The Final Fantasy Wiki recognizes that the Final Fantasy series has a large and diverse fandom. There are fan hacks of existing games, fan games, fanfiction, fanart, fan remixes of music, and many more involved fan projects. While many editors enjoy such projects personally, the wiki has specific guidelines for what fandom aspects are appropriate to be covered here.

The wiki asks that fandom aspects covered on the site follow one of two guidelines:

  • The fan product has been recognized or acknowledged by Square Enix. This covers fandom aspects such as Dion Rogers' Rinoa, which won an official contest hosted by Square Enix, and Erutan, a musical artist who remixes Final Fantasy music and received permission from Square Enix to sell these remixes.
  • The fan product has been recognized or acknowledged by notable third-party video game websites or magazines. This covers projects such as 8-Bit Theater and Dead Fantasy.
A list of third-parties the Wiki considers notable for this guideline is as follows:, Famitsu, IGN, GameSpot, Gametrailers, Siliconera, GameSpy, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Eurogamer, Polygon, Game Informer, PC Gamer, Team XBox, Official Nintendo Magazine, Official Playstation Magazine, Official XBox Magazine, Nintendo Power.
If a page for a fandom product you have created is not covered by one of these websites or magazines, but is covered by what you consider an unmentioned significant third-party, a discussion should be raised, often on the article's talk page, and consensus will be reached to judge if the third-party coverage is considered notable enough for inclusion.

As a separate guideline, fan translations of video games and other media will not be considered for coverage if there is an official translation of the product provided by Square Enix in the same medium, while for products which have not been officially translated, a prominent and notable fan translation, if any, may be used to base coverage around. Unofficial ports and releases, such as the Chinese NES version of Final Fantasy VII, will also not be considered for coverage. Under this guideline, the following productions are covered on the Wiki by means of translations provided by fans:

Any questions about these policies and guidelines can be directed to the talk page, Rin's Travel Agency, Discord, or to a Staff member.

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