Welcome to the Shinra News Archives. Here are the news pertaining the FFWiki and Final Fantasy in 2009.

December 2009Edit

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers is now out in North AmericaEdit

December 26 by エーテル 23:31, December 26, 2009 (UTC)

After a mere month and a half of the Japanese release, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers has now been released in the United States and Canada for the Wii. Now you can play as Layle, a crystal bearer with gravity powers, and torture random NPCs as much as your heart desires. Ram them into walls, throw boulders and gunpowder at them, steal their newspaper, you name it!

Vagrant Story Arrives on the PlayStation Network in Europe and AustraliaEdit

December 22 by Jeppo (Added 23:27, December 31, 2009 (UTC))

It wasn't initially part of the Final Fantasy series when it first came out, but the Ivalice Alliance title Vagrant Story is available to download at the PlayStation Store for £4.79. As with other PlayStation titles, it is available to play on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable.

Final Fantasy VIII arrives on North American PSNEdit

December 17 by --SSFF6B edited by --Adonzo 20:11, December 19, 2009 (UTC)

Square Enix didn't give us much of a heads up, as Final Fantasy VIII has arrived on the PSN in North America just days after it was announced. The game takes up 1.6 GB of data and costs $9.99.

Final Fantasy VIII Coming Soon to North American PSNEdit

December 17 by --Adonzo

Final Fantasy VIII listed in the PSN Coming Soon section in Sony's North American newsletter.

Final Fantasy XIV Online Beta Testing StartedEdit

December 16
Edited by 8bit

The Final Fantasy XIV site has opened a link to sign up for beta testing. The beta version released is for Windows.

Final Fantasy XIII Released!Edit

December 16th by BlueHighwind

The long-awaited thirteenth installment to the ongoing Final Fantasy series has been released in its native Japan. After five years of development and the vast patience of the fans, the PlayStation 3 title is now in stores, ready to be bought by an eager public. However, for you international fans, you'll just have to wait a few more months. Also, the XBox 360 version is still awaiting a release date. Even so, this is a momentous moment in the annals of Final Fantasy!

Final Fantasy XIII Soundtrack Site OpenEdit

December 11 by Zeta Nova 11:05, December 11, 2009 (UTC)

Square Enix has officially opened their Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack section. Which you can preview the first 10 tracks of disc 1. There'll be a movie that will play later on.

Final Fantasy XIII Elixir to Contain as Much Caffeine as compared to FF's PotionEdit

December 8 by Zeta Nova 18:08, December 8, 2009 (UTC)

According to several news sites (siliconera, ign etc...) they've reported that Suntory has updated the jelly and caffeine on their Final Fantasy XIII Elixir. It contains as much caffeine as compared to it's predecessor; Final Fantasy Potion. Man, when major games get out like these, Square certainly knows how to throw a party. The game's set for release next week in Japan

Final Fantasy XIII JP Website UpdatedEdit

December 8 by Zeta Nova 09:51, December 8, 2009 (UTC)

The website has updated once again, though it's nothing in the way of trailers or anything like that. But rather it details on the upcoming game, set to release next week. Prior to the game's release. Japan's planning on a week-wide schedule. Starting this Saturday until the 16th. The other item of update is the HDTV guide. How the game would look if you had different versions of the HDTV.

Rocking Chair completes another WalkthroughEdit

December 6 by Rocking Chair

Rocking Chair has completed a Final Fantasy III DS Walkthrough. This is the second Final Fantasy III DS walkthrough on this wiki after Hexed's original one. This is also the third walkthrough Rocking Chair has written and he hopes to write more soon.

Final Fantasy XIII JP Website UpdatedEdit

December 4 by Zeta Nova 08:34, December 4, 2009 (UTC)

A few items have been added to the site. Most notably the following

  • Summon: Vanille's mech summon; Hecatoncheir
  • Character: The Sanctum
  • Special: Items of Note - Final Fantasy XIII Novelization, Postcard book

Final Fantasy XIII Theme Single ReleasedEdit

December 2 by Zeta Nova 20:00, December 2, 2009 (UTC)

Japanese singer/songwriter; Sayuri Sugawara has released her single; Kimi ga Iru Kara, this is the japanese version of Final Fantasy XIII's theme. Along with it, people who also purchase her single also get another Final Fantasy XIII theme song on the CD as well. Titled; Eternal Love. Though, it's unknown whether Eternal Love will be translated to english and that if she or Leona will do the song.

Final Fantasy XIII European and North American Box Art RevealedEdit

December 1 by Zeta Nova 10:41, December 1, 2009 (UTC)

SQUARE ENIX Ltd has revealed to the net; the European box art. The box art features heroine; Lightning, weilding her signature gunblade weapon. The box pic can be seen here Final Fantasy XIII European Box Art Revealed

Also, later that day SQUARE revealed the North American version. Not suprising that it looks like the European version.

November 2009Edit

Final Fantasy XIII Website UpdatedEdit

November 30 by Zeta Nova 23:24, November 30, 2009 (UTC)

The site's been updated with two new Field locations and the announcement of the Official Soundtrack. Which drops on January 27, 2010 across Japan.

Final Fantasy XIII Final Trailer ReleasedEdit

November 24 by Zeta Nova 19:42, November 24, 2009 (UTC)

After 4 days of countdown. Square Enix has released a final trailer to the public. This sheds more light on the game story and also shows new characters along with the characters' Eidolons. And for the first time introduces us to this game's Cid. His name's Cid Reinz Japanese Final Fantasy XIII Website Link

Japanese Final Fantasy XIII Website Updated! Edit

November 22nd by Violetmage♥ 14:20, November 22, 2009 (UTC)

The Japanese Final Fantasy XIII website has been updated to include information about Hope's Eidolon Alexander and the locations Nautilis and Sunleth Waterscape.

Final Fantasy XIII's North American and European release dates announced! Edit

November 13th by Ash Crimson 15:58, November 13, 2009 (UTC)

Final Fantasy XIII will be released on March 9th, 2010 in North America and Europe on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3!

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Released in Japan!Edit

November 12th by FaythOfFenrir

After years of waiting, delays, and cancellation rumors, The Crystal Bearers is finally out in Japan. Coming to America on December 26th.

Final Fantasy XIII Website Update!Edit

November 9th by MMLN メーマウリアン 09:02, November 9, 2009 (UTC)

The Japanese website for FFXIII has been updated with images and informations about Palumpolum. Japanese Final Fantasy XIII Website Link

Dissidia Final Fantasy Comes to The PSNEdit

Novermber 7th by SuperGuyverUSA Edited by Azul81677

The Dissidia has come to the PlayStation Network! All of you with a PSP who still don't have Dissidia -Final Fantasy-, now's the time to get it! The game is $39.99 and needs 1.22 GB worth of space.

