Final Fantasy Wiki
This page documents an official Final Fantasy Wiki policy or guideline.
It approximates a widely accepted standard that all editors should normally follow. Changes made to this page should reflect consensus.

Policies and guidelines document good practice on the Final Fantasy Wiki as established by consensus. The degree of enforcement should be handled on a case-by-case basis, as not all conventions described here work in every situation. Rather, these pages exist to help keep contributors up to speed on all previously made community decisions, ensuring consistency and cohesiveness across the site. Policies also exist to help guide dispute resolution and administrative action to maintain a constructive, collaborative environment on the site.

Generally, policies govern the inclusion or exclusion of content on the site, whereas guidelines govern the presentation of such content. Policies are usually intentionally broad, presenting an ideal to aim for and the steps to get there. Guidelines are generally less strict than policies in enforcement, but more specific in purview.

Content policies[]

Content policies concern the content within the mainspace (articles) of the wiki.

  • Project:Verifiability — Content should be verifiable against reliable sources, preferably using citations and references to support contentious or extraordinary claims.
  • Project:Notability — Topics must be important, unique, or independently viable to have dedicated articles. Information within articles should be relevant to the average user.
  • Project:Scope — The Final Fantasy Wiki does not devote coverage to everything conceivably related to the Final Fantasy series. Included topics must help meet the wiki's goals.

Procedural policies[]

Procedural policies concern how users behave on and interact with the wiki.


  • Project:Manual of Style — Governs the style standards within articles. Its primary goal is to maintain stylistic consistency across articles.
  • Project:File use — Concerns the uploading, organization, and use of files on the wiki. Sections "Before uploading files" and "Uploading files" are considered content policies rather than guidelines.
  • Project:Walkthroughs — Concerns the creation, naming, and authorship of walkthroughs. Sections "Editing someone else's walkthrough" and "Time limits" are considered content policies rather than guidelines.
  • Category:Template documentation — All templates have individualized guidelines concerning their use, and should be treated as reflections of (and written according to) consensus.