Welcome to the Shinra News Archives. Here are the news pertaining the FFWiki and Final Fantasy in 2008.

December 2008Edit

New The Crystal Bearers trailer to be featured in Echoes of TimeEdit

23rd December by Bentendo

Awhile back Square Enix confirmed that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers was still in development, and stated to look forward to more information soon. Well, that information will come with the release of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time on the Wii and Nintendo DS. Famitsu and Siliconera is reporting that the game will come with an exclusive new trailer of the anticipated Wii game, among other special features not related to Crystal Bearers. Square Enix also gave the site some screen shots of the game that, while old, feature upgraded graphics.

Dissidia is Released!Edit

17th/18th December by Drake Clawfang

While we in North America and the rest of the world wait for announcement of when Dissidia will come to our shores, in Japan it's already the 18th and Dissidia has been released! YouTube is alive with dozens of new gameplay videos from fans lucky enough to snag an early copy, which you can see here. Naturally the expected deluge of new information for the game will come in time, but now, let us enjoy the fruits of twenty years of Final Fantasy - a clash between their heroes and villains. This is truly the game the fanboys have been waiting for. Kefka vs Sephiroth, or Cloud vs Squall, anyone?

In related news, the same day it was released, Square Enix launched the North American site for Dissidia, although right now it doesn't have much to offer but the logo. SE also announced the release date here as "mid-2009" - perhaps July 12th, the day the original Final Fantasy was released?

More Dissidia Info!Edit

16th December by Drake Clawfang

A mere two days separate Japan from Dissidia's release, but more info is coming. New desktop backgrounds have been released on the official site, and Shantotto has been added to the character section. The left side of the screen where her corresponding villain should be is left blank, however. There is also a secondary display which shows the portraits for the heroes and villains all at once with accompanying screenshots, information and artwork for each. It's a 8x3 grid - that's space for 24 portraits for those of us who flunked math, which means there's still room for two more characters with the additions of Shantotto and Gabranth. Perhaps their opposing rivals?

Final Fantasy XII Comes to Dissidia!Edit

15th December by Bluer

More revelation from Japan! Square Enix recently released a new trailer on Gamecenter CX, a Japanese gaming programme, which features more imagery, cutscenes and gameplay of the revealed cast. Additional pieces include the fearsome render of Chaos, but a much more (pleasant) surprise for the fans of Final Fantasy, especially for the Ivalice game series, awaits! Judge Gabranth makes his appearance at the end of the trailer!

Watch the trailer here!

Views and comments, please push here!

welcome back, 8-Bit Theater...Edit

13th of December by Sephiroth-fan

Brian Clevinger has pulled the wool over our eyes, and his comic will continue. His previous action is best explained by the fact that he is a "cruel and heartless person" according to the news post.

So long, 8-Bit Theater...Edit

12th of December by Faethin

As (un)expected by some, today Brian Clevinger has uploaded the last page of the popular, Final Fantasy-inspired, sprite comic 8-Bit Theater. "So that's that" was his only comment regarding the matter. It is currently unknown whether Clevinger will work on a similar project in the future or if this latest comic is indeed his last related to the fan community of the Final Fantasy series.

New Dissidia Final Fantasy Content!Edit

4th of December by Drake Clawfang

Barely a week after their last update, Dissidia's website has been updated again. The latest features are new PSP downloads, and a new video detailing the game's story mode. The update, starring Warrior of Light, confirms what scans have shown, that the game takes place on a board that players must move about, earning whatever rewards or traps await them on the next space. But it's not like Monopoly where you roll the dice and see what you get, you have to fight to claim some of these squares, and moving costs you "DP", so you much choose your moves carefully. Reach the end of the board and you'll find your archrival awaiting you - in this demo, Garland awaits his chance to knock the Warrior down on the final square. We also get small peeks at the boards for Onion Knight and Squall.