Final Fantasy XIII Announcement Coming November 13?Edit

Novemeber 7th by FaythOfFenrir

An anagram was posted today on the Square Enix members blog with the title A puzzle for FINAL FANTASY XIII fans!. The anagramed phrase was "A Henchmen Inventor Tent Unto". The good people over at solved it to read "Announcement Nov Thirteenth". What could this mean? Find out on the 13th.


Dissidia Final Fantasy Universal Tuning is Released!Edit

November 1st by SuperGuyverUSA

The Re-release of Dissidia Final Fantasy is in stores for the country of Japan today. The game will have all the extras and enhancements from the US/EU release. The game is released simultaneously on UMD and as a digital download on PlayStation Store.

October 2009Edit

Lightning comes to Dissidia...NOT!Edit

October 31st by Drake Clawfang

Halloween is a time for thrills, chills and horror, and no doubt thousands of fans across North America and Europe are feeling all three right now. A clever hoax regarding Lightning, protagonist of Final Fantasy XIII, has fooled the fandom into thinking she'll make an appearance in Universal Tuning. But it seems it was a trick disguised as a treat - as shown here, the Lightning models are fan-made, and the screenshots and magazine scans, photoshopped. With the larger sizes of the images, the fakery is more clear.

So Lightning is yet confined to Final Fantasy XIII for now, and the fandom as a whole has been fooled. Happy Halloween!

Crystal Defenders Now Available on PSP in EuropeEdit

October 30 by Jeppo

From the 29th October, Square's defence strategy game is now be downloadable from the PlayStation Network onto your PSP for £7.99, which is the same price as the PS3 version. It is rated 7+ by PEGI.

Final Fantasy XIII Website Update!Edit

October 30 by Violetmage♥06:19, October 30, 2009 (UTC)

The Japanese website for FFXIII has been updated to include information on Oerba Yun Fang, Brynhildr, and Bahamut. Images of Sazh with Brynhildr and Oerba Yun Fang with Bahamut are posted for your enjoyment! Japanese Final Fantasy XII Website Link

Hikari no 4 Senshi Final Fantasy Gaiden is released in Japan!Edit

October 29 by SuperGuyverUSA 22:46, October 29, 2009 (UTC)

As the title says, Hikari no 4 Senshi Final Fantasy Gaiden is released in the country of Japan.

Final Fantasy downloadable on the Virtual Console!Edit

October 16 by Crazyswordsman 15:06, October 16, 2009 (UTC)

Enjoy a trip back in time to a classic moment! Final Fantasy for the NES! Enjoy the game as it was meant to be played!

Final Fantasy XIII TGS Trailer now English Dubbed!Edit

October 3 by Ash Crimson 00:24, October 3, 2009 (UTC)
Edited by wee187

An English dubbing of the Final Fantasy XIII Tokyo Game Show 2009 trailer has been released! Watch it here!

September 2009Edit

Final Fantasy XIII Official website update!Edit

September 28 by Lions With Whips

Final Fantasy XIII has just uploaded a brand new trailer on the official Japanese website, watch it here.

Final Fantasy VIII released on the Playstation Network!Edit

September 24 by Ultrapunch 19:59, September 24, 2009 (UTC)

Final Fantasy VIII will be released on the Japanese PSN... Yesterday! If you missed FFVIII the first time round, or just want to draw more magic, now's your chance. Unfortunately, it has only been released in Japan at the moment, but it'll be hitting digital shores around you soon.

Final Fantasy XIV trailer at Tokyo Game Show!Edit

September 24 by Drake Clawfang

A trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV has been shown at the Tokyo Game Show. You can watch it here on YouTube to see what the MMO has to offer.

Final Fantasy IV to be ported to Japanese mobile phonesEdit

September 22 by Edited by Drake Clawfang

Square-Enix is set to release Final Fantasy IV on mobile phones for October 5th in Japan. Judging from the game's website screenshots, the port will use a similar engine as The After Years, as it has similar larger sprites outside of battle. The port will include bonus features such as an extra dungeon, though it's difficult to say if it's the same bonus dungeon as the Advance release, or a new dungeon.

Fans may remember that Final Fantasy IV's sequel, The After Years, was released on mobile in Japan before coming to WiiWare in North America. It's currently unknown if this latest port of the Super NES classic will follow the same pattern.

Further information can be viewed here -

Final Fantasy XIII Japan Release Date Revealed!Edit

September 7th by Ultrapunch 06:08, September 8, 2009 (UTC)

An advert on the Japanese Youtube site today teased a reveal of the Final Fantasy XIII release date tomorrow. However by messing around with the URL, a new image appears. From this new image it can be seen that the Release Date for FFXIII in Japan is on the 17th of December 2009. Only a few more months of waiting for our Japanese readers! Both the images can be seen at
Update: This was confirmed at the FFXIII Pre-TGS Event along with the price 8800 Yen/9240 Yen (without tax/with tax), a PS3 bundle and a new Elixir/Potion energy drink!

Another Final Fantasy Tactics Walkthrough done!Edit

September 5th by TenzaZangetsu

TenzaZangetsu has finally finished his Final Fantasy Tactics Walkthrough after four months working on it. It is 53 pages long and covers every quest in the game. It also includes a full page to help players to understand the Jobs of the game and their abilities. This is the third Walkthrough of the game in this site.

Dissidia Final Fantasy is released in Europe and AustraliaEdit

September 4th by Jeppo & Yellow Mage

Now the remaining part of the world can get their hands on Dissidia as the game reaches the PAL region. Gameplay wise, it plays exactly the same as the NTSC-A version. Non-gameplay wise, there's the regular edition or the special edition, which comes with most of the American multi-store pre-order goodies in one package! PEGI rating: 12; OFLC rating: PG.

August 2009Edit

Dissidia Final Fantasy is released in the US and CanadaEdit

August 25th by ScatheMote

After an agonizing wait of eight months, American and Canadian PSP owners can finally choose their side in Dissidia Final Fantasy. The version has a newly added Arcade Mode, in which a predetermined character must fight an onslaught of 5 opponents, the gameplay has been changed to be more balanced, and certain new characters appear as cameos. Sadly, PAL PSP owners will have to wait until September 4th to be able to play Dissidia.

