team behind Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is reuniting to release a new game, Final Fantasy Legends: Hikari to Yami no Senshi, which translates as "Final Fantasy Legends: Warriors of Light and Darkness". The game will return to the core Final Fantasy plot elements of crystals, the job system, and light and darkness. The game will be sprite-based and will focus in particular on the job system as the game is released in episodic format. The game's prologue will be available on mobile phones this September in Japan. The game's official Japanese website has also been launched -

Source -

Paramina Completes the Wiki's First Final Fantasy X Int/PAL Walkthrough!Edit

July 11th by Paramina

Paramina finally completed her third walkthrough project - the wiki's first Final Fantasy X Int/PAL Walkthrough, covering the International and PAL releases of the game. It is 58 pages in total, including the plot gameplay, all sidequests, a complete Monster Arena Guide, a Dark Aeons and Penance guide, and a Guide to Blitzball. The walkthrough also has a separate spoiler-free section. Her next walkthrough project? Final Fantasy XIII.

Final Fantasy XIV Beta beginsEdit

July 9th by Doreiku Kuroofangu

The beta testing of Final Fantasy XIV is set to begin July 10th, as confirmed on Twitter. It will be a closed beta - for those of you unfamiliar with the term, it means invite only.

Source -

Dissidia Final Fantasy is an Ultimate HitEdit

July 7th by Doreiku Kuroofangu

The "Ultimate Hits" line has hit three million units shipped, and to celebrate Sony is releasing Dissidia Final Fantasy as an Ultimate Hit. Both the original Japanese release of the game and the Universal Tuning enhanced release will be available for 2,940 yen on September 16th. The two versions will also be made available for download, both priced at 2100 yen. This is the first time Dissidia will be available for download.

Source -

June 2010Edit

Final Fantasy XIV Subscription Fees RevealedEdit

June 30th by Bjarnster

In a press release, Square Enix finally revealed the pricing and subscription plans for the MMO. The PC's regular edition is set for a $49.99 while the collectors edition for $74.99. The most important bit though, is the subscription fees, which is a lovely $12.99 per month. Wow, keep in mind that that's a couple of dollars cheaper than another certain MMO.


Final Fantasy XIV Lands This September For PC Users, But PS3 Users Will Have to Wait Till March 2011Edit

June 30th by Zeta Nova

Square confirmed today the release of Final Fantasy's 2nd MMORPG; Final Fantasy XIV. PC gamers will get to try it September. However, PS3 players will have to wait till March 2011.

For more info, you can check Siliconera's article

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Scenario and Character Designs CompleteEdit

June 29th by User:FFfangirl

Dengenki Playstation has confirmed that Tetsuya Nomura has finalized the character designs, and the game's scenario is now complete. Along with last week's new screenshots, Nomura confirmed that Versus will appear at the Tokyo Game Show in September.

Check out the article at Final Fantasy Union

Final Fantasy XIV Won't Have Summoners, But Will Include The Beasts As Important Plot ElementsEdit

June 28th by Zeta Nova

Square has confirmed that there will be no summon class. Still, they didn't rule out the possibility of summon beasts in XIV. The beasts will be a part of the story itself.

For more info you can check the news article here

Final Fantasy Agito XIII Development ProgressingEdit

June 24th by Bjarnster

In an interview in Dengeki PlayStation, Hajime Tabata, the director of Final Fantasy Agito XIII and Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday, has revealed some new details about Agito. When asked about the development process, Hajime said that "The 3rd Birthday takes priority" and that the development of Agito is steadily progressing. more here FF Union

Full Versus XIII scans and a translated Nomura interviewEdit

June 24th by User:FFfangirl

Yesterday, 3 new Versus images surfaced, but now they appear in a full scan from Famitsu. A translated interview has now appeared with director Nomura revealing more new details.

Scan with interview: SCRAWL (blog)

New Final Fantasy Versus XIII details and in-game screenshotsEdit

June 23rd by User:FFfangirl

Today in an issue of gaming magazine Famitsu, Tetsuya Nomura revealed new details about Versus XIII's development along with three never before seen in-Game screenshots. Nomura says that the graphic quality shown in the screenshots is on PS3 hardware, and that the development team is still working to improve the graphics among other things. One screenshot depicts Noctis about to fight a Behemoth-like creature in a city, the second shows him in a field with mountains and a highway, while the third shows Noctis at a gas station.