Magazine scans also reveal new information. Cloud Strife will be playable in his black Advent Children outfit, while Sephiroth fulfills the dreams of fangirls and appears with his shirt off for his alternate costume. In other news, everyone's favorite talking octopus Ultros will appear as a summon, and several cutscene snippets show the cast speaking to each other, the dialogue, as always with Square-Enix, carefully chosen so it says nothing at all about what's actually going on in the scene. Speaking of what's going on, the "Chaos" characters have no story mode, it's just the good guy story retold from their perspective. According to an interview with the developers, within the Chaos camp some villains want to actively destroy the world, while others want to rule it. So it seems even within the two sides there will be further alliances and groups. There are also rumors of Final Fantasy XII characters now - will everyone's favorite "leading man" make a cameo in the game after all?

8th of December by Drake Clawfang

The mystery video on the website has been revealed - it is a showcase of what seems to be spectator mode. In it, the Cloud and Sephiroth fight replays but without the presence of health bars, icons or any damage indicators of any kind. Spectator mode brings the insane camera views and angles of Advent Children into the player's hands, apparently allowing them to move, swing and manipulate the camera however they please as the fight plays.

Rocking Chair completes his first Walkthrough for the original Final Fantasy Edit

1st December by Rocking Chair

Finally, after many months of false starts and cursing the Soul of Chaos bonus dungeons I have completed his Final Fantasy Walkthrough for the GBA. All are welcome to look and comment on what needs to be improved and if it is any good. Next i will be finishing this site's first Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings walkthrough so expect more to come!

November 2008Edit

Dissidia -Final Fantasy- Website Update!Edit

28th November by Drake Clawfang

Everyone's favorite Buster Sword toting swordsman and the One Winged Angel have made their long awaited debut on Dissidia's website. Cloud Strife and Sephiroth appear both in the character section, and in the video section. The two archenemies meet in the Northern Crater and do battle in a fight as intense and flashy as any battle of theirs from one of Final Fantasy VII's sequels.

There is also a second video panel added, but its title and icon are blank. With less than a month left before the release of the game, what could Square Enix have left to show us? Perhaps more hidden characters?

Echoes of Time DSi bundle announced for JapanEdit

25th November by Bentendo

Square Enix announced today that they plan to release a bundle for the Japanese market on January 29th, 2009 that will contain a specially designed, Echoes of Time themed DSi, a copy of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time, and a soundtrack sampler that'll contain four songs from the Crystal Chronicles series. The game will cost roughly around $250.

And while we're on the subject of Echoes of Time, the latest issue of Nintendo Power also confirms that the game will feature... eh, Mii support. Whether or not that's a good thing is basically for you to decide.

Source: [1]

Final Fantasy XI AnnoucementsEdit

22nd November by BlueHighwind 00:28, 23 November 2008 (UTC)

We got tons to announce today. FFXI is now getting three new expansion packs, each with rather long titles with hyphens: "A Crystalline Prophecy - Ode of Life Bestowing", "A Moogle Kupo d'Etat - Evil in Small Doses" and "A Shantotto Ascension - The Legend Torn, Her Empire Born." What do any of them mean? Who knows!? I, like most of the editors here have never touched FFXI.

By the way, that was a hint for you readers to help us out there. Our FFXI section is a mess, and any charity of info is greatly appreciated.

Now for something we all can understand. Dissidia -Final Fantasy- has finally left its irrational limition of the first 10 games of the main series by including a FFXI charater: Shantotto, a Tarutaru Black Mage who seems to be of some importance, since she now has an entire expansion pack named after her. Who is the villain, if there even will be one? We don't know! Will FFXII and FFXIII characters also appear? Please God, make it true!

Dissidia -Final Fantasy- Website added new Content!Edit

13th November by User:MardukKurios

The official Website of Dissidia Final Fantasy introduces Terra Branford and Kefka Palazzo! The new added movie from the Tokyo Game Show 2008 show us new scenes with all Characteres included in this game!