Dissidia Universal Tuning website launchesEdit

August 24th by Drake Clawfang

The day before Dissidia Final Fantasy is released in North America, the website for "Dissidia Final Fantasy: Universal Tuning" is also launched. Universal Tuning is set to release in Japan on November 1st, and is currently set to include all the updates made to the English version. Any other updates it will include are yet unknown, but given Square Enix's track record with their "Final Mix" re-releases, it's likely there will be more. Though it's just a logo for now, you can view the website here.

BlueHighwind completes his Final Fantasy XII WalkthroughEdit

August 23rd by Wyvern777

BlueHighwind has finally completed his Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough this is most likely his last Walkthrough as he left the Wiki immediately afterwards. The Walkthrough follows usual BlueHighwind tradition with his unique commentary mixed with a great Walkthrough. Worthy of note is that along with Paramina's FFXII guide this is one of only two guides for FFXII.

Drake Clawfang completes his License Board FAQEdit

August 22nd by Drake Clawfang

Drake Clawfang has completed his License Board FAQ for Final Fantasy XII. This in-depth guide features suggested Job Classes, diagrams of the License Board, and an in-depth look at getting the most out of the player's LP. The guide, though not a full walkthrough, is one of the few guides on the Wiki to focus on a single aspect of a game rather than walkthrough it in its entirety.

Crystal Defenders comes to the US PlayStation NetworkEdit

August 8th by BlueHighwind

The Final Fantasy spin-off title, Crystal Defenders came out today on the PlayStation Network in North America, following a July 23rd release in Europe. The game, which has already been released in America on the iPod, Xbox Live, and WiiWare, can be downloaded for a cost of $9.99.

Lord of Vermilion IIEdit

August 7th by DB36
Edited by Otherarrow
Edited by BlueHighwind

Lord of Vermilion, a Japan-only strategic card game made by Square Enix that including plenty of references to our Final Fantasy series, gains a sequel. Following a week long countdown that began with a cryptic mention of "VII Days" (the use of the roman numeral "VII" seemingly enough for some other news outlets to instantly assume another Final Fantasy VII title) those roman numerals began to countdown slowly down to VI, then V, then IV, until finally the truth was revealed. The website mentions that it will feature characters from other Square Enix titles like Final Fantasy IV, Romancing SaGa II, and in a surprise move, monsters from the popular trading card game, Magic the Gathering. Final Fantasy IV characters that are known to be featured so far are Rydia, Kain Highwind, Edge, and finally Golbez. English text states that it will be released at Japan in Autumn of 2009, though you can probably forget about a larger international release. Website here

Final Fantasy XIV website is up!Edit

August 7th by Drake Clawfang

The website for Final Fantasy XIV is now up. Currently viewable are screenshots, artwork, and other information about the game. Other features don't appear fully operational, but surely will be in time. You can take a look at the website here.

July 2009Edit

GameStop begins Final Fantasy contestEdit

July 29th by Drake Clawfang

GameStop has begun a contest any Final Fantasy fan will surely be eager to enter. First prize is a fully-detailed scale replica of Gabranth's helmet from Final Fantasy XII, though it cannot be worn and is only for display. Second prize is a set of Master Creature figures featuring Shiva, the Magus Sisters and Gilgamesh. Third prize is a set of Dissidia figures, namely Cloud, Squall, Zidane and Tidus. You can find information about entering the contest here.

Crystal Defenders Arrives on PlayStation NetworkEdit

July 26th by Jeppo

Crystal Defenders is now available to download on the European PlayStation Network. In fact it has been out since the 23rd July, which is something all of us have missed. It is priced at £7.99 and is rated 7+ from PEGI. There is also a playable demo available to download for free just in case you want to try before you buy!

Japanese Final Fantasy XIII Website Goes Behind the ScenesEdit

July 25th by Jackrandall1

The japanese FFXIII site has added a new 'report' which appears to give info on the making of the game and has an accompanying new video. See the update [3].

TheSpeedGamers' Final Fantasy Marathon is FinishedEdit

July 25th by Kuzlalala Squee!

TheSpeedGamers' Final Fantasy Marathon is finished at last, at about 11:00 PM GMT. They resulted in total of $50,609.63 of charity for ACT Today. TheSpeedGamers explained that after the marathon was finished, they had their last dinner and acted their normal lives. See more here.

Dissidia Final Fantasy has Website UpdateEdit

July 23rd by Drake Clawfang

Dissidia's official website has been updated with more Gameplay tutorials. Now, information of progressing through storymode and guarding and evading are available on the site, as well as a downloadable manual through the PlayStation Network. In related news, IGN and GameSpy continue their coverage of the heroes and villains with English exhibition videos. This week Exdeath and Bartz are the showcased characters.

Final Fantasy IV Comes to Japanese Wii Virtual Console Edit

July 22nd by BlueHighwind

Right on the heels of the release of Final Fantasy III on the Virtual Console yesterday, Final Fantasy IV is announced to join it. Naturally this version, like previous Virtual Console re-releases will be a direct port of the Super Famicom game that was released in Japan back in my birth year, 1991. It will be released on August 4th for 900 Wii Points. As typical with these things, there is no mention of an international follow up. [4]

TheSpeedGamers are Playing Final Fantasy I-XII for CharityEdit

July 21st by ChuckBartowski is playing Final Fantasy I-XII for the ACT(Autism Care and Treatment) Today charity. They have beat their previous goal of $20,000 and are now trying for $50,000. Visit here to watch and donate.

The Final Fantasy Wiki (Finally) has a Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings WalkthroughEdit

July 19th by Rocking Chair

Rocking Chair has finally finished his second Walkthrough for the Final Fantasy Wiki. He is as proud as punch to reveal the first Revenant Wings Walkthrough for this site. It contains some strategies to beating all 81 missions in the game. He hopes that he can continue to write more walkthroughs in the near future.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years has Website UpdatedEdit

July 18th by Drake Clawfang

The website for The After Years has been updated with information for the final chapter in the game, "The Crystals". The profile for the "Man in Black" is also available, though it tells us absolutely nothing about him. Currently, the site still has no information about when the final chapter, or when the other three chapters previewed earlier this month, will be available on WiiWare.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord is Released in EuropeEdit

July 17th by BlueHighwind

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord, the sequel to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King has been released today for download on the WiiWare in Europe, with a North American release coming only a few days away on the 20th. In this real-time strategy title, players take the role of Mira the daughter of the villain of the last game. In a switch from the usual Final Fantasy style, players are supposed to be the villains of this title, as they defend their tower from any pesky would-be heroes. [5]

(This report comes with an apology over the Shinra News' failure to report upon the release of My Life as a Darklord on June 30th in Japan. Some reports just slip by us. We are all human or semi-human here, after all.)