Full Versus details with sources: Final Fantasy New screenshots: [1]

Final Fantasy XIV May Support 3DEdit

June 17th by Bjarnster

Today at E3, Gaming Union got the chance to sit down with Square Enix and the beta build of their next online adventure, Final Fantasy 3D! The announcement came as quite the surprise as the rep briefed us about demo, character creation and battle system. Just to note though, Square Enix is only testing the 3D waters and it isn't yet confirmed if the final product will include 3D support.

More info here: [2].

Final Fantasy IX Now Available on PSNEdit

June 16th by Zeta Nova

With it's confirmation a few days back. Square Enix is pleased to announce that the long awaited Final Fantasy IX is now available to PSN users with a U.S account.

For more info you can head to this link here

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions Heading to Apple Series of HandheldsEdit

June 15th by SSFF6BBurtz - Knight - Ultima Sword

Following in the footsteps of its turn-based brothers Final Fantasy I & II, Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions is heading to Apple's iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. This game was announced alongside a remake of Secret of Mana at E3 2010. The game is expected to come out later this year. [3]

Final Fantasy IV Now On European Virtual ConsoleEdit

June 11th by Bjarnster

Good news for all you retro Final Fantasy fans, as Final Fantasy IV is now available on the European Virtual Console, the Nintendo Wii's equivalent to the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Store.[4]

Final Fantasy IX Arrives in North America on June 15Edit

June 11th by Zeta Nova

That's right PSN users, Square Enix has confirmed June 15th as Final Fantasy IX's North American debut on PSN's PlayStation Store

You can read the full article here.

Square Enix And Sony Face Lawsuit Over Broken Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

June 4th by Bjarnster

A lawsuit has been filed against Square Enix and Sony Computer Entertainment America due to the freezing issues many claimed to have when playing Final Fantasy XIII on the PlayStation 3. An issue that some say even lead to the complete failure of the console. More here[5].

May 2010Edit

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light coming stateside October 5Edit

May 27th by Yun Fang

It will likely come as no surprise that Square Enix recently published a press release announcing an English localization for Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. The DS RPG, which touts "beautiful picture book visuals and an easy to control battle system," and a setting which "goes back to the basics and origins of the Final Fantasy series," will come to the US on October 5, according to the game's official site. Europe will get the game sometime this Fall, but a release date hasn't been specified.

The game features a classic turn-based battle system with customizable commands, and a "Crown System" that allows players to change character classes at the drop of a ... well, a hat. Players can also team up with three of their friends to tackle dungeons cooperatively.

--Hardly worth the effort. 13:30, May 27, 2010 (UTC)


Final Fantasy IX available for download in PAL regions via the PlayStation StoreEdit

May 21st by Unknown

Final Fantasy IX has been released for download on the European, Australian and New Zealand PlayStation Networks, costing £7.99 in the UK, $15.95 in Australia and $18.90 in New Zealand. Game page on NZ PS website

Itadaki Street Mobile Is AnnouncedEdit

May 21st by: SilverCrono

As of today, Square Enix has announced the existence of an upcoming Itadaki Street Mobile game. There are no release times yet, but there is a confirmation that Lightning of Final Fantasy XIII fame will make an appearance. Check out the website here.

Final Fantasy IX Arrives in Japan Once AgainEdit

May 20th by: Zeta Nova

As of today, Square Enix has made Final Fantasy IX available to those with a japanese PSN account. Fret not U.S gamers, Square Enix has confirmed a U.S version as well. But they didn't give the exact date. For more info, head on to Siliconera's FFIX article

Versus XIII to hit 360?Edit

May 18th by Drake Clawfang

Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the second of the trilogy we know near nothing about, has thus far been announced as a PS3 exclusive. However, Square-Enix CEO Yoichi Wada has hinted that Versus may follow Final Fantasy XIII in becoming a dual-platform system, released on both the PS3 and X-Box 360. The company will examine the possibility further and make an announcement in the future. Read more here

In related Final Fantasy XIII news, the game sold 5.5 million copies worldwide last year. Combined with Dragon Quest IX, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, and Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, this past year Square has seen the largest profit margins yet since Squaresoft and Enix merged back in 2003, the earnings producing more than a 40% increase over their profits last year.

Major Classical Label Releases Nobuo AlbumEdit

May 17th by Drake Clawfang

Universal Music Group, the largest record company in the world, is set to release "Benyamin Nuss Plays Uematsu," which will feature twenty-one year old Benyamin Nuss playing piano arrangements of some of Nobuo Uematsu's most memorable video game pieces. This will be Nuss' first album release and is dedicated to Uematsu due to the magnitude and emotional impact his works have had on video games. The current songs Nuss will be playing are unknown, but will span Final Fantasy VI to Final Fantasy IX, so fans of One-Winged Angel can be confident that yet another arrangment will likely soon be born to the world.

