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Shifting Sands Test Area[]

Cloud broadsword from FFVII Remake icon.png

Xehanort Xemnas

Items hell yeah[]

Item Description
Weathered Shortsword

Weathered Shortsword
ID 33333

  • Physical Damage: 69
  • Magical Damage: 3
  • Autoattack delay: 69 milliseconds
  • Tenacity: 50 (HQ 52)
  • Piety: 4
  • Required to Repair: Alchemist Alchemist 6
  • Dark Matter: Grade 5 Dark Matter Grade 5 Dark Matter
  • Glamour Prism: Grade 4 Glamour Prism (Leatherworking) Grade 4 Glamour Prism (Leatherworking)
  • Materia Slots: 2 (cannot overmeld)
Recipe 1: not sure how to format this

Recipe 2: asdf

Used to craft:
  • This sword was wielded by My'little Pogchamp.
  • Dyeable. Admits FC Crest. Not tradable. Part of the Uniform of the Grand Company of Eorzea.
Savage Aim Materia VIImage Placeholder.png
  • Equip to: ArcanistScholar 26
  • Item level: 45
  • Stack size: 16
  • ID: 12345
  • Block rate: 100 (HQ 120)
  • Magic damage: 15
  • Cooldown: 0s (HQ 19s)
  • Strength: 16
  • Direct Hit: 19
This materia increases Critical Hit by 40.
Recipe 1:
  • Crafted by: Blacksmith 100
  • Recipe ID: 199
  • Amount produced: 15
  • Required Control: 2
  • Suggested Control: 1
  • starstarstar recipe

Can be made HQ.
A big weapon.
Can be HQ. Can be given FC crest. Cannot be discarded. Can only be crafted as collectable.

Image Placeholder.png

Pipe trick test[]

Sector 5 Slum should link to "Sector 5 Slum (Final Fantasy VII field)" and display "Sector 5 Slum". An awsome person (talk) 23:22, 10 January 2022 (UTC)