Dissidia Final Fantasy English Gameplay Videos at GameSpotEdit

July 16th by FinalFighterA+

In addition to the IGN and GameSpy video profiles, GameSpot is releasing full gameplay videos from the english language version of Dissidia each week. The first of which, a match between Terra and Ultimecia, can be seen here

Final Fantasy XIII JP site Upgrade Edit

July 16th by DB36 The JP site receives a new Digital Look. If you want to see what features it sports now, click here.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Demo Edit

July 16th by BlueHighwind

A downloadable demo for Dissidia will be available exclusively from the PlayStation Network starting July 23rd. Details on what the demo will actually contain have yet to be revealed. The actual release date remains one month later, on August 25th.

Famicom Final Fantasy III Comes to Japanese Wii Virtual Console Edit

July 12th by BlueHighwind

In recent months Final Fantasy has come to both the PlayStation Network and Virtual Console, while Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy VII, and Final Fantasy Tactics have all come exclusively to the PlayStation Network. Well, continuing this trend of digital remakes, we have the original Famicom version of Final Fantasy III coming to the Virtual Console, but only for Japan as of yet. The exact release date is unknown, though it will be sometime this month. It will cost 500 Wii Points to purchase. [6]

Update: It was released on July 21st.

Sorceror Nobody completes the Wiki's first ever Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates Walkthrough!Edit

July 6th by Sorceror Nobody

Today marks the day that Sorceror Nobody realises that the Shinra News is an open project and finally reveals his completed Walkthrough. The work in question, the very first walkthrough for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates on the wiki in the year-and-a-quarter since the game's western release, was actually completed on the 29th of June, but Sorceror Nobody was unaware that he could make an announcement like this. Idiot.

Since Ring of Fates is a fairly short game, the guide spans only fifteen chapters, none of which are especially large. However, there is more to the guide than just the walkthrough. The walkthrough only spans the first thirteen chapters, while the last two deal with the harder game difficulty levels and Multiplayer Mode. It also has three extra pages dedicated to additional information, including a list of the contents of every treasure chest, a set of useful resources, and a glossary of terms used in the guide.

It should be noted that only the "Walkthrough" is complete; the guide in its entirety is an ongoing project that may actually be interminable. Nonetheless, you can read the entire thing here.

Paramina Completes the Wiki's First Ever Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough!Edit

July 2nd by Paramina

Finally, three years after Final Fantasy XII's initial release, the wiki has its very first Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough, written by Paramina. It is 49 pages in total, including full coverage of gameplay, all sidequests, all hunts, all Espers and all secret bosses. Also included is a guide to the Sky Pirate's Den, Auto-Levelling Tricks, a bunch of Interesting Reads, and Paramina's guide to playing "FFXII like the classics." Read it here.

Dissidia gets a Developer Blog!Edit

July 2nd by Drake Clawfang

To honor Dissidia's western release, Yoshinori Kitase has started a blog to let people know about the trials and challenges the developers underwent while making the game. To kick it off, there's an entry from graphics designer Sayoko Hoshino describing the process of turning decade-old sprites and artwork into 3-D polygonal fighters. You can read the blog and future entries in it here.

The After Years UpdateEdit

July 2nd by Drake Clawfang

The official website for Final Fantasy IV: The After Years has been updated again. Now, character profiles for everyone but the "Man in Black" are available, as well as summaries for Porom's Tale, Edward's Tale and the Lunarian's Tale. The only tale left is "The Crystals", presumably the game's finale. The site hasn't given a release date for these chapters yet, but given the pattern so far they will likely be released at the beginning of August.

On a somewhat related note, it's been noticed in the forums here at the Wiki that Rydia and Porom have had their artwork censored for the North American release. Keen-eyed observers will notice that all artwork featuring either of them has modified their outfits to be less revealing.

A New Final Fantasy Game for the DS Edit

July 1st by BlueHighwind

A few days ago a mystery counter began on a teaser site from Square Enix, giving limited information as to what it will be. As days passed, the music has grown louder and slowly artwork formed, clearly the work of veteran designer, Akihiko Yoshida. New information has spoiled the countdown, with still over 100 hours to go. The title's name is Hikari no Yon Senshi: Final Fantasy Gaiden (in English "Four Warriors of Light: Final Fantasy Side Story") and will be your standard RPG on the Nintendo DS. Once again, the player will control four youths as they set out to save the world. It will have nothing to do with the original Gaiden game, Final Fantasy Adventure. [7]

June 2009Edit

Dissidia Headcounts on IGN and GameSpy Edit

June 25 by Drake Clawfang
Edited by BlueHighwind

As we pass come within two months of Dissidia's English release, IGN has begun a weekly series of articles on Dissidia's cast. The first article covers the Warrior of Light. While the narrative is nothing we haven't heard in last year from other Dissidia reports, the real gem is an exhibition of the Warrior's skills, showcasing more English voicework of him and Garland here. Meanwhile, Gamespy has a rival countdown of all the Dissidia villains, beginning with Garland [8].

Square Enix Sued by Final Fantasy XI Players Edit

June 25th by BlueHighwind

Esther Leong of San Fransisco is the named plaintiff of a class-action lawsuit that has been filed against Square Enix of America for "unfair business practices, false advertising and unjust enrichment" around their popular MMORPG Final Fantasy XI. Allegedly, the company has deceived players about penalties and fees involving the payments during the sign-up for the game. The plaintiffs are being represented by Ronald Makarem and Michael Kim and are asking for five million dollars in settlement. Square Enix has yet to reply. [9]

Final Fantasy Released on the Japanese PlayStation StoreEdit

June 24th by BlueHighwind

The original Final Fantasy game is being re-released on the Japanese PlayStation Network as a PSOne Classic title for download on the PSP and PS3. This comes only months after that same game was released on the Wii Virtual Console. The key difference here is the PlayStation version is a port of the PS1 remake released along with Final Fantasy II in Final Fantasy Origins. The title costs ¥600. So far no plans for an international release have been stated, though considering the pattern shown by the recent PlayStation Network re-release of Final Fantasy VII, it can be reasonably expected.

BlueHighwind Completes His Final Fantasy VI WalkthroughEdit

June 20th by BlueHighwind

BlueHighwind, the most prolific walkthrough writer at this wiki has completed his eighth Walkthrough today, one for the GBA remake of the beloved SNES game, Final Fantasy VI. It includes everything "that is worth doing", in his own words. Read it here.