You can read about the upcoming release here.

Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes of Light Rated In AustraliaEdit

May 10th by Bjarnster

It appears that the spin-off game Final Fantasy Gaiden: The Four Warriors of Light was rated in Australia with a parental certificate. This could mean that we may be seeing an International release sooner than we expected. See more here.

Final Fantasy IX hits PSN on May 20thEdit

May 6th by Drake Clawfang
May 7th edited by: Zeta Nova

Japanese fans should be pleased to know that Final Fantasy IX will be released on the Japanese Playstation Network on May 20th, making all three Playstation games available. At this time, no release date has been given for the game's release on the network in English. The price to download it has also not been announced, but previously the PSN releases of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII were priced at ¥1,500. Read the update yourself here.

edit Square also confirmed that the game will hit the PSN in the U.S., according to the official PlayStation blog (U.S.). More can be found here

Final Fantasy IX Development CompleteEdit

May 4th by Ultrapunch

Following their announcement of Final Fantasy IX on the PSN, Square Enix have announced that development has already finished via their Square Enix Members Twitter account. All that is left is the play testing. We'll be seeing Vivi and Zidane again very soon.

The tweet can be seen here

April 2010Edit

Final Fantasy Agito XIII Gets An Update via TwitterEdit

April 19th by Zeta Nova

Twitter lately has been a great source of Square Enix updates. The latest comes from Tabata's Final Fantasy Agito XIII.

Which there's been a new trailer of the game. The producers were also impressed how far the game developed progressed.

The downside though is that it will be a while until they show more details of the game. However, with E3 2010 drawing near, they hope that they will be able to show the game.

More details can be found here

Final Fantasy is released on all major mobile phone carriersEdit

April 14th by Violawes

Yet another remake of the original Final Fantasy has been released, this time on all major mobile phone carriers. Despite a release of the PSP version of the first two games on the iPod Touch and iPhone, another, visually downgraded version of the original, but not the second has been released. It features redrawn sprites, backrounds, and spell animations similar to the Origins version, while keeping the gameplay, script, and story intact from later versions. The cost of this new release varies depending on the phone carrier. A video of the game can be seen here

Square Enix Prepares an Additional Final Fantasy XIII SoundtrackEdit

April 12th by Zeta Nova

As if releasing a soundtrack wasn't enough. Square plans to switch it up by releasing a new soundtrack to the best selling Final Fantasy; Final Fantasy XIII

These tracks on the CD will contain background themes that were added to the overseas version of the game.

More can be found here here

4 Warriors of Light: Final Fantasy Gaiden Comes to the U.SEdit

April 8th by Zeta Nova

Square Enix confirmed that Final Fantasy Gaiden will be coming to the U.S, but under a new name. Titled: The 4 Heroes of Light. The article can be found here

Final Fantasy IX to hit PSNEdit

April 2nd by Drake Clawfang

A video released by Square-Enix on Twitter confirms that Final Fantasy IX will soon be made available for download on the Playstation Network. Now all of the Playstation-era games can be bought by the fanbase. The six-second video is located here, but note the video is in Japanese. An "official" announcement has yet to be made on the release, but those who have been following Square-Enix on Twitter knows they have been hinting at Final Fantasy IX's PSN debut on Twitter for a few weeks now.

March 2010Edit

Final Fantasy XIV Website UpdateEdit

March 30th by Drake Clawfang

Today the official website for Final Fantasy XIV was updated with more information on the races of the game. The races of the game are the Hyur, the Miqo'te, the Lalafell, the Elezen, and the Roegadyn. Each race is further divided into tribes with their own appearance and behavioral differences.

Visit the site and view the races yourself -

Toriyama: Versus and Agito XIII to follow in XIII's footstepsEdit

March 23rd by Zeta Nova

With the recent GDC '10. Toriyama mentioned that Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII would focus more on the story as Final Fantasy XIII did.

Square Enix CEO: We'll "Explore the Possibility" of a Final Fantasy VII remakeEdit

March 22nd by FaythOfFenrir

Square Enix seems to finally be considering the possibility of a Final Fantasy VII remake. Other recent news, such as Toriyama's desire to remake it, and the poll on Twitter are starting to make the thought of a Final Fantasy VII remake a legitimate possibility!