Final Fantasy VII: Snowboarding Rocks JapanEdit

10th November by BlueHighwind

Just what the world was waiting for! Final Fantasy VII: Snowboarding, a largely ignored mobile phone recreation of the snowboarding minigame from the original Final Fantasy VII, has finally jumped across the Pacific to go to Japan. For those lucky FOMA 703i/902i owners, here's something mildly entertaining to do while waiting for the bus or something. It costs $3.

BlueHighwind's Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough Completed! (Again)Edit

9th November by BlueHighwind

Can you believe that the last time I finished a Walkthrough was back in June? Its been too long, man. Too long. Now all thirty-five pages of my Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough's rewrite are complete. The first walkthrough I ever wrote is now made perfect.

October 2008Edit

Tensions in Square Enix?Edit

31st October by Bluer

Somewhat related to Final Fantasy since this is about its developer, Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase gave a subtle hint that there are tensions within the company. In a Famitsu article where developers review other developer's game, Kitase says this on the company's president Yoichi Wada while reviewing a PSN game The Last Guy:

"I'd love for them to add a stage map more close to the Square Enix office. In The Last Guy, there's a feature where if you save the hidden "VIP" citizens you get more points. So gamers could get fired up if there was a mission "Save the VIP President WD![Wada]"... to save this man in our company who is getting criticized. But it might be even more interesting if people were like "I hate this high class VIP Mr.*blank* so I'm going to just watch him die!" (laughter) Could they put that in the game as a 300 yen add on?"

Tetsuya Nomura himself was "surprised" about the Asian version of XIII getting the Xbox 360 treatment. Could this hint that these two long-time veterans of Final Fantasy series are finally fed up of the direction Square Enix is heading? Could this finally answer the puzzle to Yasumi Matsuno's "sickly" departure? Only time will tell...

More names revealed from the entire Fabula Nova CrystallisEdit

15th October by Bluer

The latest from the Japanese magazine Shonen Jump revealed the reason why the bandana guy rides a Shiva bike - his name is Snow (スノウ). Also, for Versus XIII the full names for the "black suits' hero" and the "white dress lady" are revealed, as well as Noctis' alias ノクト Nokuto. As for Agito XIII, we can see that the characters are prescribed names based on the weapons they handle - the gameplay screenshot so far revealed three weapons - Card (カード), Whip (ムチ) and Katana (カタナ).

Details and discussions on this go here of course.

LittleBigPlanet meets The PlanetEdit

11th October by BlueHighwind

LittleBigPlanet, an upcoming game for the PS3, apparently is getting Sony's best star treatment. Now along with Metal Gear Solid 4 characters, Sony is throwing in characters from Final Fantasy VII in an expansion pack that is to come in the far off future at some point. So far only a creepy Tim Burton-esque Sephiroth has been revealed, though more characters are certain to become sack creatures.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII characters namedEdit

9th October by 8bit

Square has confirmed the proper names of two major characters of Versus, including the main character. The dark-haired protagonist formerly known by fans as the "Prince" is Noctis Lucis Caelum, and the rapier-wielding blonde has been given the title of Stella Nox Fleuret. So far, these are the only characters in Versus whose names have been revealed.

More information at this site

But Wait, There's More Dissidia!Edit

9th October by BlueHighwind

Cloud Strife and Terra Branford are now in the fray on the Hero Side. Could this be the complete Dissidia roster? Or does Square Enix have any surprises (possibly involving two games called Final Fantasy XII and/or Final Fantasy Tactics) up their sleeves? Let us pray.

There's also new artwork for our most beloved villains, Kefka Palazzo and Sephiroth.

Popular knowledge on Dissidia has been again expandedEdit

8th October by Henry

In the past days, more has been announced to the public about Square's upcoming game: Dissidia -Final Fantasy-. In the past 6th of October, a pair of videos have been added to the website, covering the battle system of the game and today, another two characters have been announced to appear: the representatives of Final Fantasy V, Bartz and ExDeath.

