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The history of our dear Dragon's Neck Colosseum from Week 31 to Week 40! This is only an archive. All these votes have closed, so don't bother voting.

Fight 40: FFX Yuna vs. FFX-2 Yuna[]

FFX Artwork Yuna.png
FFX Yuna!
28 to 5
FFX Artwork Yuna.png
FFX-2 HD Yuna Render.png
Pre FFX-2 Yuna or Post FFX Yuna. Laid back Yuna or Upbeat Yuna. Summoner Yuna or Gunner Yuna. You decide.

Votes for FFX Yuna[]

  1. EmuMaster2002: Gee, the one with a kind, reserved personality, or the one whose personality had to be totally rewritten just to fit the storyline? Yeah. I don't think this one requires much more than that.
  2. Crazyswordsman: They both suck. This one only sucks. The other one is completely out of line.
  3. BlueHighwind: I don't hate Yuna, and don't know why everybody does. There is only one true Yuna just like there is only one true Final Fantasy X. I my mind X-2 never happened. First of all I perfer this Yuna's dress style, she's hot in a weird kind of way. She's so pure you just want to ruin it, but the second Yuna is nothing but a fucking whore. She's spear her legs so much, just what's the point? And the orginal Yuna was extremely important in battle, her White Magic was invaluable. Her summons (particulary Anima) were a Godsend for the more difficult bosses. Plus X-2 sucks. Remember that.
  4. PABLO : mmm... I knew X-2's yuna before X's yuna (don't ask why) and I haven't played FFX-2 but I like this yuna a lot, she is kind-hearted and cute and she can summon aeons, always a great help on battles!
  5. SmegHead: If we're talking purely in a fight situation, Yuna X would win as she can either wallop Yuna X-2 with her fully powered Nirvana causing 99,999hp damage; or Summon Anima to send the slut into Oblivion! Neither of these are available in Yuna X-2's world, so she is a weakling.
  6. Faethin: I don't like Lara Croft, and I don't like Yuna Croft either. FFX Yuna's staff, on the other hand, reminds me of John Paul Jones' Rune. Yeah, I'm talking about ZoSo. I always hum Stairway to Heaven when I'm in Zozo.
  7. ShadowLaguna: Bull. This isn't even a contest. Yuna looked fine in X, she didn't need to become "eye candy" for X-2.
  8. Blue。 Prefers the FFX Yuna.
  9. MetalChocobo: a character versus her later self? Well... I'd definitely go for her original style and personality than that perversion of her in FFX-2. I mean, that's simply not Yuna's style in FFX!
  10. Jack: Meh. X sucked. X-2 sucked more then X. Yuna was pretty much the only decent character in X-2, but was one of the crappest characters in X (what did she see in Tidus?!). However, X-2 Yuna looks like a slut, has no job, has a totally different personality, and is the leader of DryRP. At least the one in X had the decent not to show off her underwear (or shorts... take your pick)...
  11. BritBoy: I liked X, an while Yuna was an excellent from a fighting point of view, the character was very annoying, but then X-2 sucked, she was still annoying but she wasn't even useful so I go for FFX Yuna
  12. Nirvana: Even though I liked X-2 Yuna because she was laid back but still thoughtful and caring, X Yuna is still better. She knew about the Final Summoning and still carried on, in battle she is very good, her Summons rock and she got married just to get rid of Seymour. I just wish her English voice wasn't so bored in FFX.
  13. Ericrvjr: What is it with people picking on Yuna?! If you liked neither, vote for neither. I come on here to say I liked her better in X (actually loved her...), and find everybody saying that my favorite game of all time sucks?! If I had both charisma and magic power I would draw you all into a room and cast Thundaja! As I do not, I shall have to settle with saying that someone who can talk that way has absolutely no business having their own userpage on the Final Fantasy Wiki. If you did not, I am sorry: this is directed at Jammi567, Jack, and Crazyswordsman.
  14. User:Konira: 10 Yuna looks like a White Mage, she needs to stay a White Mage. Frankly, X-2 doesn't look like a Final Fantasy game...
  15. Gilgamesh: Yuna of FFX-2 is so sexy but I prefer Yuna of X cause she's the original one!
  16. Darkling692: This is another unfair match, put something more interesting and less predictable, Yuna X > Caries > Yuna X-2
  17. Hexedmagica: Hot Yuna vs. Yuna with personality, i'm picking personality!
  18. RM Xemnas: I prefer Yuna of X since she's more powerful (in terms of healing/magic, NOT strength) than the X-2 version. (even though I'm X < X-2)
  19. User:DrakemasterDrake:This is the first time I'm voting here, so I don't know if I did it right. I'm a Yuna fan, so I'm afraid I have to vote for both the X Yuna and the X-2 Yuna. She's the only character in X-2 that I can stand, Rikku had been changed too uch I think, and I hate that Paine or whatever her name is, it felt like a rip off of Lulu, who, yes, I actually liked.
  20. Rinoa- again i think this is an awful competition this week, theres much more interesting possible questions, also X yuna hands down, they made her annoying in X-2 and completly changed her personality, she went from being a unique character to another irritating one,
  21. Henryacores - Please, Yuna is much better and powerfull in Summoner Yuna. Though I have 1 reason to vote on X-2 Yuna (Yup I like boobs too!), I have plenty of ones to vote for X Yuna: She can summons freakin strong aeons (Magus Sisters anyone?), she doesn't acts like a zombie that only wants to help no matter what shet she can herself into, she has Auron and Lulu And Rikku in her party, and, to finish, Final Fantasy X-2 shouldn't be considered a 'Final Fantasy''s a very good rpg indeed and has the best battle system I've ever seen, but please...don't call that a final fantasy! PS: Moogles Rock!
  22. User: FFFan: Yuna in X is definitely better. I like her in X-2 too....I guess but X wins hands down. Oh and for all you guys out there who are arguing we all have the right to our own opinions but you guys are freakin stupid idiots if you think FFX is crap because it was way better than FFVII. It didn't have an emo main chracter who had two pretty girls in front of him and couldn't pick. Oh and he let one die. Another thing the story in FFVII is based off a lot on FFVI which means that FFVII is pretty much almost a copy of VI. They both had a rebellion in a futuristic city and a bad guy trying to become a god. FFVI was really successful and popular which was why they did what they did with FFVII. FVIII was actually not a copycat. Overall, if you think X is stupid you are a freakin moron who is just mad that X is getting as much or even more attention than FFVII. It's just like life, when people feel threatend or scared they try to hate on what they are scared of and try to get others to agree. As I said before you guys are morons if you think X sucks.
  23. Dark-Kefka: FF X-2 Yuna is a whore...FF X Yuna is a cry baby...I like FF X better.
  24. User: Titan I agree with you guys, people do criticize a lot but that's life and you have to keep smiling:) My vote goes to FFX Yuna without a doubt. I also think Tidus is annoying but only because the voice actor sucked and they overexaggerate the postures in FFX. In Japan Tidus actually sounds like a seventeen year old or w/e, instead of a 13 or 12 year old. By the way, am I in the wrong section?
  25. Random Anonymous Person - Yuna lost all her integrity in X-2. Sure, she was more fun, but she didn't have to act like a bubblegum shiny happy slutty moron to enjoy herself.
  26. user: KHT-kyle - Yuna from FFX-I, she can summon Anima to beat the C#$% out of everybody.
  27. User:IfritKnight7 You mean people are actually voting for a summoner turned into a lara croft britney spears mix? I don't really like Yuna, but honestly, between the two, Yuna from FFX beats X-2 by a mile.
  28. Memo to Square: Less clothing does not equal more character. Can't you guys think of anything better to do with your female characters then dress them up like Vegas sluts? I like my girls endowed with charisma, compassion, and ambition, not unusually bouncy silicone boobs. And that's A Tasty Roll's final word. A Tasty ROLL


  • Ericvjr, welcome to my world. Everybody snobbily hates VII for no good reason. Oh its not authentic Final Fantasy! Whaa. BlueHighwind
  • Yeah! I hate that! not a final fantasy... if you haven't noticed it is called Final Fantasy VII so, you like it or not, is a final fantasy Pablo618 01:54, 9 October 2007 (UTC)
  • So wait, because I dislike Yuna (and Tidus and Wakka more then that), I can't vote? Tough luck Ericryjr. The one BAD thing I said about X Yuna was that she was one of the crappest characters. IMO, Auron, Kimahri, Lulu and Rikku are all better then Yuna. That puts her in at 5th out of 7, below half way. Heck, I like Rikku but still say she's one of the crappest. Compared to the other games, I thought that X was one of the worst. I hated the Sphere Grid, hated Wakka, hated the main character, hated the Al Bhed language mini-game, hated all the crying, and hated the ending. So, because I hate X, I can't vote? Tough luck again Ericryjr. Tough luck. Jack
  • I don't think that was the intention of our comments :S Pablo618 19:15, 9 October 2007 (UTC)
  • Other Eric, I was bitching about snobby dudes who hate VII just because it dumped the lame medieval setting of older titles (*cough* Crazyswords). Just because it has 'Final Fantasy' in the tital doesn't mean it deserves my respect. I like X, but VIII is piece of fucking shit and every copy should be gathered up on an island in French Polonesia and nuked to goddam oblivion. And X-2 sucks too. BlueHighwind
  • Some people hate FF VII, some people hate FF X, maybe some people hate FF VI, some people hate FF XII a game I love so much! and some people like me hate FF X-2. We have the right to hate. Darkling692
  • Are allowed to vote for both parties? Faethin 12:48, 11 October 2007 (UTC)
    • No. The common courtesy is to vote for one party only. Blue。 23:17, 11 October 2007 (UTC)
  • Okay. I'm sorry to those whom I offended when I reacted so poorly. I am simply used to my circle of friends that I live near who actually do worship every Final Fantasy title. (We revere Bahamut as the highest god and Ifrit and Shiva follow closely. The rest of the recurring summons are seen as minor gods, and the non-recurring summons are considered parts of sects separated by which game they occured in. I follow the 'Sect of X'.) Hopefully now you know why I am easily flared when any of the games are insulted. Ericrvjr 01:10, 13 October 2007 (UTC)
  • User:DrakemasterDrake: Tactic Angel just said it was allowed to vote for both parties.
    • Blue。So TA did? Wow, I don't see why you would bother doing it anyway.
  • Quite a rant there FFFan, but VII is better (and I thought this vote was about Yuna). Emo is a million times better than annoying which Tidus undenialbly is. And VII is not a carbon copy of VI, they're both serperate but awesome games. I, as the unelected representitive of VII fans, never said anything putting down X. Its was a good game, you have other enemies here. BlueHighwind

Rinoa- I like both lol, there good for different things, although i hate Tidus, and absolutely can't stand Auron, they tried too hard to make him cool, he looked like he touches kids, stick to Vioncent he was cool, auron is a middle aged man, with a big sword to compensate for something. storywise i think 10 is more original than 7 personally, also i wouldnt call 7 a clone of 6, because they are different, and Kefka and sephiroth are very different, regardless of this, it doesn't matter there both part of the series and thats that. also hopefully a better contest next week, this one was a bit of a joke

  • I I agree with FFFan. Though Tidus is a big blonde bitch, Cloud is a big blonde bitch with spikey hair. I dont hate FF7, I just think there are many other FFs that are better than it. After I played 7 i jumped rigth to X, and X was much better... Still you cant compare 7 to Final Fantasy 4 or 9. -Henryacores

User: FFFan Hey BlueHighwind I really hope that your not offended, and I hope that I didn't offend anyone. In all honesty I like FFVII. It's not bad I'm just exaggerating it's....I guess flaws? I mean people do it all the time to X, why X. I mean it has flaws but they exaggerate it so much it pisses me off so that's why. I also like 4 and 9 as well Henryacores. And hey Rinoa the comment about Auron's big sword to compensate you can say the exact same thing about Cloud so uh...yeah. Oh yeah BlueHighwind I do know that VI and VII are different, just exaggerating again. They are way different sort of. VI was also great and I agree VIII is a piece of S**T. :)

BlueHighwind - I'm never offended, in fact I don't really take anything too seriously. Do not fear your opinions FFFan, they are the only thing that keeps you seperate from your fellow Man. As for me, just picture me with a smile on my face no matter what I'm writing. Like this: =)

Votes for FFX-2 Yuna[]

  1. Azul: I like FFX-2 Yuna better. She is more care free and doesn't have anyone telling her what she needs to do. She doesn't have anything tying her down.
  2. Jammi567: This one actually knows how to have a good time with herself. Sure, she's slightly more annoying, but she can take a joke better. Plus, the old Yuna was annoyingly borrrrring.
  3. TacticAngel: I really didn't like Yuna in FFX. I could stand her in FFX2 because I wasn't forced to take her seriously... plus now she has guns.
  4. User:DrakemasterDrake:This is the first time I'm voting here, so I don't know if I did it right. I'm a Yuna fan, so I'm afraid I have to vote for both the X Yuna and the X-2 Yuna. She's the only character in X-2 that I can stand, Rikku had been changed too uch I think, and I hate that Paine or whatever her name is, it felt like a rip off of Lulu, who, yes, I actually liked.
  5. User:LaZodiac: I wasn't going to vote. I really wasn't. But then something hit me. As a self confidince filled women, I have to right to say I'm voteing for her because she looks sexy, despite being in a slutty way. And no one else should vote for her in another form. Unless they really hate X Yuna. And I mean let her die in battle for fun hate.