Source: Kotaku

Future game developments over TwitterEdit

March 20th by Drake

Revealed through Twitter, the spin-off Final Fantasy Agito XIII, of which we know nearly nothing about, is still in development. Yusuke Naora, the game's art director, confirms the game is finally entering full swing, and may be shown to fans in the future. Other news confirms that Tatsuya Kando is working on the overseas version of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and the overseas release of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Shinji Hashimoto, producer of Versus XIII, hinted that Final Fantasy IX may follow the footsteps of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII and be available for download soon via the Playstation Network.

You can read the developer comments first-hand here.

Motomu Toriyama Wants to Remake Final Fantasy VII!Edit

March 19th by FaythOfFenrir

Here we go again! Final Fantasy developer Square Enix continuing mentioning "Final Fantasy VII" and "remake" in the same breath.

Previously, Final Fantasy VII character designer mentioned the prospects of a FFVII remake, and then FFVII game director Yoshinori Kitase mentioned how he was never tired of answering questions about FFVII remakes. Now?

When asked by game site Siliconera which game FFXIII director Motomu Toriyama would want to remake, he replied, "That would be Final Fantasy VII!"

"If we had the manpower and the time to work on a project, if we were to remake Final Fantasy VII with the quality of Final Fantasy XIII it would become a tremendous project," Toriyama continued. "If we can get the number of people we need by all means that would be the one I would really want to remake."

In 2006, Square Enix released a "technical demo" depicting Final Fantasy VII as it would look in the PlayStation 3. The game was originally released on the PlayStation 1 in 1997.

Source: Taken Directly From Kotaku,

Square Enix Will "Do Its Best" For a Dissidia Final Fantasy SequelEdit

March 18th by FaythOfFenrir

High sales have lead Dissidia Final Fantasy to be a success. When asked about the inevitable Dissidia 2, Square Enix game designer Tetsuya Nomura replied, "I'll do my best for a sequel to Dissidia Final Fantasy!"

Source: Kotaku, Interview

Nomura: Confirms That There Will Be Airships in Final Fantasy Versus XIIIEdit

March 17th by Zeta Nova

Tetsuya Nomura answered a few questions concerning one of his upcoming projects, one of them being Versus XIII He confirmed that players will be able to use airships to fly to otherwise unreachable lands on foot.

Kitase: Interested in Letting Gamers Take Part in Movie ScenesEdit

March 15th by Zeta Nova

With his recent GDC speech, Yoshinori Kitase commented that he wanted to try a different approach at looking at cinematic scenes, meaning full action similar to Uncharted and Kingdom Hearts. He went with a situation showing the player's character jumping off of dragons. You can read the speech here.

Toriyama and Kitase: Interested in Developing Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

March 13th by Zeta Nova

With the success of Final Fantasy XIII still in the air Toriyama, along with Kitase, have also expressed their interests in doing Final Fantasy XIII-2. You can read their claims for yourself here.

Final Fantasy XIV incentives to be included on PS3-only editions of Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

March 9th by Zeta Nova

Square Enix confirmed that those who get the first batch of Final Fantasy XIII [PS3 editions] will get a special item for Final Fantasy XIV. A promotional code was included with initial production run copies of Final Fantasy XIII that can be registered on the Square Enix website.

Final Fantasy IV Releases on the Virtual ConsoleEdit

March 9 by 15px-358_icon.png 死の 15px-358_icon.png

Final Fantasy IV has been released for the Wii's Virtual Console as Final Fantasy II for the SNES, get it for 800 Wii points!

Final Fantasy XIII Releases GloballyEdit

March 9 by Zeta Nova
(Edited by Jeppo on March 9)

The eagerly anticipated sequel has just released in all parts of Europe. And at midnight it will release in the U.S. Several GameStop stores have also confirmed they'll be open at midnight.

Final Fantasy XIII is released on the PlayStation 3 and, for the first time globally, the Xbox 360. Players can choose from the normal Final Fantasy XIII edition or a special collection edition which costs slightly more to buy.

U.S Final Fantasy XIII Site UpdateEdit

March 6th by Zeta Nova

The official site has been updated once again. This update includes the following:

  • Paradigm Shift explanation
  • interviews

Amazon and Target Offering Final Fantasy XIII Pre-Order IncentivesEdit

March 5th by Zeta Nova

Those that place $10 either through Amazon or Target will get a special incentive

  • Target - $10 gift card
  • Amazon - $10 credit toward future game purchases

GameStop Offering Midnight Launch Events for Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

March 4 by Zeta Nova

Buisness site; Market watch has announced that GameStop will be having a midnight launch.

