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The history of our dear Dragon's Neck Colosseum from Week 41 to Week 50! This is only an archive. All these votes have closed, so don't bother voting.


Week 50 Extravaganza![]

Vaan v. Tidus[]

28½ to 25
FFX Artwork Tidus.png
FFX Artwork Tidus.png
In latter years, we have seen a large collection of androgynous characters, specifically our lead pretty-boys? Which one is tougher? Which is prettier?

User Votes for Vaan[]

  1. Hiron Stake:kinda hard (honestly, i dont like either one that much) but i go with vaan. for one thing, did tidus ever get a huge ship with a frikin CITY ON IT?! uh-uh. though one thing thats similr btween these 2 is that their both kinda taken under the wing of an awsome character: auron with tidus and balthier with vaan (or basch if you like).
  2. Maverick King Vaan because he exists and isn't some ghost dream like Tidus. Tidus just bitched how Daddy didn't love him. Vaan was drawn by the second best FF artist and doesn't look like a hot topic, beach ball wanna be (i'm looking at you Nomura!). Balthier's protege ftw
  3. Nelo: I like his colour scheme. (the picture above, NOT the FFXII one!)
  4. Alcaeus: His voice is less annoying than Tidus' voice. Other than that, they are equally useless.
  5. Hexed]:Vaan isn't as useless as Tidus in battle. That plus he hangs out with Balthier.
  6. dudutsai: Vaan sucks a tiny bit less because he wasn't a complainer, he was just an annoying bitch, while Tidus was both.
  7. Cloudofdarkness:Vaan is a lot cooler in Revant Wings then Tidus ever was. They were about the same in X and XII.
  8. Crazyswordsman: Vaan was always more stable than Tidus. By FFTA2 he reformed and got rid of his prettyboyness and now he's normal. But Zidane pwns them both.
  9. Pikmin Master: Vaan's from Ivalice and that counts. Plus, although I don't like Vaan nor Tidus, Vaan looks cool in that pic.
  10. ShadowLaguna: I don't see the problem with Vaan, maybe except for his clothing. But Tidus is nothing more than a cry baby.
  11. Masamune: At least Vaan never cried.
  12. Rinoa - Vaan easily tidus was too cocky he made a really bad first impression on me, i like him during the important parts of the plot (the more serious bits) other than that he was abit irritating also at whoever said you cant beat the dark aeons without him, i beat themm all and penance with yuna lulu and rikku, tidus was only good for haste and hastaga, i do actually like 10 and 12,(and RW) 10 is the first ff i really got into but it wasnt because of tidus, vaan was interesting all the way through, plus i like his little story before you meet Ashe, before he stops being the main character lol, but yeah everyone leave ffx alone, if you pretend auron wasnt in it (god i hate you auron) and tidus doesnt talk as much then its a really good game (death to auron F*cking HATE U AURON !!!!!)
  13. OtensAt least Vaan can get over death and look forward. Tidus honestly just hated his Dad and whined whenever he had the chance. "You're going to cry. You always Cry. See you're Cryin." Quoted from Jecht.
  14. Xmd5a A tolerable if slightly annoying character versus the most seethingly annoying whiner in FF history? Pretty easy choice here.
  15. Triforcel: I don't see how this is much of a contest. I mean, Vaan gets actually stars in the sequal to his game where as in FFX-2, Tidus only exists in that one cut scene if you do everything right.
  16. Blue。
  17. Mymindislost: Because I hate Tidus THAT MUCH. O_O
  18. Mondo0102: Ones pretty bland while the other's a little annoying... But i prefer Vaan for the fact that he USUALLY thinks before he opens his mouth.
  19. RMX: Same thing with Mymindislost -- I HATE TIDUS!
  20. User:Clvabl
  21. TacticAngel
Anonymous Votes[]
  1. Vaan may not have been the main character, but I think he did a better job than Tidus anyway--
  2. AnonyMan: I like the fact Vaan wasn't the focus(or even partially essential really)to the story means he doesn't get a stupid dramtic brooding and sulking seen about soemthing. He has a cool personality which remained static through the whole game. So what if the plot could have gone virtually the same without him(or by extension Penelo), at least he's not Tidus or in X.
  3. JS: Vaan didn't spend half the game whineing
  4. Yumiko: I didnt really like Tidus or FFX for that matter. Although Vaan isnt the main lead he still had some dignity...
  5. EmuMaster: Of the blond prettyboys you can never beat Zidane, but he isn't here, and you can't get worse than Titus, so I guess this Vaan fellow wins by default. (Please tell me he isn't whiner than Titus!)
  6. Vaan gets my vote. Though both are whiny, and pretty dumb, Vaan isn't AS dumb as Tidus. Tidus's laugh is also just too creepy for me.
  7. I just like Vaan more than Titus, enough said...
  8. ??????: I just got FFXII for a present. I read Vaan's profile and I think I like him more. However, look at the pictures up there. To quote Austin Powers in Goldmember, "Twins, Basil! Twins!"

User Votes for Tidus[]

  1. Ekats Norih~ Tidus because tidus actually has a very interesting story plus, before i figured out whatr was gonna happen in XII, i thought Ashe was the love interest of the story, but with tidus and yuna, you cann tell from the beginning wats gonna happen.
  2. BlueHighwind: Tidus is not Vaan. That's enought reason to vote for him.
  3. Azul: What BH Said
  4. Jonty: Vaan had no skill. Tidus was so useful to the point you couldn't beat any of the Dark Aeons without him. If I where the Empire, I would have killed Vaan's family too.
  5. Scottyboy: Vaan looks cooler in that picture, but I still wanna throttle him so i'm votin for my man Tidus.
  6. SmegHead I know that a few complain about Tidus' personality, and for the most part it is justified. But in battle, Tidus just Rocks! Caladbolg + 255 Strength + Blitz Ace vs Nemesis = 899,991 damage! TOTAL PWNAGE!
  7. Jammi568 Tidus is cool, as he has a story to him. Because if you're going to have a character, at least noticethat they're there.
  8. AK Claus: Tidus is one of the best developed characters in Final Fantasy history, yet mildly annoying, but that doesn't change the fact that Vaan is a woman.
  9. Adam Mcduck: Vaan is among the most pointless characters in FF. Tidus' role in X is good and is a strong focus in the game, unlike Vaan whose role and story diminishes half way through XII.
  10. Pablo618: Tidus is not that bad (neither Vaan but, who cares?)
  11. Ozymandias1: Tidus is better, just by virtue of being part of the plot...
  12. Henryacores: Damn...I actually hate them both but Tidus' plot is much better.
  13. XI Tidus was the only main character that was half decent in all of the Final Fantasies that I've played. Plus, He's part of one of my favorite Fantasies.:D
  14. chaosjest: Tidus is the bomb. My second fav. Fighter in Final Fantasy. Blitz Ace, nice. Caladbolg = Nuclear Bomb PWNAGE. And Vaan can't openly admit his feelings to Penelo who obviously wants him. What a tard...
  15. FFFan4: 1)Tidus is awesome, he's my second favorite male lead though he isn't in my top ten. As other people said before Tidus is the BEST developing character in all of Final Fantasy history and it doesn't look like anyone will beat him in XIII. Tidus has a good and strong focus in the storyline and had an awesome love relationship and is one of the BEST fighters/competitors in all of FF even though he isn't a bada**. Plus everybody loves an underdog and Ultima Weapon/Caladbolg is AWESOME!! 2)I don't care about eithier of these characters.
  16. Mr. Rojo: I liked a lot Tidus when I played FF X, he is a good fighter and funny. Also he had an awesome love relationship with Yuna. FF X is one of my favorites FF also and his story is good.
  17. Drake: Vaan is from XII. Tidus is not.
  18. Ericrvjr: The anon has a point. Tidus is a main character that has to do with the story. Vaan is the main character for about 5 minutes, then you're controlling him to accomplish Ashe's destiny and whatnot.
  19. Xadren: This time the match is pretty hard...I vote for Tidus because he IS the main character while Vaan is only "primus inter pares". Both Tidus and Vaan narrate the story by their own point of view, but Tidus is the one everyone refer to as "the son of Jecht", the "friend of Auron". Tidus is the protagonist of a story, a romantic dream destinated to vanish, he is a real final fantasy. Also, Tidus fell in love with Yuna saw that source. On the other side no woman wants Vaan, only Penelo but he seems not realize that.
  20. Darkling692: Tidus isn't meaner nor prettier, he's just a little bit cooler than Vaan, and he actually is the true leading man in "HIS STORY" not like Vaan who is just a bystander, both are good but Tidus is better
  21. BritBoy: as said previously, Tidus is a main character, as Auron ever says, "this is your story", whereas Vaan is a bystander. While I found both voice actors annoying I found Tidus slightly less annoying
  22. User:Booff7: I actually thought Tidus was a great lead character. I have nothing against Vaan, but he played a very small role in XII. I don't see what people have against Tidus, I thought he was one of the better heroes in the series.
  23. TheSwordofDoubt: What BH said. =D
  24. AzureDrake: Tidus beats Vaan in both popularity AND overall strength. He has a developed role in his game while Vaan just sorta falls back halfway through his game. And for the people who say Tidus is a pussy just because he always bitches about his dad leaving, in my opinion, that's pretty normal. Just think about it, he loses a dad that he both loves/hates. He hates him too much to go after him, but he also loves him enough that he always wonders where Jecht could have gone. And please excuse what I said above if it's wrong because it's only a 13-year-old's psychology in work O.o. Oh, and on the issue on strength, Caladbolg beats whatever Vaan can get through that checker board thing :D.
  25. Reed81: I love love love me some Tidus. I haven't played FFXII yet, so I know little to nothing of Vaan. Therefore, my vote goes to my man Tidus!
  26. Lockhart: Tidus is just plain better than Vaan. I mean, it's Tidus story. Vaan is just along for the ride.
Anonymous Votes[]
  1. At least Tidus IS (well was) famous and he knows how to play blitzball, and vaan... well, he can kill rats and maybe a fly if he has some buffs...
  2. Tidus was at least connected in some way to the main story. And if you look at Vaan's chest in the cutscenes he has this weird fish skeleton thing going on-that is not how ribs are meant to look!
  3. Tidus was more in depth, and had more connections with the player as he journeys through Spira; learning about it, and how to save it.
  4. I vote Tidus, mainly because I don't find Vaan as appealing or as cool as Tidus, and I've been an FFX fan for quite a long time
  5. Tidus is awesome and Caladbolg>>>>>>Zodiac Spear MK.

Peanut Gallery[]

Zidane can fuck Tidus over and over again. --Crazyswordsman 22:29, 21 December 2007 (UTC)

Pablo618: So now zidane is a man's man instead of a ladies' man?
BlueHighwind: Zidane would never fuck Tidus. Vaan might, but never Zidane. That man's too busy screwing Garnet froggy style every night. =)
I mean Zidane would probably destroy both their asses. Because he's about -100000 times better than Vaan and Tidus. --Crazyswordsman 01:46, 22 December 2007 (UTC)
BlueHighwind: You accidently threw in a negitive sign in their which would make Zidane 100,000 times worse than those idiots. He's really 1,000,000,000 times greater than both of them combined and with a cherry on top.
I put the negative sign in there because Tidus and Vaan are in the negative for coolness. Two negatives cancel out and make a positive. --Crazyswordsman 00:55, 23 December 2007 (UTC)

BlueHighwind: A lot of people are complaining that Vaan didn't really have anything to do with the main storyline. And I think this is less a flaw and more his greatest virtue. Say what you want about the little prick, but he knew to step aside and let the adults (Balthier, Fran, Ashe, Basch) take care of things. Tidus just kept on whining.

You know, I'm really getting sick of people complaning about pretty boys, or pretty boys with long hair, or pretty boys with spiky hair, because I was once a pretty boy with spiky hair, then I was a pretty boy with long hair, and now I'm just a pretty boy. What's so bad about pretty boys? Is it because we get a lot of hot girls and are instantly popular at school? Or is it because after doing something for twenty minutes we can do it perfectly forevermore? Or is it because we're great storyweavers? Please, somebody tell me, as I really want to know. -- Drake1

Nelo: I guess that's because most prettyboys are designed to be emo, or dead fucking annoying, except Sephiroth, he is a pretty boy but also a walking Slaugther Machine.

Well, I'm not emo or dead fucking annoying (I'm only annoying 20% pf the time), so that just sounds like a sterotype to me, you predjuce bastards! *points at all of the prettyboy haters and curses them all to limbo* -- Drake

FFFan4: 1)I back you up Drake 100%!!!

Masamune: Drake, did you seriously just curse us to limbo? I could have sworn that the only people in limbo were un-baptized dead babies. And I'm pretty sure that I can think of worse places to be than limbo.

BlueHighwind: I think the issue is that Square Enix thinks that these guys are good looking, when they really aren't. Its like when Hollywood keeps on telling me that Angelina Jolie is sexy, when I'm fairly certain that she's just Jon Voight in drag. We don't want to be told what to think.

MK Zodiac Spear > and FFX weapon. This included Caladborg. Considering all you have to do to get ZS is just not open 4 chests i'd say it's a lot less painstaking then ridding on a chocobo that gets knocked over by birds. Also, it made the spineless Vaan into an unstoppable juggernaught that would make Auron think twice about attacking. nuff' said.

BH, I totally agree with you about the Angelina Jolie thing. And those guys are good looking, because I'm one of them :]. -- Drake, well, I guess I'm BadDrake or CrazyDrake now.

Basch v. Balthier[]

FFXII Basch Render.png
31½ to 16

Strength versus Accuracy, the battle of the FFXII tough guys.

User Votes for Basch[]

  1. Maverick King Ugh WHY!?!?1 My two favs from FFXII. Since Basch was supposed to be the leading man instead of Vaan. (DAMN! the masses and their love of feminine male leads) I'm going with him. Darth Vader.. I mean Gabranth ftw
  2. Nelo:Mental-Flipcoin.
  3. Hexed:Basch has better usefulness for me in combat.
  4. Auron fon RonsenKaizer: Hahahahahhaha. Balthier...
  5. Adam Mcduck: Basch is one of my fav FF characters, Balthier is OK but he's not as good as Basch.
  6. Drake: Baltheir is just Han Solo done all the wrong way. I vote Basch.
  7. Xadren: It is right, it's good that Chewbacca has been replaced with Fran, but Balthier speaks too much. Basch is useful and strong. What a pity his role in the story becomes early insignificant...But he's still better than Balthier.
  8. BritBoy: While both are cool, I find Basch to be the cooler, he has the whole evil twin thing going on, and ends up with a badass suit of Judge armour at the end, plus he rode a Chocobo in the intro
  9. User:Booff7: An impossible decision for me, I was gonna flip a coin and then I saw how much Basch was losing by and just decided to vote for him.
  10. TheSwordofDoubt: Filpped a coin.
  11. Blue。
  12. Mondo0102: I love them both... But he appeals to me more, i dunno why. Gabranth blows both out of the water though, in my opinion.
  13. RMX: Basch has an evil twin. Bal (I can't spell his name right) has a madman for a father... I going with Darth Vader! (duh)
  14. User:Clvabl
  15. TacticAngel: Being that he is one of my favorite characters ever.
Anonymous Votes[]
  1. Call me mad, but I always thought that Basch was a more interesting character than the slightly overrated Balthier
  2. AnonyMan: Balthier is defenitely overrated, he's cool though, even though FFXII characters lack Oomph like characters of past Titles. Basch is a a good guy, one of the few COOL silent characters who when he occasionally speaks is usally something meaningful, not like the silent cold asses everyone thinks are cool. *Cough*auron*cough*

User Votes for Balthier[]

  1. Ekats Norih~ who should i vot for? Why the leading man of course. (i am so srry for using that despite the umpteen times its been used)
  2. Hiron Stake:easy. i mean, really, balthiers the leading man. the greatest sky pirate ever. hes the coolest character in final fantasy (next to auron of course)
  3. BlueHighwind: Alright, its my competition brought to life. Balthier all the way. The man is a pimp, and a badass pimp. Basch just lacks the staying power of the Man.
  4. Alcaeus: Balthier's sexier.
  5. Azul: Like I said before I really didn't like Basch.
  6. Jonty: I vote for the REAL Englishman.
  7. Tuga: The one and only, leading man
  8. SB4:What can I say, he's got guns.
  9. SmegHead: I like both but Balthier has the coolness factor to get him over the line.
  10. Pablo618: The leading man, who else?
  11. Ozymandias1: Baltheir pretty much beats anyone else from FFXII...
  12. Cloudofdarkness:Balthier is the leading man, so he can't die, I mean lose >_>.
  13. Henryacores: He's the Leading Man...Who else? (Barrage FTW!)
  14. Crazyswordsman: What Henry said. That and he's the real hero of FFXII.
  15. FFFan4: 1&2)Basch is cool but Balthier is way better. He's the leading man, you can't beat the leading man.
  16. Mr. Rojo: Balthier! He is the Leading Man, he is strong, he is fun and just the best character from FF XII. He is the greatest!
  17. Pikmin Master: I like both of these dudes, but Balthier goes to the remade FFT and Basch looks well, odd, in Revanent Wings.
  18. ShadowLaguna: I'm voting for the leading man, who else?
  19. Masamune: Balthier was a Judge. That's kickass. Plus, though Basch was cool, no one beats the eternal sexiness of Balthier.
  20. Rinoa - i hate these situations where both choices seem so wrong, didnt really use basch too much and balthier made my first party (he was there to shoot people after making sure Ashe and Vaan were still alive lol, he was my gunner paladin :p) balthier is alright at times but omg hes soooooo smug, i just wanted something bad to happen to him lol, they tried too hard to make him cool i think, basch was a good character, i thought fran was better than balthier then again i thought Ashe was cooler than basch, fran vs Ashe that would have been a contest, also this ones a bit stupid because balthier is gonna win hands down
  21. Otens"I'm the leading man" That's Enough.
  22. Ericrvjr: Finally, a character with an ego almost as big as mine!
  23. Xmd5a: Balthier is second only to Edgar on the awesometer. His reading is OVER 9000! ...And the fact that he is the leading man in the embodiement of awesome that is XII doesn't hurt either.
  24. AzureDrake: Vote for Balthier 'cuz he's a shotgunning pimp :D
  25. Triforcel: Not that I don't like Basch, but Balthier is the leading man after all.
  26. Darkling692: No brainer in here, Balthier is the only character in XII that somehow lives up to the game mechanics and has a personality.
  27. Chief: Go Balthier!Go!
  28. Mymindislost: A tough one, as I love both of these characters, but I gots to go with my man Balthier, bitches. Aw yeah.
  29. Lockhart: I like Basch, really, I do. But Balthier owns him. He's the pimp.
Anonymous Votes[]
  1. Accuracy is better than strength.Balthier.
  2. JS: I played as Balthier more. Plus, sky Pirate beats Judge
  3. EmuMaster: So I haven't payed any attention to FF12 really, but I just looked up their respective articles and this guy was a pirate or something. Pirates are appropriately badass so I'll have to go with this guy (the fact that he appears to be holding a gun of some kind solidifies the fact that he would win in a battle, as long as it fires right the first time. Yarr.
  4. I say Balthier for this one. Though, curse it, both are my favorites but Balthier is more of my favorite than Basch anyday. Plus, Pirates are the best!
  5. A tough decision, but I have to say Balthier. As it was stated earlier, Balthier is a badass pimp. 'Nuff said.

Peanut Gallery[]

Otens: Could we not have at least done Zidane vs Baltheir? I honestly think it be a better match.

Zorn and Thorn v. Palom and Porom[]

21 to 19

Ff4 porom.jpgFf4 palom.jpg

Twins! Which duo would prevail though?

User Votes for Zorn & Thorn[]

  1. Hiron Stake:those other two are pretty much useless later in the game since you can get their abilities from another party member. these two at least do something marginly cool (fusing together to from a grotesque 2 headed monstrosity)
  2. Ekats Norih~ Quite basically, what hiron said, plus clowns freak me out, yet ironically it is who are clowns that gain my respect. same with puppets. Hmm.
  3. BlueHighwind: I like these guys better. The other twins are just two little twerps with way too few MP to be really useful. Plus FFIX > FFIV.
  4. Alcaeus: I'm voting for Zorn and Thorn just because Palom is a disgrace of a black mage.
  5. Nelo: I like Evil Twins, I hate annoying brats.
  6. Jonty: I lost to these guys in Mt. Gulug on my first playthrough. They have my respect. Parom should have been sent to get older with Rydia, doned skimpy clothing and then turned herself to stone so Cecil can cop a feel with Rosa ain't looking.
  7. Adam Mcduck: Zorn & Thorn were funny, Palom & Porom were annoying. Enough said.
  8. Ozymandias1: Zorn and Thorn beat Palom and Porom, likely because I prefer FFIX to FFIV by far.
  9. Mr. Rojo: I like the evil twins more than Palom & Porom. They were funny and I hate them at the same time.
  10. Rinoa - i hate palom and porom they irritated the crap out of me, zorn and thorn were cool, also the seen where madeen comes to protect eiko from zorn and thorn is one of the best moments in final fantasy 9, i thought they were fun and comical, they managed to be fun without ruining the whole game (unlike FFX-2 no way near serious enough) zorn and thorn ruled, palom and porom were just irritating little brats
  11. OtensThese guys were villians who played their cards carefully. It always seemed like they knew what was going to happen.
  12. Ericrvjr: Both duos were made for funny. The P's just got annoying. Besides, Yoda-speak is cool.
  13. Xmd5a: Purely because they kinda remind me of the Thompson Twins from Tintin. Evil Thompson Twins.
  14. Darkling692: Evil always beats goodness. Nuff said!
  15. BritBoy: These guys were funny, the others were annoying.
  16. TheSwordofDoubt: They died and stopped annoying me. =D
  17. ShadowLaguna: I hate Palom and Porom more...
  18. Mymindislost: A little annoying, perhaps, but also funny. Also, I haven't played FFV. :P
Anonymous Votes[]
  1. AnonyMan: Both of them were dumb and annoying. However they do have a great theme music, are in FFIX the best game of the series...IMO. And I've haven't play FFIV yet.
  2. JS: anything from FFIX gets my vote
  3. Yumiko: First of all Zorn and Thorn's theme song was great. Secondly I found that Palom and Porom are kind of weird and not much useful
  4. EmuMaster: I have to go with the clown dudes here. They supposedly had a hand in the creation of the Black Waltzes, and BW3 is like the biggest BAMF in Final Fantasy history, so they must have SOME credibility in the arena of badassedness. Beyond that, they make a pretty tough boss that always gives me a significant amount of trouble and they have a damn cool theme song.
  5. Xadren: In Italy we call them: "Zon & Son", but they'are irritant as well. In any case their gags are great, I remember the first time I saw them saying "It's not that way, it's this way!" "Are you sure?" "Of course, I'm sure" "GO TO BRAHNE!" XD
  6. WindsOfCreation: Meltigemini!!! Hellyes, one of my favourite bits of the game that was (amazing design), and Z&T were sinister and funny till the last.

