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Well, it's time to bring out the Final Fantasy Wiki's next big thing! What is it? Well, it might just be the best piece of Final Fantasy fanstuff ever devised!

It is a Final Fantasy VI radio drama! It's called "Intangirs are VIndigo." Now if you're wondering, it will be similar to Fobbies are Borange, a radio play of Earthbound. So basically it's gonna be the first time someone gave voices to the FFVI characters!

But I, Crazyswordsman, can't do it alone!


Do you love Final Fantasy? Do you love voice acting? This is your chance! To try out, go to my userpage and click "email this user." Tell me which part you want to try out for. I will then send you a line to audition. If you get the part, I will send you the rest of your lines for the part I'm doing. Here are the rules:

  • If you try out for a major role, you will get several lines to recite.
  • I will try to give out the major roles I'm not voicing as evenly as I can, although you're more than welcome to try out for more than one major role. And hell, you'll probably get more than one major role.
  • If I decide to give up one of my roles (it will be VERY possible), I will be holding the audition MUCH more strictly, since I have a VERY particular way I want those voices done. I've already decided I'm giving up Kefka's part, so when I hold a casting call for him, it will be VERY strict.

Part 1: George Lucas better not sue us[]


Part 2: Wrenched[]


Part 3: In the Up Over, we knew what the difference was.[]


Parts needed[]

Major roles are in bold. If you try out for a major role and you get it, you have to be ready to be called upon to voice it whenever I say you have to. It's a HUGE commitment on your part because this will be done in seasons so I can do like 10 or so episodes and then take a break. So this is a HUGE commitment.

Episode 3[]

  • Marshal
  • Classroom receptionist
  • Classroom professor
  • A Narshe Guard
  • We need a lot of people to say "Kupo!"

Reserved parts[]