Fight 39: Necromancer vs. Festival-Goer[]

V Necromancer.png
V Necromancer.png

24 to 6
Two jobs from the special additions of games with named characters and a Job System.

Votes for Necromancer[]

  1. Crazyswordsman: Okay, I only did this to see how many people would honestly and without knowing I did this fight for this purpose would actually vote for the Festival Goer. And the Necromancer is far superior regardless because of the masks and the costumes don't suck.
  2. Weiss: I like the Necromancer better than the sluts in Japanese costumes.
  3. User:KoniraThax The only thing I like about X-2 are the jobs and some of the outfits... I don't like the Festival-Goer cause it's more like a spoof job than anything. Necromancers scream power and I love the way they look.
  4. EmuMaster2002: Gee, summon undead and blow stuff up, or... What? Minor elemental attacks and a few accessories that nobody cares about? No long rant on this one. It's... really not necessary.
  5. Maverick King no contest....
  6. Blue。: I'm not acquainted with both jobs, but I like this job more than the other. Squenix, bring this to Tactics A2 please!!!!
  7. PaBlO : are you mad? this isn't a fight, put both of them to fight and you'll see the results (how could amano win on the last minute xD)
  8. Jack: I've actually got Final Fantasy V Advance, and I don't happen to have International and Last Mission, so Festival-Goer = nono. (Agreed with above comment... How did Amano win?!)
  9. BlueHighwind: This is a joke right? Necromancers - the summoners of the fucking undead (badass) vs faggy Festival-Goers. Hell even the name 'Festival-Goer' sounds lame. What are they going to do, throw cotton candy? Oh no the Festival-Goers are throwing pop rocks at us! This is going to be the most one-sided vote yet.
  10. Ridley: like maverick king said, no contest.
  11. MetalChocobo: No competition here. Seriously, the X-2 job system wasn't much of a thing, while the FFV class system was much better! And that necromancer really sounds more badass than festival-goer in my eyes. Seriously, how can a festival-goer be dangerous? That's why my vote goes to necromancer, because they really would be dangerous if you put it logically.
  12. Gold: Agreed, no contest. I'm pissed off that someone waited until Amano took the lead for the first time to change the contest, so I really couldn't actually care less.
  13. Azul I haven't gotten to any of these jobs and probably will never get to Festival Goer.My vote is on looks alone.Necromancer wins hands down.Even the Psychic Dressphere looks better than the Festival Goer
  14. LaZodiac votes for this one because: It doesn't suck. But honestly....Necromencer is much to great to ever lose. If only Galuf could use it >.>
  15. Rinoa- i like this job better, but to be honest i think this weeks is abit disapointing compared to some real ones we could have, amano vs nomura was good, but because people havent played these jobs they'll be unfamiliar, but yeah necromancer because im more familiar with it :)
  16. Henryacores- Well...I vote for necromancer cause festival-goer ain't on Europe and it's totally fashionless...but necromancer is lame too, it's useless when we get it and its powers are hard to get...well, might the best win...
  17. ShadowLaguna: I'm voting for the Necromancer simply because I prefer FFV over X-2....mind you who doesn't?
  18. Random anonymous person: Necro.
  19. Xadren: Will I ever play FFX-2 International? No, I will not. FFX-2 is the ruin of FF saga, and even if I love Japan this doesn't mean I've to play this game only for this job class. Final Fantasy V is better.
  20. User:A_Tasty_Roll/A_Tasty_Roll: I see dead people. Now wait a second here, folks. Stop what you're doing, take a deep breath, and close your eyes. See yourself floating among the clouds... past the stars... into the azure sphere of... oh, wait, I'm getting carried away here. But FOCUS, people... FOCUS on the question at hand. This poll's question clearly asks which of the two JOBs we believe to be superior to the other. Now I don't know about you, but where I come from, prancing around a festival in your prettiest spring dress ain't a job. Unless Yuna and her crew are selling controlled substances after the sun goes down, flirting with carnies and riding the merry-go-round cannot be construed as a JOB. Now calling up the dead and summoning them to do your bidding - that's a job, kids! That's the kind of thing your grandparents did back in the days when men were men, women were boring, and Dungeons and Dragons was still fab. Therefore, the Necromancer gets my vote. And that's A Tasty Roll's final word.
  21. Go necromancer kill kill killValas 22:59, 2 October 2007 (UTC)
  22. Well, if you noticed my page, Necromancer is one of my favourite one-time classes, Festival-Goer is my least favourite. FFV is my favourite FF, and I've always wanted a perma-undead job class. Necromancer is the only one-time class I've ever created a major character out of. Is it clear who I'm voting for? Silver Dragoon 22:48, 3 October 2007 (UTC)
  23. Auron Kaizer: Well this is a bit of an unfair fight. How many people have had the chance (or have ever wanted to) play FFX-2 International? The Necromancers sucked in FFV Advance, and were the least useful job class. So this is purely because the alternative has not been used by me. Good job whoever picked this fight >.>
  24. Fesival-Goer is lame. Nuf said. ( 01:35, 5 October 2007 (UTC))
  • Comments:

EmuMaster, in comment to the above: Amano won because he's better =P

I promised I'd change the fight. In all honesty, I'dve preferred a tie. --Crazyswordsman 02:36, 21 September 2007 (UTC)
So your plan got screwed because loser fangirl voted in the last minute? Blue。 02:48, 21 September 2007 (UTC)
EmuMaster: Now, now. I made a snappy comment, expecting it to stay at that. Let's not begin an argument here.

*Points and laughs at everyone voting for festival goer* --Crazyswordsman 21:05, 21 September 2007 (UTC)

Bahamut92::: The necromancer is so much better than festival goer because festival goer should not have been in the motherfucking series whatsoever1 Whose dumbass idea for that job should really consider a different carrer choice.

Votes for Festival-Goer[]

  1. passerby: I find the festival goer job is better than the necromancer job because I find that the festival goer pretty much shows that final fantasy is originally japanese and the necromancer job less likely represents anything about Square-Enix...
  2. my vote is for the festival goer because theyre actually in 3-D and they look coooool.
  3. TacticAngel 07:15, 21 September 2007 (UTC): I'll sign my name to festival-goer, because while it may be completely retarded, Necromancers do not belong in Final Fantasy. The fact that Square would stoop so low was like Melf's Acid Arrow to the heart. Yeah, FF has ripped of D&D before, but they resist this for all those years. I liked D&D. I like FF. I don't think they should be the same... and yes, Gold has a point. I will give him a little credit since this is generally updated, by me, on the day that I have to turn in my timecard at work, and I did it (albeit late) today. This competition did run a day or two longer than normal with first-time documented cheating for Amano.
  4. Gilgamesh I love Yuna (and Rikku and Paine too) and I love the japanese culture (for example Yuna wearing a kimono). My vote is to you Yuna
  5. Ericrvjr Although I hate all of the special edition classes (because I'm always stuck with the regular, old American version of everything), I have to say I'd rather be sporting a character in festival-garb and a sense of humor than one I can't heal because it's technically undead. Whose idea was the necromancer anyway?
  6. Zordrac: I have news for Square: A Necromancer is an evil class and evil is something the heroes of FFV are definitely not. Besides that, adding job classes to get the remake to sell is a disgrace to the company. "Festival Goers" gets my vote by default.
  • Comments:

TA, just because I said you can make fights doesn't mean you have the exclusive right to do it. --Crazyswordsman 13:51, 21 September 2007 (UTC)

I don't think anyone has ever implied otherwise... ??? --TacticAngel 19:20, 23 September 2007 (UTC)

EmuMaster: Tch. If Nomura had won, I'd stop voting on these, knowing full-well that a little part inside me had died (possibly my inner child, or faith) and you would all miss out on my well-written and self-absorbed rants that I know you all love like a brother. Well, okay, I'd still make rants for, like, every one of these, but I'd be pretty pissed...

BlueHighwind: To my fellow Eric, you can easily heal a Necromancer, just use the Death spell and thier back to full health. And armies of the undead are a millions times funnier than festival garb.

Ericrvjr: Though you must admit that a ball-smacking from Yuna isn't that boring. Seriously, though, casting a cure spell on the whole party may become a necessity at some point. What then?'

BlueHighwind: Okay you got a point there. But that still doesn't make Festival Goers any better. What can they do? Scald me with some hot Zeppolas? Oh no! They have the ballon game darts, I might be slightly injured! While you faggots jerk off to your dress-up Yuna, I'll be raising armies of the undead and kicking ass. And to Zodrac, you loser, evil will always trimuph because good is stupid.

User:A_Tasty_Roll: Agree with BlueHighwind, I do. Evil is delicious, like flan with Kool-Whip (c) on top. A_Tasty_Roll is the epitome of evil, and revels in such sinister pleasures as throwing his garbage in Wal-Mart (tm) shopping carts, leaving frozen food out to dethaw in the grocery store, and peeing behind Mormon churches. So evil am I! So evil!!! Like poppy seeds on a hamburger bun!

Fight 38. Amano vs. Nomura[]


Yoshitaka Amano
26 to 25
It's what we've all been waiting for; Nomura vs Amano. You know who's the better artist out of the two, but does everyone else agree with you? We shall see.

Votes for Amano[]