Final Fantasy XIII Dolls Edit

June 20th by BlueHighwind

For those who simply cannot stand the wait for Final Fantasy XIII, Square Enix has decided to release a line of character action figure dolls for you to play with during the wait. The only dolls that have been revealed are those of the four revealed key party members and a Shiva bike for Snow to ride on. So if you really need to play Final Fantasy XIII, you can finally do so - on the rug of your living room, but you at least add your own "POW" and "BCHHHOOO!" sound effects and make Vanille and Lightning kiss if that's your thing. Unfortunately, no release date has been given at this time. [10]

Dissidia Merchandise Tie-InsEdit

June 20 by Drake Clawfang

Square-Enix is offering two deals to those of you who pre-order Dissidia, depending on the dealer you buy from. For you who order from GameStop, you'll receive Chaos and Cosmos covers for your PSP case. Those of you who use Amazon, however, will receive a sampler of the game's soundtrack with ten songs on the CD.

June 23rd Update by BlueHighwind : Today it was announced that fans who pre-order the game from Best Buy will receive a sixteen-month desktop calendar for 2009-2010. [11]

The After Years Website UpdateEdit

June 16th by Drake Clawfang

The official website for Final Fantasy IV: The After Years has been updated. Character profiles for everyone but Porom, Edward, Harley and the Man in Black are available, as well as summaries for Yang's chapter, Palom's chapter, and Edge's chapter. The website has set July 6th as the release date for all three of these chapters on WiiWare.

Final Fantasy Tactics rated by the ESRBEdit

June 15th by Nirvana Phoenix

Square's first foray into the world of Ivalice has been rated by the ESRB for release as a PSone Classic on PSN. Although the PSP remake was released 2 years ago, the original version is now coming outside Japan.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete release date pushed back in EuropeEdit

June 10th by Nirvana Phoenix

The Blu Ray rerelase of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children has had its European release date pushed back. Originally set to be released next week, online retailers are now listing the release date as 27th July.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is Released in EuropeEdit

June 9th by BlueHighwind

Just last week we were reporting the release of this title in North America, well now its come to Europe. (Actually four days ago, but we must have missed it somehow, we apologize.) There is no significant difference between the two releases.

Drake Clawfang's Final Fantasy IV Walkthrough is completeEdit

June 6th by Drake Clawfang

Drake Clawfang has completed his Final Fantasy IV walkthrough. This walkthrough is currently the only completed walkthrough to cover the Advance release of the game, up to and including the Lunar Ruins.

Final Fantasy VII comes to Europe via PlayStation NetworkEdit

June 4th by Jeppo

Just two days after the release of Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation Network, the "incomparable" RPG is now available to download in Europe. It is priced at £7.99, significantly more than the other PS1 games that are available to download. So as the blurb says, "It's time to lose yourself once more in the game which single-handedly revolutionised the RPG genre!"

Final Fantasy XIII US Site Updated and LiveEdit

June 4th by DB36

The site has been updated, featuring in its background, some of the main cast of Final Fantasy XIII. Going to the site automatically features the E3 Trailer of Final Fantasy XIII that features English Voice-overs. Tabs were added like the Characters Tab, and a new Sign-up-for-Updates tab, that of course, does what it says. Visit the site now!

Final Fantasy VII Now Available on PlayStation Network!Edit

June 2nd by Tex

Final Fantasy VII, what many consider to be the most well-known game in the Final Fantasy series, is now available for download in North America for the PlayStation 3 and PSP from the PlayStation Network. Though it may not exactly be the "remake" most anticipate still, it is being hailed as a long-awaited download on the PlayStation Store. The price of the game download is $9.99 and the download will take up about 1.32 GB.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete Released in AmericaEdit

June 2nd by ChuckBartowski
Edited June 2nd by BlueHighwind

The special "Directors Cut" of the original Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children has been officially been released in North America today, after being released two months ago in Japan. This new version includes over thirty minutes of extra scenes and is exclusively for the BluRay format. Though most extras, such as the special On the Way to a Smile Denzel OVA have been kept in the import, the demo of Final Fantasy XIII was not included.

E3 Dissidia Updates!Edit

June 2nd by Drake Clawfang

Dissidia's website has been updated! The character roster is complete at last with all twenty character profiles. No sign of Gabranth or Shantotto, but they're "secret" still. The trailer shown at E3 (occurring right this week) is also available, and gives us a few brief snippets of English dialogue. There is also a section that explains gameplay, thus far only the two type of attacks, but there are four blank windows that will surely be filled it at a later date.

As mentioned, with Dissidia at E3 during the week, this is most certainly not the last update for the game you'll hear before the weekend, but it's a good start.

Final Fantasy XIV OnlineEdit

June 2nd by SamSandy and Master Conjurer

Just in! Not only did they show a brand new trailer for Final Fantasy XIII at Sony's press conference at E3 2009, they also unveiled the rumored new Square-Enix MMORPG: Final Fantasy XIV.

The game is planned for simultaneous global release for both PS3 and Windows, and will take place in "in the vast realm of Eorzea." (Source: SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS)

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is Released in North AmericaEdit

June 1st by BlueHighwind

Its June 1st, so that means that today is the day that the much-awaited sequel to Final Fantasy IV comes to North America on the WiiWare, breaking a nasty Square Enix streak of restricting Mobile Phone games to Japan (see: Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, Kingdom Hearts coded, etc.) Players can now control Ceodore, the son of the original hero, Cecil, and the rest of the old Final Fantasy IV cast along with some new faces on a quest to save the world from the coming of the new Moon. The game can be downloaded for 800 Wii Points, and later updates, like Rydia's Tale can be downloaded for an additional 300 Wii Points.

May 2009Edit

Final Fantasy VII Re-Rated By the ESRBEdit

May 31st by BlueHighwind

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) has released another rating for the classic PlayStation 1 game, Final Fantasy VII for a release on the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3. This most likely points to a new release as a download on the PlayStation Network for North America, similar to how it was rereleased in Japan last month. The game is once again rated "Teen" for "Comic Mischief, Mild Fantasy Violence, Mild Language". Further details are not yet available.

Final Fantasy XI Coming to the PlayStation 3Edit

May 28th by BlueHighwind

Final Fantasy XI, Square Enix's long-running MMORPG has seen appearances on the old PlayStation 2, the Xbox 360, and the PC. Its newest port is to the PlayStation 3, the future home of Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. So far no release date has been announced, though in all probability it will wind up being the very first Square Enix property to appear on the system. [12]

Giant Final Fantasy XIII Posters Appear in Los AngelesEdit

May 24th by BlueHighwind

Giant Final Fantasy XIII posters of three of the playable characters so far revealed have appeared in Los Angeles (see them: here). These giant advertisements can be found at the corner of S. Figueroa Street and Olympic Boulevard in Downtown LA. The date of the game's release is stated directly on the posters to be "2010". All this in preparation for their appearance at this year's E3, where they claim to have "some big things planned for you". [13]

Chocolancer's Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough for the Famicom/NES is Completed!Edit

May 23rd by ChocolancerCL-528

Chocolancer has finally completed his second walkthrough! Remember that obscure Chinese pirate remake of Final Fantasy VII? Well, in a course of a month, he has created 9 pages of goodies on how to get past this game (and neat little animated .gifs!). Now that his little project is finished, he plans to continue with his walkthrough for Final Fantasy, though at the moment he is not quite motivated to continue...