User Votes for Palom & Porum[]

  1. Maverick King Don't really care for either of them but they both had some damn odd lines (your acting is as subtle as a crutch)
  2. 8bit_BlackMage: Zorn and Thorn's incessant twin-speak (I need to find an official name for the "disorder" so I can insult them while sounding smart) is more than enough for me to go for Palom and POROM <--. "Flee we must!" "We must flee!" No, you should shut your fat mouths.
  3. Azul: Good > Bad
  4. Hexed:Double Meteo FTW
  5. SmegHead: I hated that twin Yoda-speak of Z & T also.
  6. Auron & Kaizer: As funny as Kevin Thorn was, Palom and Porom kicked ass. While being annoying brats at the same time. Nothing wrong with that Tazz!
  7. dudutsai: Palom and Porom were kinda funny while Zorn & Thorn were just creepy.
  8. Pablo618: After playing FFIV, I realized that this guys are great as characters. I fell bad when they get stoned :S
  9. Henryacores: They're cute and they kick zombie-ass. I beat Milon\Scarmiglionne with only them alive.
  10. Crazyswordsman: Because they actually join the party, although Zorn and Thorn have a better theme song.
  11. FFFan4: 1&2)Palom and Porom are AWESOME!!! Zorn and Thorn are alright.
  12. Drake: When Palom and Porom sacrificed themselves in Baron I cried. It was the first time I cried in Final Fantasy. I was four years old and those two were my favorite party members. Zorn and Thorn are just scary.
  13. VitoRyu: Is this even a fight?
  14. Triforcel: Palom and Porom definitely. The most versatile pair of mages I every played, barring games where you can control people's development and even then.
  15. User:Booff7: Zorn and Thorn got old after a while and I hated the twist at the end with them. Porom was kind of a boring character but Palom was always awsome. This one is easy for me Palom and Porom by a mile.
  16. Blue。
  17. TacticAngel
Anonymous Votes[]
  1. FFIV is one of the best games in the series, it's up there with FFVI and FFVII, so I'm choosing Palom and Porom.
  2. Undecided, so have this vote
  3. Palom and Porom. They're cuter, they're on the player's side, they are less annoying, and they have better taste in clothes.
  4. BH, FFIV>FFIX and plus Zorn and Thorn were pathetic freaks who had nothing better to do but to practice their stupid twin saying, I mean language. They were retarded lowlife freaks and minions. =D

Peanut Gallery[]

Warriors of Light Free-for-All[]

17½ to 14 to 7½ to 5½
Apparently the Warriors of Light walked into a bar... and after a few brewskies, they started throwing eachother through the window. Which will emerge last, stumbling through the door?

User Votes for the Fighter[]

  1. Hexed:He likes swords and so do I.
  2. Jonty:Always liked the hard hitters. Power first, please.
  3. TugaKnight: Fighter can endure like 900 hits and still resist with 99 hp left... HE ROCKS
  4. Scottyboy: This one was tough.
  5. WarriorKaizer: Only half-way decent character in that web"comic". I had to choose something anyway.
  6. Adam Mcduck: Fighters were the most useful class besides Monks. All the others were useless.
  7. dudutsai: I used all monks, but I'm voting Fighter due to their invincibility and because of 8-bit theater.
  8. Cloudofdarkness:The warrior is the best. If they made a half warrior, half monk class, I would so vote for that, because of SWORDCHUCKS.
  9. I vote for Fighter, because of his sheer hilarity on 8-Bit Theatre ~Chocobo Knight
  10. Crazyswordsman: I vote for the Fighter because he makes this very difficult game a lot easier, and he invented SWORD CHUCKS!!!!
  11. chaosjest: Fighters are the bomb-digity! Cloud, Squall, Tidus; they're all fighters man! These guys are the whole reason I picked up Final Fantasy! Black Mages, meh.., White Mages, o_O;, Theifs definetly my second fav., but Fighters all the way.
  12. VitoRyu: Fighter is almost as broken as Red Mage. The only thing Fighter can't do is cast offensive buffs on himself.
  13. ShadowLaguna: Fighter's have Strength, nuff said.
  14. User:Booff7: Fighter by a landslide. I hate characters with weak armor unless they are healers so there goes theif and black mage. Both Fighter and White Mage are very useful so I'm going by the 8-bit characters. Figther is easily the funniest character in 8-bit so I vote Fighter.
  15. Blue。
  16. User:Clvabl
Anonymous Votes[]
  1. The Fighter would definitely win in a bar fight. You can't use magic if someone else is using a beer bottle and a poolstick. And what's the thief going to do, steal you to death.(actually I'm just voting for the fighter because no one else has).
  2. Fighter, for two reasons. Firstly, he was my strongest character in FF1, and because he's my favourite 8 bit theater character. JS
  3. Vote goes to fighter because of SWORD CHUCKS! Oh and he'll also accidently kill black mage 'cuz black mage will try to kill fighter and he accidently falls out of a window O.o.

User Votes for the Thief[]

  1. Maverick King Definatly. Didn't even use a fighter in the first game cuz i had this baby and a monk (speaking of which...)
  2. OtensEven though you couldn't steal or do a million other things, I'm voting for him. Speed can make up for strength as well. I also felt disappointed with his votes too though.
  3. Triforcel Thief of course. He's the fastest character in the game at this point, should have the highest quality of items from stealing every enemy he encounters, and if things get too close for his comfort he can FLEE.
  4. Mymindislost: I'm all for thieves. Stealing shit is awesome.
  5. Masamune: Being a thief myself, I have to vote for the guy in green, even though he can't steal.
Anonymous Votes[]
  1. EmuMaster: Since there's no Red Mage (why?) I have to settle with Thief, who hits enemies many, many times in one turn, and wound up being my best physical damage-dealer in just about every FF1 game I played through. Also, ninja gets black magic, so he can blow you up THEN stab you a billion times. On two different turns, of course. >>

User Votes for the Black Mage[]

  1. Hiron Stake:i agree with highwind about black mage from 8-bit theater (awsome comic!) plus blackmages are more powerful than all three of these uys, since their spells can wipe out a theif and white maghe easily, and a fighter/warrior has to get in close and move slowly while a black mage can just pound him with Meteor or Ultima.
  2. BlueHighwind: I've always loved Black Mages. And I especially love Black Mage from 8-Bit Theatre. That's what makes that comic so painful. I am always rooting for the little guy but he keeps on getting his ass kicked. I hope one day he destroys the world and gets into White Mage's pants.
  3. 8bit_BlackMage: Everything BH said seconded. I am also hoping his Atrociously Evil side someday becomes the ruler of Hell.
  4. Alcaeus: You all should know why I'm voting for Black Mage.
  5. Pablo618: Do I need a reason?
  6. Ozymandias1: Pretty much due to 8-Bit Theater, but in general, I love Black Mages.
  7. Henryacores: Every single Black Mage from the series rock. HADOKEN!
  8. Drake: Everything everyone else said.
  9. Rinoa - I always use black mages, white mages and thieves in my party so this is hard (in the early games might replace thief with ninja's though) since this is the warriors of light, im saying no to white mage because they cant double as a summoner and there only there really to keep everyone alive, no to fighter because i hate them :) the only fighter i was ever happy to use was Squall, didnt like cloud too much in the game, and cant f*cking stand auron (hes not cool he an old man with a sling) im going with black mage because my favourite characters are black mages and i think the job is cool :p i like thieves as well but they wernt that useful in the earlier games, they could rarely steal anything and whenever they did it was usually rubbish, black mages owned
  10. Ericrvjr: I disagree with Rinoa about Auron and maybe Cloud, but I still think B.M. wins here. The only warrior of light that would be thinking of killing the others in the first place. Besides, I can relate to him. Sometimes you just gotta fry the elderly. And don't get me started on orphanages.
  11. Darkling692: Maybe not as useful as the fighters but the cool factor is better here
  12. Korneelijs: Even he don't have too much strenght points, his magic can save from death
  13. TheSwordofDoubt: BLACK MAGES RULE! =D
Anonymous Votes[]
  1. Black Mage all the way! The destructive spellcaster is an awesome character by far, and I'm sure that anyone who reads 8-Bit Theater will agree with me.
  2. Black mages beat all


User Votes for the White Mage[]

  1. Ekats Norih~White mages or at leats white magic is absolutely essentail for victory in the long run. without them ,you have to depend on items to save your butt and those run out. if your strongest fighter or black and most useful theif is KOed and your without pheonix downs, your screwed, but if you have a white mage with life, you shuold be good.
  2. Azul: Sure Black Mages are cool but, My White Mage in FFI is helping me out soo much right now.
  3. Mr. Rojo: I like White Mages...
  4. Pikmin Master: Fighter's got a lot of respect, huh? With a sword, I don't blame him. Although the White Mage is quite unpopular, I got to root for my job class, right? What stinks is that there isn't more manly White Mages around. Better fill THAT role. Brian Clevinger is one smart dude when making Fighter's Sword-Chucks, invinciblity and swords, Thief's stealing options and speed, and Black Mage's "HADOKEN!" and insensible killing. White Mage knows how to keep a man busy, though... In short, White Mages are the reason why a kick-butt team is formed!
  5. Otherarrow: White mages and other healing classes are a important part of any adventuring party and at times they are the ones who think about what they and the others are doing.
  6. Lockhart: I love Black Mages and Fighters, but I couldn't get through any Final Fantasy without a White Mage. They are the backbone of a good team.
Anonymous Votes[]
  1. AnonyMan: Although Thief is my favorite class in FF. I'm going to give a vote for White Mages. They're the backbone of any decent formation. They could sit way back from the scuffle and when everyone is on their last leg bonk them in the other in the head for with the Magic Hammer.
  2. Yumiko: White mage may be weak but without him/her the others would die so easily... I mean you cannot use items all the time. Then you cant attack anything.
  3. theVoiceOfReason: If this battle is fought without any items, white mage would win in a long run because others will die sooner or later, but the white mage can heal during battle. Whichever party you might form, I bet white mage would be the core of the party that keeps it alive.

Peanut Gallery[]

BlueHighwind: I can't help but be annoyed by the lack of Monks in this competition. Red Mages can go fuck themselves, I never liked them. But Monks are definitely better than Thieves that can't even steal.

AuronKaizer: No, actually, Brian Clevinger can go fuck himself.

Alcaeus: A lot of people voted for a character based on the 8-Bit Theater characters. What does 8-Bit Theater have to with this fight?

  • Henryacores: Uhm...Nothing, but it sure influentiates the choice :S

The Four Fiends Free-for-All[]

Tiamat and Marilith
15½ to 14½ to 9 to 3
They are fiends. They probably don't get along together. Which will remain alive if they were all thrown into the snake pit together?

User Votes for the Kraken[]

  1. dudutsai: Kraken really scared me when I got hit with hit x8 and got KO'd in one turn. Tiamat and Kary were also hard, but Kraken was the hardest in FF and they were all pretty easy in FFIX
  2. Mr. Rojo: Well Tiamant is cool and I don't like Lich. My true decision was between Kraken and Maliris. I like a lot water element, so I chose Kraken! I liked this battle haha
Anonymous Votes[]
  1. AnonyMan: All the Fiends suck really, but Kraken was the most pleasent of them all. And Water is a cool elementand and generally underrepresented in fiction nowadays. Kraken could probably take the others and have a bit of toruble with Tiamat.
  2. EmuMaster: I have to go with Kraken here. I'm just a water kind of a guy. Also, the fucker can probably just fill your lungs with water with a thought, so he would probably win in a fight between all four.

User Votes for Tiamat[]

  1. Ekats Norih~i'm srry to all those who will say im an idiot, but tiamat looks awsome and thats why im voting for him/her.
  2. 8bit_BlackMage I'm so happy my suggestion caught on. :) Tiamat is obviously the best of the four. "Let the image of Tiamat, fiend of wind, be the last to burn in your eyes!"
  3. Azul: Based on looks Tiamat is the best.
  4. Scottyboy:I agree with Azul.
  5. AK-1138: The Four Fiends were built of fail. Tiamat, not so much.
  6. Pablo618: I haven't played this game so I'll vote for the one who looks cooler
  7. Ozymandias1: Dragons always win, and wind is such an under-used by awesome element. :)
  8. Cloudofdarkness:Tiamat was the coolest of the four beast, also, wind rocks.
  9. Henryacores: Thrown into the Snakepit, the one with FIVE Dragon heads will surely win. Besides, it's wind-elemental....and a Dragon! A She-Dragon!
  10. Hmmm...tough choice. Marilis or the end I went for the last one, the recurring one, the Dragon...Tiamat, fiend of wind. ~Chocobo Knight
  11. ShadowLaguna: Tiamat's the coolest.
  12. Rinoa - Tiamat easily, hes the best of the 4 FF9 gate people in memoria or whatever there called lol, plus hes a cool fight in all the other games, like 8 and 12, plus hes really useful in Revenant wings lol
  13. Ericrvjr: Liebe d Drache.
  14. Blue。
  15. AzureDrake: votes for Tiamat 'cuz it's a frickin dragon O.o oh and Rinoa, i think Tiamat is USUALLY depicted as a female but w/e, have it your way O.o
Anonymous Votes[]
  1. Well... my real life elemnt is wind, so... WIND fiend it is

User Votes for the Lich[]

  1. Hiron Stake:i havent played the game these ones are from (but ive played FF IV and theyre sorta in it) so im voting on appearance mostly, and lich looks awsome. plus hes undead, and unddead thigns are awsome.
  2. Jonty: Quina ate him. And he tasted Bad. I call that revenge.
  3. User:Fathe Fontenberg: Even though Earth isn't my favourite element (Thunder is), Lich just looks awesome, in all of his versions, whilest maintaining the general zombie look. The others are basically in better graphics in each new title they appear. Plus he's in Tactics which rawks
  4. Drake: Liches are plain awesome, and no matter what Damon says, no Death Knight could take out a lich.
  5. Xadren: I vote for Lich because he is suggestive, he's a skeleton and, you cannot deny it, he's the head of those Four.
  6. TheSwordofDoubt: He's won my respect, since I nearly lost to him once.
  7. Lockhart: All three are really pushovers in Final Fantasy IX, but I always thought Lich looked the coolest.
  8. TacticAngel
Anonymous Votes[]
  1. JS: this is a pity vote
  2. Lich posed the biggest challenge for me in Dawn of Souls; all of the other Fiends seemed relatively easy by comparison, but it took me a while to beat him. As such, he gets my vote for the best of the Four Fiends.

User Votes for Marilith[]

  1. BlueHighwind: I'm thinking with my balls again. Maralith is the hottest.
  2. Maverick King: Agreed.
  3. Alcaeus: Maliris is of the fire element. Fire > The other elements. Therefore, Maliris > The other fiends.
  4. Hexed: FIRE FTW~
  5. SmegHead: Go Serpent!Gilgamesh, Go!
  6. Adam Mcduck: She is the coolest multi-armed snakething i've ever seen, she's better than the dead thing, the overgrown octopus & the multi-headed dragon.
  7. Crazyswordsman: First of all, her name is fucking Kary. Second of all, she's got giant knives instead of arms.
  8. Korneelijs: She Rules :D
  9. VitoRyu: Kary/ Marilth/ Marilis or whatever you want to call her is the best. Lich is too broken at that point, Kraken sucks, and Tiamat needs Warmech to kill you.
  10. OtensI'm going to just vote for this one thanks.
  11. Darkling692: I was going to voter for Lich but I remembered that marilth is of fire element and that as they say is that.
  12. User:Booff7: I know we're voting on the FFI/FFIX fiends but since I can't decide I'm gonna vote for Marlith becuase she is the same element as Rubicante from IV and he is without a doubt the best fiend from IV.
  13. Mymindislost: Look at those swords! Awesome.
  14. Kaiser_Dragon: Dunno if I did this right, but anyway. Kary. Is. Effing. Hot. Yes, I find the lady whose body is half snake attractive, but I don't care what you think - she also has fire. But mostly, she's hot. BURN IT DOWN! BURN IT ALL TO THE GROUND!
Anonymous Votes[]
  1. Being the pyro that I am, I must vote for Marilith. What? Half-snake people are cool.... Erm... hot... you get the point!

Peanut Gallery[]

Hiron Stake: are we voting for these four from this certain game (dont know wich it is) or are we voting for them for every game theyve been in? also, bluehighwind, thats allittle too weird. 8bit_BlackMage: BH, I suggest you zoom in to the image of the FFIX Marilis a bit. Then, after a sudden bolt of disgust and confusion about one's sexuality, I invite you to retract your statement.

BlueHighwind: I was talking about the real Marilith. This chick:
She may not have that lower section I really like, but that's certainly nothing that cannot be remedied my a little imagination and creativity. =)

8bit_BlackMage: Oh, that's MUCH better. Yes, this version of Marilith certainly looks layable. Though I don't know how you could go about doing that process without getting impaled...or,....or.....nEvEr MiNd..... Maverick King All great pimps must be able to screw a 8 armed snake chick. It's a prerequisite before you can get your pimp cane. Balthier had to do it so can you *strikes thumbs-up pose*

User:Henryacores!Henryacores: Should I have voted on Lich because I'm Taurus? :S. I mean, that's how we know our element right?

MKSo. I should have voted for Tiamat then. But i thought w/ my balls for once...

Henryacores: I meant the Real Zodiac-Elemental, not the one Square invented -.-

8bit_BlackMage Someone tell me how you determine your element. is it based on birth month?

  • Henryacores: Zodiac Sign. I only know that Taurus is Earth, Pisces is Water and Aquarius is Air. I'll search more about this is you want}}

8bit_BlackMage: Well, since I'm Aries, and Belias the Gigas is the Fire Zodiac in FFXII, I think I'm Fire. Sorry Kary, but Tiamat's better.

  • Henryacores: That's not that way dude...Square invented that...That way I would be Wind (Chaos).

Week 49: The Gullwings v. The Turks[]

41 to 7½

One look at these two organizations and you will see they have relatively nothing to do with eachother (though it follows with some of the ideas in a suggestion made)... and they are both named organizations, uncommon if the somewhat disfunctional Shinra Electric Company were to mix interests with freewheeling, nearly naked capitalists, who would come out victorious?

Also, next week is week #50! Expect a royal rumble! I want to see suggestions!

