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The Let's Play is a collaborative video project created by the users of the Final Fantasy Wiki. Born from an idea by BlueHighwind, it resonated with the hearts of the users and the project quickly started up.

Basically speaking, the Let's Play is a bunch of users from the wiki talking over a bunch of footage from a Final Fantasy game. This footage is recorded by a certain user, the host, who appears in every episode of the Let's Play. The host is joined by three other randomly selected users, and for an hour they talk about the game or whatever other issues lay burden upon their souls. Each of them represents a different portion of the wiki, and each brings their own separate opinions to the table.

One new part is put up whenever we're able; updates will be announced on the /update page. If you wish to participate, please see the instructions posted on the forums.

Future Let's Play projects can be discussed and proposed on /upcoming. Users will review the potential upcoming Let's Play project based on which of those is agreed on.

For fun, visitors are invited to visit the Trope Page for this project on TV Tropes.

Final Fantasy VI[]

List of videos: /Final Fantasy VI

And thus the project began with Let's Play of Final Fantasy VI, hosted by ScatheMote. Join him and as well as Henryacores, Some Color Mage, Daiton, BlueHighwind, Hexedmagica, 8bit BlackMage, Faethin, Chocolancer, Deadlyslashsword, Yuanchosaan, and Drake Clawfang on the seminal Let's Play of the Final Fantasy Wiki.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest[]

List of videos: /Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Taking place in between the two halves of Final Fantasy VI, BlueHighwind, along with ScatheMote, Tabbeh, Some Color Mage, Armageddon11, Deadlyslashsword, Chocolancer, 8bit BlackMage, and Drake Clawfang, venture on a new quest. A Mystic Quest. Despite some initial optimism, our heroes are left in a state of pure desperation. They are the Lost Generation, ruined by the Mystic Quest.

On that note, come and join our intrepid questers for the five part multivisual experience. You will laugh, cry, and maybe even get something in the mail.

Final Fantasy VIII[]

List of videos: /Final Fantasy VIII

The project has evolved. It has grown. It has mutated. It has grown beyond our control. The power of these Let's Plays is now beyond all calculations, and now they've devoured their own creator, BlueHighwind. Coming along for the ride is Some Color Mage, Hexedmagica, 8bit BlackMage, Faethin, Jeppo, Jimcloud, Tia-Lewise, Deadlyslashsword, Yuanchosaan, Drake Clawfang, Ark, ScatheMote, FireKnight, and The Mystery Guest. Also includes a bizarre subplot involving a Faceless Squall, Time Compression, and the song I Am the Walrus.

Final Fantasy Adventure[]

List of videos: /Final Fantasy Adventure

Let the adventure begin! In the game that kicked off the Mana series, ScatheMote, along with BlueHighwind, Some Color Mage, Hexedmagica, Sorceror Nobody, 8bit BlackMage, Jeppo, Jimcloud, Deadlyslashsword, Yuanchosaan, Drake Clawfang, Ark, embark on a monochrome adventure that has a striking similarity to a certain series involving a certain legend about a certain Zelda. Watch as the group encounters increasingly disturbing enemies, more ideas stolen from Zelda than you can shake a hookshot at, and a confusing difficult curve that Scathe takes not all too well! Truly it is an adventure for the ages!

Final Fantasy VII[]

List of videos: /Final Fantasy VII

The revival of the Let's Play after a long period of inactivity, Technobliterator leads the project to play Final Fantasy VII, a game which brought many to the series and popularized not just Final Fantasy, but RPGs in general in the west. Join Techno, along with Catuse167, BlueHighwind, Fëasindë, The Mystery Guest TacticAngel, Drake Clawfang, Some Color Mage, ScatheMote, Kiracieux, Tia-Lewise, Yuanchosaan, FireKnight251, Hexedmagica, Jimcloud and ????????. They plough through a journey of nostalgia and excitement. Well, and technical issues, mouse cursors, insults and often terrible gameplay. This was the first Let's Play to be completed by the wiki after two years.

Final Fantasy V[]

List of videos: /Final Fantasy V

Hexedmagica leads the Wiki on an adventure through the three worlds of Final Fantasy V, and also a bizarre subreddit, r/guyswithvelociraptors. Along the way, the brave souls learn Mineuchi and Level 5 Death and praise Gilgamesh, the warrior who can Clash on the Big Bridge.

A Mystery Game[]

While waiting for our next LP to start, Some Color Mage played A Mystery Game, and tricked ScatheMote and Catuse167 to come along for the ride.

The Final Fantasy Wiki's Let's Play

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

List of videos: /Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy XV[]

List of videos: /Final Fantasy XV

Some Color Mage takes the Wiki on the longest planned road trip in history.

Final Fantasy X[]

List of Videos: /Final Fantasy X

Hexedmagica inflicts us all with the game that brought Final Fantasy into the world of being voice acted.