The history of Dragon's Neck Colosseum from week 21 to week 30! This is only an archive. All these votes closed a long time ago, so don't bother voting.

Fight 30: Leila vs. Faris Scherwiz[edit source]

Amano Layla.jpg
FFV-amano faris.jpg
With a tally of:
13 to 2
FFV-amano faris.jpg
Well, it's time for a more retro fight, with characters from before FFVII (oh, the audacity!). Anyway, they're both pirates, they're both women, they both have purple hair in-game. So get on it mateys!

Votes for Leila[edit source]

  • Diablocon: Poor Leila. I guess there's no real point ever having a fight between an FFII character and anybody else. I'll vote for Leila, since she did the whole pirate thing first.
  • --Goldberry2000 17:16, 9 May 2007 (UTC): Oh come on, it's Leila all the way! Did Leila have to crossdress in order to become the leader of a group of pirates? No. Also FF2>FF5.

Votes for Faris[edit source]

  • Silver Dragoon: Gonna have to be Faris, my favourite female in the series. She's tough, she's fearless, and yet still has kindness. She has Syldra, she still be awesome in any job, and the guys can't get enough of her. What really puts her over the top, though, is her real name; Sarisa, one of the few names in fantasy that I'd actually consider naming one of my kids (if I ever have any).
  • Auron Kaizer muses: This one goes to the most badass lady who dresses like a man ever created by Amano (and those, ladies and gentlemen, are quite few). Leila is a FFII character, so unless she'd wind up with a fight with Amano himself, she'd lose by default.
  • Crazyswordsman: FFII is the one true FF game I've never played, so my vote goes to Faris by default. Besides, that Dancer outfit is so much better looking than any of those crappy FFX-2 Pop Star outfits.
  • Bluerfn: There's no doubt about it. Faris is the winner in my ship. She has more substance than Leila did, and witty to boot! The long lost twin thing is acceptable, since it came before the subject was cliche. Whoops, did I spoil it for anyone that? Apologies :D yo-ho-ho!
  • Random anonymous person:I'm going with Faris. She's the best main in the game. A better personality than Leila and she wears clothes as opposed to, ya know, random scraps of cloth.
  • VitoRyu: Faris. Leila was good and all, but you got to use Faris a lot more.
  • HellScion: Faris wins, Faris is a hard-assed pirate and Leila is a spoiled, wishy washy princess.
  • Hexed 10:29, 4 May 2007 (UTC) I'll have to go with Faris here, mainly due to that overall as a character (s)he is greater.
  • Hecko X: I just liked the scene where she had to wear a dress, everyone's reaction, including her own, was just funny. Probably what inspired the Cloud-crossdressing thing in FFVII.
  • ShadowLaguna: Faris has a much better backstory than Leila. The beginning of her story may not be as brilliant as Cloud's crossdressing, but I was still laughing my butt off when I found out about her dirty little secret. Besides, I don't really like FFII.
  • Fyrmer:The original crossdresser...and she looks much better in a dress than Cloud did.
  • FFII was awesome, but with all the different classes that the characters of FFV mastered, they basically became demigods. There's no way Leila would win. Besides, Faris solves an age old problem: why argue about which is better when you can have a pirate that's also a ninja? =P -- 09:51, 12 May 2007 (UTC)
  • Phoenix--Personally, I didn't have much of a soft spot for FFII. However, I have enjoyed FFV, and also you have to love the scene where the guys get the "love bubble" above their heads when they see Faris in bed naked.

Fight 29: General Leo vs. Judge Gabranth[edit source]

Leo Cristophe menu.png
With a tally of:
15 to 9
Vote for the best swordsman in their respective empire.

Votes for the General[edit source]

  • Lithium.Archangel: From a technical standpoint, I'd have to go with General Leo on this one, simply because there's more data on what he can do. Shock was an excellent ability, and the point that Kefka had to resort to underhanded means to finally take him down are a testament to his matter how much of a Bozo (pun intended) Kefka was, he was still a powerful villain. Now, the Judges are freakin' sweet, but the comment about FFXII characters being a ripoff is fairly valid, considering that's what I think of the entire's Star Wars with swords and magic (young bumpkin-esque kid gangs up with a hotshot pilot and a furry, not to mention an outcast princess, battling an empire complete with an army of Vaders...hell, there's even a prison break!) While Gabranth's story and history are much deeper and more developed, this isn't a contest of who has the better's a battle! You also have to take into consideration that Leo was the General of the ENTIRE EMPIRE...not some 9th Bureau information hound. That being said, I truly think Leo is a better warrior, and could take down Gabranth.
  • Crazyswordsman: This is difficult to say. I love both characters a lot. But I'll have to go with Leo in the end since I've cherished him for years, while I've only cherished Gabranth for months. I know TA is going to harp on me for picking an FFVI character over his (and my) beloved Gabranth, but I have to go with who I love. FFVI versus FFXII fights are very, very difficult for me to choose sides unless Vaan, Panelo, Larsa, Umaro, or Cyan is involved. (TA'll probably do a Cyan/Larsa fight to piss me off...)
  • Goldberry2000: General Leo is one of my fave characters in Final Fantasy history. This is a nul contest in my opinion on account of the fact that I haven't played FFXII at any point where this Judge... guy is present (i don't own the game). So even if I hated Leo, I would vote for him.
  • Silver Dragoon 15:18, 15 April 2007 (UTC): I'll have to go with the General. One of the things that makes him so awesome is that Kefka quite plainly CAN'T beat Leo straight up. He actually had to cheat in order to beat him (then again, Kefka cheats a lot).
  • Muusisoosi: General Leo was one of the coolest "npc" chars in FFVI. He also died in the best scene of Final Fantasy history ever. Why i say Leo is better? Because VI is the best FF, XII is the worst. Nearly every char in XII are a joke (for example Vaan, the Michael Jackson ripoff: His nose is exactly like MJ's and he is all girlish) I also think that Leo's a better swordsman and would kick Garrath's butt in a fight (and if not he could use a MagiTek Armor to beat him. To say the least the Empire is much cooler in FFVI
  • Random Anonymous Person: Love Leo to bits, he was a brilliant character.
  • Anonymous: General Leo was such a great character. Not only was he the only moral leader in the Empire (apart from Celes), but he had an offerring! Too bad he had to die though. I really didn't like Gabranth that much (I didn't kill your brother Vaan, it was my evil twin brother!) was just kinda lame for me...
  • RubyMowz: Although I find both of them amazingly boring, General Leo's still better. At least people care about him.
  • I'm going to have to go with General Christophe on this one. Between the Master's Scroll and his Shock ability, I'd say has the best defaults in the entire series.--MarioFanaticXV 06:35, 28 April 2007 (UTC)

Votes for the Judge[edit source]

  • Cloudstrife4003: Gabranth is just strong and cool, he deserves to win
  • Randomness: Judge Gabranth, he's clever. He got away with loads and blamed it all on someone else.
  • Mr darkside- Judge Gabranth just for the plan fact he can kill a king and get away will it.
  • SmegHead: It is a difficult choice but I do like Gabranth better, he has a cool Darth Vader thing going on; and when he is defeated and passes the torch to Basch is a very emotional scene.
  • TacticAngel: Gabranth has four other vaders who, by their own grandure, increase Gabranth's dominance. He stands even more elite among a group of elite. He's elitier.
  • Chocobo Knight: I agree! The Judges are so cool! Especially Gabranth. I liked Leo too, but I like Gabranth's personality better, his backstory, his weapons, his armour, the list goes on.
  • Diablocon: It has to be Gabranth. One of the finest enemies Square have made in a long time. Shame what happens to him in the end.
  • Bluerfn: Gabranth's backstory is a sad one, he and Vader could identify with each other, both sad tragic pasts. I don't think he's a Vader ripoff, no, he has his own distinguishing feature; his loyalty to the Empire.
  • StijnX 19:13, 15 April 2007 (UTC) What can I say, he is just so kool. brother of a party member whom he hates but eventually loves as he is mortally wounded. Just kool
  • Hexedmagica I'm with the Judge because of the great character development and the emotion in the final scenes of the game.
  • ShadowLaguna Meh. I just like the Judge more.
  • Maverick_King Gabranth no brainer! Let see.... Darth Vader versus punk rocker wannabe. General Leo almost reminds me of Brother from FFX and we all know how weird he is. Garbranth is even more kick-ass 'cuz his brother is Basch who I turned into a juggernaught in FFXII and BECOMES Garbranth in Renevant Wings. He could also use the Bahamut to just plain obliviate Leo.
  • Darth CowThe whole 'evil twin' soap opera thing... not so cool, but being the brother of one of the main characters and a powerful judge wins him this fight.
  • Kefka sez: " I'm going with the jusdge. I don't know who he is, but at least I know he didn't try to destroy down my empire! Die Leo! D-I-E!!!!!
  • Auron Kaizer remarks: Hmph, close race here. Leo owned everybody with that sick Shock move of his in FFVI. But however, he lacks the *deep breath* power of the Dark Side that (Darth) Gabranth has *deep breath*, and Leo's picture makes him look like a weird half-breed with a corn mohawk.

