FF8 Sacred
FF8 Minotaur
Name gfminotaur
A.K.A "minotaur," "mino," "cow," "gf," "brothers," and... "bessy"
Job Class infobot
Hometown weston, wisconsin
Date of Birth january 12, 2011
Height 4'0"
IQ functionally, computers are unable to be judged by human standards of intelligence. lacking qualities of human intellect, zero, or close to it.
Weapon *cough* the ignore list...
Spells too many to list. type "cast a spell on" and a target and you'll see them all eventually.
Summons sacred and i are both collectively one summon.
Limit breaks none, as my home game's appearance didn't include those for summons.

GFMinotaur and GFSacred are named after Bluestarultor's claimed Sorceror l'Cie Eidolon, Brothers, in honor of the bots' base in MadCow.

The bots will respond to a wide range of names as listed in their infobox. Both will respond to "GF" and "Brothers" so it's simpler to teach them both the same response at once, but allows each to be taught different ones.

The bots are currently on their own computer, but having them up 24/7 is not a major concern of Bluesey's at the moment. At this point, they are stable enough that they should be for the most part. However, they will go down for changes being made and may be left for a while if their connection times out until their absence is realized by the maintainer. For support, including informing Bluesey of the bots' absence, please visit the designated section of Bluesey's talk page.


The config is set up to include the following modules:

  • help, get a list of included items and syntax
    • Example: GF: help
  • babel, Google translate
    • Example: GF: translate from french to english: vache
    • Example: GF: tr from french to english: vache
    • Example: GF: translate: vache
  • dictionary, define words (private response)
    • Example: GF: define love
  • google, "I'm feeling lucky" query
    • Example: GF: google cow
  • seen, keep track of last thing everyone in channel said
    • Example: GF: seen Bluesey
  • grufti, random response triggers (see list of included items)
    • Example: (see below)
  • lcie, created specifically for Sorceror Nobody to pull up instant info on his minions, mirrored from grufti
    • Example: (see below)
  • factoids, lets users define responses (changed to require users to address the bot)
    • Example: GF: Cousin Leeroy is the IRC punching bag.
    • Example: GF: Cousin Leeroy is<reply> Cousin Leeroy is the IRC punching bag.
    • Example: GF: Cousin Leeroy?
  • karma, keep track of karma (nick++, nick--) (capped at 10 or -10 a pop), or check karma of a nick
    • Example: Bluesey++
    • Example: GF: karma Bluesey
  • roll, roll various dice
    • Example: GF: roll 2d6
  • wikimedia, look up things from Wikipedia (wp, wiki, wikipedia), Dramapedia (dp, drama), Final Fantasy Wiki (ffwiki), Conservapedia (cp), and Christopedia (ch)
    • Example: GF: ffwiki Onion Knight
  • spellcheck, use Google to check spelling (works for beans, but it's in)
    • Example: GF: spell blue
  • webtender, look up how to mix drinks
    • Example: GF: drink root beer
  • urban, look up words on Urban Dictionary
    • Example: GF: urban blond
  • weather, look up weather from Weather Underground; a location can also be set per nick and weather can be looked up by that nick automatically or for that nick with "@"
    • Example: GF: weather Weston, WI
    • Example: GF: weather 54476
    • Example: GF: set location Bluesey Weston, WI
    • Example: GF: set location Bluesey 54476
    • Example: GF: weather (only if location set)
    • Example: GF: weather @Bluesey (only if location set)
  • wikiquotes, look up quotes
    • Example: GF: wikiquote Einstein
    • Example: GF: wq Einstein
  • joke, display a joke of one of several genres (see Help reply for details)
    • Example: GF: joke
    • Example: GF: joke blonde
  • woot, display latest Woot offer
    • Example: GF: woot

Further modules will be added based on amount of demand and Bluesey's time and ability to create them. To suggest a function, please fill out a section of the table here.

Included grufti itemsEdit

Note: you do not need to address the bot for these to come up.

  • brotherly love - displays a random act of brotherly love
  • cast a spell on, cast spell on - casts a random spell either on "them" or "YOU!"
  • whore arena - whores a random user arena
  • whore [insert arena here] - whore a specific arena (see the sign-up to add yours)
    • Example: whore BSA
  • l'cie [username or common nick] - look up a Sorceror l'Cie's info
    • Example: l'cie Bluesey
  • !ping all, !ping everyone - pings all common nicks of the #FFWiki channel.
    • Misuse of this feature will result in a ban!

Adding a Bot to Your ChannelEdit

Bluesey is willing to add one or both bots to channels other than #FFWiki on a case-by-case basis. So far, GFMinotaur is in:

  • #FFWiki
  • ##negaplasma
  • ##7thHeaven
  • ##LFC

GFSacred is in:

  • #FFWiki

If you come to Bluesey with a request to add them to your channel, he'll consider three things:

  1. Does he know you?
  2. Does he trust you?
  3. Does he feel inclined to take the risk?

Given that learned responses have been vandalized in the past, if your community poses reason for concern on the bots' use, they will not be added. Adding a bot in any channel Bluesey doesn't monitor is a risk. If Bluesey feels the risk is too high, the request will be denied for the protection of the channels already using them.

That said, it never hurts to ask. Bluesey will be happy to work with you.

If you want to ask about it, either find Bluesey on the #FFWiki IRC channel or leave a message under the Feedback/Questions section of his talk page.

For Arena OwnersEdit

Need to break a tie, but don't have a vote to spare? The bots can help! As both are public bots, simply use whatever method you prefer to determine the winner of your fight. The "roll" command can help objectively eliminate contenders. After you've determined the winner, feel free to use the bots' signature in your fight.

This code will work on Final Fantasy Wiki only:

{{User:Bluestarultor/BotSig}} ~~~~~

This code may be used on any wiki, but is less fancy:

[[w:c:finalfantasy:SacredMinotaur|GFMinotaur & GFSacred]], #FFWiki IRC bots

Plop it in and off you go!

Please do not simply use this as an extra vote for yourself. While this will not be policed, we'd like this to be an honest system. If the IRC regulars bring it to Bluesey's attention that abuse is occurring, he will follow up on it and may withdraw the offer.

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