Final Fantasy Wiki

The Final Fantasy Wiki maintains a database containing information datamined from Final Fantasy XIV for use on the wiki. The database can be accessed from any page and is updated with each new Patch that is released by Square Enix using FFXIV Explorer and software written by wiki staff, as well as by hand when neccessary. The purpose of the database is to allow the wiki to keep up with the huge amount of new content in each Patch (as of Patch 3.21, FFXIV contains over 13,000 items, and thousands of Quests, enemies, and crafting recipes).


Like most server-side scripts, the program for converting hard data into wiki-readable text is written in Lua, and stored at Module:FFXIV Data. Subpages of this contain the data itself, and are listed as follows, along with each argument a type of module takes. Note that many arguments require knowledge of the indices and IDs the game uses to describe certain properties of its content. It is also helpful to familiarize oneself with the syntax of Lua before attempting to edit a module.

In practice, whitespace is minimized in databases. The reason for this is that these databases are massive, and any amount of trimming that will help them fit into the 2MB maximum page length allowed by MediaWiki will be used!