User Votes for the Gullwings[]

  1. User:finalfantasyXsuperstar: this game is the best follow up to any final fantasy game. the way it follows yunas happenings after tidus, makes it excellent by far the gullwings kick the turks ass. ]btw that cousin thing isnt so bad i mean look at the british royals, also its not as if yunas his sister now if it was rikkus that would be sick]
  2. Hexed: X-2 was ok, compared to Advent Children.
  3. SmegHead: I did like Advent Children and X-2 was a good game, no more no less. Plus i feel that X-2 will be getting pounced on in this fight.
  4. XI: Being one of the few fans of X-2, I'm going to vote for the Gullwings. I just didn't like the Turks that much.
  5. Azul: Gullwings get my vite. I love the Gullwings no matter what people say!!!
  6. PhoenixDew: Yay Gullwings!! I don't care what anyone says, the Turks are boring!!!! The gullwings rock! Yay slutty Yuna and Rikku :D
  7. TheSwordofDoubt: Even though I worship BlueHighwind, I must vote for the Gullwings. It pains me to go against my master, but I hope that he will forgive me. Anyway, I'll put my vote here, so no matter what, at least the Turks don't get a perfect win. =D

Anonymous Votes[]

  1. Well... pity vote #1

User Votes for the Turks[]

  1. EternalCookieThe Turks. This is blasphamy. The Gulwings need to pick on someone their own size, like the travelling sisters three from Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door. Honestly, We would really be able to seperate the FF fans from the FFVII fans with a simple Avelanche VS Returners.
  2. Hiron Stake: this is just too obvious. turk of course. the only character in the gull wings i like is shinra because hes actually the most normal looking person there, plus Brother is love with his cousin! thats just sick. but really the turks are awsome (especially reno and rude, they're extra awsome!) plus they have a sort of secret organization feel (kinda like the CIA) which is cool
  3. BlueHighwind: FFX-2 sucks balls. FFVII kicks ass. Enough said.
  4. BoomslangVenom: Do we even hafta vote for this one?
  5. GimliSam: Not even close. The Turks take this in a rout.
  6. dudutsai: "Wrong. It's because it's our job." Turks are awesome, Gullwings are an abomination. The choice is obvious.
  7. Mymindislost: TA, is this some kind of joke? Because it's not very funny. :P Hell, I haven't even played FFVII, but I have played FFX-2. -_-
  8. Nelo: TA, please, I don't want to see any one-sided fights anymore...
  9. Super Sephiroth: X-2 is the most cock suckin' game in the FF series and the Gullwings are a bunch of pussys so the Turks, despite the fact they actually recruited Elena, will pwn them.
  10. Jonty: HAHAHAHAHAHAH! This is the sort version of how much this vote is one sided. Even if I did like X-2, Turks are obviously the winners.
  11. MetalChocobo: Easy as hell to determine. A very popular organization in a popular game in the series versus a half-arsed organization in a bad game? The Turks definitely win in thes battle.
  12. Otens: Not saying the Gullwings sucked but they didn't have anything "backing" them up. The Turks work as one, fight as one(Sometimes), and sometimes lose bets as one. Is this really a contest over them?
  13. Masamune: I absolutely loved the Turks. I really identified with them. Especially Reno. Elena runs into the bar at Wutai screaming about AVALANCHE and Don Corneo and his response is "fuck it, we're on vacation."
  14. Darkling692: A match between two teams of losers, considering that the Turks are at least a bunch of cool losers in a cool game, and not a lame team in a ridiculous quest in a stupid sequel.... you know the rest.
  15. Pablo618: I'll vote for the turks because Reno reminds me of Axel from KH:CoM and KH:II ^^
  16. Lockhart: I'm not a Gullwing hater as some seem, but you can't deny the Turks.
  17. Konira: I have nothing agianst the Gullwings but every face in the Turk's is familiar and they can't compare to the original Gullwings.
  18. Crazyswordsman: Rude and Elena are the only good Turks. That's two good Turks compared to zero good Dullwings.
  19. craigrules14: yea ffx-2 is a disgrace to final fantasy and ff7 is the best, and the turks have reno i mean its reno the person in that game that ever beat reno in my opinoin is cloud... so my vote is turks all cause of reno
  20. Henryacores: Like...Turks are much better than The Dullwings...They have Reno, and Rude and they had Vincent which makes them win this whole battle (Fuck Elena, she's a bitch...always screwing everything). FF-X2 isn't bad... it's the gullwing crap that screws it most -.-
  21. Yeah, right, I'm going to vote for the Gullwings...sure...~Chocobo Knight
  22. Drake: The Turks rock!
  23. Snow White: I didn't really like X-2 and besides the Turks are actually powerful...
  24. Alcaeus: Despite the fact that I hate FF7 and all of its characters, I have to vote for the Turks since they are slightly better than the Gullwings. I almost didn't even vote, again.
  25. RMX: Although I did like FFX2... And hated FF7, I'm voting for the Turks here.
  26. AK Punk: Four letters summarize this battle. LMAO.
  27. Xadren: The Turks are the best in this round, I think, I cannot forget the great scenes between Reno and Rude, when Reno always ran away and Rude took a look to his watch. And how can I forget the gags of Elena in which she always said something she wouldn't or that occasion in which she rolled away in the snow trying to hit Cloud. Seriously, you cannot compare the TURKS to the Gullwings
  28. Zexion6: Totally the the turks!, I hated FFX-2. Plus Rufus is my man,Dood hes so cool!
  29. Rinoa - is this a joke lol gullwings stand no chance, turks own them, brother was stupid, buddy was boring and shinra was a pain in the arse, tseng and rude are cool, reno and elena are great comedy value, and shinra's AC haircut is cool lol
  30. ShadowRAGE: Wow, this isn't even fair. I'm voting for the Turks because they're a lot cooler than the Gullwings, and because I'm not going to vote for someone just because they're losing or going to lose.
  31. Mr. Rojo: I like them both, but definitely The Turks would win in this battle. The Turks had Reno and he is awesome! Reno and Elena are cool. The Turks were great.
  32. Cactuar83: Turks all the way! First of all they have sweet theme music. Second of all the Turks specialize in kidnapping and beating people up and the Dullwings specialize in hide-and-go-seek.
  33. User:Clvabl:The Turks rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  34. BritBoy: Come on, these guys are awesome, cool weapons (nightsticks, guns and fists), wear cool suits, a nice mix between sinister and ruthless special ops in VII, to comic relief good guys in AC, and Reno and Rude are the best FF double act ever
  35. OkashiraShinomori: Unlike a lot of the other comments, I rather find this to be a close vote. I'm not violently against FFX-2, to start with, but I've always been a fan of the Turks, and as much as I love the Gullwings, they get my vote.
  36. Shiámano: Of course I go for the Turks. C'mon, not only they're cool, as they know how to leave a battle stylin' and profilin'!
  37. Adam Mcduck: The Gullwings...seriously? The turks are great:- they're commical & tough (despite how weak they seem in AC). The Gullwings, simply, weren't.
  38. Triforcel: I'm going to vote for the Turks. Not only do they have more than seven members, but they also have Reno who is one of the best Final Fantasy characters in my opinion. Though technically the Turks could be considered a descendant of the Gullwings.

Anonymous Votes[]

  1. Dark_Android:The Turks are awsome, Especially if you dislike Final Fantasy X
  2. AnonyMan: I agree with the person above me (GoldenSaucerTeacup.) The Turks are just too great. They're the one sole aspect about FFVII that's good. Only Tantalus is the only other FF Group that can match their amount of awesome. This really isn't a contest.
  3. DanteRaine: The only thing the Gullwings have going for them in this fight is that their main charectors -_-' It's not a fight, it's a slaughter.
  4. Random Anonymous Person: NO conest, the Turks kick much more ass than the gullwings. (I took the liberty of moving the user votes back up.)
  5. GoldenSaucerTeacup: I feel sorry for the Gullwings here. The Turks have it all, ruthless superiors, able personnel and the obligatory comic relief. Would have been nice to see more of the former two categories (mainly Tseng) in AC, but VII as a whole aside, the Turks are an organisation you shouldn't love, but secretly admire.
  6. Penelo: Go Turks They will sooo win. gullwings don't stand a chance.
  7. Turks are by far the coolest organisation in Final Fantasy; they're so totally badass! Gullwings are absolute pussies.
  8. One-Winged-Angel: Turks are the best XD
  9. Another random person: Final Fantasy X-2 was my first final fantasy game, and for that I am grateful. It was a good introduction, in my opinion. However, the Gullwings pale in comparison to the Turks. That, and I am a Reno fangirl... Though I am a (oh I am going to freak out so many people by saying this...) Brother fangirl as well, but not as much as Reno.
  10. ??????: In a fight? That would be hard to say. Although the Gullwings would utilize the dresspheres to their advantage, I believe that the Turks, with their exceptional fighting skills and strength enough to stand up to those such as Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz, would be able to defeat them. In terms of my own personal opinion of them, I prefer the Turks, even though the Gullwings do have their moments.
  11. Yumiko: I think th turks are a better group and are much cooler. But if they battled I'm not sure who would win... I mean the turks have cool weapons and stuff but if the gullwings get there special dresspheres (I said IF) than it might be wierd.
  12. Gallus Anonymus : There is no better team in Final Fantasy Universe than the Turks.

Peanut Gallery[]

Final Fantasy X-2 comes before anything for me. TheSwordofDoubt

Yes, I dare to vote for the Gullwings. Hexed

User:BoomslangVenom03:59, 13 December 2007 (UTC)I don't see what's so bad about Advent Children. I thought it was pretty good.

No talk templates in the peanut gallery. As for one-sided fights, sometimes its hard to tell. I didn't think Agrias v. Ashe would be close, but it was. I didn't think Auron v. Vincent would be as close as it was, which was to say it was closer than a 60/40 split. This is modeled after something someone suggested. I thought the Turks made more sense since the CSM has beaten down "the cast of _____ vs." fights before. I can't think of that many other named organizations that would have fit... so Turks v. Gullwings. It may turn out closer than you think. --TacticAngel 04:51, 13 December 2007 (UTC)
Maybe the Gestahlian Empire or the Palamecian Empire would go better with the Turks.

--JamaBenJamin 21:58, 12/12/07 (Mountain Time)

Jonty: At least you could have done the LeBlanc Syndicate instead of the sodding Gullwings. LeBlanc had disposable henchmen and women and you know she'd get Nooj in this fight.

Otens: Who thinks we should have a contest vs Zidane and Balthier? Though then again most people have only played FFXII, hmmmm.

BlueHighwind: Wierd thought: you know if the Gullwings actually sucked anything in that game, I might be voting for them. But since they don't suck, they suck. Q?

Pablo618:I feel racist separating the anons from the rest :S

Blue。 I call it being a separatist.
BlueHighwind: AHH, Star Wars Prequals reference!! My eyes!! The pain!! '
Hexed: They were'nt all that bad...
Masamune: I thought they were good until anybody other than Obi-Wan or Yoda said something.
Drake: And the emperor in the second half of Revenge Of The Sith. And seeing as users and anons are not races, you shouldn't feel racist, Pablo, but it is sehrehation, and that's wrong. I say we revolt agaisnt those that would support such ideas, and that we make votes equal for men and women, whether they are signed in or not signed in, whether they like Final Fantasy VII or the horror that is Final Fantasy VI, whether they are 2nd edition players or 3.5 edition players, whether they like Batman or Superman (though we all know Batman is cooler), whether they hate the Lord of the Rings or hate The Lord Of The Rings (the books suck), and whether they think I should stop this rambling or wish for me to continue, whether they spell whether the right way or the wrong way, whether- *Drake passes out from all that typing*
8bit_BlackMage Cheap shot at FFVI! As a newly anointed member of Clawfanism, I demand you retract your sadly misinformed statement, or......face the consequences? Drake 2, what do I do here? Do I kick him while he's passed out on the floor?
Pablo618: Thanks old Drake, that really helped =)

Alcaeus: I almost voted for the Gullwings just because of Paine. Then I remembered that Yuna, Rikku, Brother, Shinra, and the other guy were also in the Gullwings. I especially hate Shinra. Is it even possible to defeat him in that Sphere-game to get the Gambler Dressphere???

Drake: Damn that stupid pipsqueak Shinra. It puts the name of Shinra Corp. from Final Fantasy VII to shame. But you've got something wrong there, Alcaeus. Paine sucks a lot more than all the other gullwings minus Shinra combined. If you add all the suckiness from the rest of them, you're still about three Final Fantasy VI characters away from Paine, which means Paine is the only character not from XII to be worst than a VI character. Yuna is the coolest gullwing, and she is the best character from both Final Fantasy X and X-2. She's the same character, wearing short shorts doesn't change anything. The clothes you wear doesn't make someone slutty, nor does the kind of music they sing. And you know what, I liked Real Emotion, so there.
BlueHighwind: Drake 1, I have enjoyed watching your steady downward spiral from a (cough) *respected* user on this wiki to just another whiney FFVII fanboy. Its been the entertainment of the month.
Drake: I've had no choice BH, because you couldn't be the true VII fan everyone wanted you to be, I had to step in. I think I've made my point by now, so maybe I'll stop linking to VII over and over again. I'll still profess my hate for VI, though.
BlueHighwind: I don't think anyone asked for what you've become Drake 1.
Drake Clawfang:Gotta agree with BH, you're spiraling downward for the last month or so. FF VI rocks, and if you deny this, I cannot respect you. It is one thing to simply not like VI or like another FF game more, but to outright hate it, no, I do not like that. And the Yuna thing - it's been discussed before, and consensus was that X-2 Yuna was a whore. Sorry.
Drake: Yuna in X-2 is the only thing that made me like that game, and VI had hardly any good characters excluding Celes. Kefka sucked. And I'm done talking about this. It's an opinion, so Yuna in X-2 being a whore is an opinion because she didn't go around asking people throughout Spira if they wanted to buy a date, and Kefka being cool because he killed a bunch of npcs and became a god is an opinion. So let's end this childish nonsense.

JBJ: Hafta agree with Drake1 on the opinion thing. I like Kefka. He doesn't. Whatever. Thats all they are. Opinions.

Jonty: Opinions suck. This isn't a continuation of "childish nonsence", but with Final Fantasy you have FACTS, not opinions. You either get your facts wrong, which you do, a lot, or you get them right like everyone else. The characters, stories and plot lines are what SquareEnix make them to be. They intended Yuna to be a bit...different. You should accept it and stop knocking it.

JBJ: When I referred to opinions, I was taking about how people like certain characters more than others. Though I agree also on the facts thing. 8bit_BlackMage: The thing is, Drake usually doesn't back up his opinions with facts. That's a little important.

Yumiko: Opinions are opinions and facts are facts. Facts are not true unless someone from Square says its true so everything is technicly a opinion. Did i get that right? *_*
Jonty: No.

Week 48: Auron v. Vincent Valentine[]

Auron Art.png
31 to 22
Auron Art.png
A battle between characters that seem like each other. Both are more than they appear. Both supernatural. Both are loners. Both are relatively quiet, men of few words. Both clearly try too hard for their look. Both wear predominantly red and black... though only one has much of a backstory and a last name... of course he also doesn't stand much of a chance here.

Votes for Auron[]

  1. Jonty: Auron WAS a pussy when he was younger and guarding Braska, but after he died, and got older...he got way cooler! That bit in Luca when Tidus goes mad at him screaming "Everything that's happened is your fault!" and Auron just laughs in his face is a prime example. Auron takes no shit. And he wasn't half bad in Kingdom Hearts II either. He even gets Kimahri to do his dirty work for him just before he dies, but let's face it, Kimahri is a complete prat and would do anything for enemy skills with his cup-dispenser head. If nothing else, Auron rides Sin like a Latino hooker between the real world and a dream world - which makes fuck all sense to me. As for Vincent, cool character, cool personality, but a pussy for banging on about his sins. Turks Vincent was better. Turks Auron would be ultimate.
  2. Hiron Stake~ o man, they pit my 2 favorite characters against each other! this is kinda tough, but i go with auron, because, unlike vincent, auron is undeniably otherworldly, while vincents onlt thought to be a vampire-like person, but did he come bak to life from the dead? nope, but auron did. as for coice of weaponry, while vincents cerberus gun is awsome(really awsome) i like aurons sword more cus it looks kinda like a katana only supersized. but the one thing i cant play favorites with between these 2: their clothing. i like aurons cool coat (might be another more japanese name but i dont know) and general bad-a$$ look, but i also like vincents dark, tattered cape and really dark mysterious look. theyre both awsome, but auron wins this one.
  3. NeloAngelo: I'd like to rephrase what CSM said in the RamzaMarche fight: Guh.
  4. Henryacores: He'd own Vincent with only an arm.
  5. Faethin:Poor Vincent. He's owned already.
  6. AJDurai: Great character.
  7. dudutsai: Wow, both of them have already been killed. Auron would win because Vincent is weak.
  8. Pablo618: My vote goes for the power-machine Auron. It was my first character who reached 9999 damage! (then yuna came and dealt 27900 with holy and 49000 with anima ¬¬)
  9. TugaKnight: FF7 gets PWNED by FFX so, Auron > FF7 itself HAHAHAHAHA
  10. cloudofdarkness:Auron is a samurai, knight badass, Vincent was cool in FFVII, but DoC was almost as bad as X-2. Also, Auron wasn't in any dumbass remakes, unlike Vincent, who was in a few of them.
  11. Jack says: While, yes, I am a Final Fantasy VII fanboy, I've got to vote for Auron. And because I, supposedly, cannot use Kingdom Hearts in my reasoning, I won't. I'll just use the fact that DotC was crap... IMO...
  12. Jammi568: Auron is definatly better. And to those people who say that he died from someone waving a stick at him, that's not actually true. He was seriously wounded by Yunalesca, and managed to travel all the way from the furthest edge of Zanarkand to Bevelle (which is uite some distance. When you consisder the fact that there are loads of monsters around, as well as the fact what Gagazet if freezing, it's lucky he didn't die any sooner. And at least he does have some cool lines to say, unlike Vincent.
  13. Yeah, usual story: I liked both, but I have to go with this one. I liked X by a bit more, though I have no fav game ~Chocobo Knight
  14. Crazyswordsman: Vincent is overrated.
  15. Blue。 What CSM said.
  16. BigSlurp: Well I had a hard time chosing here. I really disliked both of them. I didn't like Vincent in FF7, and almost never had him in my party. I own Dirge of Cerberus, but really cannot bring myself to start it because of Vincent. Though the OVA movie for DOC was decent. I never put Auron in my party either once I could boot him out. And I really hated him in KH2 cause he was such a wimp there. But all in all, I guess I'll give Auron the slight edge over Vicent and put my vote here. Maybe we should have added a third choice "None of the above" and just execute them both.
  17. King AK of Dutchland: LOOK AT MY NAME. End of story. Vincent is not bad though, this is one of the few fights he'd lose.
  18. FFFan4: Vincent is defintely overrated.
  19. BlueHighwind: Vincent is an overblown fanboy crush. Auron is a badass mothafucka. Who you gonna love?
  20. BritBoy: Auron is awesome, has a huge sword, and carries a jug of booze, what isnt badass about that?
  21. EmuMaster (and you know you all love me): Auron set a new standard for BAMF. He has everything; The coat, the glasses, the booze at his hip. XD More importantly, he remains useful in battle 100% of the game, something characters like him (I'm looking at you, Kain and Amarant) rarely do.
  22. Zario: Auron and Vincent are both cool, but I vote for the Drunk-looking one!...Besides Vincents Dead!
  23. Darkling692: Auron is better than Vincent because I say so and no FFVII Fanboy will make me change my mind, anyway Auron is the only character in FFX that is worth remembering and was not ruined in FF X-2
  24. SmegHead: I liked Vincent and thought he was cool in Advent Children (yes, I liked Advent Children - don't hate me for it), but Auron is a fantastic character and deserves every bit of kudos he gets.
  25. GGP: Auron may not have a last name, but he does have a backstory. And it's friggin' awesome!
  26. ShadowLaguna: One of the hardest decisions yet!!!! They are both brilliant characters and two of mt favourite characters of all time. The reason i'm voting Auron. Auron has a better past and an easier past to understand. Plus he uses a sword and I love swords. He is also a mighty tough ally in FFX. Vincent is getting milked a bit too much along with the rest of FFVII and he is a bit "emo". LUCRECIA!!!!!!!!!!!
  27. Hexed: Big katana + Masamune + Badassness = Auron
  28. KStrelley 03:49, 11 December 2007 (UTC)my husband got me to watch all of the cutscenes in ffx with auron in them and then i watched the final fantasy 7 movie with vincent in it. he then asked me to choose which one i liked the most with a stern look on his face. so i choose this guy. people who need guns to kill from afar are pussies. get a real talent.
  29. Zexion6:Auron could slash Vincent's gun to bits with his Buster Sword!
  30. Konira: Auron will always be better, Vincent is too pretty.
  31. Mr. Rojo: I like Vincent a lot, but Auron will win in this battle. Auron is stronger and his Buster Sword is cool!