  1. EmuMaster2002: Amano, hands-down. Amano did the art for all of the great classics and it really shows. His character designs are always amazingly unique to the point that it sometimes discourages amateur game makers like myself who have really no hope of ever exceeding his amazing artistic talent. Nomura has never produced character art that I liked. Final Fantasy is not a generic anime, and it doesn't need white-haired prettyboys (Kuja is, admittedly, a white-haired prettyboy, but he is done well enough to warrent his existence), Women whose entire lower body is composed of belts, or 40-50 zippers per character. Maybe, MAYBE when Nomura learns that Final Fantasy is not a generic anime, I might begin to respect his art, but as it is he brings nothing to the series that he doesn't first take away and destroy.
  2. Diablocon: Given the two options, and lack of Yoshida, it has to be Amano. Now, his art style is rather bad 90% of the time, but the other 10% is amazing, and better than anything Nomura could make. Also, while his art is usually bad, his actual character designs are the best. Nomura makes everything pretty boys, belts buckles, big breasts and generic anime crap. With Amano, you actually get designs that feel like their from a Fantasy setting.
  3. MMIL: Oh shit, I think we're in for a real throw-down this time around. Look out! I'm gonna have to go with Amano on this one. While I don't think his style translates well to in-game graphics, at least he has a style. Nomura draws rather generic anime-style characters that aren't particularly interesting. Plus, I tend to think he's kind of a douchebag. EDIT: Okay. This is some serious bullshit. Why the hell is Nomura getting so many votes? Whatever. :P
  4. User:MetalChocobo: Again, a tough choice. I do, however, prefer Amano over Nomura, mostly becasue he has been with Final Fantasy almost since the beginning, and have been a good source of the current character designs. His concept art for many characters have influenced the final outlook of the games a lot. Sure, many of Nomura's work may look more well-detailed than Amano's more sketchy style, but I still believe Amano has been the most influential artist in the series. After all, he did draw the official pictures for the earlier games.
  5. Crazyswordsman: There are exactly 492 reasons why Amano is better than Nomura. Lets start. 1: His art is more like, well, art, and not cartoon characters (art in the sense that it'll get displayed in museums). 2: His art is more abstract than Nomura's, which makes it more classy. 3: He travels the world as an inspiration for his work as supposed to paying prettyboys and hot chicks to stand there while he draws the characters. 4: He lives in New York, the capital of the art world, while Nomura lives in LA, the capital of sellouts. 5: His games are more likely to be true to what Final Fantasy is supposed to be (Yoshida's are as well), whereas Nomura creates these J-Pop worlds. 6: Amano takes on a starvin' artist persona while Nomura takes on a prettyboy persona. 7: His games, along with Yoshida's, have the full victory fanfare and the Prologue in them. 8: He's one of the three giants of Final Fantasy (along with Nobuo Uematsu and Hinorobu Sakaguchi). 9: His backgrounds look like they came right out of a romantic era painting. 10: His art is less like an Anime, and Anime sucks. 11. His characters don't wear eighty belts and/or have disproportionate boobs. There are many other reasons, but these are the main ones. --Crazyswordsman 16:58, 6 September 2007 (UTC)
  6. Kaikyou: I'm rather conflicted as to who exactly is more suited to designing video game characters, but my vote edges toward Amano on this one. I love his art style (although, I must admit, it can be flaky at times) and the characters he designed for the earlier games in the series permanently fused his art with the Final Fantasy name. Make no mistake, Nomura has his qualities, but in my mind Amano and his designs is what initially set the series apart from the rest.
  7. dudutsai: When I first heard of the two, I had not seen much of Amano's art. After looking through a gallery of the two, I feel that Amano's drawings look a bit more like characters one would see in the world of Final Fantasy, each with his or her own aura, while Nomura makes his drawings look a bit too generic.
  8. LaZodiac says: Ok...I want to vote for the other guy (forgot his name >.>), but Amano has three reasons why I'm voting for him. In his own words (paraphrasing)..."I.Drew.Rydia.".
  9. Maverick King I personally like both artist but i would kill to draw like Amano. I started out with the FFVII artworks when i was a wee lad and i was like. "i wanna draw like that!" but then 1/2 a decade later i see Amano and i see it associated w/ FF. The same FF that i've alwasy wanted to draw like! But these were different. Nomura had the zippers and leather but Amano has the flowing styles and watercolor not beauty in details but beauty in flowing epicness(if that's a word). I could basically learn Nomura's style by watching any anime a bajillion times over. Amano (and Yoshida) are unique and i've never seen anything like Amano and (alrdy said) i would kill to be able to make art as beautiful as Amano's
  10. defunctzombie: Amano, no brainer. I have to go with the experience on this one.
  11. User:KoniraThax: I laugh at this battle. Amano is the lord of Final Fantasy art and always will be. No contest... none at all.
  12. Mr. Ite: Amano manages to create frailty and strength within the people he draws - much like the personalities of many FF characters. He doesn't get bogged down with a thousand belts and has an UNLIMITED creative flow. One glace at a painting will show you twenty things you've never seen before. I recently went out and bought his collective works, a totally legitimate art book that interests artistic people who have never played FF. Nomura's art direction has become increasingly ridiculous in an attempt to force himself to be creative - it only comes across as contrived. His characters wear far too little. It's occasionally painful to look at. I vote for Amano all the way, he's my favorite contemporary artist.
  13. Random Anonymous Person: It seems to me that Nomura's rule is "when in doubt, add more belts." I don't like his designs much. Amano has a beautiful style.
  14. Faethin: Come on, people, people, PEOPLE! Along with Uematsu, Amano *IS* Final Fantasy! Amano designed all of the best characters in the series (with the notable exception of Quistis, IMNSHO) and always, always left us with a vague feeling of wonder and surrealism in each one of his illustrations. Just look at drawings such as the cover of FFIV Advance, or the artwork of Celes, or Faris, or the Light Warriors. Yoshitaka Amano gave us the concept of classic Final Fantasy. Hell, even his own picture is so much cooler than Nomura's! Just look at it. Amano has the all the appearance of a true artist, while Nomura looks like somebody dragged straight out of Otakon!
  15. King Jiggles: I'm saddened by the number of votes for Nomura. I don't have anything against the guy, but as soon as he can start experimenting with interesting designs and artistic styles, then maybe I'll start taking him seriously. Every character of his since VIII has looked the same. FF deserves a newer, more talented character designer, with a more varied and expressive style. Amano has a distinctive look and feel that gave every design of his personality, which made Final Fantasy something special in its glory days. Overall, I love the beautiful works of Amano. In the hands of Nomura, FF is becoming more and more of a generic anime game, and it pains me. It's Nomura's designs, more than anything, that caused me to lose interest in FFXIII as soon as I saw it. Yes, I'm spending more time faulting Nomura than praising Amano, but like I said, I'm just extremely disappointed that so many people are willing to swallow the same old generic anime swill, financially encouraging the visual stagnation of a terrific series.
  16. There are many reasons, but the main one being that when Amano draws a character, I can actual tell if it's a man or a woman; that, and it's just not Final Fantasy without Amano.--MarioFanaticXV 08:06, 12 September 2007 (UTC)
  17. Mangartist: I like both, but I consider Amano to be the better. I mean, seriously, anyone can draw what Nomura draws. I could emulate his style 10 years ago (for those wondering, back then I was 8) and now I can draw stuff like that on the whim. Amano's a different story. As much as I practice over and over again, I can't seem to draw like that. He developed his own unique art style, while you can see stuff like Nomura's every day on TV/Internet everywhere. I like art, I come from a country with a very rich art history (Belgium). I study it both for school (audiovisual arts) and in my free time (everything else) and I can tell you: Amano's drawings have a chance of being considered true art and being hung up in musea while Nomura, sadly enough, can't even hope to dream of that.
  18. reidge: Personally I love both of them and honestly in the beginning, i loved Nomura. But recently I've found Amano's works in web. I found how beautiful his works, very conceptual and passionate. And for people who said Amano's works didn't resemble character in game graphics, I must say that wasn't Amano's mistake. It's the graphic team who failed to translate Amano's works into game (and it's understandable considering that the graphic technology was still sucks at that time). And for those who said Amano's works look like children's scribble, I must say you should check other Amano's works outside Final Fantasy series, such as Maten, Hiten, and Biten artbooks. His style is called psychedelic. And you'll find real taste of fantasy. No offense to Nomura though, I loved manga and anime style too and my drawing style is heavily influenced by Nomura. Respect each other guys!! Peace
  19. Xadren: Amano has my vote, this because I love his style and the games between FFI and FFVII (when Nomura's role wasn't as great as it is today). Amano and Sakaguchi were the best ones ever.
  20. Ridley: Sorry, I have to agree with the critics on this one. Although Nomura's art is appealling and has that certain flare to it, Amano's art really had that original Final Fantasy feeling. Not to mention his art is much more mature than Nomura's, in which any sixteen year old kid cna easily replicate Nomura's art. Since Yoshida isnt on here, I'll have to go with Amano.
  21. Fbimunky: Wow, so hard. Younger fans may prefer Nomura's snazzy designs, but Amano's art captured the Final Fantasy feel for me.
  22. Darkling692: Hard choice, but I like Amano's art the best, maybe because he is the original artist, maybe because the psychedelic style, both are great artists, but my vote goes for Amano.
  23. Etienne: There's no thinking needed in this one. It's Amano all the way. Amano is an artist with talent far exceeding the normal human. How many artists can you think of that were hired at the age of fifteen and had their schooling paid for them because an animation company just had to have this bubbling fountain of talent? Not Nomura, that's for sure. It's certainly not every day that a man whose paintings have been shown in European galleries chooses to grace a video game with his brush. The depth and originality in what he conceives reach far beyond the tired old Nomura formula of spiky-haired protagonist and a design that was alright to start with but was rapidly overloaded with varying chains, buckles, and belts. Amano's designs will be remembered as art long after Nomura's cookie cutter characters are forgotten.
  24. AriWerd: Amano has style all his own. Nomura, while good at what he does, is one of several who does the same thing he does. Amano is unique. Nomura is common. That and I am a slave to FF VI. I was introduced to the game with Amano's art work. Nostalgic bias but that's the way it goes.
  25. Phlnx: To keep it simple, Amano's work looks like it was done by an artist, Nomura's work looks like it was done by an art student... in high school.
  26. Eris: I'll give my vote to Amano because he's a great artist and his work is beautiful. Besides Nomura killed off Aeris, my favorite character so that's no way he's getting my vote.

Votes for Nomura[]

  1. Gold: I know this was my idea and all, but is this even a contest? Amano's "art" (term used loosely) looks like a child's scrawl done with cheap pencils and crayons. On the other hand, Nomura's art has flair, the games he's worked on are better overall, and I'm willing to bet that the bulk of the wiki will agree with me.
  2. Jack: Nomura. I'm sorry, but I just hate Amano's art. Well, I don't hate it... But it just feels too... I don't know. I just prefer Nomura's art, and the more anime-style feel to them.
  3. Adam Mcduck: I don't like Amano's art, most of his drawings seem like they don't resemble the characters that appear in the game, whereas Nomura's in-game characters look like they are exact copies.
  4. BlueHighwind: I don't know much about there individual design style, but all I know is that Amano's drawings are really crude and ugly, while Nomura's actually looks finished and realistic. Also I got to go with the guy who made the awsome Final Fantasy 7 designs.
  5. Pablo: although i love amano's style, Kingdom Hearts was my introduction to FF world (KH was directed by tetsuya nomura) so I ow nomura a lot much more than amano.
  6. Zairak: There's a reason i'm voting for Nomura here, even though i find Amano's Art style to be more original, less generic, but for the most part people who prefer Amano act like elitist snobs. Nomura gets way more crap than he really shoud be getting, and personally I enjoy the anime style. And what do i mean by elitist snobs you ask? Well, you generally get on about how they hate the anime style because its too mainstream, as well as the characters being unconventionally designed (pretty boys, belts, zippers, big breasts). As far as Nomura designed female characters go (Playable characters) only Tifa and Lulu have over-sized breasts, 2 out of nine doesn't seem like a lot at all, only Lulu has the ridiculous amount of belts, but i do concede on the whole too many pretty boys thing.
  7. ShadowLaguna: Amano was great until FFVII came out. I understand that Nomura designs pretty boys that the ladies drool over, but his pictures look brilliant. Amano doesn't even know what FFVII and VIII characters look like. And his pictures look unusual. I still like some of them though. I just think that Nomura's artwork looks more "manga" if you know what I mean.
  8. TacticAngel:You know, I have my beef with both of these characters. I can summarize my opinion of Amano as spastic ink jibberish. I can summarize my opinion of Nomura as ever-increasingly experiencing Disneyfication... The most unforgivable sin of the former being that I had to try to look at some of his illustrations and that functionally he never has designed a FF character as far as I can tell beyond 'feel.' The most unforgivable sin of the latter seems to be Dirge of Cerberus... why did everyone have size 18 shoes and glow?
  9. Hexed Yay for the designer that makes characters with big boobs!!!
  10. Keyboy7 says: nomura. KH was the first SE game i played, and it turned me on Final Fantasy. my vote goes to him.
  11. Blue。 The best artist is Yoshida, bar none. But seeing there's no option for him...I have to go for Nomura. I remember searching the net for all of Nomura's artwork (after searching for Yoshida's of course). I favor his designs, and I emulate his drawings, albeit unsuccessful, most of the time.
  12. Ericrvjr: Better characters came from Nomura's concepts. My opinions says that is all that matters here.
  13. Gilgamesh: Nomura has designed characters for all best Final Fantasy: IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, X, X-2, XI, XII, XIII and for all the Kingdom Hearts chapter.
  14. MasDevil: Nomura has designed the characters for my favourite final fantasy games, so he gets my vote.
  15. BritBoy: Nomura because not all his characters are cartoony, they have become more real as the series goes on I believe, also just because art is more abstract doesnt make it more 'classy', I actually prefer a much more realistic style of art to abstract styles, plus I loved the art on FF VIII so he gets my vote.
  16. Zordrac: I agree with Gold: Amano's art looks like the baked bean adverts from the early 1900; his characters seem hastily drawn and are lacking in emotion. Whereas Nomura's art is solid and well executed. His characters actually look like they have emotions, like they're alive.
  17. Rinoa- please tel me this is a joke, amano's art looks horrible, and if you look at his art how can you expect the game developers to depict those horrible pieces of work into an actual character, his ff7 work onwards looks even worse than they were originally, im so glad they went with tetsuya, just look at his art pictures of Rinoa from ff8, they werre awful, im so happy how she ending up looking in the end, also alot of his characters look almost identical in his art sketches, terra, cels, rosa, rinoa, his only pic i like form him is his tifa pik, other than that useless. some of his art box designs lok cool, but the FF8 and ffX and FFX-2 look horrible
  18. HarpieSiren: Nomura's art has a crisp, clean look to it. It may be "cartoony" or "Anime-like" or whatever but that's all part of the charm.
  19. Anony - Despite all that lengthy essay people have written about Amano, let's just face it, they are not facts, they're opinions...opinions on how great that artist is. When people say Nomura's art is similar all the way, that applies to Amano too; ukiyo-e all the way. All that sarcastic lines from Nomura, shows how humble an artist he is, and I don't doubt Amano would say the same. Even if Nomura has not drawn outside Square, like we know Amano has illustrated The Sandman and VHD, and God knows what other visual novels, but it's all part of what an artist chooses to do. For his part, Nomura's done a successful franchise in KH. Oh, this may not sound like a comparative essay because it's not. A simple illustration of how both artists have distinct styles and different ways of expressing their perception of art, it is. No matter, though I respect both artists for that creative talents, my vote is for Nomura. Peace to the world.
  20. Nomura ftw. Amano's character drawings are cold, gloomy, inhuman (only applies to those who were supposed to look human) and plain old ugly. He does have a nack for scenery imagery (to a certain extent), but so does Nomura, so it's a 2-1 win for Nomura.
  21. BOOBS!-and oh yeah he drew my 2 fav FF's VIII and XII. Matt
  22. Nirvana: Nomura IMVHO. The graphics of FF I-II and IV-VI don't give me a very good idea of what the characters look like and neither does Amano's artwork. I like Nomura's style and he has designed some great characters, I'd like to see what the characters from FFs I-II and IV-VI would look like if Nomura drew them. His Setzer from KHII looked really good.
  23. The Klingon Jedi: Mr. Amano is a very very very very very very very very very good artist. All the same, Amano drawings compare to something you would see drawn in Lord of the Rings, whereas Nomura drawings are more realistic and manga-based, and therefore easier to relate to. Nomura drawings edge out Amano drawings due to their realism, except I dislike the Nomura Setzer. Too cartoonish, and it does not evoke a good picture of the FFVI Setzer.
  24. AuronKaizer: Okay. Admittedly, on the larger scale, Amano is the better character designer. But, his art looks like something out of a children's scrawling book. Also, Amano's characters were never especially believable, because they looked like something out of an anime comic, which, as everyone knows, as far from believable as can be. Some of the most real characters I have encountered in the world of video games is in FFX, designed by Nomura. Nomura's artwork is not exactly original or especially characteristic, but they do their job of portraying said character, instead of an LSD-influenced watercolor that more often than not does not look like the character in the game at all. So this is the lesser of two evils kinda. They're both better than Yoshida anyway.
  25. Anonymous - I don't care about artsy Amano and I like Nomura's style. He does great job in Kingdom Hearts too. Go Nomura!
  • Not quite true. IV, V and VI were all under Amano's wing. Faethin 23:52, 14 September 2007 (UTC)
  • Also to note that Yoshida did the art for XII not Nomura

Fight 37. Chaos vs. The Undying[]


21 to 10
Its the Alpha vs. the (present) Omega, the duel of the eldest and youngest boss of the series.