Week 28: Kiros Seagill vs. Reddas[edit source]

With a tally of:
10 to 7
It's the fight to see who's the best dual blade wielder! (I'd make this a three way with Edge if I could, but Edge was already in a fight with Yuffie for Best Ninja).

Votes for Kiros[edit source]

  • This Guy: Kiros is a good guy. He's the most cool and level-headed person of 2 of his friends. His attire is weird but pretty unique He's the only person cool enough who can get away with a Move name as lame "Blood Pain" without coming off as some psychotic albino loser. You think someone using Katars wouldn't be cool but, he pulls it off. Also when you play as him you get the hear one of the best battle themes in FF. I like Reddas and all but, Katars are much cooler than just swords and what's up with those pink pants? His attire is almost as bad as Basch's. FFVIII generally can't win so I'm guessing poor Kiros won't either.
  • Kiros, for the sole reason I've never used the other guy.--Goldberry2000 17:24, 22 February 2007 (UTC)
  • Aside from the fact he looks like Michael Jackson, He's a good character. Plus, I don't think he desrves the backtalk the others are giving him.
  • Kiros, Because Final Fantasy VIII needs more recognition. Plus Reddas is a pirate and I'm a ninja therefor I don't like pirates. --Squal
  • Kiros should win because he dresses funny, and FFVIII is one of the best ones around
  • Aldrea: I vote Kiros, because Reddas looks like the bastard child of the Al Bhed Cid and a random Goron from Legend of Zelda. I also really liked Kiros' battle style and sense of comradeship.
    • Bwuaaahahahaha, it's so true, he does look like that! --Hecko X 11:27, 5 April 2007 (UTC)
  • Kiros has got to win he's more cooler plus he can summon unlike Reddas who doesseem to have any espers.- Mr darkside ,10:18am,13 April 2007

Votes for Reddas[edit source]

  • Crazyswordsman: First of all, I don't think I need to say how awesome Reddas is. He's much cooler, what with him being a reformed bad guy and all. He looks cooler too. He's older and wiser and looks more badass. And to top it all off, he's voiced by the guy who does Hermes on Futurama, even though he sounds like Patrick Stewart! As for Kiros, well, he looks like another prettyboy. Hell, I even think Reddas is cooler than EDGE. Yes, you heard me. He's cooler than Edge. Me, a fan of the older games liking Reddas more than Edge. I guess you could say that FFXII just captivates people this way. --Crazyswordsman 04:20, 22 February 2007 (UTC)
  • TacticAngel 07:00, 22 February 2007 (UTC): For all of those reasons above, with the only amendment being just how forgetable whats-his-name... Kiros is...
  • Got to be Reddas. He's voiced by Samurai Jack people! Plus, when he joins your party, he's actually a pretty damn good character. Diablocon 13:22, 22 February 2007 (UTC)
  • Auron Kaizer: I'm voting for the least homosexual-looking here. Besides, it's got to take a PRETTY bad character to be worse than Kiros. And as far as I've heard, this guy's pretty cool.
  • ShadowLaguna: I have only spent over 2 hours on FFXII and I have no idea who the hell this guy is but...Kiros sucks. And FFXII beats FFVIII anyway so yeah. xD
  • Shadow Edge:Personally, I like refomred bad guys, and that's probably the only reason for voting for Reddas. Oh yeah, and he looks cooler than Kiros. Kiros looks like an arrogant moron.
  • Anonymous: Reddas was a Judge, Kiros was a Private (being the lowest rank in infantry hierarchy of command, for those of you who are militarily challenged). I rest my case.
  • Definitely Reddas. He even sacrifices himself *spoilers*! Darth Cow 04:14, 4 March 2007 (UTC)
  • He killed himseslf for someone whom he'd only just met 'cos he thought it was right. I'd say that deserves recognition StijnX 15:56, 31 March 2007 (UTC)
  • Mymindislost: I'm gonna have to go with Reddas on this one. Although I did really like the look of Kiros's weapons, his character didn't really stand out that much to me, whereas Reddas was doing all kinds of standing out. I mean, come on. The guy sacrificed himself to save the world. How awesome is that?

Week 27: Zell Dincht vs. Cid Highwind[edit source]

With a tally of:
10 to 3
Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you a contest somewhat out of the ordinary. We are here to crown the biggest loudmouth with the shortest fuse. Which character outbreaks do you find the most amusing?

Votes for Zell[edit source]

  • I'll say Zell, his comments are funny, plus, I got a bad feeling this is going to be a one sided fight. Diablocon 13:21, 17 February 2007 (UTC)
  • Hecko X: I'm going with Zell, but he only wins by a minute difference. I like Cid alot, and I think when he swears, he goes ALL the way, but Zell get's pissed for the most immature reasons ever, and that just beats the occasional "@#$!".
  • This Guy: Best character from FFVIII, Zell's got a cool persoanlity, you don't need to be a chain smoking profanity spewing Spear-user to be cool. VIII didn't do Zell enough justice outside of gameplay. He has some of the coolest looking moves with Duel, it's also single-handedly the cheesiest most powerful Limit Break ever. It doesn't take much thanks to VIII's broken system to make him a one man WMD. But this all doesn't matter because Cid's got him beat pretty hard.(I'll admit I'd rather have Cid as the Leader insetad of Cloud, that was the best part of VII aside from anything involving the Turks)
  • Aww...poor Zell. Just because more people love FFVII :( I like Cid, but Zell is funny and lively. Gotta love the guy.

Votes for Cid[edit source]

  • Cid because he is not only a bad ass, but also a series regular who is cool/legendary is most of the games --StijnX 13:45, 17 February 2007 (UTC)
  • Cid because his swearing MADE FFVII. Take away Cid from that game, and you're stuck with VERY little that's of any value at all. --Auron Kaizer 14:32, 17 February 2007 (UTC)
  • Cid, because his game was actually good. But I would pick FFIV Cid over this one. --Crazyswordsman 15:05, 17 February 2007 (UTC)
  • Cid Highwind was not only the best of the Cids, but I think the times he was in the party as the leader were some of the best parts of FFVII. He is what made the game, not Cloud. Zell is just a "Chicken-Wuss" who talks too much.--Goldberry2000 15:26, 17 February 2007 (UTC)
  • Cid Highwind! I vote only for winner! Cid is a winner! --TacticAngel 18:15, 17 February 2007 (UTC)
  • Kogane: Cid, because he doesn't get mad for stupid reasons, his hair wasn't styles by wind, and he is one of the coolest characters in Final Fantasy. I'd rather by Cid anyday....
  • Cid. FFVII is by far the better game, Cid is by far cooler and more bad-ass, he's better at swearing, and he can fly an airship. (And he uses a spear!!)
  • I WANT MY GODDAMN TEA. --Troy C. Dangerous
  • Random Anonymous Person: Cid is awesomesauce. Zell is average.
  • Cid Highwind is simply awesome!! He's hilarious! Zell is alright but Cid owns bigtime! --ShadowLaguna 20:25, 21 February 2007 (DMT+12)

Legend in all the games.

Week 26:Gilgamesh vs. Yojimbo[edit source]

FF5 Gilgamesh.jpg
FF5 Gilgamesh.jpg
With a tally of:
20 to 11
Well, it's the two most incompetent things in the realm of Final Fantasy. One of them has a chance to deal no damage at all, the other only accepts bribes.

