Welcome to the Requests for Promotion page. If you wish to nominate a member, or yourself, to be a Staff Member, this is the place to apply. One of the Bureaucrats will review your nomination and pronounce their judgement. You can also request access to Intangir Bot, IRC rights and social media accounts here.

Nomination process[edit source]

How to nominate[edit source]

To nominate a user for promotion, add a level 3 header with their username and the proposed rank in parentheses (i.e. ===Name (Rank)===)to the Nomination section below. The nominator should provide reasons for their nomination and sign with four tildes. Evocative poetry is encouraged but not mandatory. Other users can then review and comment on the user by adding bullet points below the initial nomination with Support, Oppose or Comment.

A nomination will always be archived once a Bureaucrat has pronounced judgement, unless it is a blatant troll nomination.

Minimum requirements[edit source]

  • Users must be editors on this wiki for a minimum of three months from their first edit before they can be nominated for any position.
  • Users can only be nominated for the same position once every four months.
  • A brief explanation of the user's deeds, why they deserve the position and how they would use the tools should be included in the initial nomination.
  • Qualities we look for in our Staff include: consistent activity, contribution to content (images, templates, mainspace), knowledge and/or participation in policy, trustworthiness and the ability to remain civil and cool-headed.

Social media requirements[edit source]

Our social media accounts include Twitter, Github, Youtube and Twitch. Social media account access is judged on slightly different grounds. The guidelines are:

  • The user must have a presence on the Final Fantasy Wiki to a degree.
  • The user is a trusted member of the Wiki.
    • These users represent the Wiki on other sites, and thus have a great deal of responsibility.

Those who have been selected to host the Let's Play project will be given the YouTube password automatically, but must go through the nomination process for other accounts if they wish to access them. Any administrator automatically has access to all social media, as well as Intangir Bot. We also keep an archive of closed nominations.

Nominations[edit source]

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