Votes for Chaos[]

  1. EmuMaster2002: Bleh. Sorry, too tired to write a lecture on why Chaos is so much better than The Undying. Either way, he wins, hands-down.
  2. Crazyswordsman: Tough, very tough. But I have to go with the original boss just as much as I like Vayne and the Undying.
  3. Azul Even though The Undying is do I put this,advanced in the graphics department I would have to go with the boss who set everything up for the other final bosses.
  4. Konira I'm going with Chao's cause although the GBA version was easy to beat due to strong Black Wizard and Flare. He was still veey fun to fight and it's interesting to think Garland became that.
  5. Random Anonymous Person: Oh, Chaos is just too awesome not to vote for.
  6. StijnX votes for Chaos simply because I hate the Undying, easy final boss, repetitive attack pattern which means you don't even think in the final battle, plus, Chaos is teh pwnzor
  7. Nirvana Phoenix: Chaos is miles better than the undying, even when he was reduced to an an Esper in FFXII. Nuff Said. Dr Cid and Venat should've been the final bosses of FXXII, not Vayne.
  8. The final boss that everyone knows, the one that started it all...against FFXII. Oh sure, don't get me wrong, I don't mind FFXII, and I think the Undying is a cool battle, but I just find Chaos cooler in most ways, and it is the first game...even his death animation is cool! Plus he comes back again and again, not just in the storyline, but in other games too! ~Chocobo Knight
  9. Gold votes for Chaos. No need to explain.
  10. tidus123: Chaos all the way.
  11. Ericrvjr: I fell asleep while fighting The Undying (true story; it was 4 am), and my gambits won the battle. I had to load my game the next day and get to the fight again to see the ending of FFXII. If you fall asleep against Chaos, he's still around to kick your Masamune-wielding arse when you wake up. That, uh, also happened to me. I need to get an earlier job...
  12. LaZodiac:My god, how did I not vote here first! After all, I suggested this fight. And I'm voting for Chaos for one simple reason. I never saw Garland of all people of being the final boss. 102HP to 999999999HP (minus afew nines). Anyone that is as awesome as Chaos deserves my vote. Vayne killed his brothers, so what. Chaos created the biggest time paradox in existence. Chaos wins (and will win) hands down.
  13. PMiller1: Chaos got my vote, I may not Play (or have) FF1, I lost form The Undying, and I like it how Chaos become on the FF12, A Wind Espers.
  14. Jack: Chaos, if only because he also appeared as Vincent's ultimate limit in 7, in Unlimited, AND as an Esper in 12, whereas The Undying is just in 12.
  15. I'm voting for the one that's on the winning side in XII.--MarioFanaticXV 02:33, 27 August 2007 (UTC)
  16. Gilgamesh Chaos is so cool...
  17. Zordrac: Chaos started it all...GODLIKE!
  18. Xadren: Chaos is better than Vayne, he creates a true...chaos in timeline and he's a very bad guy just like the old days. Who is Vayne? A villain who goes around with a ghost, nothing special, really!
  19. RandomGuy:I'll go with Chaos, srry Vayne, you're cool, but this guy started it all.
  20. AuronKaizer - Oh, it's Chaos by default. Vayne's veins (no pun intended) are filled with fail. The Final Battle of the original FF actually had some pretty nice tunes, and the Undying is just a sad end for a disappointing game. And, Chaos is the only character that is any good in 8-Bit Theater. How that applies to anything is up to you.
  21. Adam Mcduck: I like FF XII way more than i like FF I but the Undying was such a dull, boring, way too weak boss, i beat him on my first try with nobody dying once and i wasn't even that powerful, whereas Chaos i was quite strong, it took me a little while and i had to put really try to win the fight. Chaos is a much better boss than the Undying will ever be.

Votes for The Undying[]

  1. ShadowLaguna: I've never been a fan of FFI bosses, and this guy seems pretty cool even though I haven't completed FFXII yet.
  2. Maverick King Undying. he's fused with a god! and Vayne would beat Garland in a fight. Don't get me wrong, i love Mr. Knock-You-all down so dont call me a heretic or anything but cmon. Garland was defeated when your main characters are just learning that there's such thing as a fire spell. Also, Undying pays homage to Bahamut so that is a major plus. Also the fact, that no matter what lvl ur chars are, it's alwasy challenging to face Undying since he can become invincible for a long ass time and fly around and kill ur chars in 2 hits.
  3. SmegHead: Having not played (and being unlikely that I will ever play) the original FF, I must vote for the Undying. While I dont think Vayne a great villain, this final fight is very cool.
  4. Diablocon: While Chaos is cool, the Undying is cooler. Bahamut homage, cool attacks, and very challenging if you face him straight away. Of course, I'm at level 90 now and he drops in a second, but which boss doesn't?
  5. PaBlO618: i'm not a fan of the undying or however is written but obviously it's cooler than chaos, even the name is better! that doesn't mean i hate FFI, if it wasn't for FFI, this wiki would probably never existed
  6. Anonymous: Vote for Undying and his awesome Bahamut-like attacks.
  7. BlueHighwind: Vayne could kick Garland's ass in a heartbeat. Plus I could never turn my back on the great dragon king Bahamut no matter what form.
  8. Blue。 If the Undying fought with Chaos? It'll be a hard fight. But with Bahamut-like attacks by the Undying's side, Chaos will never stand a chance using his elemental attacks. Plus, the final battle music rocks! Undying is for me!
  9. Rinoa- i liked the undying, i thought chaos was a bit dull, and i wasnt a great ff1 fan, its still good though, i think this ones a close one but im going for the undying because the originals have a much higher difficulty than the new ones but this is an amazing boss if you fight it at level 42 like i did, :p, chaos just wasnt appealing, and @nirvana phoenix, Dr Cid was rubbish they were right to make vayne last or at least near the end, although i think your right that venat should have been the last boss, afterall, vaynes plans were only possible because of him
  10. TacticAngel: You know... I never was much impressed with Chaos. The battle didn't take that long. Really neither of them were that hard or, in my mind, all that different.

Fight 36: Odin vs. Diablos[]


31 to 10
Diabolos (FFXI).png
Someone asked for Diablos in a fight. Perhaps Alexander would have been a better opponent for the lord of darkness, but can anyone truely argue with the might of the norse king?

And for the record... there are no real interseting pictures of Mr. Alexander.

Votes for Odin[]

  • Shockwavepulsar: This one was a freaking hard decision, but at last, I go for Odin. It's nice to have him as a random summon in FFVIII, especially against those damn Malboros and Ruby Dragons. The appeareance kicks butt: Rides in battlefield, jumps towards enemies, swings sword and heads roll. Another plus that he's upgradeable with this one thingy (forgot name) in FF IX and can take out a nice chunk of HP. Really valuable buddy :)
  • EmuMaster2002: Gotta go with Odin on this one. I've always dug that horse thing of his (well, the one from actual Norse mythology with eight legs. Six is only 3/4 as cool.) Also, naturally, the attack is generally better, especially when you can upgrade it to do massive damage even if the instant death doesn't happen, like in FFIX.
  • passerby: Odin is one of the coolest and most original summons in any Final Fantasy game. His Zantetsuken attack may have a low success rate, but when it hits it hurts and it kills instantly! Too bad Diablos isn't getting alot of votes though. Norse mythology rocks!
  • ReloadPsi chooses you, Odin! Nordic + Big Sword + Way more useful than Diablos as a summon = decisive victory.
  • LaZodiac votes for: Odin. By the gods this was a hard vote. But I'm going with Odin. Why you ask? Because NorseGod>Devil anyday. No Zantetsukan, no three legged horse. His simple exsistence kicks ass.
  • Crazyswordsman: I think I've made it clear Odin's my favorite summon... next to Raiden, of course :)
  • Anonymous: Odin's never been a favorite Summon of mine, but compared to Diablos, he's cool. I have to give a lot of credit to him, he was cool enough to be a random summon in FFVIII. That's pretty awesome.
  • Goldberry: Odin is my favorite summon by miles. Six legged horse, Zantetsuken, Gungnir, Norse God. Whenever he is given any story behind him in the FF games it's always well done. Last defender of a kingdom (VI), the King (IV), Bored GF (VIII), Hidden in a safe (VII). Odin rules. Diablos drools.
  • Nirvana Phoenix: This one's no contest. Diabolos was OK in VIII but like everything, was outclassed by Limits. Odin on the other hand is brilliant. I liked him in VII and IX but in VIII he's a godsend, I was fighting Ruby Dragons who kept doing 7000 odd damage to all (at was at low HP for Limits) but Odin comes along, Zantetsuken then Energy Crystals! Then Save The Queen. Yay! Then Odin dies... Not yay, but Gilgamesh comes along. Bigger Yay! Diablos sucks, but he looks cool with flaming wings in XII, though he's sort and not Diabolos-ish enough.
  • Mymindislost: Gotta go for Odin. He's always looked cool, he rides a horse with 6 legs, and his attack does instant death. What more do I need to say?
  • Blue。: Odin saved my party's neck dozens of times. Diablos didn't cut it for me somehow.
  • Jack: I never really liked Odin, nor did I like Diablos. But... I did actually like Odin more then I liked Diablos. Probably because VIII was one of the last Final Fantasys I actually got, and six was after that as well! (And I never got 12...)
  • Mellow_Yellow: Diablos may look way better then Odin but Odin can be an instant kill to enemies.
  • Ericrvjr: Zantetsuken. Period.
  • Faethin:Gah, you beat me to it. I was goint to say the exact same thing.
  • KeyBoy7: he uses one hit kills, that salvage futile battles. i cant remeber when in the game but i was in a real pickle and about one more attack from being finished when.....WOOSH! ZANTETSUKEN! i was saved!Gilgamesh is better though...
  • AuronKaizer: Odin, by far. Not only does he always have awesome summon sequences and a different appealing design each time, but he's got the fuckin' Zantetsuken. His appearance in VIII alone qualifies for automatic win.
  • User:KoniraThax: I could never give up my love for Odin, One of the strongedst summonings you'll ever get next to Bahamut.

Odin all the way.