We now wait for the last two characters to be revealed: the heroes of Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy VII. Guesses point that they will shine in the Tokyo Game Show 2008 this weekend.

A new Crystal Chronicles game title is announcedEdit

1st October by Bluer

Recently announced in Japan is a new title for the Crystal Chronicles game series - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. The game is to be released in Japan on January 29 next year for two platforms, Wii and the DS.

September 2008Edit

RowdyCMoore's Final Fantasy Adventure Walkthrough CompleteEdit

28th September by RowdyCMoore

RowdyCMoore has completed the first walkthrough for the Nintendo Game Boy's Final Fantasy Adventure.

Affiliation with FFCompendium over?Edit

28th September by Bluer

Today, the one year and 9 month-old site affiliation between the Wiki and the FF Compendium is reaching an end. Due to a vague policy regarding site affiliation on the FF Compendium's part - where the site has to be linked on every page on the affiliate's website - the wiki is close to being a site affiliate no longer. The webmaster to the FF Compendium, Cidolfas, has contacted the wiki's administrator and discussions are underway to iron out any kinks left behind regarding the matter.

Please click here for more information and comments.

Dissidia -Final Fantasy- welcomes new challengers!Edit

10th September by Henryacores

Over the last weeks, several characters have been revealed to appear in the latest action RPG of Square-Enix: Dissidia -Final Fantasy-. They are none other than two of the most famous villains worldwide, Kefka Palazzo and Sephiroth, and the two characters that will represent Final Fantasy IV: Cecil Harvey and Golbez. As of this date, only four more lack their official confirmation: the heroes from Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy VII, and the villain from Final Fantasy V.

August 2008Edit

Final Fantasy Agito XIII has been announced for PSP!Edit

2nd August by Zack fair 007

In confusion, without word on the mobile phone outcome, a lot of fans speculated that it was discontinued, and on Wikipedia, there is a "?" beside release platforms: mobile phone. Thus, we can only hope that Square Enix will expand on the platforms it will come out with, for it would please the fans. Although, this could be another simple translation misunderstanding, we've yet to hear more!

Drake Clawfang's Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough is completeEdit

2nd August by Drake Clawfang

Drake Clawfang has completed his walkthrough for Final Fantasy VII, including tutorials for the Chocobo Breeding, Ruby Weapon and Emerald Weapon sidequests.

July 2008Edit

Final Fantasy XIII is NOT coming out for the PCEdit

25th July by BlueHighwind

Guess what? That information was a misquote. Square-Enix has announced definitively that Final Fantasy XIII is not going to be on the PC (See here: [2]). It will still be on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, so never fear console owners.

Final Fantasy XIII is coming out for the PCEdit

25th July by CoD

Square-Enix has announced that the new Final Fantasy XIII is coming out for the PC. This makes three systems so far that Final Fantasy XIII will be featured on, The Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and now the PC.

Squallinoa's Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough is complete!Edit

23rd July by Squallinoa_08

Squallinoa has completed his first walkthrough. Not only is it his first, but this happens to be the second Final Fantasy VIII walkthrough created on this site. It includes 45 pages of the walkthrough, sidequests, GF info, Limit Breaks, Triple Triad, and more! Squallinoa plans to work on more walkthroughs in the future. He is very proud!

Final Fantasy IV comes to North America!Edit

22nd July by Zack fair 007

Today, The new and 3d version of Final Fantasy IV for DS has come to N/A!!!

Final Fantasy XIII confirmed for 360Edit

14th July by Diablocon

Today it has been announced at E3 that Final Fantasy XIII is no longer a Playstation III exclusive, in America and Europe at least. The 360 version will be released at the same time as the PS3 version.

Dissidia -Final Fantasy- website has been updatedEdit

11th July by Henry

The japanese website for Square Enix's upcoming game for the Sony PSP has been finally changed from a teaser to a center of information with in-game screenshots, videos from the various games of the series, wallpapers and story synopsis.