Votes for Gilgamesh[edit source]

  • Lorhkan i must vote for gilgemesh cause he helped me out so much in the game lol plus if he pulls out his mega weapon Yojimbo is a gonna
  • Caterfree10 I have to vote for Gilgamesh since he is one of the hardest enemies in the Final Fantasy world. Yeah, Yojimbo can kill bosses, but you have to pay him. But Gigamesh is way cooler and I love the challenge of earning heim way more.
  • Crazyswordsman Basically, Gilgamesh has a cooler name than Yojimbo (which should be spelled "Yozyimbo" anyway). Also, Gilgamesh only deals crap damage on occasion. Yojimbo only deals good damage on occasion, or if you get broke. And Enkidoh is a much cooler sidekick than Diagoro or whatever his face is.
  • S.Fawdrey My vote goes to Gilgamesh. Technically, they're about equal in strength (I don't know about FFXII, haven't played it yet) as Zanmato vs Zantetsuken = both parties dead. I'm going with him because he's had more appearances in the games.
    • It's spelled "Yôzinbô" (if you insist on using Kunrei), not "Yozyimbo". And while we comparing, Gilgamesh would be "Girugamezzyu". One's face really looks funny while saying it though ^_^ --Hecko X 16:50, 30 December 2006 (UTC)
  • Gilgamesh for me. In FF5 he was a funny character and I loved his battle theme, and in FF8 i liked how he was introduced and the way that just because he is randomly summoned doesn't mean you win. Yojimbo was more like a mercinary than a summon doing you a favour.--Goldberry2000 17:38, 30 December 2006 (UTC)
  • Gilgamesh is one of the best characters in FFV, and it was one of the few battles in FFXII that I can truly say I enjoyed. His collection of blades in FFXII is especially impressive.--MarioFanaticXV 21:53, 30 December 2006 (UTC)
  • Opario: From a broad, looking at all Final Fantasies (Fantasys? Curse the English Language!) Gilgamesh gives a more classic FF feeling, like Bahamut or Chocobos. Thus, even though I'm only partway through V and XII, I must vote for him.
  • Random Anonymous person: I...HATE...Yojimbo.
  • Darth Grapejuice Gilgamesh takes my vote because he actually has some infamy in the series. Gilgamesh is a fairly well-known entity who appears as both a character and a summon in several games. Yojimbo is somebody that I had to look up to find out anything about, and a summon who appears in a single game. So while Gilgamesh is a classic mainstay of the series, Yojimbo makes a one-time, relatively unmemorable appearance. Besides, you have to pay him!
  • Puck Udroc Lemme see, many blade wielding samurai vs. sword-for-hire? Many blades wins.
  • Auron Kaizer Even though played throughFFV, have I not (yet), Gilgamesh seems much cooler. And Zanmato failed one too many times in my hour of need.
    • I have now encountered Gilgamesh (kind of) in FF1 Dawn of Souls. It was a bad cameo appearance, but he still wins. --Auron Kaizer 16:22, 12 January 2007 (UTC)
  • ShadowLaguna Both of them are very good but Yojimbo really pissed me off. He hardly ever uses Zanmato even when you pay over 1,000,000 Gil. And Gilgamesh is known more too.
    • I made him do it with 10 gil once... --Auron Kaizer 23:41, 5 January 2007 (UTC)
      • Why you lucky thing!! --ShadowLaguna 23:23, 7 January 2007 (NZT)
        • That's nothing, you don't have to pay him. I got him to use Zanmato without even paying him--StijnX 11:01, 12 February 2007 (UTC)
  • Drillkid31 Gilgamesh gets my vote because I've actually heard of him before. (I haven't played to many Final Fantasy games but I'm a fan of what I own.) Plus, since in FF12 he uses all those swords, he rules.
  • Blykus: My vote go towards Gilgamesh because of the presence he has had in the Final Fantasy series. While I have not played Final Fantasy V enough to meet him in the game, I hear wonderful things of him. I thought he was really awesome in VIII when you were walking the world map and he would randomly kill monsters for you. In XII, he had to be the most fun mark to hunt for. The music playing in the background, his taunts, and the ability to steal Genji armor just owned. C'mon, Yojimbo was a mediocre summon in an equally mediocre game. Plus, you had to pay for him. Gilgamesh, hands down.
  • Diablocon Got to be Gil. His fights in any FF are always worth it. His appearance in XII was just so freaking awesome, and John DiMagio was a great choice to do his voice.
  • Troy C. Dangerous Gilgamesh wins. For sure. He is the only sidekick with his own sidekick and he has a bitchin' theme song.
  • LuvLuv_G2000 I say Gilgamesh because of his physical attacks. Plus in FFV, he had spells like Protect/Shell/Haste, and used a Jump attack. Then there's: Excalibur/Masamune/Excalipoor/Zantetsuken. My beef is with Yojimbo. Kozuka/Wakazashi/Daigoro? and let's not forget about that "Almost never uses" Zanmato. If you ask me, it's better to wait until FFX-2 to see it. Sorry, my vote's with Gilgamesh.
  • Gilgamesh would win. No one is there to pay Yojimbo to fight.
  • Coyote sprit Gilgamesh would own Yojimbo. I've always had some trouble with Gilgamesh but with Yojimbo it was a kill fest. Yojimbo is pathetic when compared to someone with such a legacy like Gilgamesh.
  • Souloftwilight Gilgamesh is much better than Yojimbo, sure he would pop out at random, but atleast you didn't have to pay him alot of money just for one good attack. Plus he's a classic he was around since the beginning Yojimbo just popped in and made everyone mad.

Votes for Yojimbo[edit source]

  • While i do hate the fact that you have to pay him each time, I LOVE the Zanmato attack sequence, 2nd only to Shiva's Diamond Dust fingersnap. --SmegHead 16:55, 30 December 2006 (UTC)
  • Hecko X: I'm gonna go with Yojimbo, because he has a blossoming Cherry tree in his summon-intro. I like blossoming Cherry trees ^_^
  • Jackisthemasterofwater: Agreed with Hecko X. Cherry trees. ^_^x2
  • TacticAngel: I actually liked Yojimbo, which says a lot since I generally don't like the liberal way of dealing with a problem. That said, there were certain numbers he seemd pretty fond of, many of which were quite low.
  • mmmm Yojimbo. so awesome. cherry blossoms = awesome. the only thing is, i never know how to make him actually perform Zanmato on purpose. It's always totally arandom to me. oh well. and he's got an awesome name. i'll go look up where it came from...
  • baralai888: Gotta go with Yojimbo. I love his entrance and he's got a cool name. Plus the dog is a badass!
  • Kogane: Yojimbo. He can kill bosses in one hit. Even if you have to pay him, he can make the fights go much faster. That and he's got a cool hat.
  • I liked Yojimbo's summon sequence. He also only appears when you want him to. Gilgamesh in FFVIII's summon can't be controlled at all. His appearances are too random. What also makes it worse for Gilgamesh is that in FFV, he wasn't too bright. Yojimbo is actually smart enough to demand payment for services rendered! Grand Maester Charlemagne at 15:41 GMT -5:00 on 27 January 2007
  • I really like Yojimbo. The only thing I don't like about him is he attacks based on $$CASH$$. But, this can also be a good thing; if you're rich, or at the end of the game, it doesn't matter. Darth Cow 18:11, 5 February 2007 (UTC)
  • StijnX Yojimbo is the second coolest aeon in FFX, second only to Bahamut (who is a legend), and he helped me out so much by killing Braska's Final Aeon's second form in one hit, as well as Seymour Omnis. LEGEND
  • Yojimbo is a beast and can use Zamanto to kill Gilgamesh in one hit Boo Yah!

Week 25: Bad Fight Week![edit source]

Okay, this week is very special for two reasons:

  • It's the 25th fight, and
  • This hasn't been updated in a long time.

For this reason, we're doing four of the most overdone matches by fanboys in Final Fantasy history! These are hand selected from some of the greatest forum wars of our time!

Terra Branford vs. Celes Chere[edit source]

200px-Ff6 amano tina.jpg
200px-Ff6 amano tina.jpg
With a tally of:
8 to 2
It's the two babes of Final Fantasy VI, who are most disputed for main character of the game! Forum Wars last several topics over this small fact! Does Celes' start of the World of Ruin make her the main character, or is it Terra, who is the main focus of the game? You decide!