Votes for Vincent[]

  1. ZevilStrife= God, i cant choose by refering their basics characteristic. Based on FF7 I vote Vincent because he wont old and die. This looks good, but then when all his friends die, he sure feel sad and lonely. As a loner, he hardly find a friend. If he battle against Auron, he wont lose. Why? Because HE CANT DIE
  2. VitoRyu: Vincent. In his Chaos form, he's one of the more powerful characters in FF. Plus anyone voiced by Steven Blum always wins, as far as I've seen.
  3. Fenrir21: Vincent, definatly, 1: becuase, he is immortal, and 2: he is actually alive, sorry I like Auron and everything, but lets face it Auron is dead where as Vincent is alive and still fighting the baddies of FF7, also because Vincent has 4 demons that help him fight and he has 4 different guns he can use. I think that Vincent will definatly will this match, becuase he is more agile and can move, jump, run and do alot more stunts than Auron can, which in the long run will no doubt help him win the match.
  4. Maverick King: i pretty much vote Vincent cuz i hate the Auron fanboys and becasue what does it take to kill Vincent? who knows? a cross, a stake through the heart? what does it take to kill Auron? a little ditz dancing around waving a wand. Auron was seriously just a nuisance to me and he easily became the weakest and underused character on my team. He has some brokebakc mountain crush on Braska and Jecht and bithes when they leave. Then he cries like a bitch and dies. (another reason i think Basch is cooler than Auron, he doesn't pussy out. He lives for 3 years!) He walks around like some gimpy loser w/ his arm in his sleeve. Yes, i know what it represents but it makes him look like a gimpy old man. His quotes are kinda annoying w/ the exception of "this is my story" and "ur pain... twofold!" which is a ripoff from a quote used by a lame goblin from FFIV. There ae only two thing remotly likable about Auron - the fact that he carries booze and the fact that he's dead so no matter how much u try. ur gonna need a stupid flower girl to wave a stick around to kill him.
  5. Gold: Chaos. Enough said.
  6. MetalChocobo: Hard battle once again... I choce Vincent mainly because he did, indeed, get to be the star of his own game, something Auron never got to experience (even though he was in KH2 as temporary playable). And he's got chaos, which almost must be the most powerful being in all the Final Fantasy series. That said, I think Auron rules, I just think Vincent is better.
  7. AlternateGaia: Anyone that can transform into a winged demon with the power of all seven hells does it for me. FFAC was a perfect addition to Vincent's character and DOC helped flesh out his backstory. What do we have on Auron but the assumption that at some stage Auron met Tidus but also lived with Tidus' father roughly 1000 years later...? Also Auron>FF7??? PLEASE!
  8. AnonyMan: Both are incredibly lame, but Were cooler in the younger days. However, being a Turk>>>being some stupid guardian with 2 other barely likeably losers. And I actually think VII is better than X. I hated Auron in KHII especially.
  9. Drake:First, to all those that voted for Auron, or plan to, [sticks middle finger up]. Next, I would have to reccomend that either you, 1)Check in to rehab, you have a drug problem, 2)Check in to rehab, you are a fanboy and have a problem, and 3)Actually play VII, use Vincient, and don't hate the game because it has a lot of fans, because that's stupid, and you should also then hate IV, VI, X, XII, and the first Final Fantasy. See, I haven't even spoken about how cool Vincient is, and already my vote is getting too long. I'll save it for the Peanut Gallery.
  10. Otens: Must say vincent, one of my favorite characters in fact. He is what I based my yahoo messenger off of with his arm that turns him into a demon.
  11. Masamune: Pity vote. Vincent doesn't deserve to lose by a 100% margin.
  12. User:Clvabl: Vincent is more powerful end of story and User:BigSlurp I kill you for what you said.
  13. Rinoa - I absolutely hate Auron, he wasnt cool at all he was just a weird looking old man, i dont get why everyone likes him he sucked, vincent was cool, although in advent children they tried too hard, i like vincent better, i hate auron
  14. Yumiko: I cant say I don't like Auron but Vincent was way cooler. I dont know why but I always liked vampires and then came Vincent Valentine... Anyways Vincent is a long range fighter. Auron cannot get to him without a bullet to the head. And if that doesnt do anything Chaos can surely kill him. And also I think that VII's plot was better than X. :)
  15. Adam Mcduck: Vincent is better than Auron. Auron is cool, probably one of the coolest in FFX, but Vincent is something else. His guns are great, he can fly and turn into monsters and stuff. Compared to some of the other characters on VII he is by far the best.
  16. [:Mortisk I think vincent because he is just the coolest charecter (besides Cloud) and with his bullet proof vest he can kick arron's skinny little but any day
  17. GimliSam: Auron is a badass with a sword, and has a cool story and all, but Vincent is the coolest character (in my opinion) in FFVII. Cool gun+cool storyline (Damn you Hojo!!!!)+turns into killer monsters = one of my favorite FF characters ever.
  18. Draguss: Auron is an amazingly powerful badass, true. But can anyone name one way that he could even stop Chaos' attacks, specially the ones from DoC, 'cause I can't think of any.
  19. ShadowRAGE: I'd be lying if I said i didn't like Auron, but I have to vote for Vincent because in a fight between the two he would win. Vincent would win because: 1)He's immortal. 2)he has a gun, so he could just pick Auron off from a distance. 3) He can transform into Chaos, which would slaughter Auron.
  20. 8bit_BlackMage: Never played either game, but Vincent looks much more cooler. My first impression of Auron was "what is this middle-aged European man doing in an oversized trench coat holding a huge sword?". Anyways, Vincent's got a gun.
  21. MYVizm Vincent. definately. i love him! and i guess Auron was cool, but how could you not like Vincent? and he is one of my all time favorites while Auron isn't. he just didnt leave as much of an impression on me as Vincent did.
  22. TacticAngel: This is probably no real surprise. I actually used to dislike Vincent much like I still dislike Auron (because he doesn't do or say anything interesting). Dirge of Cerberus, a questionable game, changed my mind about him though.

Peanut Gallery[]

Jonty: User Fenrir21 added votes 21-29 for Vincent himself. The History page states as much. I know I'm not an administrator, but I'm going to administer my own will and delete them if they aren't gone soon.

*UPDATE. Fuck it, I'll do it myself. The evidence is there on the History page anyways. It's just annoying someone would sink so low as to cheat to get a win, and for what purpose?
Jonty: Sorry, but I have to jump in at the top for this, since it seems that most people who vote for Vincent don't actually have a reason. I've read a few times now, "I've played neither of these games, so I don't know the characters, but..." I think voting parametres should be narrowed down to marks out of x number of qualities; Character, gameplay, story, looks, weapon. Simple. Does anyone agree or am I just making a fuss?
8bit_BlackMage: I think you're being a bit too stiff. Just a little.
Jonty: I guess so. I get angry sometimes.
Jonty: ZevilStrife, Vincent can die if there's no fucker around to give him a Pheonix Down. As Auron said in Final Fantasy X "Being dead has it's advantages." Which mostly means, "Can kick seven shades of shit out of Vincent." And people who've played Dirge of Cerberus I think would agree.
Pablo618: Vincent doesn't die, he gets K.O.'d. Is like they don't have more energy to fight so they just drop on the floor. A phoenix down give them the energy back. If that would be the case, you shouldn't have to worry about the jadgs in FFTA
Otens: Actually Pheonix cannot heal physical wounds, which is why Aeris herself could not be revived by one. If one is Knocked out long enough the enemy just kills/eats you.(Spell/Materia Life also doesn't work that way.)
Jonty: A Pheonix Down can't cure a cleaved head, or disembowellment for that matter...
Otens: That is basically what I said.
Jonty: I know, I was just dumbing it down for Pablo618.
MK No. phoenix downs revives EVERYTHING. has Little Spot died of old age? USE PHOENIX DOWN! Your microwave broke? USE PHOENIX DOWN! Favorite show get cancelled? USE PHOENIX DOWN! Aeris just sucks too much for them to work. :O
Pablo618: If someone hit you so hard that you get knocked out, a phoenix down will "wake you up"
Otens: So you guys are saying that Phoenix downs will heal Barret's arm, Neiblheim's Fire's Dead, or that small cut in Aeris? No, it won't otherwise it'd be no different than Necromancy of any form.
Jonty: You put that in quotation marks, but I can't find that bullshit quote anywhere. Please send link.
Pablo618: You do know what I am saying! I can't find the words... ¬¬. Look you HP is your vitality, ok? when your vitality reach 0 you fall to the ground with no more energies to move, you use a pheonix down and you gain that strength back, that's why you can't revive auron or aeris or nobody with phoenix downs! and that's why your characters can't be revived at the jagds on FFTA
Otens: Actually to clear things up with the jagds, they can be revived but if you wait too long or leave them they will "die."
MK NO! i said PHOENIX DOWN revives everything but i only said that to lighten the mood. Did u rly take it seriously? I always figured that when ur hp reached zero, ur character just pussied out and said "I can't do it. I'm a bitch" (which is kinda more realistic than dying) and that Phoenix down gave ur character the balls to push on. It makes perfect sense. That's why Phoenix Downs cant cure Aeris's cut, Barret's arm or Auron's ghost shit.
Pablo618: That makes sense... kinda... :S
Otens: MK, I'm going to start grading you on Grammar until you learn it and how to spell because I really cannot read:
  • Did u rly take it seriously? I always figured that when ur hp reached zero, ur character just pussied out and said "I can't do it. I'm a bitch" (which is kinda more realistic than dying) and that Phoenix down gave ur character the balls to push on.*
Jonty: I always thought that when the character's HP reaches 0 they are just too physically fucked up to do anything. "Mostly dead" to quote The Princess Bride. Pheonix Downs can't cure decapitation or being ginger because there is no way to reverse those effects. Simply put, a Pheonix Down will wake the character up. Watch The Princess Bride and you'll know what I mean.
MK You say that like I give a fuck Otens. If you seriously can't read what I'm writning tehn mayb u shold gro a pir of braine zells!!!! Who the fuck are you to grade my grammar? Basically I'm replacing "you" w/ "u" and "are" w/ "r" and then the occasional "really" w/ "rly" as in "you REALLY need to grow the fuck up" I simply type what I can and make it legible. back to the topic---ah. Princess Bride. That works... But I still like my idea better.
Otens: MK gets a 0 out of 50. He is currently failing in more ways than this.
MK: Ah. I see. Well then, I guess I must return the favor, Otens. I hereby grade you with a 0 out of 1. Thank you. I guess my grammar seems pretty flawed. Spellcheck said it was right, my brother said it was right, even my dog thinks it's right. Of course, these people know nothing about grammar, right? Spellcheck is programmed by geeks with high-end degrees but they are no match for your might of course. I guess they can't compete with a young 16 something with acne like Mount Fuji and whom wets the bed and "yanks his meat" to elf bondage queens. Maybe you should get some pimple cream for once? I mean, you do fail at life, hence the 0 out of 1. You see, 1 means that you are a person at least loved by someone on this planet. 0 means that you should end your life immediately to spare yourself and everyone else the torment of comprehending your "meaningful" existence. Oh, pardon me. How was my grammar this time? You are always on here aren't you? I really am more of a talker and I find it so aggravating to capture the venomous words I would be using in my speech right now if we were having this discussion face to face. (Is there supposed to be these little bastards there "-" in "face-to-face"? You are the grammar bitch, I mean police) Then again, many successful authors don't stick to conventional grammar so why should I? Now, can we get back to the topic at hand or will you bitch and moan once more Otens?
Jonty: Type however you like, but maybe you should only type what needs to be said in the Colosseum, everyone. Enough, yeah? Otens, don't even bother to reply to MK here. This isn't the place.
MK Agreed. What has been said is unneeded. So, what do we do about Fenix21's spam voting?
Otens: Jonty, as I could already tell anyway MK is easily angered. Though through this he could get banned especially for the things in the topic. MK, I suggest you delete/edit it off as soon as possible.
MK *sigh* I don't think we could have figured that out, Captain Obvious. We are already off this topic. You should have checked the history, I already have, twice and both times it was corrected by a moderator. What's done is done. Now, let us return to the subject at hand... Either whether a Phoenix Down can really work or whether Fenrir21 is a big putz for his little stunt.
Jonty: Try and get all his votes banned? EVEN if he votes for the same thing as us. That spoony bard...
MK So a ban from the coloseum or this wikia entirely? Either way, it's the admin's decision.
Jonty: i was thinking the coloseum. man i need to make admin soon so i can get stuff done around here. too much red tape.
Blue。 Or you could suggest improvements to the existing admins. The only red tape I see is the one's we imagine. Seriously, five admins, why not suggest things?
Jonty: Six is my lucky number. The thing is, I have asked questions and not had answers, like on the FF Wiki logo, why is there no FFX character? Seriously, every time I ask a question I get nothing in reply. It's that the I'm impatient. But I am persistant, so maybe I will keep trying. Thanks for the advice mate.
MK lol. You've only been here for a month and your already fighting for adminship. (is that a word) To be an admin, you basically have to have no life for 6 months and constantly be editing pages (and not just in the colosseum), fighting vandals and learning code. But once you become and admin, you basically get to slack off a little cuz hey, you're an admin no. You can tell Drake to go get you coffee if you felt like it.

AuronKaizer: Jeezus, and I thought I pressed my points in childish ways Drake...

Jonty: I don't and won't hate anything with the words Final Fantasy on it. I loved Final Fantasy VII. I was 10 when it came out, and it got me through puberty. In their own way, each Final Fantasy title is fantastic. Having a prefrence to one or the other doesn't suggest anything. I DID use Vincent through most of Final Fantasy VII, and I enjoyed Dirge of Cerberus (For all it's faults). I wouldn't even complain if they made a Final Fantasy X-3. I am a Final Fantasy Fanboy for all the games, for anything. I also love to alliterate. I would never take drugs, Drake, as it might mean less time to play Final Fantasy.
AuronKaizer: Wow, I agree with you. Although every man's inner fanboy comes out on places like this. I like each Final Fantasy in their own way. Heck, even Final Fantasy XII is better than a sharp stick in the eye! It's all gotta be seen relatively.
Henryacores: Drake, grab that naughty finger of yours and put it somewhere in between your legs.
BlueHighwind: Wait, did Drake 1 just accuse me of hating FFVII? So in Drake 1's sad misguided eyes, BH, the man who is acually in love with Tifa, and perhaps is just as in love with Sephiroth, the man who wrote the FFVII walkthrough and considers it to be the second greatest game of all time (Ocarina of Time is numero uno) hates FFVII? Yeah Drake, you stick that middle finger right up there. Get a nice wiff of the stank once you're done diggin'.
Drake:Then I guess I am the biggest fan of Final Fantasy VII here. I love it so much I just advertised it for free in my reply to BH. I believe that VII is the greatest game of all time, not the second best, or the fourth best, the best. And I must love Tifa even more than you do, BH. More than anyone. You seem to love her because of her breast, which, in a game such as VII which has pretty bad graphics (which isn't a problem) but I fell in love with her personality. And no one wanted to get revenge against Sephiroth for killing Aeris more than I did. And Vincient? He was the second best character in the game, you yourself said that your party toward the end of the game was the same as mine, Cloud, Tifa, and Vincient, how could you not, then vote for him? I guess I'm going to have to write my own walkthrough in order to express just how much I love Final Fantasy VII. It'll take a while, but it will get done. Screw The Legend Of Zelda, screw Auron. I'm done with this rant.
BlueHighwind: Drake 1, how many times have I told you not to bash Zelda. I am so sorry that you had to say that, because "I'm afraid you'll have to die!" See what you make me do? I'm so angry, I'm quoting Batman and Robin.
MK aH! u fools! You decree love to a video game character!?! *hold head in his hand and shakes apathetically* And just because you don't like Vincent doesn't mean u hate FFVIII! I voted for vincent and dislike FFVII with a slight aggrevence(mainly because i beleive it is so overated as is Auron). You should watch your toungue Drake as you are only digging your grave deeper and making enemies out of allies.
Jonty: Just because we all like Final Fantasy doesn't make us allies. POINT MADE, DRAKE. Anyways, let Drake make his silly guide. I still used BH's when I needed to (And I found it more entertaining than helpful - It's a jolly good read). Now I know Final Fantasy VII like the back on my hairy hand, which I reckon is the case for most Final Fantasy players, so it's not like another guide will be useful - I'm betting most of us have the Bradygames guide anyways. But let him waste his time so he can't waste ours with the crap he bangs out on his keyboard.
MK fuck that. im not gonna wast 20-30$ on some crap guide when i can get one free w/ a side order of humor from CSM or Mainly the whole "enemies out of allies" is referencing how BH and Drake used to be in cahoots but now look like they can't see eye to eye since Drake won't think before he acts... And Drake, didn't u ask to work on the FFV guide? im way to busy so that's wide open for you. :o
Jonty: I'm not sure he does think.

Jonty: Whoever said that Vincent was a vampire, anyways? He has sod all to do with them! And don't start with that daywalker rubbish. He slept in a coffin because all the beds in the Shira Mansion were too small for him. Or maybe he just wanted to hide?

Adam Mcduck: Vincent slept in the coffin to try and forget his 'sins'. Although it is still a mystery if he slept willingly or is forced to sleep by Hojo.
Jonty: It's not a mystery, he did it of his own accord. In Dirge of Cerberus Vincent is seen breaking out of the tube after Hojo did his experiments. I can't see how Hojo could over-power Vincent and stick him in a coffin. But Hojo obviously knew where Vincent was, since he left those notes with the clues in the upper part of the Mansion, suggesting he wanted Vincent to be found. Maybe he just wanted to see how his experiment played out?
User:HironStake: acutally, jonty, it says in the article for vincent, in this very website, that he was forced into the casket by hojo, so hojo more than likely used soldiers or something to force vincent in. he does work for shinra afterall, soldiers shouldnt be too hard to come by for him. however he stayed there to atone for his sins or hes abit hard on himself.
Yumiko: I just think Vincent looks like a vampire I didn't mean it literally. :(
Jonty: Auron looks like my uncle, but I don't mean it litterally. My uncle just wears shades sometimes. Vampires are over-rated. Sucking blood to live sounds like a shitty way to exist. I'd rather have the Full-English breakfast that my Nip wife cooks me. I mean...Japanese. Ah, she doesn't care.
Jonty: I know it still says "undecided" up there, but this one was pretty obvious from the start, no?

Masamune: Zexion6, I can't believe what I just read. Tell me, I implore you, that you did not refer to Auron's sword as the Buster Sword. Mr. Rojo, same goes to you.

Week 47: Aerith Gainsborough v. Rosa Farrell[]

Aeris Gainsborough
32 to 22
Rosa CG Render.png
Think of a vicious battle to the death between... white mages?

Votes for Aeris Gainsborough[]

  1. Azul Aeris and or Aerith, whatever, gets my vote because there's something about her that makes her better than Rosa, I just can't pinpoint it.
  2. Drake: Same as Azul, only I'd like to add a few random words "grand' "didn't" "much" "duracell." And there you have it.
  3. Drake Clawfang: Aeris gets my vote. I didn't like Rosa, she was weak as a character and and a fighter. Granted, she's a white mage so that's expected. But you know what I mean. She just seemed very wimpy to me. compliments. But no complaints either :p.
  4. Clvabl: Beautiful, a good Fighter, and a healer who do think!
  5. AK Styles: Rosa is such a damsel in distress character it makes me sick. Say what you want about Amano, making believable, or indeed realistic female characters has never ever been his forte. AeriTH is cool enough, and also receives props for having inspired the name of my favourite hentai site.
  6. Darkling692: I never liked Aeris at all, she was weak, boring and dumb. I'd prefer Tifa any day, but at least Aeris has more weight in the story, not like Rosa who is the apple of discord that makes two buddies fight each other. Is that juvenile or what? At least Aeris has the decency of dying.
  7. Jack says: Rosa's new costume in the DS version makes her look like a super slut. Besides, Aeris actually appeared in games outside of the main series (Tactics, all the Kingdom Hearts and Itadaki Street Portable).
  8. Me: Aeris owns any other female lead in the series. Or female. Or almost anyone.
  9. BlueHighwind: Holy shit, where the fuck have I been? I didn't even notice that this battle was up until just now. God I have to get on the clock. I vote Aeris for the same reason I gave on the Magicite Madness.
  10. Aerith rocks! She is so cool in ff7, but she is not cool in kingdom hearts numba 2, vut she is really cool in 7 she is my stronhgest person, she even has full cure materria -Randy
  11. Faethin: I liked Aerith. And I loved Aerith's Theme. I didn't think that much of Rosa (but I won't say she was useless, cause she wasn't).
  12. ShadowLaguna: Both are great characters and I have respected them for a long time, but I think respected Aeris a bit longer.
  13. User:Booff7: Definately Aerith. I'm currently in the middle of playing IV (actually I think I'm near the end but that's beside the point) and Rosa really isn't all that great of a female lead. Rydia had more lines than her, she barely ever says anything and her personallity is kind of generic. Aerith was a fantastic character. Without Aerith the game would have been entirely different, without Rosa... not as much. Anyway Aerith is by far a better character than Rosa.
  14. BritBoy: Aeris had great theme music, plus she was one of the most famous deaths in video gaming
  15. Masamune: This is quite the interesting match-up here. What it's looking like is the FFVII fanboys vs. the FFIV fanboys. I am proud to be one of the former. Aeris had the most powerful magic stat and she was very useful...Until she died. And then, even after she was dead, she saved the whole freakin' planet single-handedly! She is, in my opinion, the second or third best female character after Celes and maybe Tifa. Go, Aeris!
  16. GGPotato: For me, Aeris ranks before all but the girls of X.
  17. Rinoa nnnnnooooooooooooo this has been the most difficult one for me this week (much better than last week) i used both, they were both in my main party, sorry rosa, but i really liked aeris, i couldnt decide between her or tifa, they are both one of my favourite characters and both in my party lol (although i had to obviously replace aeris after disc one) i find aeris so likable and i especially loved her in the film, it makes me sad
  18. Eris: Aeris is my favorite FF character because of her kindheartedness, self-sacrifice, and she's a true heroine that is willing to put her life on the line for the Planet and for those she loves. She has an awesome theme and in AC she's loved by Cloud so much that she can appear to him even through she's dead. I like Rosa, but Aeris is actually able to take care of herself and not a damsel.
  19. Adam Mcduck: Aerith is better than Rosa, i didn't like Rosa, not useful enough and is too much of a damsel. Aerith has a better story and personality better too.
  20. Korneelijs: I wote for Aeris just because she died :D
  21. dum-dum-dum-dum: Aeris could ... um ... white mage Rosa to death.
  22. BigSlurp: Aeris is quite possibly the most popular female character in the Final Fantasy universe. Plus she is Cloud's love interest, and come on now, Cloud is the man. Aeris actually has a heck of a lot of power hidden within her, as was seen in FF7. She is also cute, and doesn't have to dress like a whore to look so. Besides, equip her with "Knights of the Round" or "Bahamut Zero" and boom. Rosa does not have a super power summon to help her out.
  23. Xadren: I absolutely must vote for Aeris, she's the woman I love, from the first moment I saw her to her final breath of life. I will never forget her death and her sacrifice. Thank you, Aeris.
  24. yumiko: Areith is more important because she had a great plot. So what that she died. She actually saved the world. People who say that Areith wasn't useful is because they dont use her enough. And also when she died i cried a little. She was brave and sacrificed herself unlike Rosa...
  25. ShadowRAGE: I have to vote for Aeris, simply because she's an overall better character than Rosa, both in gameplay and story.
  26. ZevilStrife: I dunno anything about Rosa, but the only thing i noe is Aeris death make me feel that she is great.Ohhh, i really hope she is my big sis...But i thing Cloti is better then Clerith.
  27. Cosmo1: I liked her so much in FF7 that I used a cheat code to bring her back to life. She gets my vote.
  28. Random Anonymous Person: Rosa is a damsel. Aerith is also a damsel, but I guess she's slightly cooler.
  29. Kakeh: Aerith has the attitude to fight unlike other white mages like Rosa. Rosa needed to be saved for like half of the game, but Aerith was willing to risk her life to save the planet and she did. She gets my vote
  30. Mr. Rojo: Okay it was somehow difficult to choose, but finally I vte for Aeris. Well yes, I liked her in FFVII, but I love Tifa hahaha mmm and Aeris does not sacrifice herself, she just was murdered... anyway her death was sad... I also prefer Cloti, but Aeris is a relly good character, I just like her.
  31. GimliSam: I had to vote for Aeris. FFIV was the first one I beat, and I really like it, but (with certain exceptions) I like the characters in VII more. Besides, in a fight Aeris would win. Why? Materia.
  32. TacticAngel: Aeris commands a respect that few other video game characters in history do and even fewer deserve.