The Final Fantasy IV bestiary is complete!Edit

9th July by Azul

After almost a year working on it, Azul81677, with major help from AJDurai, has finished the FFIV bestiary. The last enemy was added on July 2nd but it wasn't realized until today that it was complete. Though enemies still need tweaking here and there, all have been added to the list.

Chrono Trigger DS AnnouncedEdit

7th July by Goldberry2000

Announced on the 2nd, and not truly a piece of Final Fantasy news (but still something I feel our users will be most pleased about), Chrono Trigger DS has been announced at last. People have hypothised about its potential re-release for years, rumours have floated around, and at last it's actually going to happen. Square has also built up a site for it including a countdown to release here.

Super Sephiroth's Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough is complete!Edit

5th July by Super Sephiroth

The site now has a complete Final Fantasy VIII walkthrough. Super Sephiroth's first walkthrough is a total of 32 pages including main page and sidequests. He will now go through the first 5 parts and rewrite them, as they have a poor standard. Then he'll move on to other projects.

June 2008Edit

BlueHighwind's Final Fantasy Tactics Walkthrough Completed!Edit

28th June by BlueHighwind

This is the second Walkthrough on this wiki for Final Fantasy Tactics and BlueHighwind's sixth Walkthrough to date, making him a Double-Walkthrough Writer Extraordinaire (a term he completely made up). It is also one of the longest on the wiki, at 58 pages long, including the opening. Blue now plans to rewrite his Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough because in his own words "it's just not good enough".

FFTA2 is now available in EuropeEdit

27th June by Tex

Now the newest chapter in the Ivalice Alliance has crossed the Atlantic for all Europeans to enjoy. Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, the long awaited sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, is now available in Europe for the Nintendo DS.

The newest game from the Ivalice Alliance has been released in the USAEdit

24th June by Henryacores

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift is the newest chapter from the Ivalice Alliance compilation. The sequel of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for the Nintendo DS has been long awaited by the American public, and is now available in the USA.

Crisis Core has arrived in EuropeEdit

20th June by Henryacores

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- has been released in Europe today. Finally, the continent can accompany Zack Fair on his adventure: the newest chapter of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.

New Moderator!Edit

17 June by 8bit_BlackMage

FFWiki's resident Gnome-in-chief, Yuanchosaan, has been bestowed the Moderator title! This was done after a nomination by Azul and BlueHighwind on CSM's talk page. With over 5,000 mainspace edits, the Wiki can only hope that Yuan continues to be a great contributor! Congrats!

New characters confirmed for Dissidia -Final Fantasy-Edit

11th June by Bluer

The Japanese magazine Shonen Jump today revealed the newest updates for their PSP fighting game Dissidia. Two titular characters from Final Fantasy X, Tidus and Jecht will be fighting against each other in the epic struggle between the forces of good and evil.

More will be revealed soon.


May 2008Edit

Square Enix Sites UpdatedEdit

26th May by AJDurai

The official web site for Final Fantasy IV was updated today; the site now features the story section, the characters section and a trailer.

Also launched is the full web site for Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon earlier this week.

Sayonara Bluer-KunEdit

12th of May by Henry

Bluerfn, Admin and Executive Editor of this journal has declared that he will leave this wiki, as "I can't contribute new stuff because I can't access the newer games", though he said that "maybe I'll come back when someone other than Diablo catches up to my total edit count", words of his. Dear friend and great contributor to this Wikia, Bluerfn will surely be missed by the community. His final farewell words were:

My services are over. Everyone, I wish you good luck. Please work hard. Farewell.

April 2008Edit

Another FFIII walkthroughs CompletedEdit

26th of April by Hexedmagica

Today, Hexedmagica has completed his Final Fantasy III walkthrough, bringing the wiki's total of Final Fantasy III walkthroughs to two, one for each version.