  • User:MetalChocobo: Odin. Unlike Diablos, who is worthless against many enemies that are immune to Demi, Odin is death against most enemies, since fewer are resistant to instant death than demi. Although Diablos is more efficient on bosses, I'll have to stick to Odin, because about 95% of the battles in the games are random battles, and instant death is always better than a certain percent of the target's current damage. So, Odin for me.
  • FabulousFreebird: Odin beyond the shadow of a doubt. I like the fact that Diablos is getting some recognition as his first appearance was the widely disliked FFVIII (my favorite in the series). He looks cool and can dish out a lot of punishment to his enemies with his Gravity attacks, but this is the Norse God of mythology, Odin we're talkin' about here! He's got the experience throughout the FF series, power personified with his mighty blade and his loyal steed, Sleipner.
  • Personaly J'aime diablos but I'v used Odin more often so my vote goes to himValas 11:09, 15 August 2007 (UTC)
  • MasDevil Obviously Odin is better, No contest here.
  • Steelclaw Fratley I think Odin rocks, he's got a cool summoning sequence, and with "Odeur" (is it Odeur in english? I play german game) equipped he's one of the most bonebreakin' attacks in FFIX
  • Darkling692 Odin destroys the Cleyra tree as if it was a Bonsai in FF IX, he actually has story and a son in FF VI, he almost makes me cry in FF VIII, his ship is mentioned in FF XII but it never appears making it very misterious. Diablo was easy as pie to defeat, when he was blinded he was only a pushover, Odin in FF IV & V was one of the hardest bosses, you know who wins!!!
  • ShadowLaguna: Odin's the man! He destroyed Cleyra and is a good summon in many of the classic FF games.
  • (BlueHighwind 21:21, 21 August 2007 (UTC)) Odin is much more badass than pethetic little Diablos. When Odin rides in you knwo that the very god of death himself is coming to kick some ass. I've never had the need to ever summon Diablos once.
  • Anonymous: Instant death sounds significantly more useful than non-elemental damage.
  • just odin. nothing else. pablo618
  • SmegHead: By now I think the fight is pretty much over, Odin kicks ass!
  • Skoot85: Odin can cut you in half enough said.

Final Fantasy Fan: Odin All The Way!!!

  • TacticAngel 00:46, 25 August 2007 (UTC): Odin for me. The Dark Rider is just about the neatest looking mob in FFXI, and ... Diablos is kind of a cheater and as much respect as I have for him, I have equal portion of distaste.

Votes for Diablos[]

  • Yay Diablos! Always does 9999 damage at level 100, and is killer in FFVI Advance. Also, we share a name. Diablocon 15:09, 12 August 2007 (UTC)
  • Diablos is one of my favourite GF's from FF8. Diablos looks brilliant and his attack is amazing. Plus, unlike Odin (though i do like him), Diablos is a permanent, willingly summonable GF, he doesn't get replaced and come in at the beginning of a fight when you don't want him to. Adam Mcduck
  • diablos is trendy! he's all black n red and looks cooooool!! and his entrance in ff8 is super suave, really, he's so much better, and he has wings! and didnt odin get killed in ff8, he cant be THAT good can he? thats why diablos is better!
  • Rinoa: I've always hated Odin, he is by far my least favourite summon, he looks so stupid and is generally useless, i was so happy when he wasnt in ffX, and Yojimbo is much cooler, also Gilgamesh wsa better than Odin in FF8, and didn't die, he's up there in my ff most hated top 3, (along with Auron and FF7 Cid), and coincadently Diablos is one of my favourite summons, he's awesome the cut scene looks so cool, he was the onyl GF who stayed useful throughout the entire game, (except maybe cerberus as well) he also taught awesome skills. hes in my ff summons top 3, (along with no1, leviathan, no2 diablos, number 3, Fenrir) yay diablos
  • Anon likes Diablos. Diablos is a funny guy. He goes all scary like when you fight him in ff8, but when you finally defeat him, he goes all mellow and said "too much sleep, too weak". He really cracked me up. Odin just sit there silently, waiting to kick your ass in 5 minutes, acting like a stuck-up macho-type that really irritates me. All his other appearance sucked too, too powered up for my taste. My vote for the undemony but funny Diablos.
  • MK it's pretty obvious that not every1 that voted for odin has really experience the awesome might of Diablos. While i haven't used him in FFVI yet (so close yet so far) his FFVIII summoning is the shit and he alwasy does the damage i need. Odin is too unreliable for me and is useless in boss battles or later enemies and only works for minor enemies that i can basically wipe out in the time it takes to summon odin. And Diablo doesn't EVER get replaced unlike Odin who got replaced for Gilgamesh(who also kicks ass)
  • Hmm... devil or god? This is a tough one... not. Diablos takes this one easy. While Odin may be more powerful, at least you can control Diablos. Plus he has one cool animation. I wish I could summon hell spawn like he does. - defunctzombie
  • Dudutsai I would have immediately said Odin for this one if asked, but after a bit of thought, I realize that Odin stinks! His summon sequences, which while cool, did either medium damage or instant-killed the weak enemies. In 6 he was useful for the spells he taught, but in most other games, when I used him it was usually a waste. Also, Diablos does teach some really useful abilities.
  • A real demon can defeat a false god easily.--MarioFanaticXV 20:08, 20 August 2007 (UTC)
  • King Jiggles:Another tough choice, but I've always found Diablos more useful than Odin. Don't get me wrong- I think Odin is incredibly awesome, but whenever I use him, Zantetsuken never works! Diablos can actually serve a useful purpose in a fair number of fights.

Fight 35: Vivi Orunitia vs. Lulu[]

Vivi Ornitier from Final Fantasy IX render.png
Vivi Ornitier from Final Fantasy IX render.png

29 to 13
FFX Lulu Art.png
The battle of the people with the most repetative names! Oh! And they're both black mages! Two will enter, one will leave.

Votes for Vivi Orunitia[]

  • EmuMaster2002: This one is easy. Lulu is an obnoxious goth with a superiority complex who is one of the worst excesses of Nomura's awful design. (Belts are for your waist) Vivi is a lovable (not to mention classic) black mage child who actually has a bit (okay, a ton) of character development during his respective story. Also, Vivi can use the Doomsday spell, which has one of the coolest Black Magic effects in any of the games. On top of that, he gets Meteor and uses staffs instead of -dolls-. Now, please, next time make a difficult choice, capische?
  • passerby: I vote for Vivi because he's cute, he's strong in magic, and he has the traditional look of a black mage. Lulu may be to cast Ultima or live in a much cooler world than Vivi's, but I think Vivi is the better black mage. Lulu is nothing but an emo who wears a lot of belts and uses dolls as weapons.
  • Lucas Sanborn: Votes for Vivi because he is the classic black mage, he's soulless, and he casts Doomsday.
  • Mymindislost:Are you kidding? Vivi, hands down. Lulu's just a pair of boobs with a monotonous voice who plays with dolls. Vivi is a much more compelling character. Plus, just look at how cute he is! ^_^
  • Goldberry2000:Vivi is the one true black mage. What else can you say, when someone says black mage, you cannot tell me you think of Lulu before you do Vivi.
  • Anonymous: Psssh! Please, Who's Lulu? Vivi's the best Black Mage in FF. He's got Lulu beat in every category: personality, attire(especially), comrades, and even his game is better. He also has a last name, that right there proves who's superior. This isn't a contest he has this locked...though I've been wrong before and FFIX isn't too popular.
  • Adam Mcduck: Vivi is the black mage. His appearance is that of the first ever black mage from the 1st Final Fantasy and, unlike Lulu, he isn't ridicuously moody for about half the game. Finally, he is a cool, unique character, every time i've gone through IX he's been in my best party, unlike Lulu who eventually you can get rid of when someone else gets black magic, so she's not unique at all.
  • MasDevil: Although I prefer FFX to FFIX, Vivi is by far the better black mage than Lulu is, so its Vivi that gets my vote.
  • Chocobo Knight: I like both of them, but I like Vivi better. He is cool, he is cute, he is powerful. He rocks! I still like Lulu though, but sometimes she is just too moody
  • Magician: Seriously, what is with Lulu? She had a boyfriend who died, BIG F*CKING DEAL! Vivi has an awesome story, is part of a manufactured race (OMG) and just rules the Black Mage roost. Cool factor 11.
  • Linhasxoc says: Oh please. Lulu is OK, but she is by far not my favorite Black Mage. Maybe the fight would have been fairer if it was Vivi vs. Palom. Just... Vivi is so much better than Lulu.
  • Crazyswordsman Another joke fight. Don't get me wrong. Lulu is now the only cool female in the FFX universe (was not originally the case), but to compare her to Vivi? I'm sorry, but Vivi is the classic Black Mage the way he was supposed to be. And his backstory is so good, and he's so developed, and his character design is just brilliant. A vote against Vivi is a vote against Final Fantasy in my opinion.
  • AuronKaizer: Well, this IS a tough one. Vivi is just the man, while Lulu is the woman. Well, Vivi is the better character. He has a better backstory, although Lulu is one of the most original characters in the series, and she has a pair of big...belt buckles. So, if we try to judge this one rationally and think with our minds instead of our...somethingthingy Vivi winz.
  • King Jiggles:Vivi may not have Ultima, but he does have an awesome pointy hat, glowing yellow eyes, and the most adorable waddle of all time. Lulu has a metric ton of belts. Viva la Vivi!
  • LaZodiac: Vivi. Simply because he is wonderfull. Nothing beats the style of this type of BlackMage, nothing. A women that looks like she's dressed in drag is so wrong its not even funny.
  • SmegHead: Vivi, no contest. Wonderful story, wonderful character.
  • Blue: I love FFIX (my first Final Fantasy) more than FFX, so Vivi gets my vote.
  • User:KoniraThax: I'm going for Vivi, I can't help but love the small black mage. An he's always pulled threw in every battler he's been in.
  • Deadseraph: Personally, i like Vivi a lot more than Lulu. Lulu always sorta annoyed me, she was a poorly developed character, an attempt at a deep character gone awry, and never really had much good about her. She wasn't even the only one who could be a decent black mage, any character could easily in that game. In my opinion, Vivi is better in every way...he also doesn't have like 30 belts on.
  • Corrino: Vivi, with ease. Maily for two reasons - 1. He IS a black mage, you cannot get a character who is more of a black mage than Vivi. 2. He can learn a magic which is even more powerful than Ultima, (Doomsday I think it was called) aswell as being able to use the best weapon in all of FF IX "Mace of Zeus.
  • Nirvana Phoenix: Difficult choice but I'll go for the littlest mage. More emotional, more of a main character and me and my cousin have a laugh trying to voice act his lines in idiotic ways"
  • PMiller1 votes for Vivi Orunitia because he is so cute and he is in Kingdom Heart 2 and is so cuter. So I votes the cute, not the sexy. ^^;
  • Anonymous: This one doesn't take a lot of consideration for me. The immortal moment of killing Necron with a last-man-standing Vivi physical attack outwieghs the pitiful capabilities of Onion Knight (even though the latter it most likely more powerful, but the trouble to which you have to go to get it speaks for itself. Added to this, Vivi just ain't a hyperbitch like Lulu. Sure we know some people have a thing for the moody goth types, but after you've considered anything else, it's not really backed up by much (just Black Magic, obviously). Perhaps the only advantages she has over Vivi is that she's more versatile (thanks to the Sphere Grid system) and that she can use Ultima
  • Random Anonymous Person: Oh god, this is hard. Both the characters are truly fabbylicious, but Vivi IS the quintessential Black Mage. You just have to love him a tiny bit more.
  • Samusfan: Vivi wins this hands down. I could not stop laughing at his antics in FF IX and in KH 2"
  • Darkling692: Both are great black mages, but as Adam Mcduck said, Lulu is a black mage as she goes through her sphere grid, and then she can be a fighter, a thief, a white mage or whatever anyone else is, and everyone can be a black mage. Vivi on the other hand is and always will be a black mage, so who's the best black mage? Vivi all the way!!!
  • Shion314: I have played both IX and X and i have to say that Vivi is the better cause he is a true black mage. Lulu is weak when it come to anything other than casting magic unless u max out her stats which like no one does, and Vivi can actually do some damage with his physical attack. Vivi gets my vote...
  • ShadowLaguna: Comparing Vivi to any other Black Mage in the FF Universe? Hell no!

Votes for Lulu[]

  • Faethin says: Whoever posted this battle: You big MEANIE! Vivi vs. Lulu! The first thing that ran through my head was: "You have GOT to be kidding me..." Lulu wins. BY A HAIR, that is. And Vivi RULZ!
  • MetalChocobo says: You gotta be kidding me... The best character of all FFIX versus the hottest chick in FFX imho! Very, very, VERY tough descicion. But in the end, I vote for Lulu. One, I have a knack for the ladies, and I wasn't much of a fan of IX either, for that fact. So Lulu gets my vote.
  • anon: omg! are all the people who voted for vivi stupid!? he is boring, a cry-baby, weak and unoriginal as he is a doll which has been made over and over again to make an army! people are saying he is THE black mage, THE black mage is the very first one, not one in the 9th game! so what if he looks like the first one?!? lulu on the other hand is so cool, compared to her the titanic struck heat! she is completely original has a brilliant back-story and a powerful black mage from the start of the game! she also makes it clear that females can be black mages too, not just males, plus, have u seen how sexy she is? people who voted for vivi, are you blind?!?!?!?!?!?!
  • ericrvjr says: Vivi is a black mage with no thrills whatsoever. Lulu starts that way, then becomes whatever you want her to be. I had Lulu all around the sphere grid. She could do anything.
  • "She could do anything..." at the point where things don't matter anymore and anyone can dish out like 99999 HP damage without breaking a sweat. It's fun to put restrictions on what characters can do, makes 'em stand out more. Seriously, do you want original characters or character clones? --Crazyswordsman 14:43, 3 August 2007 (UTC)
  • Pablo618 says: i like Vivi a lot, but i dunno, maybe it's hormonal but my vote goes for Lulu, she is sexy, strong, and even funny sometimes and not a failed intent of an emo girl (like payne).