Votes for Rosa Farell[]

  1. Hexed: Mainly due to her being in FF4, which is superior than FF7, she's also hotter.}}
  2. I'm gonna have to go with the current loser here...I liked her better than Aeris. Then again, I don't strongly feel either way, so I don't really care to be honest who wins ~Chocobo Knight
  3. Blue。 I would have voted for Aeris, if only she had stayed till the end.
  4. Henryacores: Same as above. I got so sad when Aeris died that I just lost faith in the game, but then CLOUD LEFT THE PARTY! And I started playing again.
  5. Otens: I must say Rosa mainly for the reason that she didn't die. I have a lot of other reasons but I'm feeling lazy.
  6. Pablo618: Two weeks ago I would have voted for Aeris, now I vote for Rosa, and not for her FFIV DS pic, because she is damn awesome!!!!!
  7. Anonyman: Rosa. Only good thing Aeris did was stopped being in the party which isn't that big a deal since there were still had 5 other losers in it. Anyway, Rosa was fine, though not the best WM that courtesy belongs to Eiko Carol.
  8. User:FFFan: Rosa is way better than Aeris/Aerith or w/e. Rosa is also a better fighter than Aerith, the only good thing about Aeris are her limit breaks, but if you train her you wasted all of your time cause she dies. Rosa is also better as a white mage, because Aerith has to learn her white magic from materia which is one of the crappiest systems in all of FF. All of your characters could be the same exact thing except for stats and limits. Rosa is a REAL white mage and is one of the best in the series.
  9. Crazyswordsman: Those of you who say Rosa is weak don't even know how useful she is against flying enemies. Oh, and Aeris is a disgrace to Final Fantasy.
  10. User:Lancer4: Rosa is way better than Aerith or Aeris. Rosa is a REAL white mage who actually learns her white magic by leveling up. Her relationship with Cecil pwns Aerith and Cloud. She actually understands Cecil and helps him throughout the game. Aerith just goes around being useless and always getting in some sort of trouble. Aerith is the real damsel in distress. She has an big part in the story, because of her, Kain has an inner conflict with himself about the whole love triangle thing and gets brainwashed. Another fact is what the heck does Aerith use in battle compared to Rosa?!?!?!?!? A STICK!! I don't get how you guys can say that Aeris is the better fighter of the two. Rosa uses a bow and is a REAL white mage who can actually use Holy. BOWS>stick. Thanks for clearing things up once again DMD. Yeah, FFFan and I are brothers.
  11. 8bit_BlackMage: While I agree that Rosa's DS design is an abhoration, her combat skills are actually respectable. Curaja, Holy, and status-inflicting arrows are > whatever Aeris does with that pole of hers.
  12. dudutsai: Aeris was worse than useless. She sucked in battle, tried to flirt with Cloud, and then ran off so that you had to chase her. The only good thing that Aeris did was get killed. Rosa wasn't a great character, but at least she had a use in combat.
  13. Jammi568Aeris isn't compationate. Cloud falls about 1000 feet, right, and all she basically asks is "Are you all right?", and then changes the subject! I mean, what kind of normal person would do that! Rosa, however, goes out into the desert to try and find her lover who left to do a task he was reluctant to do in the first place.
  14. Cloudofdarkness:Well, i shouldn't even vote because I haven't even played either game, but Rosa is way better in battle because she is an archer, also, she doesn't die 3/4 of the way into the game, and tries to steal Cloud from Tifa. so she is overall a lot better.
  15. While I admit that she is a bit of a damsel in distress, and her Prayer skill was pretty useless, this one gets my vote. The thing I liked best about Rosa was that she was useful for physical attacks as well as white magic. you could stick her in the back row, and she'd still be able to do as much damage as Cecil or Kain, especially with that Aim command. Very helpful, particularly in the later stages of the game.
  16. Maverick King - ugh. both these characters suck. But Rosa has Kain who rapes any one from FFVII. (yes, i said it. ANYONE!) and Cecil who could pretty much take on 1/2 of the FFVII chars. Besides, Rosa actually loves Cecil while I always thought Aeris was too stuck on Zack and that's the only reason she rly went for Cloud. Aeris catching Yoda Syndrome (dying b4 the conclusion) ftw
  17. VitoRyu: Going with Rosa. She was way more important to the story the Aeris/Aerith was. She was one of the reasons for most conflict in the game, thereby building the story. All Aeris did was die, (and thank God for that!) and provide a single plot element. And it wasn't even a good one.
  18. EmuMaster: Who would win in a fight? That's what this is about, right? 'S why it's called a Colosseum. Rosa has a bow, and knows how to use it. Aeris has a rod (or something) and in combat is useless for anything but magic. Mostly curative magic or, at least, that is clearly her intended roll. Now that that's out of the way, let's get on to other contests between the two. Who do I think is the better character? Rosa. Who's hotter? Rosa. Which game is better? Rosa's. I think I'll vote for Rosa.
  19. Squalless Cloud: Rosa has a bow. Aeris has a rod. We all noe where Aeris sticks that rod since Cloud's too busy going for the hooters waitress (aka Tifa) Rosa has Kain and Cecil and the SPOONY BARD!!!! no contest.
  20. Zexion6:Rosa is way cooler , her romance goes way farther than Aeris's!
  21. BoomslangVenom I vote here.
  22. Jonty: Having spikey shoulder pads helps in a tight sitaton. She can also choke some fucker with her cape. A blunt rod takes off fuck all HP. Enough said, right? Though I still prefer FFVII to FFIV, spikes do go a long way in my book.

Peanut Gallery[]

Drake: Hexed, clearly you are currently either taking drugs or drinking. Because Final Fantasy IV is not better than Final Fantasy VII. VII and Tactics are the supreme Final Fantasy games, don't you see. Ah, you are a foolish one.

Drake Clawfang: Also, I believe the battle is "Aeris vs. Rosa", not "VII vs. IV". I think IV was better too, but I'm voting on the characters, not the games. As for hotness, no comment, personal opinion.

Hexed: To both Drakes I am not on drugs and I cannot legally drink, that plus I have the right to vote for any cause I deem fit, so my vote stands.

AuronKaizer: Wouldn't stop some people. By the way, I never see any peanuts in this gallery.

User:Clvabl: what are you talking about AuronKaizer

Blue。: IP! You are voting for two users. This is disgraceful! And User:FFFan and User:Lancer4, you both have ~ on your keyboard. Use it!

Otens: Who else cannot wait for the remake of IV for the DS?

Pablo618: Mois

User:FFFan: What does ~ do?

Blue。: Its for signing your comments. Typing 3 ~s will spawn your username. Typing 4 ~s will spawn your username and time. Typig 5 ~s will spawn the time.

Drake:EDIT CONFLICT 2x Bluer, they're brothers. And all of those that are voting for Rosa because they loved Aeris and wished she had stayed to the end of the game are either lying or stupid. If you loved her so much and hated the point when she died, it meant she was a good character, thus you should vote for her. And lastly, those that are voting for Rosa because Aeris sucks because she died, that's because of two reasons. 1)Golbez sucks as a villian and does the lame "hold captive until the heroes come which I can easily beat but run away from anyway" act, and Amano sucks :) Drake: And to Jack, CSM has declared that KH is not really connected to FF, therefore you can't compare them. It is his new hypocritical attack at everything Kingdom Hearts.

Drake Clawfang: EDIT CONFLICT Actually DMD, Golbez ran away because he was weakened by Tellah's Meteor. That's how he was beaten in the underground battle. And Golbez was an awesome villain. Cliche, a little, but a good villain with an awesome theme.

User:FFFan: Thanks Drakemaster for clearing things up for me, and I agree with Drake Clawfang. Golbez is an AWESOME villian, true that he is a little cliche but awesome.

Blue。 I see now. Well, please don't take it as personal attack, yea? It's just a reminder so that there's no cheating in this.
User:FFFan: It's cool, a lot of people don't know but I think people are finding out. I don't take it as a personal attack and it's commendable that your out trying to catch cheaters so it's all cool. I'm the older brother by the way.
Blue。: All right! It's cool to have brothers who share our passion.
User:FFFan: It is! It's awesome and I have another younger brother but he doesn't really care. He's in seventh grade already so I don't think he'll get interested in FF, but he did play XII for awhile.

Henryacores: Yes, I voted Rosa because Aerith died. I just can't forgive Square for killing her. Aeris is also much more developed, sexually, than Rosa (She has better 8008S, and what do you think she does with that pole?).

Jammi568 To all those people who say Rosa is crap because she got herself captured loads of times: at least she managed to survive. Leave Aeris alone for five minutes, and she gets herself killed.

Drake: That's because Golbez is weak, and Sephiroth is so strong he could kill Aeris from halfway around the world.
User:FFFan: Drake your cool, but I disagree with you here. First off, Golbez is not weak becuase he never tried to kill Rosa. If he killed Rosa then how would he use her as bait and get the Troian crystal? Second, that mama's boy is not strong but fact of the matter is that Aeris is weak that's all.

Alcaeus Wow, a fight between two useless characters...

Darkling692 LOL my thoughts exactly :3

Otens: I just hate it when they judge the character over appearance instead of character. I mean, geeze, "super slut"? That is what someone said when they voted for Aeris about Rosa. ((Oh, just to make things clear though, I didn't mean to say "just" because she died. That was just my way of being lazy because I respect Rosa's character more. She did everything she could just to see Cecil again but got caught up in the fever thing, I forgot the name.))

I think it was called, literally, Desert Fever. ~EmuMaster
Desert Fever it is. -- He who is known as Drake1

Goddamnit you don't vote for someone because they die! That's like a reason to vote AGAINST them. --Crazyswordsman 15:10, 4 December 2007 (UTC) BigSlurp Actually, you don't vote for or against her because she died. Not her fault, its the crappy writer's fault. If it were in my hands, she'd have lived, because not 1 character in any FF game I have played has fallen in battle. With the exception of once during a battle with Ruby Weapon of FF7.

FFFan4:Aeris is probably one of the worst female characters in FF and does Aeris even like Cloud? I don't think so, I think she just likes being around him because Cloud reminds her of Zack.
TacticAngel: I think its more important, whatever Aeris' motivation, that the player like or dislike her.

8bit_BlackMage: Is it just me, or did 4 "new" users just dive in to take Rosa's lead away?]]

Otens: Why do we count "them" in the final voting anyway? We never have any idea if someone is using a different IP or what.
Yumiko: I know everyone has an opinion and stuff but why are you guys so obsessed with whos better and who was the most important... Its just a fun poll.
FFFan4:We think that those votes shouldn't even be counted. If you go on FF wiki and actively participate in it, why won't you make an account? It's FREE. I think only users with accounts shoud have their votes counted while the "others" won't count but their opinion can stay there.

You can't make me. =P ~EmuMaster

Random Anonymous Person: I'd just like to say a lot of people are being very bashy of Aerith, Rosa IV and VII. I thought you guys were a bit better thant this, that's all.
Otens: However the fact that Nine or more people who didn't make an account voted in a row. It is not the fact that she is winning, since a lot of people only played Final Fantasy VII, that makes us/me suggest this.
dudutsai: Votes 20-28 for Aeris made me laugh. With the exception of 'Random Anonymous Person', it seems like someone linked this page to a FF7 fansite. In a fight like this it can be expected, but for them all to come at the same time... was a bit of a coincidence.

I wanted to do Aeris/Vivi. --Crazyswordsman 03:22, 6 December 2007 (UTC)

I think you may get your wish in Week 50. As far as the anons... I can't peg any one IP as having voted more than once; however, they do have very similar numbers. Voting rules may change in the future if users request. TacticAngel 04:40, 6 December 2007 (UTC)
User:FFFan4:Really, that'd be awesome if you could do that for this poll because Rosa losing to Aeris is really bad. As GlimiSam said the only reason why aerith would win is because of materia and not of white mage ability. I honestly hope you do that now or in the future TA, that would be a lot better.}}
BigSlurp By all means lets remove the non-registered users votes. Rosa would still be losing by an 19-17 vote. As an Aeris voter, I see no problem with that.
Blue。 One problem I see is when an anon votes, then had his/her username registered and then uses the registered username to vote again. The age of honest anonymous voting has passed, usher in the username age, TA.
User:FFFan:I agree with Blue, and I don't care if Rosa still loses because at least that will be counted with fair votes. You should, as Blue said, usher in the username age TA. It would be a lot better.
BlueHighwind: I don't get it. You're all against removing the annon votes, yet nearly half the current active users on this wiki started as just a faceless voters in this contest. I oppose.
Maverick King: I strongly urge removing no-user votes. Checking some1 IP won't do shit. All u have to do is simply use a different PC. For example, i could simply log on and vote on my PC as MK and then go to the library, not log in, and vote as *insert retarded FF name here*. I want it to be as fair as possible so that if my char losses, at least i know it was due to the proccess of majority rules than some stupid 12-yr old fanboy spamming votes for his obessesed char. We did it w/ the best and worst polls of FF, now let's do it w/ the coloseum.

Otens: So all who anonymous votes not to be counted sign your name under this sentence. Please post other subjects above this vote. (I know I'm not a mod, it's more like a petition to see who and how many people want this.)

Honestly, I don't care if you do. I'll join if I have to. Just make sure there's advanced warning so that I can register and get my vote in. Otherwise, I don't want to. ~EmuMaster PS. Count this as a vote, actually.

TacticAngel: I will open a vote in the Travel Agency to discuss this. I have a problem with retroactively applying rules, though I do generally agree with this idea. It would not change the end result, in this case. dudutsai: I just don't like when random people come in, vote once and are never seen again. Some anons like EmuMaster and Random Anonymous Person should keep their votes though. Also I hate when people vote when they only know one character.

Blue。 It's their opinion. Deal with it. Or, go on and vote in TA's thread.

Aeris? Command respect? If I met her I'd probably spit in her face. --Crazyswordsman 19:27, 7 December 2007 (UTC)

FFFan4: We agree with CSM, except we might not spit in her face. She can't command anyone.
I have to appose this petition to not allow anons to vote. First, if some idiot would wait for a computer was free at the library so they could vote again and again for Aeris, well, that's stupid. Second)Please, it's not a presidential election, this won't change anything in our lives. I could see if this was a tournament stlyed thing, but it's not, so get over Rosa losing. I'd say the same to the Aeris voters if she lost. Just let it go, calm down, people can't just change their ips at will. You're paranoid. I don't want to sign up to every website I go to, do you? Well, I don't care, a lot of people don't like giving their emails and some minors have sign up pages blocked by their parents/guardians. -- Drake

Week 46: Marche v. Ramza[]

23 to 8
We shall call this the battle of the tacticians; Ramza, protagonist of the original FFT, or Marche, the lead of the FFTA game for the GBA, though you might call it the battle of the people who got left out of the Magicite mayhem...

Votes for Marche Radiuju[]

  1. Hiron Stake ~ I vote Marche, firstly because i think his sword looks kinda cool (it has a sort of artistic yet technological look to it) plus his is the more interesting story out of these two. i actually had trouble following ramzas stroyline. plus, in a way marche is is the villain and the hero at once, since in past FF's the bad guy is usually trying the destroy/control somesort of stone or crystal, while here marche is trying to destroy the totema to destory the world for his own benifit, while at the same time he is the one to realise that a person cant grow in a fantasy world, but can in the real world.
  2. Pablo618: I have to vote for Marche, not only because I haven't played FFT or because the art of yoshida at that time was awful and soulless, it's because marche needs to do the right thing, he knows ivalice is better now but he have to do the right thing, although everyone is happier in the new ivalice (I like yoshida's art if you think I don't, It's only that his old artwork was a piece of crap)
  3. User:cloudofdarkness: I have only played Advanced, but Marche looks cooler. Also, his story line is awesome, one of the only final fantasies with an internal conflict.
  4. User:Xadren: I vote for Marche because I've only played FFTA and never FFTactics. In any case he's a good guy and a skilled warrior who realize everyone's dream, being in Final Fantasy!
  5. Jack says: You know, I laughed at the fact that the above two users don't know how to link to a userpage correctly, and then laughed that 3/4 of Marche's votes come from the fact that no one has played Tactics. And then I figured out... I'm voting for Marche because I haven't played Tactics either...
  6. Trolll: stupid sexy Marche.
  7. 8bit_BlackMage: Hmm, Marche is losing by about 15 votes. I'm only voting for him because FFTA was the first FF I played, and, yes, I haven't played the original Tactics. His "sword" is still cool though, too bad the programmers didn't incorporate a Marche-only job that utilized that kind of weapon.
  8. Heh.. pity vote

Votes for Ramza Beoulve[]

  1. BlueHighwind: I never played either game but I can tell just for from the pictures who is more awesome. I like how Ramza actually uses, you know, A REAL SWORD. I don't know what the hell Marche is running around with but I know it just looks ridiculous. Plus oversized swords is Cloud's territory, don't go sneaking through somebody else's wood Marche. Plus I'm actually making a Final Fantasy Tactics/Walkthrough, so you know which game I like better.
  2. Blue。 Let's see. A cadet soldier who relies on his strong sense of justice and dignity, whose family was shattered by one disgraceful kin who killed father and brother for his own ends, whose childhood friend turned foe against his wishes, and whose endeavors created more enemies than allies, ending up as a disgraced heretic who in fact saved his own world from the clutches of demonic power, against a new kid with no battle experiences ending up in a strange made-up world, whose early life marred with divorced parents, living with a mother who pays more attention to his younger brother than him, and in his endeavors to restore his world ends up against the wishes of his friends who turned him as their foe, but in the end had his relationships restored. Bah, that was pointless. My vote for Ramza (and Yoshida's old art is NOT crap!)
  3. Crazyswordsman: Guh.
  4. Darkling692: My Favorite character ever, versus another guy, no problem my vote goes for Ramza
  5. Drake: Wow, I would have voted for anyone over Marche (yup, CSM, even Selphie) but Ramza! I would probaly vote for him even if he was going in against Cloud. The only characters I like more than Ramza are Kain(IV), Tifa(VII), and Deltia(Tactics). Ramza rules. He had a great storyline to boot, and cool class options (I mastered Squire just to get Ultima, as well as Monk and Ninja just so he could get that cool blue costume at the end).
  6. Hexed: I don't need a reason.
  7. Deadbeard: Ramza, better than Marche in every way.
  8. The Glowing Green Potato: I have played as Ramza, and I have not played as March. It's a reason to vote this way in my book.
  9. Henryacores: Marche really is a little girl (not that I have something against litle girls. They usually kick my ass). Actually, I usually call him either Ramza or Vaan, as all the other protagonists are actually beter than him - Ramza's a hero, Vaan is sky pirate and Luso owns the Gran Grimoie (and is actually inspired by Lusitania a.k.a. -Portugal-). Ramza's only an Anti-hero.
  10. Alcaeus:Better character, better game, better EVERYTHING!
  11. dudutsai: Ramza is probably the best main characters in the series.
  12. Pikmin Master: You know, when I first saw Ramza, I thought that he and Marche are related. I'll go for Ramza mainly because of his job class options and the fact that Monk Ramza kicks unholy amounts of butt by himself. Sure, FFTA is the better game of the two, but FFT lets you rename the guys you buy and the monsters you get. Plus, Ramza isn't the kind of guy to whine about not wanting to stay in a fantasy world. Heck, I would stay in the fantasy Ivalice, or the real Ivalice in FFXII/FFTA2.
  13. Zario: I pick Ramza because not only he has more Jobs to choose from, but I named my Sabin in FF6 "Ramza".
  14. EmuMaster: I must once agree with CSM's sentiment: Guh.
  15. Hardcore AK: Since both are Ivalicians, they should both be put against a wall and shot by frikking sharks with frikking lasers on their frikking heads, but since I am a weak person, I'll just vote for the winning party. Marche is creepy anyway, geez, get some testosterone injections or something. What is the Ivalice designers' deal with girlboys anyway?
  16. craigrules14: this guy is not a cry baby like marche, and he kick ass. he was my best person, and his attitude is way better...
  17. User:Booff7: There's not a single character in Tactics Advance that can be taken seriously. It was a fun game but the story and characters were not at all respectable. Tactics was a fun game with a great plotline and decent characters. When it comes to usefullness they are about equal. Marche for me was a paladin and I was trying to teach him dual weild but I stopped playing before that happened. Ramza was a ninja with the ability to wear heavy armor so they were both awsome. Ramza is just the better character.
  18. Naifler: Everything, every single thing, EVERYTHING about FFT is better than FFTA (except location), including the main character. P.S. I named Marche "Ramza."
  19. Otens: Honestly, I think Ramza had a better story and character more than Marche. It also seems to me the Marche was designed after Ramza but could not "be" Ramza.
  20. User:Clvabl: Marche is nothing but a Ramza look alike.
  21. Rinoa - shit round this week, both characters are boring annoying and pretty forgetable, ramza is the lesser of two evils, next week rikku vs yuffie ^_^
  22. User:Linksd12: I own both games and the better of the two is obviously Ramza. Better jobs, better character, attitude, etc. The fact that he can become a dark knight in War of the Lions is badass! Also this is not a shit round the shit round is rikku vs yuffie whom are both worthless characters I never used on each of those games.
  23. Paulozz: I vote for Ramza cause of his sens of honnor.