A new edit space!Edit

24th April by Bluer

A rising concern on personal walkthroughs written on Main namespace lead to the creation of the Walkthrough Namespace. One of the administrators, Bluer forwarded the suggestion of a walkthrough namespace to the Wikia staff, and hours later a Walkthrough namespace was created for the Wiki. To note, this Wiki is the only one with a walkthrough namespace so far. From now on, all Walkthroughs will be written under this namespace. Those who wish to write one must comply to the Walkthrough policies laid out by Administrators.

It's officialEdit

21 April, by Pablo618
It is now official that the fellow member of the wiki, Hecko X, has left the FFwiki for an indefinite time because of an argument between him, CSM and some other users on the Rin's Travel Agency. This was made official during a conversation via e-mail between users Pablo618 and Hecko X. Although Hecko X will still hang out on the IRC channel of wikia and he will probably continue to update his animoo rants.

Final Fantasy III/CL's "Walkthrough" Completed!Edit

21 April by Chocolancer

Thanks to the dedication of a new user, FFwiki now has its own complete walkthrough for Final Fantasy III! This walkthrough covers the original NES version of the game. This user will take a short break before starting work on a second Final Fantasy II Walkthrough which will also cover the NES version, and is a part of Chocolancer's NES walkthrough trilogy.

Welcome! Our Second Bureaucrat!Edit

20 April by Bluerfn

On this very fateful day, Diablo has been granted bureaucrat rights, effectively making him the second bureaucrat for the Final Fantasy Wiki. After the suggestion was opened at the Rin's Travel Agency, a community consensus has been reached, of which a sweeping majority was in favor of his bureaucratship.

As Bureaucrat, Diablo is sharing responsibilities with CSM, and CSM welcomes this move. Congratulations to Diablo, and may the Wiki fulfills its mission as a Final Fantasy database.

FFWiki's 14th, 15th and 16th ModeratorsEdit

17 April by Azul

After a conversation between users on the forums, Crazyswordsman made 8bit BlackMage, TheSwordofDoubt and NeloAngelo the wiki's 14th, 15th and 16th Moderators respectively. Go congratulate them on their talk pages!

Final Fantasy IV in Dual Screen! And English!Edit

10 April by Bluerfn

The April Fool joke is no April Fool joke, it seems. Square Enix has confirmed in its official site that the North American version of Final Fantasy IV will be released for the Nintendo DS on July 22nd, 2008. New additions have been confirmed for this release; such as:

  • Augment System – a dynamic system that allows the player to assign special abilities to characters,
  • Train and customize Whytkin by playing a variety of mini-games and challenge another player to head-to-head battle via local wireless connection!

More details on the press release. Leave your comments here!

FFWiki releases radio drama! Competes with the Aria!Edit

8 April by Bluerfn

The first episode of Intangirs are VIndigo, the FFWiki's Final Fantasy VI radio drama has been released to the public on this date! Inspired by the Earthbound's fan radio play Fobbies are Borange! and Final Fantasy VI, it is the brainchild of Crazyswordsman, who announced this project March 14, 2008. The voice-acting auditions have taken place since its announcement, and so far two episodes are in the works.

Reactions have been positive overall; most found it hilarious, though insignificant audio problems plague the first episode of the production (I fixed them :D -CSM). Some even volunteered to lend their voice for Episode 3, of which auditions will be held in a later date.

Square announces Fanart contest on DeviantArtEdit

4 April by Crazyswordsman

DeviantArt, that website with waaaay too many Final Fantasy fanartists is having a fanart contest for Square's upcoming Nintendo DS RPG, The World Ends With You. The game, designed by Final Fantasy veteran Tetsuya Nomura and the Kingdom Hearts team, will be released on April 22nd. DeviantArt obtained special permission to use Nomura's art for the contest. See the details here.

