The Final Fantasy Tactics Let's Play, hosted by Catuse. Recorded on FFWiki Discord server.

Chapter 1[edit source]

Part 1

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After having rhinectomies, Delita and Ovelia go for a romantic chicken-back ride. Before rescuing Joffrey Baratheon from certain death, Ramza has flashbacks within flashbacks, while Ritz advocates for equal pay for equal work.

Featuring Hexedmagica, Some Color Mage, and ScatheMote.

Part 2

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A Bomb embraces existential nihilism. Solyeuse becomes the Archer on Top while Milleuda's men gallivant down the Oregon Trail. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead and Alexander O. Smith killed them.

Featuring Hexedmagica, Yuanchosaan, and ScatheMote.

Part 3

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Delita takes a nap. Discord causes strife. Saber dies, murdered at the hands of Saber. Ivalice was never great. Argath did nothing wrong.

Featuring Hexedmagica, User:BlueHighwind, Technobliterator and ScatheMote.

Chapter 2[edit source]

Part 4

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Soleyuse cheats on a girl and a goblin. Gaffgarion cheats on the party. Hamlet and Claudius are dead.

Featuring Yuanchosaan, 8bit BlackMage, and ScatheMote.

Part 5

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Mustadio saves his own life. Lampetos and Catuse contemplate their life choices. Square Enix runs out of story ideas.

Featuring Hexedmagica and Some Color Mage.

Part 6

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Koji sings drunken karaoke. Society forsakes Shakespeare for memes. Godless time mages sit the Seastone Chair. Soleyuse jumps into another's loving embrace.

Played by Catuse and commentated by ScatheMote, Hexedmagica and Some Color Mage.

Chapter 3[edit source]

Part 7

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Orran embraces libertarianism. Imedia embraces atheism. Soleyuse embraces anime.

Participants are Catuse167, ScatheMote, and Hexedmagica.

Part 8

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Germonique accepts 30 pieces of silver. Belias uses an old translation, while Ramza befriends himself and the second-worst unit in the game. Soleyuse becomes a parody of shonen manga.

Commentated over by BlueHighwind and Hexedmagica, hosted by Catuse167.

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