Votes for Terra[edit source]

  • Muusisoosi A hard decision, since my two favourite characters are Terra and Celes (And my favourite FF is VI). But i have to say that i like Terra more. Terra's Morph/Trance ability is so useful because it almost doubles Terra's stats. Celes has Runic, Runic is a useful skill too but not as useful as Morph/Trance. Terra is also more interesting because she is a half esper while Celes is a human infused with magic. Both Terra and Celes are good characters, but Terra is just better
  • Crazyswordsman Anyone who's ripped FFVI back to front will tell you that Terra is the main character and is the better one. I wouldn't mess with a girl who can transform into an Esper at will. She's got better natural spells, and better Magic Power (which in FFVI means more than Vigor). Plus, Morph > Runic (And Terra gets.... THE COTTON ROBE!!!!!)
  • 03:50, 23 December 2006 (UTC) Cotton Robe > all. Anyways, I'll have to go for Terra as well; I like both of them, but Morph is what makes Terra the superior character. Plus, she has green hair.
  • Bluedragoon I unfortunately haven't played the game, so I compared these two by magic abilities. While both are adept at white and black magic, from what I've interpretted, Terra's abilites are more offensive (even though she's still great at white magic) while Celes's are more supplementary and defensive. I'm more of an offense guy (It gets the job done.), so Terra wins.
  • Darth Grapejuice When you think of Final Fantasy VI, you think of... well, Kefka. But after that, you think of Terra. As the main focus of the game, she steals the show as the lead, making her an easy choice.
  • ShadowLaguna: Terra is much greater than Celes. She is half Esper. And she can use her awesome magic.
  • Random anonymous person: They are both awesome, but I like Terra slightly more. And I lost a lot of respect for Celes after watching Aria de Mezzo Caraterre. I don't care what anyone says, that was HILARIOUS.
  • Terra is the only fictional character I have ever referred to as being "hot" (with the exception of jokingly referring to pyromancers.) Biased? Yes. But I'm voting for her regardless.--MarioFanaticXV 01:35, 24 December 2006 (UTC)
  • That One Guy: Terra's definitely got the spot for MC, both storywise and gameplay wise. However just because she's the main character still doesn't make her cool. Celes is a hell of a better character and that's saying alot AND not much because she sucks too.
  • Terra rules. She's one of my--if not THE--favourite character in the series. The whole half-esper thing is really going for her. Her (English) name is awesome, although her Japanese name isn't. No offense, but Tina sounds too plain... Celes has a cool name too, but that's not the point. I like her Morph ability, it's really useful. Plus her issue with love is really quite deep.

Votes for Celes[edit source]

  • Lithium.Archangel: Celes is a MagiTek Knight, and has the weapon and HP advantage. Terra is a summoner, with more magic power and that Morph ability which I still don't quite get. Considering the level of customization you can acheive in Final Fantasy VI, it's very difficult to say who would win this fight...personally, I have to go with Celes...I know that I usually don't base decisions on characters' storyline significance, etc., but I really don't think that Terra could stand up to an equally magical, stronger, more defensive character like Celes. I also had to take into account Celes' special ability, Runic, allows her to absorb the next spell cast and use it to supplement her own MP...quite frankly, though, it'd most likely come down to their Espers...not to mention Locke was my favorite character from FFVI, and I had a silly, silly crush on her, so I have to go with his/my girl. :p
  • Based purely on the fact that Terra was probably the worst female lead ever, my vote goes for Celes, an equally disinteresting, but slightly less annoying character. --TacticAngel 08:40, 23 December 2006 (UTC)
  • Terra is a whining bitch. Nuff said. --Auron Kaizer 16:04, 24 December 2006 (UTC)

Kefka Palazzo vs. Sephiroth[edit source]

FF6 Kefkaart.jpg
FF6 Kefkaart.jpg
With a tally of:
16 to 11
The two most popular villans in the series! Kefka fanboys say he's more evil because he's classic. Sephiroth fanboys say he's more evil because he's dark. But who is the most evil?

Votes for Kefka[edit source]

  • Muusisoosi Which is the most evil? One who kills and destroys just for the fun of it, or the one who TRIES to kill, because he thinks it is the best for the planet .Of course Kefka wins. Kefka is the only Final Fantasy villain who has temporarily defeated the entire party of the good guys. He also is the only FF villain to reach temporary godhood. Sephiroth is just a pussy with a womanlike hair and a sword, Kefka is nihilistic, misantropic and evil imperial general, whose sanity has been shattered by magic. Sephiroth does what he thinks is best for the planet, Kefka kills just for the fun of it. Kefka nearly killed the whole planet, and what did Sephiroth do? He merely destroyed Midgar with his meteor. Did Sephiroth have his own cult? NO. Did Kefka have his own cult? Yes, people started it because they feared Kefka so much. How many people Sephiroth killed? Don't know, how many Kefka did? Kefka destroyed many villages and cities for gods sake. Kefka mercilessly took children from their parents, and parents from their children. Kefka released ancient dragons and demons upon the world. Sephiroth had a nice hole in the ground where to hide, Kefka had his own monument of destruction, his tower where he judged helpless people with his light of judgment. Also Kefka had Dancing Mad, which is superior to One Winged Angel. Kefka is the best FF villain of all time, Sephiroth is a pussy.
    • You seem to have misunderstood Sephi's "reasoning" for doing what he does. It has nothing to do with "what is best for the planet". Just thought you should know. --Hecko X 18:30, 3 March 2007 (UTC)
  • Crazyswordsman Kefka is just plain evil. Sephiroth has a reason for what he does (he believes he is doing what the Planet wants to happen). Kefka, meanwhile, only is doing what he does because he enjoys the suffering of others. And also, Kefka got to be a God, Seph didn't. Seph's kills were limited to one town and one character: Zack (don't bring Aeris into this; that was a clone of his). Kefka, the REAL Kefka, killed Leo, Gestahl, poisoned Doma, and destroyed an entire world, for no reason other than personal pleasure. Kefka has the cooler laugh too. Finally, "Dancing Mad" beats "One-Winged Angel" anyday. How many classic lines does Seph get? Much fewer than Kefka got. And Kefka is the only one to use the word "Hate." Kefka is just the villan you love to hate.
  • 03:56, 23 December 2006 (UTC) Kefka... there's really no equal to him. I can't really think of anything to say that CSM didn't say already.
  • S.Fawdrey A villian who actually wins is far better then one who does not. Touche, Seph.
  • Both are good, but Kefka was more entertaining (not funny, but entertaining) and Sephy is really just a bit of a mama's boy.
  • yanadi Yes, Kefka is the most entertaining of all villains. Gyahahaha.
  • Kefka only needs one word to show his superiorty: "Deity".--MarioFanaticXV 01:34, 24 December 2006 (UTC)
  • That One Guy: The Hype up deranged psycho or the deranged evil sissy. We'll go for Kefka, he was actually a good boss fight and he doesn't have the shame of being mucsled by a reject rent-a-cop on his record. The fact that I have a utter hatred for Sephiroth was not factored into my selection.....or was it?
  • Opario: I agree almost completely with Crazyswordsman on this, except that "Dancing Mad" beats "One-Winged Angel." Heck, you could probably just have a battle with those two songs alone. Anyway, I think more people are looking at this match as who is cooler, when it should be about who is the more evil (or is it eviller?) villian. Also, you talk to Kefka before you fight him at the end, and more then Seph throughout the game, which I feel lets the player get to know Kefka's evil details better.
    • Actually it isn't. People constantly missunderstand the purpose of this. It has to do with who/what you like more. The text in the blue spacing is just pre-fight smacktalk and has nothing to do with what you should vote for. You go with the one you like most, nothing else. The same when there's a battle of two jobs, e.g. Paladin vs Dark Knight. Most people thought because the pictures where of Cecil, that it was about if Cecil was better as a Paladin or Dark Knight, which wasn't the case. It was about the classes, not the person pictured. --Hecko X 11:53, 31 December 2006 (UTC)

Zodiac: Kefka made me sick and he is the first video game villian that I would never forget, he killed espers, I hated him, he was a God of evil. he ruined the world and unleashed terrible monsters, Dragons, Doom Gaze, Phunbaba. He made his cult and that insane tower. The guy was the first to inspire me to hate a bad guy. Sephiroth just was tragic and did very little to inspire hate in me, plus he wasnt all that challenging, as an impressive character as he is, Kefka just has him beat in so many ways. I mean Kefka did kill General Leo, and ruined the world, and had his light of judgement. Kefka wins, Sephiroth loses.