Final Fantasy II/HenryA's "Walkthorugh" Completed!Edit

4 April by Henryacores

FFwiki finally has a walkthrough for Final Fantasy II. This new walkthrough covers the new PSP version of the game: Final fantasy II Anniversary, thus, covering the former versions of it. Players are guided through the main story of the game, as well as the optional dungeons Soul of Rebirth and Arcane Labyrinth.

Another chapter of the Final Fantasy Fables revealedEdit

2 April by Bluerfn

Square Enix released a press release (no pun intended) on a new Chocobo series title, Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon. Slated for a North American release on July 8, 2008, this title exclusive for the Nintendo Wii, follows the gameplay of past Chocobo titles, Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon.

The story follows Cid the treasure hunter and his companion Chocobo who somehow stumble into a mysterious town where memories of its inhabitants are erased with every toll of the clocktower's bell.

See the press release here!

Final Fantasy IV DS in North America?Edit

2 April by Crazyswordsman

This month's issue of Nintendo Power has the game on its cover, and ten pages devoted to it. They make no mention of a release date, but show English screenshots. Whether this is an April Fools joke on Nintendo's part or not remains to be seen, but we will update you as more information comes in. They also talk about a possible remake of the smash hit Chrono Trigger.

March 2008Edit

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is out.Edit

25 March by Henryacores

The latest chapter of the Final Fantasy VII Compilation was released today on the USA. This game's release also celebrates the 10th anniversary of the release of Final Fantasy VII and serves as a prequel to the same.

The Staff increases with two Moderators and one Admin!Edit

18 March by Blue

The Wiki's Staff has just been expanded on this day. We've received two new moderators and one administrator. Hexed and Good Drake has just been given moderator status by CSM. They do deserve the rollback rights; vandal fighting, article improvements, you name it, they've done it.

The admin count has also increased to six with Bluerfn given sysop rights by CSM. The Wiki needed one admin from the Asian time zone, and it was for this purpose that Blue was selected. Congratulations to our new staff, and everyone hopes the wiki will stay the same fun community fansite as it is now, if not better.

Pirated Ring of Fates give ThanksEdit

13 March by Blue

And now something besides walkthrough news. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates was recently released to the North American market on March 10th. Several hours after its release, however, copies of the game's ROM were scattered into the Internet to be downloaded freely by players.

However, a rather cute surprise of the Moogle sort appeared to the players shortly after the downloaded ROMs are played. Some instances record as long as twenty minutes of gameplay, before the game screen suddenly switched to two Moogles saying "Thank you for playing" and returns back to the title screen. Players can still continue from where they left off, but it will be approximately twenty minutes before the two Moogles reappeared and the game resets.

No news has been delivered from the offices of Square Enix regarding what some believe to be a bug in the game. Then again, if you play the legit article, you shouldn't worry about such things... should you? ^_-

Final Fantasy V/BH Walkthrough Completed!Edit

12 March by BlueHighwind

The Wiki's very first Walkthrough for the game Final Fantasy V has been completed after two and a half months of endless effort and toil. The Final Fantasy V/BH Walkthrough includes a complete walkthrough of the entire main game, all sidequests, and the optional dungeon - including the Cloister of the Dead (but that's not very good).

This is BlueHighwind's fifth walkthrough. After taking a short break he plans to begin work on his own version of a Final Fantasy Tactics walkthrough.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Walkthrough Completed!Edit

5 March by BlueHighwind

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest doesn't get much love on this wiki. Everyone seems to either have never heard of it, never played it, or for those have played it, hate it. Mostly because its a bad rip-off of the Legend of Zelda Series. I did not know that before I read this: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest/Walkthrough by Drake Clawfang.

This is Drake 2's second walkthrough. And it is filled with endless sarcastic comments and hints of suicidal thoughts about having to walkthrough a game this bad. Something tells me that this is the last Mystic Quest Walkthrough this wiki will ever get.

February 2008Edit

Final Fantasy VII Remake At Last!Edit

23 February by Blue。

Final Fantasy VII fans rejoice! After such a long wait, this game was finally remade! And to what else? The Famicom (NES)!