Also Lulu can kick every enemy asses

  • Henryacores- I have 3 reasons to vote for Lulu: 1st- I never player FFIX, I don't really know about Vivi,save what appeared of him in KH2, 2nd- Lulu is by far the best characther in FFX (save Auron has he is or should be in another competition, like the best charachter of Final Fantasy), and 3rd- DUDE?! Are YOU GUYS BLIND? LOOK AT HER! SHE CAN ACTUALLY OUTSTANT LARA CROFT IN A 3003Z0RS COMPETITION!

I hope you understood the three reasons to vote on Lulu.

  • Anon: Lulu can kick Vivi's little butt any day! Vivi isn't even a real person! And FFIX sucked! :P
  • Knightm7 Lulu decided to sit out X-2, and that is why she wins. Otherwise it could be tied. A plus for Lulu: Waka as a brother-in-law/husband, Vivi can't come close to that.
  • Chocomog: Lulu has moogles on her side... need I say more... well I'm going to anyway... Moogles can synthesize Vivi's butt... and besides... Lulu's cooler :P
  • My vote goes to Lulu. Anyone who can fight in that outfit without busting out can own anyone. Even Vivi (whom I greatly respect). -Defunctzombie 02:57, 8 August 2007 (UTC)
  • Rinoa: despite obviously being a Rinoa fan, ive always been a black mage fantaic, and it si my favourite job that goes to my msot valued characters. however as cool as Vivi was Lulu was much better, better abilities much cooler chracter, kept 10 interesting, Vivi was alright but for me not powerful enough, he had no way of breaking the damage cap, can't even learn ultima, Lulu would double cast ultima on him (which she can do at any time not jsut in trance) and Vivi would cry and die.
  • Squallie Lulu may uses a Cactuar doll to atack, she is VERY VERY beautiful(Damn WakKa!) and is a powerful Black Mage! Ultima on Vivi O/!!!
  • Maverick King this is not fair. this feels more of a populairty contest...=( *pouts* idc. I haven't played FFIX but i do know of Vivi and what he can do. That being said, Lulu wins. She more versatile than Vivi (sphere Grid) so she can cast blck mgc and attack withe a moogle. Lulu doesn't need to be in trance to double cast and it was so easy in FFX to spam X2cast, Ultima w/ 2mp cost w/ break Dmg limit so thats...... 99999 x2 against 9999 x2 if Vivi gets to Trance. (math sucks) She's the one of the f ew reasons' i dont think Wakka is a loser. W/o Lulu, blitzball, and his Hawaiian wannabe accent, i think i would have used Wakka less than Auron.(O_o) boobs ftw ^-^
  • I like both characters. I was interested in seeing which one would come out on top. They are certainly both cool. For character design, I think its hard to beat Lulu, though her personality is a little stale. Vivi is a walking steriotype when it comes to his appearance, but is a wonderfully deep character. He gets my vote because he is, more than a black mage but an amazingly interesting character. --TacticAngel 03:50, 12 August 2007 (UTC)
  • User:Brotherhood22 Too easy, Lulu is too good. I agree that they tried to make her into a deep character but failed. That said she is still better than Vivi. This is not a question of who is the better representation of a black mage for Final Fantasy BUT who would win. Lulu is cooler over all, and stronger. Doublecast duh. Doomsday by the way hits allies and Vivi too so....yeah. His best is flare and trance takes FOREVER to get. He would die in one hit before he would even get close to getting his trance to doublecast flare, which is his only chance. Nuff said Lulu pwns.

Fight 34: Holy vs. Ultima[]

13 to 22
The battle of magic, the ultimate of the Black Magics versus the ultimate of the White Magics. You face beyond the door an unknown fiend, which do you want at your side. Please note: You are voting on which spell is better, NOT whether a Black Mage or a White Mage is better.

Votes for Holy[]

  • EmuMaster: I vote for holy, because it not only does insane amounts of damage, but it does even insaner amounts of damage to undead (and possibly other enemy types.) Plus, the effect is always cooler.
  • Lucas Sanborn: Votes for Holy because it stopped Meteor!
  • Lord Gonza: Votes Holy because is their favourite magic at all. Well, Holy isn't the best magic, but is the best for the Whites and Devoutes, and its element is awesome mate, Finally, I think Ultima is not a magic at all, only the destruction itself. And the destruction is not good.
  • PMiller1:I votes for Holy Because Holy have be in all (well some) Final Fantasy Game (1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10-2, 11, 12, T, CC (14)) and Ultima is some of Final Fantasy Game (2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10-2, T, TA (9))
  • StijnX votes for Holy because it means that White Mages pwn everyone around, especially considering that holy is super-effective late game against bosses, If you have a white mage with Holy in your party, you don't need a black mage and can use one of your slots for another character to do even more damage
  • truly, there's no way that Holy can beat Ultima, also ultima have a better name, it is most powerful, it does barrier piercing, and the list goes on and on... that's because my vote goes for holy, holy needs some votes xD
  • Dudutsai: I have to go with Holy. While Ultima generally looks better with its colorful expanding ball thing, I always ended up casting Holy because enemies can't be weakness to Ultima. Also I remember in FFX doublecasting Ultima did half of what Holy did in one hit.
  • Deadseraph votes for Holy, while ultima may be a very cool black magick in general, it wasn't in many of the games. Less than half of the final fantasy titles had ultima in it. Also, in FFVII, holy was just awesome (even if it did fail to meteor...)
  • maybe holy is one targeted, but holy shit is powerful
  • Random person111:I pick holy because it always helps out, and you need a healer in every single Final Fantasy game, or your dead of course, but you don't always need an Ultima, because regular attacks can do more damage.
  • Defunctzombie: I say Holy, because without it, Aeris wouldn't have gotten killed. Haha, just kidding. I vote Holy because it's easier to get to on the sphere grid but does just as much damage as Ultima.
  • Pablo618:white mages are a lot more useful than the people think, and there's no more useful thing than a white mage with holy.

I need some help for editing pages so here where you can find something about me:

  • TacticAngel: Holy has a little more utility than Ultima. It also has the advantage of existing in some of my favorite games while Ultima... not so much. Even though its not in FFXI, its usefulness would be greatly deminished by being of a non-elemental type.

Votes for Ultima[]

  • Crazyswordsman: The giant blue dome of doom wins out this time.
  • SmegHead: Ultima for me. I hardly ever use Holy, in any game.
  • Goldberry2000: Ultima. Green mist, Red fire, Blue dome; whatever game it's in, it rules. Holy on the other hand...
  • Blue: The name is enough to stir imagination.
  • AuronKaizer: The majority of Ultima animations kick serious ass! Even though in FFX it eventually becomes obsolete, it still rocks. Holy is just not good enough.
  • Adam Mcduck: This is a hard for me because i like both of the spells equally but i have chosen ultima because it is the one i put the most effort into liking. What i mean is whenever they have meteor or flare as the strongest black magic spell i hate it because i believe ultima should be there and as i don't make any fuss over holy (mostly because i don't have to) it sort of shows i like it more.
  • Faethin: Back in 1999, when I was just discovering FF, with FFVI, I got an item called "Economizer", which dropped the cost of every spell to 1 MP. I skipped in happiness, because the first thing I thought about its usage was: w00t! ULTIMA SPELLS-CASTING GONE LOCO! And then Terra and Celes completely pwned during the final Mad Dance, so, yeah, Doom's Dome wins the day.
  • Dstroyer 666 17:21, 19 July 2007 (UTC) ultima wins this one it usilly targets all while holy has always beeen single target and you never know when youll bump into a boss that absorbs holy, also ultima tends to ignore reflect another weakness of holy (or most spells for that matter)
  • --MetalChocobo 20:12, 19 July 2007 (UTC): Ultima. It is the most powerful black magic in almost any game. Do I need to say that holy sucks too? Almost only useful against undead enemies, while ulitma is useful against anything.
  • RegalStar: What can I say. White Magic is never much used for destruction purposes, and Holy to me is more of something for dedicated white mages to do when they don't need to cure anyone. In fact, in my opinion the best white magic should be curaga/curaja (whichever is the strongest in one particular series), not Holy. So yeah. Ultima wins.
  • Random Anonymous Person: I have always found Ultima to be stronger than Holy.
  • The Klingon Jedi: Holy is a powerful spell, and so is Ultima. Holy allows the White Mage to attack with extreme prejudice, which is the specialty for Black Mages. Holy tends to target one enemy, whereas Ultima is by default (I am pretty sure) All-targeting, which ends battles more quickly. Most importantly, I have never been able to use the Holy Materia. My vote is for Ultima.
  • 12: I actually like the fact that white magic got an attack spell. Still, black magic is better in the category of 'pwning teh biatches' or however you'd like me to type it out. I don't know 1337 so that's out. Point is, Ultima does it better and with more style, so it's got my vote.
  • Pellathegreat: Holy is good to have midway through the game, but will not carry you past the finish line! Ultima is a sin to have in the middle of the game, and will not carry you but fly you past the finish line and beyond. Ultima > Holy
  • Zane Fleia: I've gotta go with Ultima on this one. I don't think I could live with myself on taking a White Mage over a Black Mage on a destructive spell. And seriously, what spell's more awe-inspiring than Ultima?
  • Valas 14:15, 22 July 2007 (UTC)I vote for ultima cause it black magic baby
  • Chocobo Eater I would have to say Ultima because white magic isn't meant for destruction, thats black magics job.
  • Henryacores: Ultima rocks at the moment you hear its name: Ultima-te. And by the way, its isn't just the greatest spell on FF (safe Bahamut,if you consider it a spell,'cause he really rocks ;)), it's also a type of abilities, a great wepaon, an almost-super-boss, a final boss and an holy Esper (sigh). Let's not forget that the Tome that would teach Ultima killed a White Mage...This is like comparing Jar-Jar Binks to Yoda.
  • Fbimunky Ultima, since it has no elemental attribute. What if I was fighting some insanely powerful Holy boss? Holy would prove a boon to the boss rather than a bane.
  • ShadowLaguna: Ultima is dark, therefore I prefer that. I've never really been a fan of Holy.
  • MasDevil: The Dark spells are always better than holy everyone knows it, so its Ultima for me.
  • Drake Clawfang: As someone who likes Quick-Ultima with a Gem Box in FFVI, I can tell you it is the best spell EVER! Barrier-piercing, unblockable, high power, non-elemental! You get with an Ultima, you'd better have high HP because there's no way to avoid it! I've only played VI and VIII for games where it was in, but it rocks!

Fight 33: Dancing Mad vs. One-Winged Angel[]

Sephiroth's Final Form.gif

One-Winged Angel
21 to 19
Sephiroth's Final Form.gif
Another first of its kind, the battle of scores. This week we will feature the musical score of Dancing Mad, the final music played in the final fight of Final Fantasy VI versus One-Winged Angel, the music of the final (or second to last if you consider the last fight to be a fight) fight of Final Fantasy VII.

Votes for Dancing Mad[]

  • Tsurono:I read an interview with Uematsu once where he explained how he went about composing Dancing Mad. To paraphrase: "Usually, when I compose a piece for a video game you have to make yourself stop. With Dancing Mad I just didn't stop." That being said, I believe this is reason enough to place Dancing Mad as the superior piece of music. We get to hear all that he has. I love OWA, and think it is a fantastic work but, it lacks any draw other than being big and booming. Dancing Mad has levels to it and expresses the sick and twisted nature of Kefka. OWA however remains a bit monotone and unexpressive, though it still expresses it's character well. Sephiroth may be a badass but, it only goes so far.