  • Kefka by a moderate margin. I'll admit Sephiroth comes close to the power Kefka has, but anyone who summons a 3-day attack meteor that doesn't crash in 3 days all... has no chance against a being who destroyed and warped a planet. Kefka can destroy: from using an instant town-incinerating light of judgment (that works!) to absorbing power from goddesses, to committing genocide, Kefka stands unmatched as a villain. --Progamer
  • Troy C. Dangerous Sephiroth is a mama's boy. Besides, he settled for a meteor that would take a week to hit, when he could summon a damn supernova in a few minutes. KEFKA WINZ.
  • J.S. well, kuja could destory both these guys with ultima, but as i hate Sephiroth, i'll vote for clown. plus, it's easier to spell his name.
  • Kefka actually accomplishes his "goal" of becoming a god. Sephiroth is manipulative; Kefka is just plain nuts. Kefka unleashes so many horrible things and comes the closest to actually destroying his home world outright (with the possible exception of Kuja). Kefka, hands down. --Grand Maester Charlemagne at 15:26 GMT -5:00 on 27 January 2007
  • Yeah.. Sephiroth wanted to destroy the world.. Kefka actually managed to do it. Sorry, Seph. 20:04, 9 February 2007 (UTC)
  • Shadow Edge Kefka is the best. No contest. Sephiroth is great, yeah yeah, whatever. But Kefka is more realistic. I mean, it's more fun to rule the world than to destroy it. And Kefka has more forms than Sephiroth. And Kefka acctually manages his goal before getting wasted. And Kefka has people who worship him.
Sephiroth has enough fanboys/fangirls who worship him :P --Auron Kaizer 18:49, 3 March 2007 (UTC)
  • Well, I'm voting for Kefka because he actually provides comical relief...unlike the always-serious Sephiroth... I LOVE his laugh... And although Sephiroth is more good looking than vote goes to Kefka.

Votes for Sephiroth[edit source]

  • Lithium.Archangel: Wow...this one's kinda harsh...both villains who aspired to godhood...both who think that all lives on their respective planets are meaningless an transvestite, one with very womanly hair. The real balancing factors for me are the fact that Sephiroth wields one of the "legendary" Final Fantasy weapons, Masamune, and wouldn't have had to worry about getting killed once he attained godlike power...because he would have already decimated an entire planet. Let's not forget that Sephiroth's means of attaining godhood were a lot more difficult than Kefka's..."Oh, I just need to move these statues around...okay! Vwee hee hee!" The thing that really makes Sephiroth more dangerous is the fact that there was more of a method to his madness than Kefka's. Kefka wanted power for power's sake...Sephiroth wanted power for something personally significant. Did Sephiroth have his own cult? After a fashion, yes. But, anyway, this isn't a battle based on any cults of personality...because of this, I would have to say that Sephiroth is more powerful than Kefka.
  • Lorhkan i just love sephiroth hes 1 of ma favorite villains charecters in the final fantasy genre
  • Hecko X: Sephiroth, for various reasons. Most important being that he's pretty much the only FF villain to kill an actual playable main character of a game (that I know of).
      • [User:Pyt|Pyt]] Well, if you dont wait for shadow, on the floating continent right before Kefka destroys the world, Shadow is gone forever. Also, because of what Kefka has done, one of the main characters is driven to attempt suicide.
  • Darth Grapejuice This is an almost impossible choice. These are too of my favorite villains in any medium, but the main reason that Sephiroth takes my vote is because of the relationship with and the effect he has on the main character: Kefka is the star of Final Fantasy VI, it's true, but in FF7 it's the interraction between Cloud and Sephiroth that takes center stage. One of the most heartfelt moments in any game - and I've played my fair share, classic and modern - is the moment in which Sephiroth seeks to use Cloud to kill Aeris, and when that fails, he drops down to slaughter her himself. As for the "clone" theory, the creators themselves have stated that Sephiroth was in control the entire time. He was the manipulator, the man behind Jenova, and was responsible for killing Aeris and changing the world of Final Fantasy VII in an instant. Kefka may have attained the power of a god, but it was Sephiroth, the rogue angel, who was Cloud's personal nemesis and gave the story of FF7 the meaning and heart that keeps it as one of the most cherished games in the series.
  • ShadowLaguna: Sephiroth is a much better character. He has the almighty Masamune. He has the guts to kill. He summoned Meteor. And One-Winged Angel owns Dancing Mad. What else do I need to say!?
    • And Kefka doesn't have the guns to kill? He killed way more people than Seph. Kefka also did what Seph couldn't by summoning Meteor (destroying the world). Crazyswordsman 21:01, 23 December 2006 (UTC)
      • Of course Kefka had the guts to kill. Of course he killed more people than Sephiroth did. But Kefka didn't "succeed" as people say he did. He achieved temporary godlike power, and then he died. He was killed exactly like Sephiroth. I don't want to fill up voting space, but I hate it when people claim that Kefka won.
        • At least Sephiroth looks a lot better! xD ShadowLaguna 21:30, 7 May 2007 (DMT+12)
  • Is this even a real competition?--Puck Udroc 15:24, 23 December 2006 (UTC)
  • I agree with Puck Udroc. There is no competition here; Sephiroth makes Kefka look like an ant. --Goldberry2000 23:34, 23 December 2006 (UTC)
        • At least Sephiroth looks a lot better! xD ShadowLaguna 21:30, 7 May 2007 (DMT+12)
  • Sephiroth beats the loveable Kefka BARELY because of Kefka's CG rendering in the PSX version. God, it's even worse than Amano's sketches...besides, Sephiroth has the TENSHI. --Auron Kaizer 16:06, 24 December 2006 (UTC)
  • Kefka's not dark enough. PS: Merry Christmas everyone! ShadowLaguna 10:41, 25 December 2006 (NZT)
  • RollEXE He's more than evil. He's insane. And he's got cool long silver hair and a 2 metre Katana. And he killed me like I-don't-know-how-much-times but I finally beat him. He's the perfect villain to be glomped by fangirls. Or boys.
  • Sephiroth has my vote. He could beat anyone out there, and there is no way Kuja could beat him.
  • Okay, look at it this way, Kefka is a CLOWN! Seriously, wtf? Sephiroth is just so unbelievably bad-ass that theres no competition. After all, he wanted to destroy the world because of an identity crisis...
  • Think about this...Kefka lost IN SPITE of the fact that he had godlike powers. If he can be defeated even with godly powers, how good is he really? --User:Sephiroth7

Cloud Strife vs. Squall Leonhart[edit source]

CharVIII Squall.jpg
This fight has done so much and is what every drooling fanboy desires. Square even did it for us in Kingdom Hearts II!

Votes for Cloud[edit source]