A Chinese company called Shenzhen Nanjing Technology has ported the game to the Famicom (NES), and reviewers claim that the port had stayed true to the plot of the story. However, the graphics have been toned down from 3D to 2D, where sprites from other Final Fantasy games for the NES and SNES were used. Also, certain subquests have been removed, meaning there is no Yuffie or Vincent. This is, fortunately, an unofficial remake.

Sources: here and here

Square Enix designing new MMORPGEdit

10 February by Mymindislost

At the Game Developers Conference being held from February 18th-22nd in San Francisco, California, Taku Murata, general manager of S-E's technical research division, will announce and explain the development of a new engine to be used in Final Fantasy XIII, other S-E titles, and a new MMORPG currently under development. The new MMORPG is currently rumored to be Final Fantasy-related, but no definitive word has been given yet.

Netherith is 13th ModeratorEdit

13 Mods! I sure hope it's a good thing.

FFWiki IRC Channel OnlineEdit

Yeah, we've got our IRC chat room/portal/channel thing.

January 2008Edit

Final Fantasy X Walkthrough completeEdit

Crazyswordsman has just finished, after many moons, his Final Fantasy X walkthrough, bringing the total number of FFX walkthroughs to two. You can find it here.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions Walkthrough Completed!Edit

29 January 2008 by BlueHighwind

A walkthrough completed by somebody other than BH!!? What a shock! After two months of hard dilligent work, User:Zerobandwidth has completed his first masterpiece, the Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions/Walkthrough. With its prescion use of Infoboxes and graphs, this walkthrough is easily one of the best looking this wiki has ever had. And its strategies are certain to help many a gamer in need.

On the other hand, BH's own Final Fantasy Tactics/BH Walkthrough remains in a sad state of incompletion. However BH promises Midgar Press that he will finish the walkthrough, just not anytime soon.

User:PanSola is made 12th ModeratorEdit

17 January 2008 by Blue。

Who would realize that FFWiki would be getting two Moderators in one day? CSM recently gave rollback rights to PanSola for tremendous help in moving the walkthroughs and implementing the newly decided policy on walkthroughs, prior to the discussion in the forums. While some did question why PanSola received it so quickly, it was never a baseless decision for CSM. Congratulations are in order!

Mymindislost becomes Final Fantasy Wiki's 5th AdministratorEdit

17 January 2008 by Blue。

Today marks a historical day for the Final Fantasy Wiki. Crazyswordsman, the Bureaucrat of the FFWiki has elected Mymindislost, affectionately known as MMIL or MMILly by fellow editors, as the Wiki's fifth administrator after a unanimous vote from all editors in the Voting center was made. MMIL's nomination was unopposed with 100% or 14 votes counted after voting was closed today.

MMIL, upon receiving her first congratulatory speech from fellow admin Diablocon, expressed her giddiness and excitement. Moderators such as the newly appointed Faethin and Bluer wasted no time to congratulate her on her new position. The FFWiki looks forward to her contributions as full-fledged Administrator.

User:Faethin is made 11th ModeratorEdit

17 January 2008 by Blue。

Nobody saw it coming, but during the discussion on the Forum:We need to have a SERIOUS discussion about our policy., User:Faethin was made the FFWiki's 11th Moderator. Crazyswordsman bestowed rollback rights as User:Faethin has "been here long enough". User:Faethin's eyes were wide open, and could only say "Wow, thanks!", an expression of how surprised he was.

Final Fantasy X Walkthrough Completed!Edit

6 January 2008 by BlueHighwind

Our most prolific Walkthrough writer has done it again folks. Say what you want about his controversial writing style and riske use of language, BlueHighwind gets the job done. And even celebrates himself by writing in the third person. The Final Fantasy X/Walkthrough is BlueHighwind's fourth walkthrough, and was taken over about one month ago from The Kaizer.

BlueHighwind assures us all that this is not his final project and that he has big plans ahead for the future.