Below is the Final Fantasy Wiki policy on media files, including uploading and usage. Due to copyright laws, it is encouraged that these guidelines are followed when uploading these type of media in the wiki.

For the guide on uploading and related markup, see Help:Images and Help:Audio; for how to add them to articles, please see the Article Layout Guide.

General[edit source]

  • Any files uploaded should serve a purpose. If no page uses them in any way, the file will be deleted.
  • Please use the Upload form to upload single files, or Multiple Upload form for multiple files at once (up to ten at one time). The same directions apply.
  • All files must have a name that is descriptive and makes it easy to identify. Any files in violation of this are subject to be moved by the staff.
  • Remember that the Final Fantasy Wiki is not a personal hosting site, web storage facility, or image repository.

Audio[edit source]

  • Sound files must be in .OGG formatting.
  • Only music and voice samples related to Final Fantasy are allowed to be uploaded.
  • When uploading a music sample, make sure it is no longer than 30 seconds and of no greater quality than 80kbps. This does not have to be the first 30 seconds of the song being sampled, feel free to make a sample of the part you feel best represents the song.
  • You may not upload full official game soundtracks. This constitutes major copyright infringements.
  • You may upload any OC Remix or similar mix of a song, provided you obtained the remixer's permission, and can license it as such.
  • You may upload any remix you make yourself and any voice acting you may have (such as a spoken article or an interpretation of a character's voice), but it should not be used in mainspace pages.
  • All music files are to be categorized as Category:Music media and voice files as Category:Voice samples.

Images[edit source]

  • While Wikia accepts files up to 10MB in size, please make sure its size will allow for fast page loading, and the resolution is optimum and clear when rendered in thumbnails. The recommendation is less than 1MB in size with less than 1000x1000 in resolution.
  • Preferred image file format is PNG.
  • Copyrighted images will be deleted, for which all of the following apply:
    • Someone other than Square or one of Square's designers owns it.
    • The image is not used in mainspace or template space (or is used in those places for reasons other than commentary, description, or parody, all of which are fair use).
    • You didn't obtain permission to use it.
  • Uploading offensive material will result in the image being deleted and a ban or warning issued.
  • The wiki reserves all the right to maintain images, non-free or otherwise, including user images.

Fanart[edit source]

  • Fanart you made yourself is especially encouraged in this wiki. Please categorize your uploaded fanart as Category:Fanart.
  • If you want to upload fanarts and images of fan-drawn comics, you must first obtain permission from the artist or writer. They own the copyright to their work, and using fanart does not qualify as fair use because it is not canon, and it is disrespectful to the artist.
  • You may only upload it with permission from the artist which must be given in the upload summary and the description form must be filled accordingly.
  • If it is uploaded without permission, templates {{Copyright}} or {{delete}} will be added to the image and you will have to get permission to use the image or it risks deletion.

User images[edit source]

  • If an image is 100% self-created or a photograph you have taken, it should be categorized as Category:User Images. Under licensing, you may release it under the Creative Commons or another compatible license, release it into the public domain, or decide to keep it copyrighted.
  • If an image is only partially self-created, i.e. uses copyrighted material in some form, but is otherwise created by the user (e.g. desktop backgrounds, character collages, etc.), it must have a fair-use rationale and be categorized as as either Category:Fair use images or Category:Fair Use Images not made by Square.
  • If an image fits as a "self-created image", but is made by someone other than you, it must be added with permission from the artist. If it is not, the same rules as with fanart apply.
  • If an image fails all the above, but would still be used, please upload it to an external image hosting website. If it is uploaded to the wiki, it will be deleted.

Copyrighted images[edit source]

  • Any copyrighted image uploaded must have fair-use rationale and must be categorized with categories under Category:Fair use images.
  • Any copyrighted image that does not have rationale, such as random anime/cartoon or game images, must be uploaded to an external image hosting website. If it is uploaded to the wiki, it will be deleted.

Video[edit source]

  • The Final Fantasy Wiki has created a YouTube account for use of uploading videos and embed them for use in pages. This account may be accessed at the FFWiki Youtube account.
  • Try to avoid searching for videos on YouTube; it is better upload your own to the site and use the {{video}} template to put it in articles.
  • Only Final Fantasy related videos used in mainspace are allowed within filespace.
  • Filespace is typically not used for storing videos, to maintain site consistency as YouTube is preferred. However, videos allowed to be within filespace are gameplay videos, such as summoning sequence videos, ability videos and the like. All other videos, especially those that use media not related to the series, will be deleted.
  • All videos in the filespace are to be categorized as Category:Videos.
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