  • Lithium.Archangel This really comes down to Lion Heart vs. Omnislash. If the two of them threw their ultimate Limit Breaks at one another, Cloud is going to come down the victor. Lion Heart was a little too random to give Squall the edge there. And, quite frankly, Cloud was a more exaggeratedly powerful character...not to mention the fact that his abilities were enhanced by Jenova cells...but we all know that chestnut. Squall was a badass, but he was a human-peak badass...Cloud, I think, reached the point where he ascended over normal human limitations...don't believe me? Two words: Buster Sword.
  • Crazyswordsman I personally am a fan of neither. I hate Cloud's spikey hair and cocky attitude, and I hate Squall's cocky attitude. Neither of them are that cool to hang around. But Cloud is cooler because his game didn't suck.
  • Darth Grapejuice From the beginning, Cloud is a cold, cocky man with a soft spot for Tifa. From the beginning, Squall is a cold, somewhat whiny man with a soft spot for self-pity. I like Squall in some ways, mostly because of his Gunblade, but Cloud is a much more complex soul who undergoes a greater change. Cloud deals with the personal war against Sephiroth, with his muddled memories, with Aeris' death, and with reason to doubt himself countless times over, but he still pushes through and saves the day. Squall is strong and a badass, but Cloud is weak and a hero.
  • ShadowLaguna Cloud is an awesome character. He is interesting and is my favourite FF character.
  • Random anonymous person: Cloud. Squall borrows Rinoa's eyeliner.
    • But Cloud wears women clothing :P --Hecko X 16:01, 23 December 2006 (UTC)
      • Oh yeah? Squall would never wear women's clothing to save Rinoa. It takes a real man to throw away his pride and cross-dress. Darth Grapejuice
  • Since we're talking Amano's Cloud as opposed to FFVII's Cloud, then Cloud all the way. He would have been much better in ever possible way if they had kept him the way Amano suggested... katanas > gunblades > claymoors.
    • Amen, brother. Hell, Amano's FFX-2 designs would have been kickass if they were used. Did you see his Rikku? Amano made her look like a Viking goddess. Crazyswordsman 03:08, 24 December 2006 (UTC)
      • What do you mean Amano's Cloud? Cloud is Cloud. Besides, Amano's designs for FF7 were horrendous. Darth Grapejuice
      • In reference to Crazyswordsman: Agreed... I probably would have actually bought a PS2 instead of borrowing my uncle's if they had gone with his designs for X, X-2, and XII.--MarioFanaticXV 20:52, 26 December 2006 (UTC)
  • Cloud woould win because Squall would spend all of his time being Emo off in a corner. oakenfelder
  • Let's see here...on one hand, we got a spiky haired, cross-dressing bipolar schizophrenic who wields a sword bigger than himself, and wastes his time on Aeris/Tifa when he could just go for teh Y00fie. On the other severed hand, we got...a guy who talks to himself all the time? Who possesses less character than ANY of the Final Fantasy I characters...and also wears fur, which is murder? And also doesn't deal more than 255 damage 17 hours into the game? The mind positively BOGGLES here. --Auron Kaizer 16:10, 24 December 2006 (UTC)

Crazy Lou I personally couldn't decide on personality, but since FFVII was the game that got me hooked on Final Fantasy, this matchup goes right to Cloud.

  • Cloud would win, his unaltered stats(without having used any Source items, or wearing items like Champion's Belt) are higher at level 99 than Squall's level 99 unaltere stats.
  • I've got to admit, this was a hard chioce, I've got a deep respect for both these warriors, but at last, only one of these warriors was capable of killing is even more boost up due to the fact that he was injected with Jenova cells DAMMIT! Leon' cool and everything, but it's time for ALL of us to face reality, in the end, Cloud Wins ,and that's that.

Votes for Squall[edit source]

  • 04:00, 23 December 2006 (UTC) Squall... that good ol' moody Rinoa-lover. Well, I'm not a big fan of either game, but I'll say that I like Squall more, if not by much. Must be the Gunblade.
  • Hecko X: Not a big fan of either character, but I like Squall's jacket...
  • But Squall is awesome....just because of the scar and the Gunblade.--Puck Udroc 15:26, 23 December 2006 (UTC)
  • yanadi: Squall is Asian. Cloud is not. hehe. kidding.
  • Squall rules. I used to think that Cloud and his big-ass sword was ace, but then I played FF8 and had control of Squall... and the rest is history. Squall would have wiped out Sephiroth or Jenova in seconds, Cloud is naught but a weakling out of his depth. --Goldberry2000 23:36, 23 December 2006 (UTC)
  • Cloud's story was more of an emotional, "discovering who I truly am and what my purpose is" type thing similar to Zidane, whereas Squall was more about becoming a leader and learning to count on his friends. Even though Squall annoyed me quite a bit with his indifferent attitude toward everything, he would absolutely kick Cloud into next year. Of course I am talking about Game!Cloud; Advent Children!Cloud is a different fight altogether, he was excellent! --SmegHead 03:31, 24 December 2006 (UTC)
  • That One Guy: When will people learn, both these guys are equally inferior to Zidane in terms of character. But this isn't about him, Squall gets the vote because he actally gets cool before the game ends.

JS. cloud may have the largest sword, but at least squall managed to defeat his final boss. Sephiroth still survives after final fantasy 7

  • The reason I throw my support behind Squall is because his fighting technique is undoubtedly head and shoulders above the rest. Can you imagine trying to control a sword that's vibrating as you follow through on your strike? I couldn't. Cloud's Buster Sword is impressive, but the gunblade takes much more to master. --Grand Maester Charlemagne at 15:36 GMT -5:00 on 27 January 2007
  • Normally I'd go for cloud because he has such an awesomely dark past but Squall has a sword with a flaming gun on it!!!!1 END OF STORY
  • Squall is better PERIOD. He would totally crush the purple clad Cloud with Renzokuken followed by lionheart. It is just way better.
  • Squall most definately. After all, he didn't break down and question his own existance while the world was being destroyed. If Squall were there, he'd have kicked Ultimate Weapons and all thte others ass. Also, Lionheart>Omnislash =]

Squall Leonhart vs. Seifer Almasy[edit source]

With a tally of:
8 to 4
Don't ask where this comes from. It just pops up so friggin' often.

Votes for Squall[edit source]

  • Hecko X: I vote for Squall because Seifer is an arrogant, hot-headed, reckless, stubborn bully who lives in a fantasy world. And while he does possess fighting prowess, I do not find his character the least bit likable.
  • Darth Grapejuice: Nothing long on this one. I just don't like voting for immature loser characters.
  • ShadowLaguna: Seifer is a funny character, no doubt about that, but I still prefer Squall. He looks cooler and he's stronger etc.
  • S.Fawdrey: Hmm. I make this decision from KH II, since their FFVIII performances are about equal. And from that, it's gotta be Squall.
  • Squall kicks major as, no questions. Who won the fight?--Puck Udroc 15:23, 23 December 2006 (UTC)
  • Agreed. Squall all the way; how can you even sugest that Siefer was even worth Squall's time??? --Goldberry2000 23:38, 23 December 2006 (UTC)
  • That One Guy: Both have shifts in their adequacy, Squall got cool by the end of the game, Seifer was cool in the very begining and end of the game. I'll go with Squall because Revolver is the superior Gunblade design.
  • oakenfelder I vote for Squall, because as annoying as i found him, I thought that Seifer was more annoying.

Votes for Seifer[edit source]

  • Crazyswordsman Heh. Seifer was the only decent character in this craptacular game.
  • 04:02, 23 December 2006 (UTC) Well, I did like Quistis and Laguna as well, but yes, Seifer was my favourite character. I'll give this to the Sorceress's Knight.
  • Random anonymous person: I hate Squall. So Seifer gets my vote.
  • Auron Kaizer: The only, and might I say that again, the ONLY reason I even try to continue playing this game is because Seifer owns them. ALL. Squall is still an introvert bitch.

Week 24: Dark Knight vs. Paladin[edit source]

Cecil Dknight.jpg
Cecil Paladin.jpg
With a tally of:
11 to 8
Cecil Paladin.jpg
Once more, we present you with complete opposites. The Dark Knight with his black armor, wielding a sword imbued with evil and willing to sacrifice HP in order to do more damage to an enemy. The Paladin with his white armor, wielding a sword imbued with holy power and willing to sacrifice HP in order to save an ally. Which role would you play, were you given the choice? The slayer or the savior?