Stay tuned for bonus pages of juicy conspiracies related to Aerith! You might be surprised at how much you've yet to know about the last Ancient...

He is also open to any additions he might need to add that he doesn't know yet, such as any differences between the Chinese and translated versions...

Dissidia Website Updated!Edit

May 18th by Drake Clawfang
Edited May 19th by BlueHighwind

Dissidia's English website has been updated with character profiles for the representatives of the first six games of the series. The last four slots have been left blank except for shadows, though any Final Fantasy fan should be able to pick out who the heroes and villains are by their silhouette. Along with the character profile is a drop-down profile of the game they represent. (Savvy fans, however, should spot out a glaring mistake in the Final Fantasy VI profile.) Each character still has a video section in their profiles, but all are blank so there's no voice work to hear yet. Despite this, according to other sources professional voice actor, Grant George has been signed to play the Warrior of Light.

You can see the website here.

Paramina's Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough is Complete!Edit

May 17th by Paramina

Paramina has completed her first project for the wiki, a Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough. It's 36 pages long, including a comprehensive sidequest guide and an extras page linking to further reading. With this under her belt, she's swiftly moving onto starting her next mammoth project, (hopefully) the wiki's first Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough.

Dissidia Final Fantasy package artEdit

May 15th by MasterConjurer

The marketing team has finalized the package for DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY, and the MEMBERS blogger gives us the first glimpse. You can click here for a look. On the right are the heroes that fight for Cosmos, the cover of choice for those who stand for justice and all that is good. Feeling a bit naughty? All you have to do is reverse your double-sided PSP package cover to proudly display the villains that serve Chaos.

As well, according to the game's official website, the game will be released August 25th. A bit of a stretch to the promised "summer" release, but the date is confirmed nonetheless.

Final Fantasy Tactics Comes to the PlayStation NetworkEdit

May 13th by BlueHighwind

Last month, Final Fantasy VII was released on the PlayStation Network. Now Final Fantasy Tactics, also a title for the original PlayStation has been released - but only for Japan so far. The price is ¥1000 (about $10). It is most likely the original version, not the The War of the Lions remake released in 2007 for the PlayStation Portable. Currently it is unknown if the title will be made available overseas. [14]

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete Official English Site UpEdit

May 13th by BlueHighwind

The official English Site for Advent Children Complete has been recently released, complimenting the Japanese site that has been up for some time now. So far the English site only gives a brief plot summary and character bios for six of the movie's most key cast members. Both websites happen to use the same music. See here.

Dissidia InterviewEdit

May 9th by Drake Clawfang

There'll be more details tomorrow, but for today there's a tantalizing hint at what's to come for Dissidia's western release - new moves for characters, re-balanced strengths and weaknesses, and new cameos from characters not in the original release along with new cut scenes. You can read about it more here.

IGN Developer InterviewEdit

May 8th by Drake Clawfang

IGN has published an interview with Square-Enix developers Yoshinori Kitase and Takeshi Arakawa. Among other topics, the two discuss what they think defines the series, the possibilities of DS remakes for Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI, the desire to make a sequel to Final Fantasy IX, and the future of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. You can read the interview here.

Final Fantasy XIII Demo is Not Going AbroadEdit

May 7th by BlueHighwind

The much awaited Final Fantasy XIII demo, which was released along with Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, is now officially Japan-only. Producer Yoshinori Kitase explains: "The type of demo version we released in Japan, we currently have no plan of doing that abroad, partly because we are going to carry on with the project alongside the Xbox version, so we really can't just make it available only for the PS3." For consolation, he hinted at the possibility of a download. But this can only be bad news both for the fans of the series, and the movie itself, whose sales are certain to suffer outside of Japan thanks to the absence of the demo.

New Trailers for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of TimeEdit

May 1st by MasterConjurer

Four new trailers were created for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time, one each for the playable races Clavat, Yuke, Lilty, and Selkie. The short videos can be found here, here, here, and here, respectively.

April 2009Edit

Official English Site for Final Fantasy IV: The After Years OpensEdit

April 29th by BlueHighwind

The official site for Final Fantasy IV: The After Years has opened, shedding some new light on the game's much-anticipated English release on the WiiWare. Along with the expected character lists there is included a brief explanation of the prologue and several summaries of three characters' chapters, now known as "Tales". Visit here.

Trailer released for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of TimeEdit

April 29th by MasterConjurer

Square Enix has released an official trailer for the already-released title, showing the level of customization and multiplayer offered by the game. It can be viewed here.

Crystal Defenders Official North American Website AvailableEdit

April 28th by Kuzlalala Squee!

Like the title says, Crystal Defenders' Official Website for North America has already been made. The website says they used R1 and R2 instead of W1 and W2, like the Wiki said. Only R1 is available for now. They have the Units, Gameplay and About Menu. See here for more details.

Mymindislost Leaves the WikiEdit

April 27th by BlueHighwind

The wiki's fifth admin, Mymindislost, known by the abbreviation "MMIL" left the wiki today to pursue other interests. Her departing words were: "Thanks to the people who did become friends of mine. It's been a good ride, but I'm out." We at the Bonga Bugle wish her well in whatever she chooses to pursues in the future.

Advent Children Complete Sells 100,000 Copies On First DayEdit

April 21st by BlueHighwind

Advent Children Complete has proven very popular in Japan, selling 100,000 copies in a single day alone. No doubt its success was aided by the Final Fantasy XIII demo included with the movie. This shows a good possibility for a massive release for the fully-fledged Final Fantasy XIII slated for later this year.

April 27th:

To expand on this report: In the first week, Advent Children Complete has sold about 272,000 units, compared to the original movie's 420,000 sales figure for its first week. These are excellent figures for a BluRay-only release. Approximately 40,000 of those copies came with the Cloud Black PS3 bundle. The movie seems to have also greatly boosted Japan's PS3 sales with 62,527 sold the week of its release, compared to a mere 16,701 for the week before.