Peanut Gallery[]

Pablo618: Marche isn't going anywhere with that sword, He can use normal swords as a soldier but he can change his class so he also can use all kinds of weapons, also, I haven't seen that sword

Blue。 Because that sword is only used by Judges. It is a Judge Sword after all. And Yoshida's old art is not crap *grumbles begrudgingly*
BlueHighwind: Me and my chosen character sprite take offense to that statement. Yoshida created us, and we are thankful for it.
Pablo618: Old yoshida's art is soulless, that scares me sometimes, the new one is a lot much better
BlueHighwind: That is correct, Pablo... We have no soul... We are cursed creatures without light or warmth... Only darkness... So allow us to... EAT YOUR SOUL!!!
dudutsai: Yoshida's art in Tactics was a bit generic, but it was far from crap. In fact, it was some of the best in the whole series.
Pablo618: Well, old yoshida's wasn't a piece of crap I apologize, but the face of all his characters was the same, the same expression... the same soulless expression O_o! Oh no! please don't take my soul!!!! Waaaaa!!!! sorry, back on topic, I like new yoshida's art better mainly because he have added loads of color, expressions, emotion and thing like that to his characters
Otens: Though if you look at any piece of art, eventually you will realize that it is soulless. For nothing can bring "life" to the picture, no matter how real, or full of life, it may seem. Though, you(speaking to everyone, basically) must also respect a lot of Older artwork because that is what built up the artist's talent, which created the ones today.
Pablo618: Art is soulless but the greatest artists make you think that's the picture is alive or, at least, show emotions, Ramza doesn't show emotions PHYSICALLY. New yoshida's art can show emotions and all those things and if Ramza shows any emotion, is boredom
Otens: I never said it wasn't but the image is supposed to show ramza's physical character anyway, not mental character. Also though, chill, you seem to be taking this way too seriously. (Geeze, it logged me out again.)
Pablo618: Sorry, I just want to have a point and not say just stupid and pointless things, that's one of the most difficult things I try to do in my life
dudutsai: Art in FFT was a bit expressionless, but I thought it added to the quality of the game instead of having the same happy/sad expression throughout the whole game like in FFTA. Also it made people have to think more about the text and into the story to understand what was going on (cause the expressions didn't tell you a damn thing).

User:cloudofdarknessMy idea caught on, or, at least some of it.

Otens: That image is important in the character? That's basically what you put in the vote if you read it.

Otens: Is it just me or does everyone seem to say "Cloud's Territory," or something along those lines, whenever a Big sword appears? Just because he had the Buster Sword(Only using this blade, though there are more.) they believe that it is "his," even though in is classified as a "Great-sword" which is used timelessly? [Sorry, somehow got logged off.]

Blue。 As it part of his image, people automatically assume it whenever they see a giant blade.
Drake: Well, he is one of the only characters in the first, oh, twelve games of the main series that uses a big sword, plus Marche never even uses one of those, so that's why most people get pissed off at that pic.
Otens: Actually he is the first character that only(Well if you count that one blade, I think it was Yoshimitsu, nevermind,) wielded Great-swords. For in other games, such as the first, you can indeed wield some kind of "Great-sword"
User:Clvabl: TO get the sword complete all 300 missions , the first of the Corrupt Judges bonus missions will appear at the pub. Before the engagement ensues, Judgemaster Cid will arrive and take your side in battle. After completion of the mission, Cid will request to join your clan.In the 2 ending, which requires the completion of secret missions dealing with a conspiracy to take Cid's rank, Cid tells Marche that he would one day give his Judge Sword to Marche, meaning that he plans to make Marche the future Judgemaster.
Drake: a) Think you made that up, b) Marche never actually gets his hands on that blade, and c) That idiot left Ivalice before he could even join a real clan.
Blue。: You'll never get the Judge Sword, plus Cid only said he would give it to Marche if the boy acted righteously. The story ended there and nothing can be done afterwards.

Week 45: Montblanc v. Mog[]

29 to 25
I think this one is best described as Kupo v. Kupo... or the most adorable fight ever.

Votes for Montblanc[]

  1. Hiron Stake~ i vote montblanc because, for one his name is cooloer than mog (mntblanc sounds kinda cool with a british accent,not to say im british) . i cants say anything for FFtactics, since i havnt played it yet, but he is a leader, unlike mog, and he sends you to fight the toughest enemy in FF12. also, unlike mog who is basically a talking clone among other clones that just say kupo or kupopo, montblanc has a backstory and is among other moogles that can talk.
  2. Pablo618: I gotta go with the best black mage on my clan on FFTA ^_^
  3. Azul: Woot! My vote goes to Montblanc. Why? becuase he's awsome!!!!!!!
  4. BlueHighwind: I'm voting on this side only because Montblanc is twice the Moogle Mog will ever be. Just like FFXII is twice the game FFVI will ever be.
  5. I get annoyed by Mog a little. I mean, Moogles are best when they are cute, not when they are making "witty" comments and "street-talking". I liked Montblanc, but then again, I preferred Nono ~Chocobo Knight
  6. User:TugaKnight: Just cuz i'm a new age FF player and mog kinda looks like a drawing made 1000 b.C.
  7. Henryacores- Mog is nice alright...but just not as much as Montblanc. Mog is a freakin dancer whose powers are not that great (Yeah he's a dancer not a dragoon so shut up!), i mean...what fun is doing a skill which will permanently act until the battle ends....Mog can't be two things can he? Well now Montblanc can steal the enemies' weapons as he owns them with -ga spells, or do an Ultima spell to an enemy on the other side of the battlefield. And Montblanc is one of the reasons why I play XII (Vaan is a bitch and Penelo is a child), I kinda just love moogles because of it. Yes Montblanc can't be a Dragoon, nor a Dancer, but he *CAN be a Black Mage, Time Mage, Gadgeteer, Moogle Knight, Thief, Juggler, Gunner and Animist. So then? Who is more useful?
  8. Drake: I like Mog, but he was never really that useful to me in VI. Montblanc was very useful in Tactics Advance, and was the only character in that game that really didn't suck (well, Ritz and Babus was also pretty cool). So, I'm gonna have to go with Montblanc.
  9. Maverick King First off, if Mog wins because he's CUTER!?! I will take my GBA w/ FFVI and shove it up some1's ass. It is a man law that men should not use the word cute. (exception: describing Girls) Mog does look like a pimp sitting in his egg chair, cross-legged sippin a martini. (I can almost hear the jazz music in the background) but Montblanc would win because he's more versatile and he's more of a fighter. Besides, he doesn' even need to fight Mog, he could just sic his clan on him. Personally, i stopped using Mog that much in FFVI cuz Edgar's better. (dance or chainsaw. u decide)
  10. User:Clvabl Montblanc is the best!
  11. User:Yuffie2211Hehe mont could kick mogs ass and use him as a football HAHAHAHA
  12. Zordrac If you've played Chocobo's racing, you'll know why Mog is a dumbshit.
  13. me Montblanc would own any other moogle.
  14. Rinoa: For me this one was hard, i'm going with montblanc because of FF12 alone (he looked stupid in FFTA, he looked like an owl during the in-game fights) I actually started typing my vote for mog then i realised it was the FF6 character, who i personally do like but i didnt have room for in my party unfortuantly, i was gonna vote for mog from FF9 because of that scene where she transforms into madeen to save Eiko was one of the best scenes of the game and they built it up really well, but montblanc in 12 looks so cool, and he's awesome, kupo. so my vote is for montblanc, but if the option was there it would be to FF9 mog/madeen
  15. User:Zario I like Moogles but I have to say Montblanc. To me Mog is useless and I never use him. Besides I realy like my FFTA Juggler alot(Which is Montblanc)!
  16. TacticAngel: I'll take Montblanc if only for his charming cameo in FFXII.
  17. Yumiko: I think Montblanc would win a battle against Mog. I mean Mog is cute and everything but he isn't that useful. Montblanc's magic is way better than Mogs dances and trash talk. The jobs for moogle in FFTA kinda suck but still useful. And thats why I think Montblanc wins.^^
  18. A Glowing Green Potato: I actually have to say that I think Montblanc has a better-looking pom-pom than Mog.
  19. DidYourMomMontblanc would own Mog and Mog's friends and family
  20. Anonymous Montblanc
  21. User:KoniraThax Montblanc has more character to him and more background. I'm not doubting Mog... Montblanc as a name.
  22. Mymindislost: Throwing my support in for Montblanc. That's pretty much it. :/
  23. Gilgamesh: Mmm... Mog is nice but Montblanc is so fighty!
  24. BritBoy: Montblanc has a cooler name
  25. Weiss: I vote to Montblanc becuase he has a better look then Mog. I havn't play FFVI
  26. Squalless Cloud: um..... idk. Mog is a dragoon so he kool but Montblanc can do that and more.
  27. Own Yo' Bith: Montblanc freakin' owns everything about mog, cuz mog's mom is a HYPELLO!
  28. This moogle is so much more color than the other!!!!
  29. Blue。: "Stuffed animal? I'll have you know I'm a moogle, kupo!"

Votes for Mog[]

  1. Masamune: I'm really the first to vote for the slam-dancing moogle? Huh. Montblanc is cool, but come on; Mog dances. And that, as they say, is that.
  2. Faethin: "The hair! Watch the hair!" Funniest FFVI quote.
  3. AnonyMan: Hmm...I do like Montblanc, but I hate the alternate Moogle design. If this were Stiltzkin from FFIX than it would be a no-brainer after all he is THE Moogle. I'll say Mog, he's really funny and pretty good in battle.
  4. Hexed the original playable moogle gets my vote.
  5. EmuMaster2002: Better design, better character, better dance moves. =P
  6. Crazyswordsman: Snow Muffler + SLAM dancing Moogle + being a dragoon = Mog is the best Moogle ever created.
  7. Drake Clawfang:He Jumps, he Dances, he trash-talks. He's the slam-dancing Moogle, no contest! Mog is one of my fav all-time characters, he's just so cool in every way. When I first played FF VI as FF III all those years ago, I pulls Mog out of the gorge and he said "The old psycho Ramuh came to me in a dream" while that awesome Moogle theme played. And I knew right then I had found a winner.
  8. Random Anonymous Person: Please. Mog pawns so much that it isn't even funny. Montblanc is cute and pretty cool, but also vaguely annoying. SLAM-DANCING!
  9. Jack says: Okay, Montblanc is cute, and isn't a totally retard like a few of the XII characters (not mentioning names), but really... Mog just pwns Montblanc. Mog is way cuter then Montblanc, and Mog was no where near a retard (granted, Montblanc isn't a retard - but XII is).
  10. User:Booff7: Both characters were terrible when you actually used them, but at least mog was an enjoyable character. Montblanc wasn't bad in TA but TA's story doesn't compare to that of FFVI. Plus the Moogle Charm helped a ton in the final dungeon because what's the chance that the player has built up 12 characters strong enough to go through the final dungeon? Everything else has been said, Mog beats Montblanc at almost everything.
  11. Otens Mog all the way! I just prefer him more.
  12. 8bit_BlackMage: While FFTA was my first Final Fantasy ever and got me introduced into the whole job system, I'm voting Mog. I found the Moogle race nearly useless in FFTA, none of their jobs were of any use compared to the Magic power of the Nu Mous, Dualcasting Summons of the Vieras, and tankage of the Bangaas. I agree with Booff, FFVI owns FFTA. Mog can learn Ultima, his theme song is awesome, and Molulu's Charm is a lifesaver.
  13. User:Cloudofdarkness: Mog is awesome he fights, casts spells, and most of all he dances. Montblanc owns a clan and he does nothing in battle, if he helped you out in the Yaizmat fight, he would of been an option, but Mog rules.
  14. Darkling692: Well, both moogles are great, but not as great as Stiltzkin or Artemicion, FF IX had the best moogles ever, taking away the dozens of moogles from IX there's FF VI Mog on the top of the list, and yes, he's very very cute :P
  15. User:AuronKaizer: Montblanc hails from the beautiful land of Ivalice, so he instantly loses any battles that isn't against Fergie or Bobby Lashley. Mog is, if useless in battle, pretty cool and hilarious. And he does that SLAM dancing thing that CSM is so fond of.
  16. ShadowLaguna: contest.
  17. passerby: LOL! Mog's cute! He's not just humorous in the storyline but in battle his dragoon attack, ability to wear the Snow Muffler, and dances are life-saving. He's THE moogle of moogles! Sure Montblanc looks cute, but I've always preferred the original from the new...
  18. User:AlcaeusTheWizard: I never cared for Montblanc in TA. In fact, that whole game wasn't really that fun. In FF12, Montblanc was pretty cool, I guess, but Mog is still the coolest moogle, ever.
  19. Adam Mcduck: The slam-dancing moogle is great. Montblanc was alright in all the games he's been in, but Mog is one of the best moogles ever.
  20. naifler: Mog is THE moogle, and don't you dare forget it.
  21. User:FFFan: How is this even a contest and how are so many people voting for Montblanc? I killed the annoying guy as soon as I got to a Jagd. Mog owns all other moogles.
  22. User:Craigrules14: well to start out i killed of Montblanc as soon as i could!!! and in 6 i had mog like a god.. and mog could easly kill Montblanc, Montblanc dodes not have anything to even stand up against mog, plus mog is the ruler of the moogles and has a yettie friend, all Montblanc has is well nothing!!!
  23. User:Korneelijs: mog rules, becouse he is a classic :D
  24. Thanos6: The best Moogle ever from the best FF game ever. Wind Song, Desert Aria, Forest Suite, Earth Blues, Love Sonata, Dusk Requiem, Water Rondo, and Snowman Jazz for the win.
  25. User: Lancer4: Mog is better, Montblanc is for sure gay and Mog is one of the most awesome characters. C'mon you can't beat the slam dancing moogle!

Peanut Gallery[]

VisitorAstaroth: Just to clarify, is Mog representing the entire Moogle race, the FF9 Moogles or simply the FF6 character, Mog?

Hexed, Mog is not the only playable Moogle. In Tactics Advance they are a playable race, and Montblanc himself was playable ~Chocobo Knight

Please dont say Mog has a better has an army of twins...At least Monty's siblings differ on each other...- Henryacores

EmuMaster: So? You even the word 'moogle' comes from the Japanese words for 'bat' and 'cat.' Why, then, do Ivalician Moogles have rabbit ears? Besides, the design of the final fantasy 3-9 moogles has nothing to do with the fact that the art team didn't want to try to make every instance of a small animal look unique. Oh, and you DO realize that you're trying to compare a character from Gameboy Advance and Playstation 2 to a character that first showed up on the NES, followed by the SNES, right?

  • Yup - I dare to say that Mog is unimagnative. After all ,he's exactly like his precestors of 3 and 5, and i think there should be something that would (graphically) distinguish him from other moogles, like on 9 when he went trance and turned into madeen (I wuv u maddeen <3). I don't care about japanese origins and Ivalice gave personality to moogles and they turned from a creature to a race and Montblanc kinda repesents that.- Henryacores
  • BlueHighwind - I like the Bunny Moogles better. The old cat/bat creatures just got on my nerves, the new form is definite step up in design.

Oh yeah... I'm gonna not be a hypocrite by voting for Mog when I havn't played Tactics Advance. --dudutsai

  • You're much too fair, dudutsai. You've played XII, haven't you? Masamune
Drake: I like the old design, but Montblanc is cooler than Mog.

8bit_BlackMage: Although I've never played a game with the 3-D moogles, I have to admit that Montblanc's huge fluffy pom-pom is better than Mog's 2-D dot. But then, Mog didn't need graphics to be awesome.

OtensAt least Mog has wine, heh. Sorry, I just noticed the wine glass in the image.

8bit_BlackMage: Whoa.... how is Monty winning all of a sudden? I better rev up FFTA and join the group of people on this wiki who have killed off Monty in a Jagd just to give Mog the edge.

Henryacores - Gee..Mog's a dancer and Monty is the one who's gay...And don't forget that this isn't a fight between FF12 and 6 (go request that battle at the suggestions).

Drake:Edit Conflict I don't know who half you guys are, but stop calling Montblonc Monty, that's not his fucking name. He's not gay, he's kickass. If any moogle is gay, it's Mog for all that time he spends making Umaro cower in fear, you know he forced that Yeti to do dome messed up shit. And I swear, there are sockpuppets at work on both sides, and there always has been, so I guess there's no real reason to care now.

  • Otens: Dood, one it is a short version of his name. Two, That's their opinion of him, geeze man.
  • Henryacores: Monty is, at least better than Monblonc... and it's like calling 'Jenny' to Jennifer or 'Alex' to Alexander (these examples are purely random).

Week 44: Penance v. Yiazmat[]

14 to 12
Do you have too much time on your hands? Have you beaten either of these two bosses? If you answered yes to the latter, you're a liar for not answering yes to the first if you didn't. Both of these bosses are a remarkable investment of time, energy, and caffeine. Which, though, holds the title for the most ridiculous!?

Votes for Penance[]

  1. SmegHead: I vote Penance, because even though Yiazmat has about 4 times the HP, he can easily be beaten by using the right gambits and staying on the steps of the Colluseum where he can't physically attack. Plus, Penance has a cooler ultimate attack (Judgement Day), while Yiazmat's is just a rehash of what the other Wyrms do in battle.
  2. OwnYou: Penance. Yiazmat can't actually kill you except for cyclone, and that is rare. Penance is way tougher.
  3. Otens Though they are both tough and took a while to beat I have to say Penance.
  4. Jack says: I just prefer Penance. And I really can't remember Yiazmat. I probably never even battled it, but oh well...
  5. User:FFFan: Penance is CRAZY hard. He just is. Yiazmat is not that bad BUT Penance is crazy hard even if your uber strong. Unless you use Yojimbo which is cheap but hey:) w/e.
  6. User:Lancer4: Yeah my bro is right Penance is CRAZY, nuff said.
  7. Adam Mcduck: I started fighting Yiazmat and couldn't be bothered, i could have won but his HP was so high he wasn't worth the time and effort, thus i am voting for Penance.
  8. Apprentice: Penance is the hardest boss in 10, whilst Yiazmat rates like 4th. Next to Omega, Ultima, Zodiark (not in any order).
  9. Henryacores: Penance is stronger than Yiazmat (yeah lets stay by that). To reach Penance you have to defeat ALL the Dark Aeons...any of them is much more challenging than Yiazmat, also Penance has his *OWN graphic, it's not a re-paint like someone we all know (btw its Yiazmat) I think the strongest monster in a game should at least have it's own graphic and if both would clash, Penance would just fly into the stratoshpere (he has wings butI never saw Yiazmat fly...) and spam lots of Dark spells he probably has.
  10. Yuffie2211:I vote for Penance cause it took me ages to beat it and Yiazimat took 'bout half the time! :)
  11. CheeseEater Penance could own Yiazmat in a fight, Penance was harder than Yiazmat to beat, but they tie on difficulty to be able to fight. 2/3 for Penance.
  12. TugaKnight: FFX ftw ^^ It was my first
  13. craigrules14 yea totaly this one he was fun to fight!!!! but it took me a long time
  14. AuronKaizer: I vote Penance because anything from FFX owns FFXII by default. Even though I never beat the bastard without Zanmato. I just don't have a lack of life enough to play against a boss for two hours. And that's the BOTTOM LINE...because of copyright infringement purposes, I cannot finish that sentence.