Votes for Dark Knight[edit source]

  • I was so frikk'n pissed when my level 30 Cecil turned into a Lvl 1 Paladin, so Dark Knight gets my vote. Also, Darkness rules! Hmm...weak healing versus a deadly self-sacrifice move? I WONDER... --Auron Kaizer 13:56, 4 December 2006 (UTC)
  • I can't believe DK is losing. --Puck Udroc 21:25, 4 December 2006 (UTC)
  • Darkness all the way! Dark Knight gets my vote. (I also sympathize with Auron Kaizer - a similar thing happened to me!) --DNA300 10:57, 5 December 2006 (UTC)
  • Hecko X: I'm usually never fond of having to sacrifice HP unless it's a last resort, but a Dark Knight with Auto-Regen equipment is like an unstopable force of death. Strategically, I would probably choose the Dark Knight over the Paladin, for what's the point of healing someone, if you can prevent them from getting hurt in the first place?
  • ShadowLaguna: I prefer the Dark Knight. They are more....Dark. And I don't really like Cecil as a Paladin. He may be better than himself as a Dark Knight but he looks better as a D. Knight. And he doesn't learn many spells as a Paladin.
  • Matti: Dark Knight!
  • Dark Knight has my vote, since he basically gets the job done. Let's put it this way. What is the object of all video games in general? To kill the enemy, which the Dark Knight can do both standardly like any fighter/knight class can, or amazingly destructively with his special techniques. Then, what is White Magic used for? To delay the enemy's victory in hopes that it is enough of a delay so the enemy dies from the offense of your team before you do, since you were just replenished to an extent that the enemy can't compensate in dealing damage to you. To put it plainly, if your cure, shell, protect, or cover spells aren't higher than what an enemy deals to you in damage, you just wasted a turn. Also, I'm seeing a few people pick Paladin because of the conotations of light. I thought anime was trying to teach us that light and darkness aren't good and evil per se (i.e. FFII: Rebirth of Soul, when Minwu and gang fought the evil Light Emperor).-Bluedragoon 11:06, 10 December 2006
    • You can't kill someone that keeps casting Rerise (Life3) on themselves.--MarioFanaticXV 02:52, 11 December 2006 (UTC)
      • Touché. Even so, not only does constantly casting Rerise or Auto-Life not win a battle (meaning it won't kill the enemy), you'll eventually run out of MP. Now that I think about it, this whole battle in general could almost, (and I emphasize almost), be summed as "Which one's better? White Magic or Black Magic?"
  • TacticAngel: This really depends on how I feel at the time. Since I just got up, darkness wins. I want to be back in bed. Honestly, I think the jobs are fairly well matched. The strength of Dark Knight, damage and siphons, is usually the weakness of Holy Knights, but they are every bit as weak defensively as Holy Knights are strong. It would really be up to the skill of the player.

Votes for Paladin[edit source]

  • Crazyswordsman White Magic is better than Dark Wave. Healing versus damaging yourself? This is very unfair.
  • S.Fawdrey The paladins throughout Final Fantasy have always been good characters (Cecil, Beatrix), and it's not as though they couldn't dish out the damage.
  • MarioFanaticXV Even when speaking of things outside of Final Fantasy, Paladins have always been my favorite class. Call me boring, but warriors of light, gifted in both sword fighting and magic (although Final Fantasy Paladins are limited to white magic... what I usually refer to as a Paladin is far closer to a Red Mage), they are masters of battle, and heralds of justice. Besides, Dark Wave would be pretty useless with out a Life spell to bring them back.
  • Qwertyed3rftbhbyjh: Paladin
  • Armond I'm with MarioFanatic. Paladins own. For D&D freaks, pair the Paladin with the Kensai or Cavalier prestige class. For Final Fantasy, you can never have too much healing.

Random Person: I like to cast cure so Paladin gets my win.

  • Random anonymous person: In general, I wouldn't choose one over the other. But seeing as these are pictures of a dark knight, he was much worse than as a paladin.
  • Drillkid31 Paladin. Always Paladin. White Magic is better than Dark Side any day. The dark knight wasn't really even that strong in FF IV. Paladin gets the vote period.
  • oceanx: I would typically pick Dark Knight, but the antagonist in the game is always going to be a dark power, so how are you going to defeat the darkness with a Dark Knight? You'd have to pick a Paladin. Just like when Golbez used the Crystal on Zeromus, it didn't work - primarilly because he did not possess the goodness needed for it to work against a soul as Dark as Zeromus'.

paladins rule. dark knights are close but who would you back, paladin cecil or dark knight? no contest there

    • That's weird, I thought this looked like a competition. Oh well.
  • Darth Grapejuice Pros for the paladin: He possesses holy power, he casts off the darkness in his soul, he's more appealing to Rosa, he can use Ragnarok, and he can slay Zeromus. Cons: His character sprite looks like a clown. Paladin beats Dark Knight easily.

Week 23: Moogle vs. Chocobo[edit source]

With a tally of:
10 to 8
Boco (Chocobo\'s Mysterious Dungeon 2).png
Two of the most familiar animals in Final Fantasy history, Kupo! But which one does the the users on the FFWiki like more, Wark? Let's find out, so cast your votes now, Warpo!!!

Votes for Moogle[edit source]

  • Auron Kaizer: My vote's for the Moogle. Some of my favourite video game creatures of all time that. The Moogle theme from FFVI is gold too. Goomba still beats them both though...Kwehpo.
  • S.Fawdrey: What can I say? I love Stiltzkin!
  • Crazyswordsman NEVER mess with the awesome, all powerful, friendly, street smart, S-L-A-M dancing Moogle!
  • Nagyss: I think we all know that Crystal Chronicals was a tedious game (especially on single player!) but the one thing that made it worthwhile was the moogles!
  • Bluedragoon: Moogles win. Why? Simple enough: They are (or at least can be) sapient, and therefore they can actually be characters! EDIT: From what I've played, moogles have their own brand(s) of magical arsenal, and some are even warriors; whereas chocobos can only peck, scratch, and stampede.
    • Pretty much all living beings are sentient, since sentience merely means to posses sensory organs. Sapience encompasses selfawareness and the abillity to act with judgement. So sentience has nothing to do with their ability to "be characters", but sapience does, which is why I corrected it. I was hoping I could spare you this "lecture", which is why I only wrote in the summary box, why I had corrected it (which you read, of course...). --Hecko X 21:19, 23 November 2006 (UTC)
      • Bluedragoon: Oops, sorry. I thought I just made a typo when it read 'sapient'; didn't know someone was correcting me. Thanks for pointing that error out to me. 14:14, 24 November 2006
  • Jackisthemasterofwater: Kupo! Kupo! Kupo! Yes, I'm more addicted to Kupo then Wark... Although the Chocobo theme tune on Final Fantasy X is quite cool...

Random Anonymous person: I love them both, and chocobos are sweet but I'm gonna have to go with the lil fuzzy mole-bats. Kupo-po-po!

Me: Moogles rock! They are so cool the almighty Madeen decided to disguise as one. And plus moogles are cuter

  • User:Kuja: Gotta be Moogles simply 'cause of the name. MOOGLE!

Moogles can talk (although most of them cannot speak English), cast spells, fly, play basketball, and communicate telepathically. Chocobos can be a means of transportation (and in the case of black ones, fly). What this ultimately comes down to for me is Mog Vs. Boko, and I'm sorry, but Mog takes the cake.-- 03:42, 3 December 2006 (UTC)

Votes for Chocobo[edit source]

  • ShadowLaguna: I like them both equally. They both rock. But I'm voting for Chocobo since he doesn't have any votes yet.
  • TacticAngel: I think Chocobo's size and some of their crazy abilities over the course of time make them, on average, a more potent foe than a mog. Plus... CSM and I never vote the same.
>;) Crazyswordsman 06:06, 23 November 2006 (UTC)
  • Hecko X: My first FF-game was FFIX, where both creatures played a big part, but even though the moogles were awesome (especially the "Kupo"-sound they made), Choco-loco gets my vote, simply because I spent hours and hours chocobo digging ^_^
  • Puck Udroc: Honestly, think. Put your little Moogle ("Kupo") against The giant Chocobo's of Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, X, and X-2
    • You obviously left out FFVI because Mog can single handedly destroy any of those "giant" Chocobos. And if he can't do that, he can outlast them. He has the Snow Muffler and spears, and is a combination Dancer/Dragoon. NO ONE can beat Mog the great! Crazyswordsman 05:12, 24 November 2006 (UTC)
    • S/he probably hasn't played any of the FFs that are VI or older. Anyway, yeah Mog owns any chocobo. Except the Gold Chocobo. :-P ShadowLaguna 17:54, 27 November 2006
      • Other than th original, I've only played VII and higher, but read a lot about them. Although VI does have slightly tougher mogs, the Moogle race in General is a lot weaker than the Chocobo race in general.
  • Darth Cow I love the chocobos. They're cute and shiny and... anyways, it's pretty equal to me, but I have to go with my Chocobo friends. No offense, The Moogles Eight (FFXII).
  • RollEXEChocobo! They are cute and fluffy, though Moogles are too. But Chocobo's can be ridden on and I just love them!

User:DenniTuesti: Okay, seriously, did ANYONE pay attantion to Final Fantasy VII? First summon you get is Choco/Mog. They both go into the battle fierce, but the only one left without stars in the eyes is who? That's right - Chocobo. And even though I love moogles to death and I would love to say that they'd win, it's just not true.