The Wiki's first Dirge of Cerberus Walkthrough is doneEdit

April 19 by BlueLionheart Cloudy Wolf (T/C) 00:53, 20 April 2009 (UTC)

The Wiki's first Dirge of Cerberus walkthrough has finally been completed by BlueLionheart. You're welcome.

A Crystalline Prophecy is now availableEdit

April 17 by MasterConjurer

The Final Fantasy XI add-on scenario A Crystalline Prophecy is now available to players everywhere. Its trailer can be viewed on Square-Enix Members' video page.

A Crystalline Prophecy can be purchased through the PlayOnline viewer for $9.99. Players must have installed and registered the Rise of the Zilart expansion in addition to the original Final Fantasy XI content in order to access the new scenario.

Loads of New Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers InfoEdit

April 16 by BlueHighwind

A recent Famitsu article has revealed tons of new info about the upcoming new Crystal Chronicles game for the Wii. It details several newly revealed characters, an overview of the game's world, some plot details, a basic run-down of the battle system and feel of the game, and even shows a new logo. As of yet, the game is considered to be 60% complete, and no release date has been revealed.

Page Scans:

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete Released in JapanEdit

April 16th by BlueHighwind

As per previous announcements, Advent Children Complete, the direction's redo of the original Advent Children as been released on Japan today, along with the very first demo of Final Fantasy XIII. The also released was a special "Cloud-Black" PS3 which can be purchased as a bundle with the demo and the movie.

Along with the movie were two new trailers for the other Fabula Nova Crystallis games: Final Fantasy Versus XIII [15] and Final Fantasy Agito XIII [16].

Final Fantasy XIII Japanese website has been updated.Edit

April 16th by Devil Breaker

The official Japanese site has just been updated. It features a Battle System section and a Wallpapers Section with two wallpapers of Lightning in HD. The Battle section features the different systems of gameplay in Final Fantasy XIII. It also has a new message in the Message section of the Site. A Caution section has also been added featuring a copyright notice. It also says that the game will be released in Winter 2009 so it's 8 months away people. Visit the game's website here

European Release for Advent Children CompleteEdit

April 12th by Drake Clawfang

A release date of June 10th has been announced for Advent Children Complete in Europe.

Final Fantasy VII Released on the PlayStation NetworkEdit

April 9th by BlueHighwind

The International Version of Final Fantasy VII is now available on the Japanese and Hong Kong PSN. The price for this title is ¥1500 and $118 (Hong Kong dollars), which approximately comes out to $15 in US dollars. Since the original game required switching between discs, the PSN port had to incorporate a digital system so as not to confuse the game. When a player passes through a disc, they must hit the "PS/Home" button and then select a "Switch Disc" option, from there they can select their "disc" and continue on with the game. As of yet, there is no talk of a PSN release in other territories.

Square Enix Reveals New Final Fantasy-Style Flash GameEdit

April 8th by BlueHighwind

A new flash game entitled Dive II Hunt: Sorbet's Great Adventure has been released on the Square Enix Myspace page. It stars Sorbet, who you may remember as one of the lovable Moogles from Final Fantasy XII. He must dive into the deep ocean to collect Gil and other treasure in the hopes of becoming the "Dive Hunt Master". It features original artwork by Ryoma Ito of Revenant and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance fame.

Two New AdminsEdit

April 7th by BlueHighwind

To replace the long gone Bluerfn, two new Admins were created today: Faethin and 8bit BlackMage both of whom have shown themselves to be users of the most excellent character, quality and commitment. The wiki welcomes them with open arms.

10000 Articles On the WikiEdit

April 7th by BlueHighwind

After more then four years since its creation by Shane613, the Final Fantasy Wiki has reached a true milestone with a Main Space article count that has reached five digits. Thanks to the tireless efforts our of many dedicated users both past and present, the FFWiki is the most complete encyclopedia of Final Fantasy knowledge anywhere on the web. But there is still much more left to do. May we continue to our work to one day create a fully complete database of all the Final Fantasy knowledge.

Here's to the next 10000!

Dissidia English Website UpdatedEdit

April 4th by Drake Clawfang

Finally, the English website has been updated! Character profiles for the heroes and villains from the first three games of the series are up - namely, Firion, Emperor, Onion Knight and Cloud of Darkness, along with the recently released English trailer. Naturally, the site intro and interface are also different, with different music and appearance depending on which side - Cosmos or Chaos - you click on. Overall, beyond the new interface there's ultimately nothing new to see for those of you who have visited the Japanese site, but it's a start.

Interview reveals new information about Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

April 3rd by Yuanchosaan

Dengeki Playstation, a Japanese magazine, recently featured an interviewer with Final Fantasy XIII developers Yoshinori Kitase, Motomu Toriyama, Tetsuya Nomura and Nao Ikeda. The Japanese voice actors for several Final Fantasy XIII characters were revealed, amongst other things. Read the article here.

First Dissidia Final Fantasy English Trailer Edit

April 2nd by BlueHighwind

The first English trailer for Dissidia has been released: [17]. The images are all re-used, and there is no voice acting. The release date is still an inexact "Summer 2009".

March 2009Edit

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers website now openEdit

March 31st by Master Conjurer

Square Enix announced today that "The Crystal Bearers' global gateway is now live at" It contains a trailer (which was originally released with the Japanese version of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time), as well as the game's emblem in wallpaper form.

PS3 Bundle Announced For Advent Children CompleteEdit

March 31st by Drake Clawfang

For Advent Children Complete's release next month in Japan, Square Enix is offering a bundle package with the PS3. This bundle includes a "Cloud Black" PS3 console, Advent Children Complete, and the Final Fantasy XIII Trial Set Version.

New Crystal Chronicles game revealed for WiiWareEdit

March 26th by YellowMage

A new game in the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series was revealed at the GDC yesterday alongside Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

Titled Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord, the game is a direct sequel to fellow WiiWare Crystal Chronicles title Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King in which players step into the "highly fashionable shoes" of Mira, the daughter of the Darklord from the previous game. Other details are currently unknown. The official website can be found here.

Final Fantasy Announced For Wii Virtual ConsoleEdit

March 25th by User:Cal05000

At the GDC today it was announced that the original Final Fantasy will be released on the Wii Virtual Console.

The release dates are May in Japan and later 2009 in North America. All other release dates are unknown at this time.

The announcement can be found here.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Confirmed for WiiWare releaseEdit

March 25th by Diablocon

Today it was announced at the GDC that SquareEnix was indeed planning to release the sequel to Final Fantasy IV in English speaking countries via the Wii's WiiWare service.

The official American site may be found here.

Echoes of Time releasedEdit

March 24th by Deadlyslashsword

In what has been a busy day for the Bugle, the newest installment of the Crystal Chronicles series, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time has been released in North America for both the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Wii. This user already has his copy.