Votes for Yiazmat[]

  1. User:HironStake: I cant say ive gotten anywhere near fighting yiazmat, but from what ive heard he can be incredibly hard. im mostly voting for him/she/it because, unlike penance, yiazmat acutually has something of a backstory, plus i think dragons are cooler than weird looking floating statue things.
  2. Hexed says: Yiazmat requires at least a couple of hours, Penance requires a lot of gil (Zanmato)
  3. User: NeloAngelo: I go with Yiazmat, since at least he(it?) has a pretty good back story, and I'm more of an Ivalice fan anyway.
  4. Pablo618: although Yiazmat have a pretty ridiculous amount of HP, he looks way cooler
  5. TacticAngel: I have to vote for the man behind the mask, as Yazmat has created three games that I really appreciate deeply for much different reasons; Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy XII, and Final Fantasy Tactics... plus, he's one of the best looking dragons in the FF universe.
  6. RandomPerson : Yiazmat is the coolest looking Dragon I've seen in a Final Fantasy Game, except for one in FFIX. Pennance doesn't even look half as cool as the first enemy in the entire freakin game. And just because a Boss is hard doesn't make it memorable. A Boss battle that turns you into the litteral meaning of Zombie because of the five hours or so you spent killing it makes it memorable, or just annoying, either way Yiazmat is cooler.
  7. RMX: I'm for Yiazmat. He/it is in all versions of FFXII, while Penance is only in FFX's international version. Plus, he looks cool!
  8. RandomVisitor : Yiazmat gets my vote because 1. he looks awesome, 2. he's insanely hard, sure I haven't fought him yet but, I can tell my looking at him and 3. He's available for everyone to fight, which is better than an International version monster only.
  9. Maverick King He's a wyrm based off of Yasumto Matsuiot (or however you spell his name) and is way cooler than some cyborg ripoof (im looking at you Penance) Besides, you can't kill him in one hit.
  10. Azul: I think Yiazmat looks way cooler than Penance. I'm sure no one has even gotten to actually see Penance. My vote goes to Yiazmat because he looks cooler O_o
  11. Rinoa : I'm voting for Yiazmat because i found it harder and more challenging, i don't think penance changed the way that he fought enough, and if you stick to a stratergy you can beat him with no prblems really, Yiazmat i found alot harder, i thought it made you think more and it took longer (i'm sad and have beaten both, i found dark bahamut and anima harder than penance, the uk version has the dark aeons in it :p) but basically both fights are ruined if you look for a stratergy on the internet, and i didn't i beat these both myself, and i found yiazmat more challenging personally anyway, i also found the damage cap limit to 6999 annoying, but it forced you to fight a different way which is good, penance i ultima furied :)
  12. Gilgamesh: I prefer Yazmat becuase FFXII is better than FFX-2 (for me)! Dragoon are so nice than strange monsters called Penance! ^_^

Peanut Gallery[]

Drake: I don't know who either of these guys are, but they don't look like white mages to me. You okay, TA?

  • BlueHighwind: The two upthere are too crazy for even me so I can't vote in all good consience. So I vote Emerald WEAPON since I actually beat that guy and am proud of it.
  • Hexed: BW, i've beaten Yiazmat, and Zanmato'd Penance, its rather easy for both of them, with Yiazmat, i've just played my DS while i wait for him to Deathstrike me, then i just change party leaders, araise, rinse, repeat.
    • Otens:Hmm, didn't try Zanmato, I just trained, fought, 'hulk smashed'(angry), and repeated. Eventually I defeated Penance. For Yiazmat,I just followed my friends advice.

Blue。: I've never beaten Penance. I never even tried the Dark Aeons. I've only beaten Yiazmat. So I won't participate in this round because my opinion would be lopsided. But I wish Yiazmat all the best!

    • Alte Roite: Both are stupidly hard, I Zanmato'd Penance and wasted 4 hours of my life on Yiazmat.
  • Pablo618: MY FIGHT!!!!
  • Pablo618: Sorry, I was too surprised to talk, I don't have the international version of FFX and in FFXII I'm still on the dreadnought Leviathan (I love that name ^^), I suggested this fight because they both ridiculously hard and if not the both have ridiculous amount of HP
  • Darkling692: I hated when people said that Ashe was better than Agrias because they never actually played FF Tactics, so I can't vote here because I never played FF X International. But Yiazmat has a better look IMO.
    • I like Agrias but i think Ashe is stronger(not physically) and cuter.- Henryacores
      • Honestly, Ashe seems to break when something bad happens. Though that's my opinion, though the challenge between them has already ended. Otens
  • Gee i never fought any of them...but I know what i know...and to those who say Yiazimat is the coolest dragon on Final Fantasy, I can remind you of Blood Dragon (which surely came first till square guys decided to make a 50 million Hp collossus). At least Penance is original and one of a kind...- Henryacores
    • Yiazimat? Sorry Henryacores, but that's just plain wrong. Blue。
      • Whoever has never mistaken him/herself please raise his/her hand...- Henryacores
      • YIAZMAT is not the coolest dragon, not even close. That title belongs to Bahamut, and Bahamut alone. Long live the King. --BlueHighwind
    • Apparently no one remembers Kaiser from FFVI for the GBA? He had the superboss look without the fancy graphics, and his pre-battle speech is plain awesome. 8bit_BlackMage

You know, I've never fought either of them. I'll never fight Penance because he's not in my FFX game. --Crazyswordsman 02:58, 10 November 2007 (UTC)

Drake: Who cares about Kaiser? As the self appointed Bahamut expert on this site, I say it is Bahamut who is the coolest dragon of them all. Now, it's time to go and get my diembodied head back.
  • Pablo618: Someone said that to kill penance you have to kill every dark aeon, well for Yiazmat you have to kill every mark and elite mark
    • Gee i wonder whats tougher...-henryacores
  • Hum...Gilgamesh..just a note - Penance is from FFX..._ Henryacores

Week 43: Freya v. Kain[]

FFIX CG Render Freya.png
22 to 22
Kain DS CG Render.png
And now for something completely different: Dragoons face off in a fight to the death. This one is bound to be another close one.

Votes for Freya Crescent[]

  1. passerby: I'm not a fan of Kain cuz he's a very self-loathing person...I vote for Freya because she has way more abilities (like Dragon's Crest) that makes her more useful than Kain (who only knows how to attack and jump...)Her story background in FFIX also makes her spunky, cool, and noble-like. She can beat that pansy you call a dragoon any day!
  2. Hiron Stake: i was about to vote kain, but then i remembered how he screws you over for most of the game, and how the longest time hes available as a party member is in the last udngeon and boss fight. plus wat angel said, how her own boyfreind forgot who she was, quite tragic :( shes also my favorite character in 9 next to Vivi.
  3. TacticAngel: To be forgotten is a fate worse than death... btw, who's Kain? (Actually I rather liked Kain, I just like Freya a lot more... much more tragedy of circumstance so she shows great poise in the face of adversity)
  4. AnonyMan: C'mon? It has to be Freya. Another great character from FFIX She's pretty awesome, and her coolness was consistent throughout the whole game, unlike Kain(though I repsect him). The best Dragoon in my eyes. And who can cut a rug like she can?
  5. SmegHead: While I do like Kain and think he is the best character from FFIV (certainly the toughest), the only good thing about him is Jump, whereas Freya has lots of cool Dragoon skills she can call upon and doesn't end up spending 75% of her battle time off the screen.
  6. Blue。. Freya. Because I like her inner drama better than Kain's.
  7. Random Anonymous Person: I love them both, but I knew Freya first and she is my favourite in IX.
  8. User:FFFan: I agree with everything you guys said up top. Freya is awesome and probaly my favorite or second favorite in FFIX. She's so good and has awesome character development.
  9. dudutsai I don't think this was an easy decision, but what made my mind in the end was the fact that although he was cool, Kain was just too dim-witted.
  10. Rinoa- freya all the way, the only dragoon ive ever really used consistantly, (basically made my first party) except for one other one which is infact Kain so this one was hard for me. (i also like kimahri but i think he should have been pure dragoon with his overdrives as dragoon skills, then blue magic just as normal) dragon crest was really good as well, i couldnt have beaten ozma without it as i was only level 66 when playing him :p. i just used her all the time, her trance was ace, her basic stats were good, thought her abilities were awesome, great story, cool picture when you save the game lol, im surprised how well she is doing so far against kain, i thought i was the only freya fan, shes definatly in my top 3 favourie 9 characters, along with Garnet and Kuja :)also, dont think this is the right place to suggest this but, Kuja vs Seymour and Garnet vs Rinoa lol ^_^
  11. Masamune22: I respect Kain, but I think Freya is a real tragic figure and just that much cooler.
  12. Booff7: I actually havn't played IV but Kain looks cool so I have nothing against Kain but there was something about Freya that I really liked. She was one of the few characters I really liked in IX even at the end of the game(I found that IX's story and characters were great at the begining but the whole thing was terribly corny at the end.) She was just a really great character, not the best in the series but deffinately one of the best in IX along with Beatrix and possibly Zidane. She was just a very honorable and likeable character and I really like two of her quotes, "To be forgotten is worse than death" and "The answer you seek may forever change your life for the worse." Therefore, I vote Freya.
  13. User:LaZodiac: I may of missed out my chance to help the RedMage due to computer problems, but not this time! GO FREYA!
  14. Ericrvjr: To be completely honest, I voted for the losing one. I do have a thing for non-humans, though. lol
  15. Gold: I loved Freya's backstory and she was easily my fave dragoon ever. Don't get me wrong, Kain was great, but i thought that for a "legendary" last-of-the-dragoons person, he was easily controlled and overly melodramatic; his manner at the end of the game was a total rip of Leon from FFII.
  16. Darkling692: Great fight here, this two are the top Draggons ever, but Freya was a lot more useful and powerful than Kain could ever be, that's the only reason I prefer her, oh yes, and she never betrays you.
  17. Xadren: I vote for Freya, a great character with a great (and sad) story. She is in search of her reason to fight, of her own role in her life. She has even a great dancing style!
  18. Naifler: I'm going with whoever doesn't gets hypnotized all the time and can do more than just jump. Kain gets the looks though.
  19. Korneelijs: I think that freya is better than kain because she is more dramatic, and actually, FFIX is my favourite FF, and I love every character in this game :D
  20. Dark Forte: Kain is more badass and stronger, though with her Dragon skillset and also being able to do anything Kain does, Freya is way more versatile, able to use various MP draining attacks, and her backstory is in my humble opinion a lot better than Kain's.
  21. RandomPerson : Well, you have a choice between a Badass, and a Rat. Gotta go with the Rat. Serriously though, Freya is way better, with her story in the game, and her skills and such.
  22. Jack says: Well, it's not like I don't like Kain or anything. I just prefer Freya. Kain just got annoying the further into the game I got for some reason. Freya was just alright throughout. Hence, I never really got annoyed at Freya, whereas I got annoyed at Kain.

Votes for Kain Highwind[]

  1. BlueHighwind - God this is an easy one. Kain of course, he's just that much more badass. The greatest Dragoon of all time versus a mere rat? They're both great characters, all Dragoon are awesome. I don't really care who wins in the end. However Kain is just that much greater, sorry Freya.
  2. EmuMaster2002: Once again a hard choice, but between Freya and Kain, I think I'll have to side with Kain here. He is really the first time there's a well developed dragoon character and, during the short stints he spends in the party, he most definitely earns his keep by dealing twice as much damage as Cecil could ever hope to do. As much as I love Burmecians, and Freya especially, Kain sets the stage for future dragoons in the Final Fantasy series by providing a token name and look that carries out a legacy through the various titles.
  3. User: NeloAngelo- Kain all the way (but I'm too lazy to type the reason...)
  4. Pablo618 :Kain is one of the coolest characters on FFIV! I HAVE to vote for kain
  5. Crazyswordsman: I can't say anything fun and derogatory here since I love Freya too (yes, TA, it is possible to like both Freya and Kain!), and although Freya is a really good character, Kain is, well, Kain. Nothing beats Kain.
  6. User:Lancer4: Kain is the best character ever in all FF. He's the best dragoon out of all FF series. Freya is ok too but Kain is just overall better.
  7. User:DrakemasterDrake: Kain was my first favorite character in any Final Fantasy game, hell, he was my first favorite videogame character other than Crash Bandicoot. All hail the first Highwind!
  8. Faethin says: Kain is the canonical Dragoon. I owe him my talk template image also. Yeah, I go for Kain. Freya is great too, though.
  9. Hexed I'm going for kain, because i haven't played FF9 past Gargant Roo, and i've completed IV that plus Kain is so much more bad-ass!}}
  10. MK definatly this fight shouldn't have been considered. He's basically the one who made Dragoons kick ass to Americans . He's the father of dragoons! w/o him, Freya may not have been though of. and he's the first highwind. HIGHWIND! that could almost be considered FF royalty. he's related to Cid from FFVII, so that's another plus. And you can't rly compare a battle system from 1991 to one in 2000. THAT'S ALMOST A DECADE! SO SIT DOWN AND DRINK YOUR GODAMN TEA!
  11. BritBoy This is, as previously said, a no-brainer, Kain is the coolest character of FFIV and therefore one of the coolest of all time, he is also the definitive Dragoon class character.
  12. Adam mcduck: This was an easy choice for me. Kain is much better than Freya for the fact that i consider him to be a Dragoon, wheras Freya to me seemed like she was just a regular knight who used a spear and had some moves to do with dragons. I like Freya and IX is a great game, but of the Dragoons there can only ever be one winner.
  13. Kain. Simply because he constantly looks badass. Plus, one of the first characters toi get character development. Jammi568 14:44, 3 November 2007 (UTC)
  14. Just some person: Kain, hands down. Just for reference, Ricard was the first Highwind in the series.
  15. Freya? BAH! Kain is much cooler and much more badass than that ugly rat-face will ever be. I never used Freya, but alwaysed used Kain when I could. Kain is just better.
  16. Lord Of The Flames: I like both Freya and Kain, but Final Fantasy II was the first RPG I played, so I have to pick Kain. He was my favorite character in that game, and it still is my favorite one in the series. I'm going to buy the Game Boy Advance version later tonight.
  17. Yuffie2211:Soz freya but kain will win he will kik ur ass freya is strong but kain is stronger
  18. ShadowLaguna: This is no contest!! Kain kicks ass and is my favourite supporting character of all time!! I like Freya and all but yeah Kain is a kickass Dragoon.
  19. 8Bit_BlackMage: Hey, first time voter :) I'm going with Kain pretty much because I haven't played FFIX, and even though I don't know anything about Freya, Kain had the perfect dragoon look and attitude. (Plus, he had Abel's Lance in the GBA vers. 1hp, Freya?)
  20. Henryacores : While FF9 is known for his 'un-natural' humanoid characters (God the main character is a monkey!)and Freya being no exception (what the **** is that thing anyway?) , Kain is the example of a good Dragoon,he has everything!: blue armour, wierd dragonhead helm, nice lance, HUMAN apearance (take that!)... Kain is Dragoon, not a *Dragon (or whatever that is) like Freya, and I think this is a fight between *Dragoons.
  21. Squalless Cloud: WOOT GO KAIN! Freya's a rat!!!
  22. Anonymous: Kain is the definition of a he is mad awesome.
  23. Dude: Kain is way cooler than a rat.

Peanut Gallery[]

Go Dragoons! We kick ass! It don't matter who wins, I'm rooting for both of you! - BlueHighwind

I never said anything about not being to like both Freya and Kain. I just happen to think Freya is a much more memorable character, particularly for myself, as a fan of tragedy. In fact, there are very few instances of Lancers in Final Fantasy that I don't like. --TacticAngel 19:26, 1 November 2007 (UTC)

A lot of people call Freya tragic, but isn't Kain a tragic figure as well? He loves Rosa but yet cannot have her, because she is already taken by his best freind - the much less badass Cecil. His entire story is torn by this great conflict. It drives him to betray his own best freind and allows him to be mind-controlled by Xeromus. In fact all us Dragoons are tragic figures on some level. Except Kimahri, he sucks. -- BlueHighwind

Amen to that, BH. -- User:DrakemasterDrake
Strange that those words would come from the same guy who wrote this: "[BH] there are a lot of good gay people in this world, just like there are a lot of good straight people. You're just not one of them." Amen to me indeed, HAHA! =D -- BlueHighwind
I was amen-ing your comment. And I stand by my statement, you are not a good person. But I never says I was either. -- DrakemasterDrake
I am words, and my words are me. Amen one sentence you also thank God for me. Thank you. -- BlueHighwind
There is no god. Drake
Lord Of The Flames: Please, Drakemasterdrake, saying there is no God is offensive to many people. While I myself do not believe in a God, I know that it can be offensive. Please say "I do not believe in God." It would be great if you could make your edits less offensive.
As far as tragic figures. I assert that "race pushed the the crumbling edge of extinction" is more tragic than "girl dies." Also, keep it civil, Drake. You know how trigger happy I am. --TacticAngel 22:43, 1 November 2007 (UTC)
A Tragic figure in literary terms is a character who meets his or her doom thanks to a tragic flaw of some kind. See Oedipus. I think Kain fits that def more than Freya. And TA are you getting drunk with power? Threating to ban just because the discussion is a tad heated it a little nuts. You're loosing control man. -- BlueHighwind
Techically, Kain never meets his doom and he doesn't really have a tragic flaw other than he suspectable to mind control and he is secretly jelous of cecil. he more a hero that has tragedy. So let's not be so strict on our definintion. Besides, if you look at it like this. Kain's name kinda take off from Cain in the bible and Cecil could almost be Abel. He bascially betrays his "brother" in a sense. He could also be taken from Sir Lancelot from Arthurian lore. Lancelot loved Guineviere(Rosa) but eventaully leaves Camelot(baron) to prove himself and get a girl pregnant(we know that because of the Highwind dynasty) -- Maverick King
Cain and Abel are from the Torah. Was written way before the Bible. -- Drake
Bible, Old Testament, Torah, Quaran. Same thing. basically, the old testament and the Torah are the same thing.... at least that's what my skool says. --Maverick King

Why are there so many votes for Freya! Kain is cooler! -- Drake

Here's a little something for all you old-time Kain Highwind fans. It was made quickly and I didn't have enough time to make the image look any nicer, so here it is in all it's crappy pixel-glory! -- Drake

Whoever marked themself as Rinoa, weren't you vote #8 yesterday? -- Drake

Ah, the user by the name Hiron Stake placed his vote on top, pushing all other votes down. I could do the corrective measures if TA wants to. Blue。
Thanks for explaining it to me Blue. -- Drake
I reviewed the log. No one appears to have voted twice. I'm not all that worried about the order. --TacticAngel 23:41, 2 November 2007 (UTC)

As CSM suggest, I don't think there's a real loser here, when its all over. Both of these characters are very good characters, both in terms of their use and their story. --TacticAngel 19:51, 2 November 2007 (UTC)

User:FFFan I think they are both awesome and in my opinion Kain comes in a very very close second for my fav dragoon. I agree with TA and CSM that whatever the outcome may be there won't be a real loser. Whoever said Freya is not a dragoon but a knight wielding a spear then Cid Highwind is only a mechanic who uses a spear. If Freya is not a dragoon she is far closer to being one than Cid would be. (I mean dynamite? WTF does that have to do with a dragoon?)

Drake: Has anyone else noticed that one character will be winning by two or three votes one minute, and by the end of the hour it's tied again?

BlueHighwind: Drake I think this whole cheating in the Tournament has gone to your head. Each vote is clearly categorized by each individual annon - we can catch cheating here. And to answer your question, yes but that's only because this is the most popular page of our entire website.
Drake: Ever since CSM mentioned it, I keep thinking that everyone is cheating. Plus, look, it happened again!
TacticAngel: I review all results. I will do the same here. Its not likely that it will change the decision since I'm calling these within 10%

Week 42: Agrias v. Ashe[]

Agrias Oaks
18 to 16
This weeks matchup takes the two major female protagonists of Ivalice both sword wielding Paladins or Holy Knights, but who wields their blade with greater prowess?

Votes for Agrias Oaks[]

  1. BlueHighwind - meh, I don't really care for this fight but still I'm going Agrias because I don't care for Ashe. She killed my dear Lord Vayne in cold blood, that bitch. Plus I like Agrias's picture better.
  2. User:DrakemasterDrake- Agrais is the second most useful character in Tactics, and has a decent story to boot. Hope they didn't mess her up in War Of The Lions.
  3. user:NeloAngelo-Agrias looks more mature, while Ashe keeps bitching about saving country and revenge stuff, also I supports Vayne's goal, thus Agrias Oaks gets my vote.
  4. Diablocon - Gonna have to go with the lady in armor. Nomura could learn a lesson here, that a female character can still look hot, even without exposing tons of skin (although Yoshida and Amano are guilty of this too, to be fair, just not as badly). Also, according to RW, Ashe is more of a Time Mage.
  5. Random Anonymous Person - What Diablocon said. Also, Ashelia B'nargin Dumbasca seems like a bit of a bimbo sometimes.
  6. Blue。 I like both, but Agrias is more appealing to me.
  7. Steve:::Ashe is not good in fightss. I like Agrais. And how do you mAke one of those userpage s.
  8. Otens Agrias is a character that is supposed to sympathize with another character and certain people. While Ashe, is someone who is not easy to sympathize and seems to pay attention to the past more than the game's 'present.'
  9. dudutsai -I thought Agrias was wonderful in Tactics. She was a non-overpowered, but strong special unit gotten near the beginning of the game, and she really added somthing to Tactics even before other jobs were acquired. Ashe on the other hand constantly pissed me off (even though I used her). She was an indecisive bitch who seemed like she knew what she was doing until near the end of the game when you realize she had no friggin clue! There is no contest for me in this one.
  10. Agrias rocks. She is cool, strong, determined, and loyal, without being bitchy. I think Ashe can be WAY too bitchy sometimes, so I'm going with Agrias ~Chocobo Knight
  11. Darkling692 Ashe is one hot girl, but that's all to her, Agrias on the other hand is a strong woman, and for a secondary character Agrias is more interesting than Ashe, and she´s a lot more useful, until Orlandu comes and makes her disappear.
  12. Since I hate Ashe due to her whining about how Vayne is so evil and all that, that plus Girls in armor > Sluts.. Hexed
  13. Agrias is cooler .Holy Knights Rocks hard !!!!!!!!! Ashe is weak User:Clvabl
  14. Anonymous Go Agrias
  15. AnonyMan- Another piar of character I don't like, but I have to go with Agrias. She looks cooler, has a better personality and I am suprised how well Ashe is doing I can't stand her. I would have loved for Vaan to punch her in the gut.
  16. Jorge 21:02, 29 October 2007 (UTC)I thought that Agrias was one of the best characters in Final Fantasy Tactics. She was absolutley dominant when you first get her if you use her right. That, and she doesn't dress like Ashe, who looks like an absolute harlot.
  17. TacticAngel: I could have sworn I voted already... but I don't see my name. I like both of these swordmaidens; however, Agrias is superior in almost every way.
  18. Totema1: I guess they're pretty equal, but Agrias doesn't dress like a whore. Also, Ashe's name is extraordinarily unwieldy...