--The best part is the laugh.--Tsurono 03:01, 11 July 2007 (UTC)

  • Lord Gonza of the Rosecrucian Order: I think both are awesome, but if I have to chose one, I think Dancing Mad is better beacuse the quality for a 16 bits game sound is in a equal quality to One Winged Angel (I don' like he OWA name) So I pick this. (PD: I like the Final Battle of FF9 too, think in this for other score battle) --Lord Gonza 22:49, 8 July 2007 (UTC)
  • Crazyswordsman: Duh. This is no contest. Dancing Mad is like a sonata, an opera, a rondo, a whatever-you-call one of those multi-movement masterpieces. The fact that it's basically four songs in one and a 17 minute work of art makes it one of the greatest modern compositions of our time. OWA, meanwhile, is done over and over and over again to the point where it just gets annoying to hear (although it's still a great song). It's just so repetative, while Dancing Mad is much more original. And for those of you who say "Oh OWA is better because it has teh vocals!!!" Dancing Mad was intended to have vocals (you can hear the singing noises similar to Celes' in the game). And I'm actually going to start a project writing lyrics to Dancing Mad.
  • Oh, and another thing: OWA should really be called Five-Winged Angel or Seven-Winged Angel. He's got that many wings. --Crazyswordsman 16:47, 5 July 2007 (UTC)
  • AuronKaizer decisively...decides: It's an organ orgasm composition with a combined running time of 17 minutes. Even though OWA is also great, it comes short because it's a bit repetitive. Also, Dancing Mad has the THIRD TIER! Which is enough for anyone to die. By the way, your math skills are R-level CSM.
  • Linhasxoc says: They are both good final boss music pieces, and I have both in my iPod, but my vote goes to Dancing Mad. I just like it a little more, although I heard the other first. Plus, this has the four movements that go with each part of the battle with Kefka. Sorry OWA, but DM is just a better piece, a 5-star compared to a four-and-a half.
  • SmegHead: I too prefer Dancing Mad and listen to it often on my Ipod. It is just such a great composition.
  • Jammi568: I must admit, i do really, really like both of them, as individually, they are good pieces. But, for me, it's just going to have to be this one, as it's basically 4 songs for the price of one. Plus, The Black Mages version of this is just brilliant (although, so is the Advent Childen version of OWA, but i'm sticking with my vote).
  • Just some random guy: i really can't choose between the two, but since i prefer VI over VII i'll go with Dancing Mad
  • It's a tough desciscion on my part, but I'd have to go for Dancing Mad. Both tracks are wonderful. I love the choir and all in OWA, but I still can't resist the organs of Dancing mad, and in the end, Dancing Mad proved to be the superior. But like I said, it was a tough desciscion. --MetalChocobo 23:35, 7 July 2007 (UTC)
  • Henryacores: I really think OWA rocks...It's spooky an it's the best music on FFVII:AC(maybe after J-E-N-O-V-A)...Dancing Mad (part2) is REALLY COOL what the hell! If you dont know it, go to you tube and see the AMV's there are with Dancing Mad!!!
  • A random person:Dancing Mad. Its a fun song and easy to remember for humming and

playing on an instrument.

  • Goldberry: Screw it, FFVII was my first FF, but Dancing Mad is much better than One-Winged Angel. I don't really think that there's any need to explain myself further and I think we know who will win this one.
  • Dudutsai: Dancing Mad is far better. One Winged Angel is too repetitive and actually... I didn't like it that much anyway. Dancing Mad is not one of the greatest, but it is definately one of the better ones and at least doesn't repeat the same thing over and over.
  • Nethyus: While i'd basically be committing blasphemy if i said that one winged angel was bad, dancing mad just seemed better to me... its a great combination of remixed songs from the rest of the game, new (and very good) tunes, and kefka's laugh (although it sounds retarded)... also suits the battles that accompany it... Meanwhile, OWA just suits the battle that accompanies it, and maybe has a pretty good tune.
  • Maverick King: ARGH dis is a lil difficult. DM has that amazing opera like composure and i only wish it had actual lyrics like OWA. And its' got those 4 parts making it not just some normal boss fight song. It definatly sounds like a opera piece or sonata or aria or something. Don't get me wrong, OWA is amazing also especially the latin Carmina Burana inspired lyrics (Latin?!?! Ingenius!). In an interview, Nobuo even said the into is based on "Purple Haze" by Jimi Hendrix (who is the shit) Truth be told, i was leaning for OWA cuz of all the remixs it has and then i heard DM remix and there was just no contest there. Kefka's evil laugh ftw
  • Random Anonymous Person One winged angel is good, but not the best in FFVII. This song was just fantastic - it summed up the absurd mentalness as well as the sheer power of Kefka.
  • Yumino: Dancing Mad has Kefka's laugh in it... and One Winged Angel is boring.
  • Some Guy: OWA is quite good, but I feel it does not suit Sephiroth as well as DM suits Kefka (especially DM2). OWA may have Latin Lyrics, but DM has an organ as its main instrument and it sounds like a four part opera suite (which fits FF6). DM is also a lot more varied than OWA(it's almost four seperate songs).Also, I hate how some people vote without having had heard both songs.
  • King Jiggles: Geez, you just had to pit two fantastic songs together, didn't you? OWA has been one of my favorite songs ever for a long time, but if I have to be truthful, I think Dancing Mad takes the cake. Though a greater length doesn't necessarily make a better song, in Dancing Mad's case, it allows for much more complexity. Dancing Mad is a terificly menacing four-part opera of insanity, while OWA is a fairly simplistic herald of the birth of an evil god, albeit a very good one. Dancing Mad wins by a neck, in my book.

Votes for One-Winged Angel[]

  • Knuzcano: Being a huge FF7 fan, I must go with OWA. It just sets the mood perfectly.
  • twitch83: i love this song it is very well composied.
  • Fabula Nova Crystallis:Katayoku no Tenshi Pwns Way More Then Dancing Mad (Well My Bias Comes From Me Not Ever Hearing DM When I Here It I Might Change My Mind) Excuse My Language, But Kefka Looks Like A Fucking Demented Clown/Court Jester Or Whatever. Safer Sephiroth's Theme Was The First Song In An Rpg That Made Me Well Have A Fangasm. If You Were to ask Which Version I'd Say The One In Kingdom Hearts 2 (It Sounded More Cleaner/Clearer Than The PSOne Version & Longer Then The Advent Children Mix.)
  • 1wngdngl: I've not heard Dancing Mad, but I've fallen in love with all the versions of OWA. Dramatic, poignant, fierce, intense -it's now my favorite song.
  • TacticAngel: I thought it was a good idea to include this since we'd never done anything like this before, but frankly I find nothing musically interesting about Mad Dance but I find One-Winged Angel to be one of the best peices in the video game genre, even moreso its subsiquent arrangements.
  • PMiller1: I only know this music, So I Just Pick One-Winged OK!!
  • form someone really estrange: truly, one-winged angel is a master piece of music and kefka use make-up (was that racist?). one-winged angel can kick dancing mad like sephiroth can kicj kefkas ass
  • Deadseraph says: One winged angel is truly in my mind one of the greatest songs in video games. While many may not agree with me, i still have to stick by this song, since i also think that Sephiroth would kick kefka's ass too.
  • Jack says...: One Winged Angel, if only because I've never reached the Final boss battle of Final Fantasy VI, so I can't really say Dancing Mad, even if One Winged Angel drives me bonkers.
  • 12: At first I was going to vote for Dancing Mad, though I believe that may have been influenced by my love of Kefka, dislike of Final Fantasy VII, and loathing of Sephiroth. I just listened to both songs again, comparing, and though I really do like Dancing Mad, I'm going to give my vote to One Winged Angel.
  • Faethin says: Though I've no doubt that Kefka would kick every single one of the FF Main Villains' butts, my vote goes to OWA, especially Advent: One-winged Angel. I find it to be one of the best musical compositions for any game and I'm simply obsessed with its Latin lyrics.
  • Adam mcduck: I love One Winged Angel and Advent: One Winged Angel. When you hear the opening 4 notes you know that it is Sephiroth, it suits him perfectly. The latin also works so well in this, in english it wouldn't work at all. Also i have only ever heard Dancing mad once in my life so i can't relly have an opinion on it.
  • Clvabl One Winged Angel ROCKs
  • User:SephirothVIII have heard both One Winged Angel and Dancing Mad and One Winged Angel is undoubtedly the best. One of, possibly the best of Uematsu's compositions, it not omly stands out among video game music, but in music in general. Love the advent children version.
  • Squallie Best game music that I've ever heard. No more.
  • Klaw117: One-Winged Angel is definitely better than Dancing Mad in my opinion. Both are good, but if I had to compare, One-Winged Angel would definitely be better. All of the versions are awesome, especially Advent: One-Winged Angel.
  • ShadowLaguna I have no clue what to say. I'll just say I prefer OWA.

OWA is THE greatest FF score of all.

  • Pwner_II: One-Winged Angel, for sure. I listen to it regularly; how many of you Dancing Mad fans just open it in WinAmp?
  • truly, both of this songs are good, but when i was listening DM I almost die by epilepsy, truly, DM is too god-dammed long
  • jacfalcon: Dancing Mad is great, but One Winged Angel is a One Song PWNS All!

Fight 32: Seymour Guado vs. Vayne Carudas Solidor[]

FFX Seymour Art.png
With a tally of:
22 to 16
It's a battle between two antagonists who murdered their fathers with their own hands, and love insanely long villain speeches! But who of these deluded killers will the editors choose as their favourite?

Votes for Seymour[]

  • Gonza: Men, I really apreciate the greeting my chacater has become insane and maquiavelous, bt always within style. Nd the music was better, too-
  • Anon: Dude, it has to be Seymour he just kept on coming and coming and he has totally evil hair. A villain isn't a villain without crazy hair. Vayne's just another pretty boy gone baaaaaad.
  • Anonymous: Seymour for sure. He's more straightforwardly evil, whereas Vayne is just twisted and strange. Plus Seymour was WAY tougher to defeat. Vayne's just a pansy.
  • AuronKaizer decides: Definitely Seymour. He was the first villain I've ever hated, although it wasn't because he was a particularly good one; his fights were just so DAMN SHITE HARD!!! At times I nearly quit, and I let out an insane shrill, mocking cackle that could be heard throughout the worlds, when I defeated him for the last time. And Vayne is the worst villain I've seen in the series, bar perhaps Ultimecia. So here's to you Seymour!
  • StijnX votes for Seymour Guado because Vayne just annoyed me. People say that he is noble, LIKE HELL IS HE NOBLE! He killed his two older bvrothers and his father for power. I didn't realise he was a villain up until you find out about him killing his father, first time I saw Seymour I hated him. The battle with Seymour Flux took me over a month to do whereas I managed to kill The Undying first time at around level 50. I did no extensive training in FFXII to kill *Vayne, you HAD to with Seymour, no option. If you didn't train, you were dead meat. Plus, I liked FFX more than FFXII
  • SmegHead says that Seymour is better because he is in the heroes faces all the time. One of the things I didn't like about XII is that there is very little direct contact between the heroes and Vayne, whereas you get to fight Seymour 4 times (and like AK put it, at least 2 of those times were friggin' hard!) and they have contact quite often. That is a true antagonist, and Seymour will kick pretty-boy Vayne's ass!
  • Fyrmer: Sure, Seymour is an insufferable pretty-boy with a disturbingly effemenine appearance and attitude, and his hair is ridiculous, but I love him anyway. Wait, no I don't. I hate him...but I love to hate him.
  • Jammi568 - Because i haven't completed XII yet, i'm going with this guy.
  • anonymous I vote for seymour partly because the first ff I played was X but also because i like his insanity and his boss fights were easy but fun. (I liked the battle at Gagazet the best)
  • Anonymous: Seymour was a much more developed antagonist. His personality, his motives, and his backstory were thorough, innovative, and sympathetic. No villain comes close to his complexity. His desire to save Spira through death has so many scary, real life connotations and similarities. Ironically, Seymour' own actions caused even more chaos and sorrow throughout Spira, such pain that continued years after his demise. In terms of depth and villainly, Seymour's tragic delusion is unmatched. By comparison, Vayne is a poor and uninspired antagonist. Seymour wins, no contest.
  • Psycho_Mick Seymour is much better as there is a lot of interaction especially during battles and you only see Vayne in cut scenes for most of the game
  • Seymour. He's just so...evil. And he's not a complete robot/tool like Vayne.
  • Henryacores : Seymour...Anima just rocks and he's much smarter than Vayne, who isn't the main antagonist of Final Fantasy XII. For who wants to know It's Venat and he was the one telling Vayne and Cid what to do. Okay...So killing the emperor was Vayne's idea so what? Seymour knew all about Sin's loop and Spira and he had his plan right from the beggining...Besides...He didn't let me sleep because of that stupid Seymour Flux battle (Zombie + Full Life in same turn...Yikes!). Also, Seymour was much cooler and complex than Vayne. I always hated Seymour and his acts. He almost Slayed an entire race, he killed his father, he tried to kill his wife,he killed a maester, and not to say that he got inside a apocaliptical flying demon god knows how before we did it, by amputating two arms and making it open it's mouth by force with an airship. Oh and blu hair rocks!
  • well i only want to say that seymour have more style than vayne and someone barely know who really is vayne until some events of the game. another thing, venat is like the drug seller of the archadian empire, anima is like the bodyguard of seymour but there's one difference, seymour can fight alone and vayne needs nethichite and/or venat to fight as we well see in the first fight aganist vayne. this is just my opinion
  • from one strange: seymour get's my vote because in the scene when yuna get's shiva, (when you fight seymour for the first time) the background music and the calmly tone of voice of seymour make look him like a real villain and it was so creepy that scene

PD: plis make a fight in the dragon neck Colosseum between ronso and guado or al bhed or viera or... i don't know plis make a battle between ronso and another species

  • Sebas: Seymour would win for sure, he transformed more often than Vayne, and Seymour was a lot thougher than this bunch of crap "Vayne". Vayne wasn't really involved in the story, you only heard something about him and you saw him in some scenes, through the whole FFX you fought several times against Seymour. Okay he's kind of a Sephiroth copy, but which new FF villain isn't? Therefor, Seymour rules(at least over Vayne).

