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Welcome to the Requests for Promotion page. If you wish to nominate a member, or yourself, to be a Staff Member, this is the place to apply. One of the Bureaucrats will review your nomination and pronounce their judgement. You can also request access to Intangir Bot and social media accounts here.

Nomination process[]

How to nominate[]

To nominate a user for promotion, add a level 3 header with their username and the proposed rank in parentheses (i.e. ===Name (Rank)===) to the Nomination section below. The nominator should provide reasons for their nomination and sign with four tildes. Self nominations are allowed, and, to be honest, are much easier for us as we need the consent of the candidate at some point anyway. Evocative poetry is encouraged but not mandatory. Other users can then review and comment on the user by adding bullet points below the initial nomination with Support, Oppose or Comment.

A nomination will always be archived once a Bureaucrat has pronounced judgement, unless it is a blatant troll nomination. The archive is kept at /Closed.


Staff applications are handled on a case by case basis, and we don't have a 100% consistent criteria for approval. However, there are several points that we look for:

  • Be bold! While we do scout for users to nominate every so often, we often leave a while between doing so. If you or someone you know is interested in a position, please come to us instead of waiting for us to come to you.
  • Have a good reason. Explain to us what the nominee does for the wiki (briefly, do remember that we can check your full contributions, so you don't have to tell us everything) and why them having the requested tools will be helpful.
  • Be active. We don't promote users that haven't edited much recently. Being active for less than 3 months will raise some questions about if the nominee's sticking around long enough to make use of the position.
  • Contribute to the content areas of the site. We're most interested in users that help with the Main, File, Template, Etymology, Category and parts of Project namespaces, as these contribute to the main purpose of the site. Helping with other sections is nice, but not as essential. (There's also the MediaWiki namespace, but if you can edit that you're already an admin.)
  • Know the rules of the site. Members of staff expected to know enough about the policies to be able to enforce them...
  • ...but also help shape them. We'd like it if nominees are involved in discussions about policy.
  • Remain calm under pressure. Look, we know, arguments do break out here, and all sides can get a little heated. But we're not interested in nominees that resort to insults or shouting at everyone when the slightest thing goes against them.

Furthermore, there are a few circumstances where applications will be automatically rejected:

  • Users that have been blocked for a legitimate reason recently will not be considered.
  • Users that have been rejected within the last 4 months will not be considered for the same position. They're still allowed to be considered for other positions.
  • If you nominate someone else, and they do not accept the nomination, we'll automatically reject it. If they change their mind, we'll waive the 4 month cooldown.
  • We don't like having users skip a tier (Moderator->Administrator->Bureaucrat). If you want to make an application that does that, you will need a very good reason.

Finally, there are a few instances where you don't need to use this page and can just ask an active Bureaucrat:

  • Moderators that went inactive before 2017 will not have full Moderator rights, and we can fix that for you. You can check if this affects you at Special:UserRights, legacy mods will only have rollback, while current mods will have content-moderator.
    • Note that due to content-moderator missing some legacy mod rights, you actually need both content-moderator and rollback. If you're a mod and are getting rate limited, we can fix that too.
  • Most former and inactive staff are not demoted. If you voluntarily removed your rights or Fandom staff removed them for security reasons we're willing to restore that for you.
  • Administrators automatically have access to the wiki's YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter accounts, as well as access to Intangir Bot, just join the Discord server and we'll provide you the information needed to access them. If you're not an admin and want access to these things, or you want Bot rights for your own bot, you should ask here.
  • This page is for permanent promotions. Users requesting temporary rights should ask a Bureaucrat. If it's urgent, use the Discord server.