February 2010Edit

Three New Final Fantasy XI Expansions AnnouncedEdit

February 28 by FaythOfFenrir

At Vanafest 2010 in Tokyo, Hiromichi Tanaka, the lead developer of Final Fantasy XI, announced that game will get three new high level battle area additions this year:

An official page has been Launched for these expansions.

From Kotaku.

Square Enix Already Discussing Final Fantasy XVEdit

February 27 by FaythOfFenrir

According to Final Fantasy Union, Square Enix is already talking about Final Fantasy XV.

Speaking to Xbox 360 World, Kitase stated “We’ve got a few ideas for Final Fantasy XV lined up, but there is no singular aim for where we want the series to go. Final Fantasy can go in all directions; each one is very different from the last. The one thing we set out to do is to make sure we tell a story that hasn’t been told before.”

Check it out here.

Final Fantasy I/II iPod Touch/iPhone Releasing This WeekEdit

February 23nd by RoopdeeRoo.

IGN reports that Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II for the iPod Touch and iPhone are to be released this Thursday.

No price has been set.

Update #1: The article has disappeared from the site.

Update #2: Although the article confirming the release date has disappeared, the two games are now currently on the iPod Touch and iPhone. Posts a Week-long Final Fantasy XIII PreviewEdit

February 22nd by Zeta Nova

Gaming site has begun a week-long Final Fantasy XIII preview, detailing everything about Final Fantasy XIII and its history.

Check it out here.

Square Enix Uses Germany As Their Next Final Fantasy XIII Bus TourEdit

February 22 by Zeta Nova

Like San Francisco. Square Enix Europe will be having it's own Final Fantasy XIII-themed bus tour. Which they'll head to various areas of Germany

Areas including: Leipzig Berlin etc...

GameSpot Adds New English Trailers For Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

February 20th by Zeta Nova

Game news and media site GameSpot have added several new trailers in English. They detail the following:

  • Active Time Battles
  • boss fight
  • various enemies in the Hanging Edge area
  • game's opening movie

Check them out here.

London Celebrates Final Fantasy XIII's Release in StyleEdit

February 19th by Zeta Nova

London's HMV, Oxford Street will be throwing a own release party for Final Fantasy XIII. There will be a great number of events, including:

  • Rewarding the first 50 people to arrive in Final Fantasy cosplays with a free soundtrack;
  • Chances to win various Final Fantasy-related goodies; and
  • An opportunity to meet Yoshinori Kitase, the game's producer and Isamu Kamikokuryo, the art director.

Entry will be free and will be a great way to celebrate the release of the game.

New Info on iPhone releases of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy IIEdit

February 13th by Doreiku Kuroofangu

Last month Square-Enix announces that the original two games in the Final Fantasy series are going to be remade again for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Today, it has been revealed that the games will be available "before spring", so expect a release within the next month. The games will feature new control systems for the touch screen, with a D-pad located in the lower-left corner of the screen with a button to dash in the center in the lower-right. Screenshots also show icons for battle commands that appear on the lower edge of the screen in combat. Graphics-wise, the two games are identical to their PSP releases. Read more Here

Final Fantasy XIII released a special message from Leona LewisEdit

February 13th by Judge Balthier 17:53, February 13, 2010 (UTC) Check it out!

Final Fantasy VIII released on European PlayStation NetworkEdit

February 4th by Henryacores^ 17:13, February 4, 2010 (UTC)

Exactly what it says on the tin. Final Fantasy VIII is now available for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable worldwide.

January 2010Edit

Final Fantasy XIII International Trailer ReleasedEdit

January 28th by Jeppo

The Final Fantasy XIII International Trailer is now available to download on the PlayStation Network for free in at least the PAL region. The 1080p Trailer also features the game's theme song, "My Hands" by Leona Lewis, as well as showcasing the new battle system.

The game itself will be released outside of Japan on the 9th of March.

Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II for the iPhone and iPod!Edit

January 21st by Doreiku Kuroofangu

Square-Enix continues its foray into mobile phone releases. The first two Final Fantasy games will soon be available as apps on the iPhone and iPod touch. The releases will featured updated graphics, the bonus dungeons from the PSP port, and new touch screen features. No pricing or release date information has been given yet.

Source -

Yuanchosaan has become an administrator!Edit

January 18 by Xepscern11:06, January 18, 2010 (UTC)

After almost two years of solid editing, Yuanchosaan has officially become an Administrator on the Final Fantasy Wiki, making her the second female to do so. Please congratulate her on this.