Final Fantasy XI expansion chapter releasedEdit

March 24th by Yuanchosaan

An expansion chapter, Final Fantasy XI: A Crystalline Prophecy: Ode to Life Bestowing has been released for Final Fantasy XI. It is only available for purchase online, through the PlayOnline store. Fans of FFXI can also eagerly await the release of two other expansion chapters, featuring Shantotto and Moogles respectively. Each will focus more on revealing the story behind FFXI, than opening up new areas. A game with Shantotto as the main character? A Moogle revolution? I'm sold!

Release Date Set for US Version Advent Children Complete?Edit

March 24th by CloudyCluna06

Although Square-Enix USA has not verified this as of yet, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has just announced the American release for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete has a release date set for June 2nd! Be sure to check for further details here: [18]

Echoes Of Time Site UpdateEdit

March 15 By Sjoerd777

The American Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time website has been updated. Currently, it features a few videos and some info about general gameplay and the tribes. [19]

Further FFXIII Site UpdatesEdit

March 14 By Jackrandall1

The Japanese Final Fantasy XIII website has undergone some minor updates that include team images of Team Nora in the characters section.

Crystal Defenders finally sees English releaseEdit

March 11 by Diablocon

Good news for fans of the Ivalice Alliance, the Crystal Defenders finally saw its release on the Xbox Live Marketplace today. It is unknown at this time if it is out on WiiWare yet.

Bluerfn has Left the WikiEdit

March 4th by Yuanchosaan

Bluerfn, one of the site's admins, has left the wiki today, citing lack of interest. He will be sorely missed.

Dissidia Website UpdateEdit

March 1 by Drake Clawfang

Dissidia Final Fantasy's website has been updated...the Japanese one, that is. Don't get too excited, it's simply five random gameplay videos like the five thousand that have sprung up on YouTube in the past two months. One must ask: why even bother?

February 2009Edit

Final Fantasy IV: The After to be released on the Wii in North AmericaEdit

February 27 by Gendreavus

The ESRB, the North American video game rating board, has posted a rating of E (Everyone) for Final Fantasy IV: The After Years for the Wii. The After Years is a port of the cell-phone based sequel to Final Fantasy IV which was known as Final Fantasy IV the After: Tsuki no Kikan when it was released in Japan. It is currently unknown whether this will be a retail or WiiWare game, and no official statement from either Square Enix or Nintendo has been made, however the ESRB doesn't usually post game ratings without reason.

First Final Fantasy IV Walkthrough CompletedEdit

February 22nd by BlueHighwind

BlueHighwind completed his 21-page-long Walkthrough of Final Fantasy IV today, the very first one to be completed on this wiki. It covers the Nintendo DS version of the game. It is the seventh walkthrough written by Blue. His next project is currently unknown.

Dissidia Release Date Remains UnconfirmedEdit

February 14th by MarioLazar

Square Enix squashed the rumor that "Final Fantasy Dissidia" and "Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days" would both arrive in the U.S. on Aug. 31.

"No, that is not correct," a Square Enix representative said, when asked about a recent Gamertell report concerning both titles. "We don't have a launch date for Kingdom Hearts yet... hopefully that will come in the next couple of months."

"Dissidia was announced for mid-year 2009, and also doesn't have a release date," the representative added.

Chocobo Racing to be Available for DownloadEdit

February 11th by Deadlyslashsword

The closest thing to a Final Fantasy racing game, Chocobo Racing, will be available to download to PSP and PS3 in Japan this week according according to this site. It will cost the equivalent of $7. No mention of a release in NA or Europe has been made.

To be released with Chocobo Racing is Tactics Ogre, which is considered to be a close companion to Final Fantasy Tactics

Dissidia NA Release Date AnnouncedEdit

February 10th by Drake Clawfang

Dissidia Final Fantasy has been announced to have a release date of August 31st in North America. That means another seven months of torment for those in the west. This also comes as something as a surprise, as rumors said that, as Dissidia was released on the same day as the original Final Fantasy, that it would follow the same pattern in North America and be released on July 12th. But, we all know how Square-Enix likes to play havoc with planned release dates. Perhaps for a change they'll move the release date forward this time.

Appropriately, the official English website has been updated! With new music and a new interface, the website currently opens to a "choose your alliegance" screen. Depending on which side you click - Cosmos or Chaos - the website gains a blue or red tint. Both sides boast game backstory and system specs, and each has a character profile for their Final Fantasy hero, Garland and the Warrior of Light, respectively.

January 2009Edit

Echoes of Time is out in JapanEdit

January 29 by BfD

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time is finally out in Japan for both Wii and Nintendo DS! The North American release date is currently scheduled for March 25, meaning we won't have to wait much longer.

Crystal Chronicles TrailersEdit

January 28th by SamSandy

Aside from the "big one" - meaning the new FF XIII trailer - today also saw the release of trailers for the two upcoming Crystal Chronicles games: Crystal Bearers and Echoes of Time.

Final Fantasy XIII New trailerEdit

January 28th by Zack

So i guess Square Enix's little "Countdown" did prove to be something; the new trailer was released on their website, and that guy with Orange hair really did exist. Much more long scenes of gameplay footage were shown, and a few voices were revealed. At least they weren't as bad as some. The voices of Lightning, Snow were also revealed, and it looks pretty good. The North American and European sites have the trailer too; but with subtitles. Apparently, much more information is to be revealed.

Final Fantasy XIII WebsitesEdit

January 26th by SamSandy

Last week, Square Enix launched new websites for Final Fantasy XIII for North America and Europe both with a mysterious countdown that is due to end Wednesday the 28th. Today, the Japanese website got an update as well, with the addition of the new character Sazh Katzroy along with a few new screenshots - and the same countdown as the other two websites, but connecting it to a trailer.

So in just two days, we'll be seeing two new websites for the most anticipated game in this community, as well as a possibly new trailer.

Dissidia's Website UpdatedEdit

January 9th by Drake Clawfang

Dissidia's official Japanese website has received what is probably its final update - the addition of Judge Gabranth to the character section, and the addition of him and Shantotto to the EX section. Assuming there exist Final Fantasy fans who remain unaware of Gabranth's inclusion, they will surely love this new information.

Meanwhile, the North American website holds nothing for visitors but for the logo. We eagerly await the English information for the game. With only six months to work with, Square-Enix will surely have to move fast to get that website spiffy in time for the game's arrival on western shores.

January 14th by Drake Clawfang

The North American website for Dissidia has now been updated with various new graphics and the now-familiar music from the Japanese website, but little else. Well, it's something.