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The Maintenance project is a project that aims to keep track of all on-wiki back-end maintenance. Maintenance does not usually refer to adding new content to the wiki, but instead to fixing back-end issues such as links and templates to improve the presentation of the wiki and make it run more smoothly.


The data within the wiki's SpecialPages is cached and refreshes at around 17:08 (UTC) every day, meaning that they are not always up to date. If a page lists an error that you cannot find, then the issue may have already been fixed by another editor, and its entry on the corresponding SpecialPage will be removed when the cache updates.

All of the wiki's SpecialPages and maintenance categories should be empty, with a few exceptions. For example, it is okay to link to disambiguation pages when the purpose is to direct users to other uses of the name (e.g. Final Fantasy may link to Final Fantasy (disambiguation)), or when the link is an ambiguous redirect (e.g. Lionheart may redirect to Lion Heart). Also, Special:UnusedCategories may contain empty maintenance categories: this is acceptable, as they may be used again in the future.

SpecialPages maintenance[]


Special:DisambiguationPageLinks shows a list of pages that contain links leading to disambiguation pages. These should be fixed to link directly to the appropriate page instead, or the link should be removed if there is no appropriate page.

Unused content[]

These lists show content on the wiki that isn't being used on any pages. If the content seems useless, {{delete}} should be placed on it so it can be deleted by an administrator. If an unused image seems like it could be used in the future, refer to Project:Updating Images.

Uncategorized content[]

These lists show pages that haven't been placed in any of the wiki's categories. Entries can be removed by adding an appropriate category to the page. If there doesn't seem to be any appropriate categories for the uncategorized content, a new category may need to be created.

Wanted content[]

These lists show pages that link to content that doesn't exist on the wiki. Entries can be removed by either creating the content or by removing the link. Sometimes, entries here are caused by minor spelling errors in links, which can be easily corrected.

Other maintenance[]