Votes for Vayne[]

  • Bluer says it's not because he likes Ivalice more, but Vayne somehow redefined the word antagonist. His personality is so deep and mysterious; what kind of villain wants to "return history back to the hands of man"? Did he love Larsa as a brother, and if so why did he kill his other brothers? If given chance he's sure Vayne would be a good Emperor Palpatayne. Plus, his hair is sexy, unlike Seymour's antennae. And that Gundamish final form, woah, that's just too cool. He just doesn't like Vayne's Venat-help-me-I'm-pwned attitude and his constant paling spam.
  • Diablocon: Vayne was a breath of fresh air from all the more typical enemies in previous games. Instead of wanting to destroy the world, he just had more humble goals about wanting to rule it. Plus his character was very interesting, and didn't require him to be over the top to keep your attention.
  • Dudutsai: Vayne was one of the most dimensional villains I have seen. While he was no doubt the antagonist, he had many noble goals, such as putting history back in the hands of man, which I agreed with more than Ashe's decision. Vayne is more noble than any other final boss I have seen.
  • Crazyswordsman: I hope this is a joke. Because Seymour just happens to be Final Fantasy's worst villain barring Ultimecia and the Dark King. Vayne is the third best. Vayne could take down Seymour just by staring him down. And besides, he has Manufactured Nethicite on his side. What does Seymour have? And besides, Seymour's voice actor sounds like Wayne Knight without the energy.
  • Mymindislost:Oh, you've got to be kidding me. How is this even a question? Vayne is a badass, Seymour is annoying and has stupid hair. Vayne seemed a lot more... evil to me, I guess. I mean, Seymour was all "destroy the world," but it just never sounded like his heart was really in it. Vayne is just pure evil. Vayne wins, hands down.
  • Chocobo Knight: I liked FFX, and FFXII. I didn't mind Seymour as much as most people, but I still like Vayne for the reasons many people said above: he had sort-of good goals, but they were kinda twisted (he didn't just want reigns of history back into the hands of man, he wanted for himself alone). So he was a good, balanced out enemy, with a good backstory
  • Goldberry: I simply didn't like X, whereas I have loved the short spans of time I played XII for, and adore the land of Ivalice. I don't like either of them, but purely on the world they live in, I gotta go for Vayne.
  • Clvabl Vayne is cooler
  • Maverick King: No brainer! For me, Seymour was no sweat, (heck all the boss fights in FFX were WAY too easy). Seymour has the creppy antenna, talks like he's chocking on a breadstick and looks like he has a potbelly in all the cutscenes. For me, he felt like a guy who wanted to destroy everything cuz he thought his parents didn't love him. Vayne politics made him look like Machiavelli's bastard son and he could have obliterated entire fleets w/ Bahamut. Vayne's final forms look cooler than Seymours ftw.
  • ShadowLaguna: (Finally another battle!!) I think Vayne is pretty cool, even though I haven't completed FFXII yet, but nevertheless, Seymour Guado is my least favourite villian in the series.
  • Momo: I don't rate Seymour so bad as some others do, but I second that Vayne is the third best villain in the series (no one needs to explain who the first two are). He has philosophic and political goals, it's own machiavellian morality, affection toward some people, and courtesy. Seymour is just more flamboyant, but in the end is the classical "sad child becomes ruthless killer" wich is getting old.
  • Although I'm sure one shot from Anima's pain move is all it takes to blow Vayne to pieces,we're not talking 'bout Anima here.It's only Seymour.Vayne could punch that potbelly of his in his Novus form and leave him crying for his mommy in the floor.Let's see...What else...Oh,did I mention Seymour is gay?He was also kinda annoying too...Vayne,although I didn't like him THAT much,could kick Seymour's @$$ any day.Seymour's.Not Anima!Just Seymour's.Oh,and Vayne has the judges in his command while Seymour only has...Noodle finger freaks. ~The Prophet~20px-Lightsaber_anakin_rots.jpg(Talk to me) 00:06, 21 June 2007 (UTC)
  • I hate seymour. the damn son of B**** just doesn't die. plus, vayne's final form is much cooler. JS
  • Linhasxoc: A bit of a tough choice. Seymour is really, well, persistant, and he has 3 mega-villain forms, but I think this vote must go to Vayne. He has more depth, and what's more, if you look closely you can see just a tiny speck of good. Any good that Seymour has is buried under miles of his insanity. Yep, definitely Vayne.
  • Adam Mcduck: I'm not voting for Vayne because I like him a lot, there have been better villians, i'm voting for him because i hate Seymour. His voice is too high, soft and quiet, he never shouts or declares anything and why is he so obsessed with Yuna? Also he's a bit of an idiot too... if someone tried to kill me, so i tried to kill them back, i then wouldn't accept to marry them so easily, they hate me and want me dead and i tried to kill them which shows them i don't exactly care about them either! So overall, Vayne's okay but Seymour is a lot worse.
  • Aleria: I'm voting for Vayne because...Seymour has ugly hair. And, he's a creep. Vayne is at least mildly cool.
  • Jack says...: Vayne it tis. Even though I haven't really got to any part of Final Fantasy XII where he is a main villian, I've got far enough to know his is (killing his brothers, killing Ashe's old man, getting Basch out the way, killing Reks, etc. etc. etc.). Besides, Seymour is just... well... Pathetic... And crap... And gay...
  • Giglio: he has a brain. Unlike Seymour, he uses it. End of the story.
  • GaopmytaSycdan: I'd go with Vayne as he seems more a central villian, Seymour was more a recurring villian. Also Vayne keeps the tradition that all main villian's morphed forms are at the final battle, Seymour would keep popping up at anytime of the game and show off his different forms. And Vayne is XII's final enemy, Seymour isn't for X
  • TacticAngel: I hated Seymour for all the wrong reasons. Any dislike I have towards Vayne, who I think is generally a pretty reasonable character, is well earned. You need only listen to them speak and know which has more hair on his chest.... I don't need to see that Seymour...
  • 12: I have a bit of a personal bias here, I'll admit, in that...I despise Seymour. At no point did I ever have a thought in my head, regarding his scenes, aside from said hatred. I find Vayne to be a much stronger, in terms of personality and will, character...and also a great deal more impressive in general. Seymour is, as described above, a 'creep' and 'pathetic,' sentiments I concur with. I just really did not like him; thus, Vayne gets my vote.
  • Vayne is the shit!
  • I like his last transformation but i chose him bcoz i just hate ffxii--Aqmaster 17:54, 4 July 2007 (UTC)
  • Deadseraph: Vayne all the way! Vayne gets my vote on so many levels. While he may not be the most difficult opponent in FFXII, he's a good fight, and the plot involving him is really in-depth. Also, I hated the Guados in general in FFX, i don't know why, but i didn't like them, and felt they were just sorta...there, nothing special about them. Plus, in FFX all the aeons were so overpowered, an overdrive or 2 took care of Seymore, you use a rank 3 quickening chain on Vayne, and you're dead meat pretty quickly with no way to heal but items.

Judge Zargabaath Vayne proper owns because he could easily just literally poke Seymour with the Undying and seymour would run away!

Fight 31: Viera vs. Mithra[]

With a tally of:
19 to 5
Time for a cat-fight... and rabbit-fight. It's the female-exclusive races from Ivalice and Vana'diel battling it out. Both races are more famous for their fairer sex, but which of these races is the fairest of them all?

Votes for Viera[]

  • Auron Kaizer decides: Viera, for two simple reasons. They win at bunny eared hippie lesbian living, and FFXI is mere garbage.
  • Diablocon - AK put it so well. The Viera also have a mystery to them, like how do they reproduce? The Mithra aren't as mysterious.
  • Crazyswordsman I don't care how much of a bunny they look like. Vieras (With an "s" One Viera, two VIERAS, that's proper English) are all female. And don't males want to be with females?
  • Bluer says that this is a hard fight. The Mithra is an agile and dexterous race, so is the Viera. Both are also fluent in Magic. Both are somewhat tribal too, not socialable. Both also feature as a matriarchal race, no male has ever been seen. But, while both have heightened senses, the Viera can be very powerful due to a surge of Mist, and I've known of Mithra's mischievous trait, the Viera holds fast to their dignity. That's commendable. Viera wins my vote!
  • Mymindislost: Scantily clad bunny ladies are sexy as hell. Viera FTW. EDIT: I actually like the Viera voice acting in XII. I don't know why people are complaining about it. *shrug*
  • Viera, definitely. To me, the Mithra look stupid and annoying. Plus, I'm not such a big fan of FFXI. Plus, as the people above me have said, they are much more mysterious. I like the way Eruyt Village is so calm and serene too - Chocobo Knight
  • SmegHead Viera for me, purely for the sex appeal.
  • Jackisthemasterofwater: Viera, if only because I haven't played Final Fantasy XI, and have actually got Tactics Advance and XII to have seen Vieras.
  • VitoRyu: Viera. XI was too crappy anyways. Plus Mithra are only in ONE game, if they were so awesome why only ONE game. The Viera get most of the World of Ivalice games.
  • Goldberry2000:I agree totally with Diablocon, after all, what's more interesting than pondering how an all-female race reproduces?
  • ShadowLaguna: Have no clue what the other race is. But Vieras are pretty cool. Like Fran and Ritz's assistant. And besides, as far as i'm concerned, Ivalice is loads better than this Vana'diel.
  • Adam mcduck:I also agree with the whole all-female reproduction thing, but the main reasons i'm voting for viera is because i don't know the other race and viera tend to be archers, which i like.
  • Silver Dragoon:I'm still a little mad that you only get a Viera for playable non-humans in FFXII... I mean, all these cool races, and you only get to use one of them! Where's my Bangaa, Seeq, and Nu Mou?! Regardless, that's not really the Viera's fault, and I'm much more familiar with the Ivalice games than FFXI, so I'll have to vote for Viera.
  • james.himbo: Yeah, the Viera win it for me. ats are cool, don't get me wrong but bunny people are MUCH cooler. I love the all-female aspect of the race (as opposed to the Mithra, who's males are simply never seen). And in spite of all the detractors, I LOVED the voice acting for the Viera. The first time I heard Fran speak, I was like YES!!! And try emulating it, its not that easy.
  • Random Anonymous Person: The viera are much more stylish. The mithra are just randomly tribal.
  • User:Trance Kefka: Okay, Viera Are just so much cooler.
  • Random Anonymous Person: I think the Viera are better, because they are so much cooler and so beautifull.
  • Viera. They're not only hot, but they are mysterious and good at fighting (FFTA).Fran rocks and Viera voice acting at FFXII does too. - Henryacores
  • Me: never played XII.. hate all my friends for getting it before me... so i'll go for viera.

Votes for Mithra[]

  • StijnX I've got to go for the Mithra, only because the voice acting for the Viera is so shit. Also, the Mithra look like they can actually do something in a fight.
  • Annonymous Though I hate both races,I hate gender excluive race(Galka technically doesn't count, they're an asexual race and cool. Anyway you can make Mithra look cool with equipment instead of always being scantily clad like all viera are. Also I'd rather look like a cat than a rabbit and moogles in Ivalice already look like Rabbits and they're cooler.
  • Anonymous, Mithra actually talk to you instead of saying "leave Hume". They're very cat like and much better fighters. Although Vieras can go kind of crazy in a good way and are well designed the voice overs are really really bad.
  • As a person who actually has played both FFXI (extensively) and FFXII (and FFTA somewhat), I have to say, on a whole that Mithra are probably a lot more characterful than Viera. Functionally, they are pretty similar, though I really get the sense that Mithra are more highly tuned in terms of dexterity and agility, while Viera are more mystical. When it comes down to it though, there is only one Viera ever that is remotely interesting and there are lots of cool Mithra. I happen to think Naja Salaheem is one of the funniest characters ever in Final Fantasy. Not exactly a fair popularity contest though... --TacticAngel
  • Annonymous - While I like both races, I have to admit to prefering Mithra. Mithra are more sociable as a whole, while most Viera are xenophobic to some extent or other, disliking anyone who is not a Viera themselves (or in some cases, even other Viera who have left their homeland, even if they come back). And to counter another statement: Mithra are not a single gender race. There are male Mithra, they are just rare, tend to stay in their home territory, and are not selectable as a player simply to keep them as scarce as their racial backstory says that they are supposed to be (if male Mithra were selectable, player choices might offset the supposed mystique of their background as a female dominated race). As for Viera - I don't like the idea of their permanently distorted ankles, nor their talons (aren't rabbits herbavores? Why do Viera have such freeking huge claws!? o.O )


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