Votes for Ashe B'nargin Dalmasca[]

  1. MMIL: I usually refrain from voting in battles where I don't know one of the characters (or whatever else happens to be "battling"), but I really like Ashe. I hate her clothes, but I really like her character. Hell, I was writing a fanfic about her (and Balthier) for a while. Yeah, I'm going with Ashe here.
  2. User:Booff7: I havn't yet completed tactics (I'm stuck on Belias in War of the Lions, wow that game is hard) but I found Ashe to be one of my favorite characters. She had some fantastic lines and a phenominal backround story. Her character starts off regal, cold, and somewhat synical, but completely changes throughout the game into a truly memorable Final Fantasy character. While I am liking Agrias in Tactics, Ashe was better and that scene where she holds both the sword of kings and the treaty blade was awsome even if she never fought with them.
  3. ShadowLaguna: Haven't played Tactics. Lacks the importing and/or a PSP.
  4. SmegHead: Gotta love Ashe. Great story, nice voice and character design. Badass and determined. I must disagree with MMIL about her clothes, although you have to wonder how she can keep from showing her ladyparts with that strip of fabric. Plus she gets my vote as I haven't played Tactics.
  5. Adam Mcduck: Ashe is a great character. She has a good storyline and looks good too. She suits most of the weapons (particuarly Great swords) and her Quickinings are cool as well. Plus, i have never been able to play tactics (it's times like that i hate being in England...) so i don't know what the other character is like.
  6. BritBoy: Again I havent played Tactics and I like Ashe anyway so she gets my vote
  7. Rinoa-Considering Ashe is my favourite ff12 character i'm gonna go with her here, i think agrias looks stupid and shes looks cool, ashe is how yuna should have looked :P. i like her clothes lol. also whoever said she was a time mage, i think her default job is a paladin :s but i just used her as my black mage cus she had the best magic stat. also Ashe's quickening all look amazing and are the best ones out of the 6 characters. Also i really like her story, people say she's cold but they seem to be 4getting shes had everything taken away from her and tried to be assassinated, yet still stays focused. also whe you first find her as amalia, youve actually just robbed her so understandably angry, and later on she thinks the man responsible for her losing everything is stood right in front of her, then when she finds out the truth she still remains an awesome character, Ashe definately. also i live in england too, so if i wanna see agrias i would have to buy a psp, sorry :p
  8. Konira: My vote is with Ashe, she seems to be the better half.
  9. Pablo: Agrias is a woman!?!?!?!?
  10. Henryacores: Wow...What a tough choice. Agrias and Ashe are probably the two strongest women in Ivalice, but I have go for Ashe. Not for beuaty as i wouldn't have a doubt on that (my third leg gets funny whenever i see Ashe :P), but look: there was a happy world where Ashe married one day, thinking to be happy, and BAM! in the other day she lost both her father (King Raminas), her husband (Rasler) and her kingdom. What the heck of a human (or hume whatever) can suffer this and still, in the space of two years, recover her throne? While Agrias just wanted to recover her honour while a knight ,trying to rescue Ovelia, Ashe recovered her kingdom...and Ashe was successful!
  11. Masamune22: I never played Tactics, so maybe I'm biased, but I thought Ashe's character was developed exceptionally well (as were all in FFXII...all except Vaan and Penelo). I found her motivations and personality very believable.
  12. RMX: I don't have a PSP yet, so I never really played Tactics (But I will, this Xmas, maybe?). Althogh I hate her outfit a lot.
  13. Zordrac: Not to belittle FF:T, but Asheila all the way!
  14. Ericrvjr: H.R.M. Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca (the character, not the name) is much more easily remembered.
  15. AuronKaizer: Since both are from Ivalice games, neither should really win (or be in any sort of contest), however, the lesbian hentai art of Ashe is a bit better. One could even say that there is none of Agrias (and thank God for that), for more than one reason including the fact that Agrias is not a female. But I'm sure Suck-Enix could find a way around that. And that is sadly the only good thing about Ashe.
  16. FlareKnight: Ashe, simply because I liked her character better than any Tactics character. It was interesting.

Peanut Gallery[]

Don't know if we're allowed to use these here, or how it will turn out, but this is the first time I've ever seen a box empty. Not that anyone cared, I'm usually not on when TA posts these. --DrakemasterDrake

No talk templates please. --TacticAngel 23:58, 25 October 2007 (UTC)
No problem, wasn't sure whether you wanted them here or not. User:DrakemasterDrake

I like this color scheme. It reminds me of a banana-strawberry ice cream. -BlueHighwind

Most people voted for Ashe because they never played Tactics in either the PS or the PSP! That's sad. Well, I guess I was wrong when I said Agrias would win hands down. Boohoohoo. Blue。

Fear not! Agrias' coolness/hotness has to win! - Diablocon
I always knew this woudl be tough, but I hope Agrias can pull through. This does harken back to the Mithra v. Viera competition though. --TacticAngel 21:02, 26 October 2007 (UTC)
I never played Tactics but I can recognize a great character when I see one. If you're ignorant of the issue you should just abstane from voting. That's why democracy sucks. -BlueHighwind
I don't see so many people vote when they have no idea what the other side is. Reading the Wiki page is nice, but shouldn't people have to.... actually KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON before casting their votes? At least two or three of Ashe's votes are from people who have never even played Tactics! ---dudutsai

@Steve - Please sign up first! It'll be easier then to help you with anything you'd like to know. Blue。

I'm not voting because i havent finished FF XII or played Tactics but iw ill say Ashe will probably win. though i havnt really played tactics, since it says shes a knight, she is probably restricted to mostly physcal strength and things that pertain to phys fighters, while the licsence system in FF 12 allows for Ashe to use an extremely wide variety of weapons and spells.- Hiron Stake

Actually, Agrias has a specific Knight Class, Known as Holy Knight[Fix'd, sorry me]. Her history is basically been in a monastery most of her life but she is a very good character with a blade(She used it to protect another Character of the FFT.) In the game Agrias could become a different class to learn multiple spells/skills as well. Though I respect your opinion,-Otens

Can sum1 teach me how to do a userpage? Its about time :( -Henryacores

Hmm, sign up first - link is on top right. Once you sign up, click on your user name and click the edit tab, that start designing..uh..that's the gist of it, anyway. Blue。
well...where do i register then? :S(this is confusing)- Henryacores
Top Left Corner of the page in small letters it says, Log in or Create an account. Click Create and continue from there Otens

Pablo: I think everyone is attached to their opinions, maybe there IS someone that prefers ashe better than agrias and have played both games. Personally, I didn't get ashe on my party on FFXII and I haven't played FFT Blue。 I see what you did there, One vote per person only.

I've played both games and I still like Agrais better than Ashe. User:DrakemasterDrake

Agreed, besides to me it seems Agrais can stay together other than Ashe.Otens

Fight 41: Red vs. Blue[]

Blue Mage
23 to 13
V R Mages.PNG
V B Mages.PNG
Red Mage, master of swords, caster of all sorts of magic; black, white, time and space! Blue Mage, master of swords, caster of all sorts of magic; enemy skills! Who comes out alive?

Votes for Red Mage[]

  1. MMIL: A difficult decision, but I have to go with red mages on this one. While I do like blue mages (and it's incredibly fun to make Quina eat things), I never have much actual use for them in-game. Red mages, with their versatile use of black and white magics, get a lot more use by me. Besides, red mages have awesome hats. Seriously. I want one.
  2. Diablocon: Come one, where's the love? Red Mages are awesome!
  3. Random Anonymous Person: Everyone else seems to love blue mages: I can't stand them. I abhor collecting all the monster spells so you can use Lvl. 10 Death on ONE monster or whatever.
  4. Rinoa- I also hate blue mages, (except quina but she/he still wasnt that good) i think there boring and a bit useless really, oh Kimahri was good but thats only cus he doubled as a dragoon, 10 was the best way to learn enemy abilities, and kimahri was the only decent blue mage, i personally really like red mages, i was one on FF11 lol, i think there so useful, although i use them as red/gree, they were the ones who did all the buffs, the spells which anyone can cast and it has the same affect, like protect, haste etc, and for other offensive status affects like sleep, poison blind. also on FFtactics advance i used a Viera only clan, and they were awesome, i used them to cast sleep and then i would send my assassins in to do the isntant death move with 100% success rate :P. Blue mages were basically crap at everything because they didn't excel in anything either but they didnt have as good buffs or there abilities were crappy :p go red mage
  5. Red mages are cool, I like their clothes and I wouldn't be a blue mage unless if I get paid Pablo618 20:10, 18 October 2007 (UTC)
  6. EmuMaster2002: Finally, FINALLY you give me a difficult choice. In the end I'll go with Red Mages though. The main reason is this: In a fight, straight-up, a Red Mage would win. Blue Mages rely on monsters for getting their spells. If faced with a human red mage, they are left with the single choice of sword combat (Unless they have prior-gained skills, but for the purposes of this battle, this is the very beginning of the game and neither have had a chance to buy new equipment or fight anything.) Red Mage, on the other hand, has at least one spell at this point. Going by popular consent, it's probably Blizzard, and he can cast it several times before having to resort to his sword, by which time said Blue Mage will mostly be dead. All that said, I love Blue mages as well, as they are one of the most interesting and unique concepts that the Final Fantasy series brought to RPGs, and if it were a contest of fashion, I would likely vote for them. I love this place =D
  7. IfritKnight7: This one was actually pretty hard. In the end, though, I think Red Mages win. They have a mixture of many types of spells and basic combat, while Blue Mages can basically only "level up" by finding monsters who may or may not be able to produce blue magic.
  8. User:DrakemasterDrake: The RM is one of the classic classes, and, in some games, better than BlaM and WM. The Blue Mage is useless, and take forever to gain spells for, example: Gau, Strago, and the worst of all, Quina.
  9. KyubiNoKitsune: Red Mages Forever!! Who wants to learn a spell by being attacked!? Plus, Blue Mages are always Humes... Boring!! Why play a Hume when you could be a Viera?
  10. Ericrvjr: I don't like dying while trying to learn a new skill. Not to mention, reds are much more versatile. In FFI, my entire party was red mages--I killed Chaos in three rounds.
  11. Boo: First off I really don't know if I'm doing this right,I'm pretty new to wikis entirely so I don't know how to vote. That being said I deffinately vote red mage. Blue Mages seem to be all around more useful but it is a pain in the but to get all the skills for them. I give up playing blue mages I hate having to learn skills from enemies so red mage gets my vote by default.
  12. VitoRyu: Red Mages and Blue Mages are pretty much the same. No matter how you try to disguise it, they have the same function: 'Black' style magic for harming/ disabling opponents, and 'White' style magic for healing and buffing party members. The only difference is the way magic is obtained. But Red Mage has one thing Blue Mages don't: DualCast! The ability to kill your opponents AND heal your team mates in a single turn far surpasses anything a Blue Mage can do on it's own.
  13. TacticAngel: This is a tough call for me too, since I have both leveled rather significantly on FFXI. I am not sure which would win in that context in a head to head competition. The Red Mage has a lot more at his disposal in terms of utility, but Blue Mage generally does much more damage... I do think that RDM might be able to wait them out though.

Votes for Blue Mage[]

  1. Hiron Stake:difficult but not too hard, i vote for the blue mage. strategically speaking, its a better choice magic-wise. with red mages, their best atribute is that they can use both swords and magic, but can only use lowlvl magic which is usless against enmies futrther into the game (black) or for party members who get more than 1000 hp eventually(white). however blue magic only gets stronger as you meet more enemies and is good motivation for lvling up as it requires you to meet monsters to make it as strong as possible and you can get spells none of the other mages can get, like death lvl 10(or watever other # there is) or death claw in FF5 and also white wind in FF5. its just a better logical choice.
  2. passerby: Blue Mage is the best in any Final Fantasy game because they learn powerful monster spells that Black and White magic do not have. Red Mage just doesn't have a high enough magic/fight power and so even though any game states that Red Mage is a versatile class, that is so not true...
  3. user:NeloAngelo:I go with Blue Mage, since you can learn Supernova, and other mutilating spells. Also I can't stand the feather thingie on Red Mage's hat. Romantic-wannabe hat or not piss me off.
  4. The Blue Mage does a much better job of "fighter-mage", "gish" or whatever you want to call them aside from Strago than Red Mages. Blue Magic has a ton of abilities the other magics lack. Or they get the effect earlier. koku 10:07, 18 October 2007 (UTC)
  5. ShadowLaguna: I've never been a fan of Red Mages and Blue Mages are just too cool.
  6. MetalChocobo: I'd go for the blue mage on this one. While the red mage is flexible and can use both black and white magic, it is not really the best at any of the magics. Now, the blue mage has several unique cards up their sleeves, that the red mage lacks. Don't get me wrong, it is excellent to have a red mage in the party, as it fills multiple functions, but I still go for the blue mage, because they get very different spells compared to any other class.
  7. BlueHighwind: Now this is happy moment for me. The battle I've sponsored finally comes to pass. Just check my user page, I am a Blue Mage. Red Mages are useless, Black Magic is better covered by Black Mages, White Magic is better covered by White Mages, and physical attacks are better covered by Fighters, Dragoons, Monks, Mage Knights, Paladins, Dark Knights, and Ninjas. Just think of the fun we've had with Blue Magic over the years: "Aqualung", "White Wind", "Beta", "Frog Drop", and "Big Guard" - who doesn't love "Big Guard"?. Go Blue Mages!! Kick thier ass!
  8. Blue。 At first, I resent the Blue Magic as it was a challenge to find all the monsters involve, survive a hit. But then I find that most of the Blue Magics are worth it; from Magic Hammer to Mighty Guard. My favorite Blue Mage is Quistis.
  9. Gold: Ah, Blue Mage all the way; the ability to use the magics of your enemies is far better than the sub-par abilities of both black and white magic rolled into one mediocre job.
  10. Crazyswordsman Because there's something they don't suck at.
  11. SmegHead: Blue Mages generally learn skills which allow them to use most Black and White magic anyway, just with a cooler name and effect. Plus, the outfit of that XI BM is awesome!
  12. BritBoy: A jack of all tades but master of none? Where's the use in that? Come on being able to scan the enemy and use their attacks is just plain awesome, although the Red Mage outfit is cool, but Kimahri was a part - Blue Mage character, and he was awesome
  13. Nirvana: Blue Mage is my favourite job class, along with Samurai. Skills like Mighty Guard, Aqua Breath, Blaster, Supernova, Auto-Life, the one from Experiment in X-2 and others are very useful. Blue Mages rock!
  14. dudutsai: Blue mages are usually pretty annoying to get spells for, but in all versions, when they have all the spells, they are well worth using because of the diversity of their spells (except they don't all suck like the Red Mage's).
  15. Henryacores: Blue Mages rock all way...Though Red Mages are called 'versatile' there's nothing more versatile than the Blue Mage: Mighty Guard, Aqua Breath, Lvl 5 Death, White Wind, Auto-Life, Nova, Doom(ok, this 1 sucks), Aero, and these just for an example of the set of magic only the Blue Mage has. Seriously, Blue magic only doesn't surpasseses Ultima, because Ultima really pwns...And look at the stats, blue mages have better magic and attack power than red mages, except on 6 (Strago sucked, i used Gogo instead of him), and Blue MAges are also hotter (Quistis <3).
  16. masamune22: Red Mages might be more balanced, but Blue Mages are always more useful. Besides, how cool is it to use the enemy's powers?
  17. Zordrac: Blue all the way...
  18. Darkling692: I like both of them a lot, but thinking about it, having a master Blue Mage is totally a new Side Quest. Having a Blue Mage in the game adds challenge and playtime, surviving those monster skills or finding them is always fun.
  19. GUiLT:White Wind, that the only reson why their better...
  20. Random Anon Passing Fan: I think it's just about all been said. The only thing Red Mages have going for them is that awesomely awesome hat.
  21. Anon anon: Red Mages are cheap. Go Blue Mages!
  22. Alte Roit: I agree, Red amges can use Holy or Ultima...They Fail At Life...
  23. Adam Mcduck: Red mages aren't good enough in any specific area to make them useful, so it has to be blue mages, though i feel they're bad too, they actually do have some use with white wind, etc.

Peanut Gallery[]

  • MMIL: I like this new layout, TA, especially the customized color scheme (that orange, purple, and green was a bit garish, in my personal opinion) and this separated comments section. Good job! ^_^
  • this is sooo cool Pablo618 20:07, 18 October 2007 (UTC)
  • Glad to see my suggestion is the first to be honored with this kickass new template. BlueHighwind
  • I guess this is where we comment now, huh? Just a message directed at ol' Kyu, but Blue Mages are not always Humes, or Humans. Think Quina. User:DrakemasterDrake
  • You're saying this in defense of Blue Mages??? Not a very compelling arguement if you want to win me over... But maybe you're making a point as to why people shouldn't vote for Blue Mages... XD The only Blue Mage I ever liked was Quistis... Hell, Blue Mages didn't exist until FF V, Red Mages date back to FF I... KyubiNoKitsune
Dragoons didn't exist until FF2 are Theives better than us? BlueHighwind
  • Dude when i first played 5 i was jubilous when the water crystal (till then i loved summoners and red mages). When I knew how crappy Red mages were i just lost faith.Now i dont use Red mages any more (may it be FF I, FF 5 or FF 3..w8, Red mages are only in three games?) xD - Henryacores
  • Yeah, except you forgot that Red Mages are also in IX, Tactics Advance, and Revenant Wings (At least from what I've gleaned) And Blue Mages are only in three games... V, VIII (Although Quistis isn't a true Blue Mage) and Tactics Advance... Red Mages are far more versatile, and stronger... It's impossible to get an enemy to use mighty guard on you... A Red Mage can just learn the White Magic spells Protect, Shell, and Regen... Plus, Red Mages are kick ass pirates!! Blue Mages look stupid in their turbans... XD KyubiNoKitsune
  • Wait, Kyu, who in IX is a Red Mage? User:DrakemasterDrake
  • There are random Red Mages that walk around in the game... They're called adventurers though... Except for one instance in Lindblum where you can talk to one and the name in the textbox is "Female Red Mage"... The people in Red and Yellow? There are some in Lindblum, and one in Daguerro... (Apologies if I mispelled that, but I'm tired and have no time to pop in IX to check)KyubiNoKitsune
  • You're right, now I remember. There was one in the pub in Alexandria as well, in the start when you play as Vivi.
  • In FFVII you could equip the Enemy Skill Materia to make any one of your characters a Blue Mage. Same technically goes for the Red Mages (but they don't wear that stupid fucking hat). Tifa was always my Blue Mage. BlueHighwind
  • EmuMaster: You forgot FFIV. Tellah is a Sage, which is basically a red mage since he uses both types of magic. The same can kinda be said for FuSoYa, though he doesn't really last nearly as long in the party.
  • Tellah and FuSoYa could not use swords, therefore they were not Red Mages... KyubiNoKitsune
  • EDIT CONFLICT: Both were like Red Mages and FuSoYa was useful in defeating Bahamut. Quality beats Quantity. User:DrakemasterDrake
  • BlueHighwind - the only character's whose perminant classes are true Red Mages are Terra and Celes. That's it.
  • Terra and Celes are not RMs for the same reason that Locke isn't really a theif, they're not listed as such. User:DrakemasterDrake
  • That'd be like calling young Rydia a Red Mage because she can cast Black and White Magic, and she can Summon... All of my Tactics Advance Red Mages are also Summoners... Ever Doublecast a Summon? Blue Mages can't do that... KyubiNoKitsune
  • BlueHighwind - everyone in that game is a Summoner, just ignore it. Terra and Celes can use Black and White Magic from the beginning and use swords. In fact they are better than the average Red Mage because they don't wear those faggy hats.
  • Those anons for BMs are probaly the same person, and probaly already voted as a signed-in user. User:DrakemasterDrake
Check the "History" section, if its a user name doing it erase the votes. I if its the same jumble of numbers only keep one vote. We can't really do anything to stop cheating since we have no way to prove it. This is why Democracy doesn't work. BlueHighwind
If someone votes more than once, you remove all of their votes in the same way that if a person were to vote twice in an American election, your vote would be disqualified and you would go to jail, at least theoretically. --TacticAngel 18:40, 23 October 2007 (UTC)


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