  • Grand Maester Charlemagne: Moogles are nice, but Chocobos are more useful. Chocobos are also FAST!!
  • Moogles are cute, but chocobos are fluffy and basically more useful!!

Week 22: Crono vs. Sora[edit source]

[[File:Crono.jpg|190px|center]] Winner!!
[[File:Crono.jpg|150px|center]]With a tally of:
9 to 4
Taking a break from Final Fantasy games, we're going to two other popular Square Franchises. Crono from the legendary Chrono Trigger takes on Sora from the new hit Kingdom Hearts. It's a battle of spikey headed heroes!

Votes for Crono[edit source]

  • Crazyswordsman Not only is Chrono Trigger the greatest game ever made, but Sora sucks. Everything about Sora sucks. I mean, come on, he fights with a giant key? I don't even know how he can pick that thing up. Crono, meanwhile has a badass Katana and looks ready to fight. And Sora is voiced by the whiny kid from the Sixth Sense, while Crono is a silent protagonist, which just happens to be my favorite kind. A "silent killer" if ever there was one. Plus, Crono has Luminaire and Confuse, two very powerful skills. Also, Crono is the second best character with spikey hair ever to exist after Dekar from Lufia II.
  • Auron Kaizer My vote's for Crono alright. Everyone loves a spiky-haired mute! And... Sora is a bit of a whiny strange little imp...annoying at times even (OMG!). Silence is golden at times...y'know?
  • Random anonymous person: CRONO! Duhh. He's the coolest mute in video games excluding Link (yes, I know he has one line in one of the endings but that doesn't count.) Sora doesn't compare to him. At all. Crono r00lz and Sora is just a whiny brat with big feet.
  • Darth CowSora's like Tidus. He's all emotional and a stupid weakling. Just like Tidus, he hasn't hit puberty.
  • Random Person #2: I vote for Chrono because...well he is Chrono.
  • Ksi: Chrono of course, he's way stronger than Sora and cooler too!
  • Anon: 1. Chrono is my AIM avatar. 2. Chrono a component of how many Triple Techs? 3. Silent protagonist for the win! 4. Sora is a girl's name.-- 18:21, 20 November 2006 (UTC)
  • ShadowLaguna I am currently a huge fan of Chrono Trigger because I finally got to play it (stupid NZ for not letting the game reach the country) so yeah, i'm a bit CT mad at the moment. I am also a big fan of the KH series but I still prefer Crono since Sora acts like a kid and sounds like a kid (especially in the first). I mean, i'm 14 and I don't have such a kiddy voice. :-P But yeah, Crono owns! Like what Random anonymous person said, Crono and Link are the best mutes ever! I also quite like the Dragon Quest VIII Hero who is also a mute.
  • Geoff: How can you NOT vote for Crono? First of all Lavos, is vastly superior to any random Disney Greek god. He's a giant world-destroying hedgehog capable of completely wiping out a futuristic civilization without batting an eyelid. Sephiroth might be almost as good in FF7, but in KH, he's significantly more wimpy. Also, Sora has nothing close to Luminaire. And he's less bad-ass than Crono. Anyway, the spikey-haired guy pwns.
  • Some dude: I love Kingdom Hearts and its many worlds but Chrono Trigger is better for me. Although I normally hate silent protagonists, and I don't like Akira Toriyama's art. But you can't not love Chrono Trigger... Magus is more awesome than what's-his-name...Ansem (Xehanort)
  • I love Kingdom Hearts but it has to "borrow" other games' and movies' characters to succeed. Chrono Trigger doesn't. besides, time traveling pawns world-traveling!

Votes for Sora[edit source]

Hecko X: Sora from the first Kingdom Hearts (which isn't really a "new" hit) wasn't too cool, but in KH2, he comes back with a coolness factor times 10. The new default black outfit looks nice and his forms (Valor, Wisdom, etc.) are awesome. Also, he not only beat several Titans, the Greek übergods, he also beat Sephiroth. How many have that on their resumé?

Lavos is stronger than Seph could ever be. Crazyswordsman 07:20, 14 November 2006 (UTC)
You forget, he also beat Seifer =P Auron Kaizer 16:15, 14 November 2006 (UTC)
Your forgetting that the kingdom hearts version of seifer is a total WIMP. He got his ass kicked by generic enemies. [[(Omegalink 16:32, 2 February 2008 (UTC))]]
Oh yeah, and Setzer and Hercules too. So he whoped god booty too. Besides, how many others can impale themselves twice with an oversized, blunt key, and survive? Swordcuts, sure sure, gigantic explosions, whatever, but the key thing is just insane. --Hecko X 16:37, 14 November 2006 (UTC)
Twice? Did I miss something or...? Auron Kaizer 22:15, 14 November 2006 (UTC)
Nope, sorry, it was one of those times my mind wandered and I counted the same thing twice, my bad :P <spoiler> Highlight at your own risk. he only does it once, using Riku's artificial keyblade, to unlock Kairi's heart within himself. <end of spoiler> --Hecko X 22:36, 14 November 2006 (UTC)
Oh yeah. And Magus is much, much, much, much cooler than Seph or even Setzer. Crono beat him, too. Crazyswordsman 06:18, 15 November 2006 (UTC)

S.Fawdrey My vote goes to Sora.

Jackisthemasterofwater Well, I can't comment on Crono, seeing as I haven't played any Crono <insert name> here, and I beat Kingdom Hearts II yesterday, so I've kind of gone mad on Kingdom Hearts, so I'm going to have to say Sora. Besides, the new black outfit is just cool, and the Final form is just uber...

Moglet: I haven't played any chrono games, kupo. But I have to say two things, kupo. 1. Yes sora was childish in KH1, but in KH2 he becomes more mature and stronger too, kupo. 2. Sora was only a 14-year-old semi-cluless kid when the game started, kupo. Sure, if you are older and stronger and more experienced, you have an advantage, kupo. But if you are young and inexperienced and still save the world(s), kupo. Now THAT is a feat to behold, kupo. 3. How many 14-year-olds put a smackdown on Sephiroth, kupo? Don't say Cloud or any of his ilk, kupo. If I recall correctly the enitire FFVII party was older than that, kupo. Wait, that's three points, kupo.

But a fifteen year old Crono put a smackdown on something much larger and much more dangerous than Seph. Crazyswordsman 03:57, 27 November 2006 (UTC)
There aren't many things less threatening than Sephiroth. Let's face it, that first goomba from the original Super Mario Bros. has claimed more lives than Sephiroth.--MarioFanaticXV 21:47, 21 August 2007 (UTC)

Week 21: Balthier vs. Irvine Kinneas[edit source]

CharVIII Irvine.jpg
To celebrate the release of FFXII, we are going to have a fight using one of its characters. And who better to battle a gentleman and charmer, who wields rifles (as a starting point), than another gentleman and charmer, who shares a passion for firearms? So let the shoot-out begin!

Votes for Balthier[edit source]

  • TacticAngel: Balthier is smooth, smart, confident, and actually useful. Irvine is awkward, unremarkable, a coward, and pathetic. I don't even think Irvine would show up for a fight where he is so outmatched.
  • Crazyswordsman Have yet to play FFXII, but I've heard good things about Balthier.
    • (And after playing FFXII he's now the only cool gunner in the series). Crazyswordsman 02:32, 6 December 2006 (UTC)
  • ShadowLaguna: I need to wait till February to play FF12 but I don't like Irvine for some reason. He just bothers me. Anyway, I think FF8 is good but that's my opinion after all.
  • Anon: Have not played VIII to the point where I got that other guy. But I am playing XII right now and Balthier is a sexy mo fo. He's so smooth and doesn't care about anyone but himself. And lives to the bottom dollar. I love it.-- 18:19, 20 November 2006 (UTC)

Kuja don't vote once the poll is over.

  • Irvine got scared to shoot the Sorceress; i don't know much about Balthier yet but I'll have to go with him.
    • FFVIII spoiler warning!! He didn't get scared, he just realized she was the same person who took care of them, when they where all in the orphanage.
    • I guess I am going for Balthier on this one since he is the one with the most personality and not some womanizer.
    • Beatrice: Balthier, hands down. He's my favourite character in FFXII!! Love his accent. And sky pirates rule. And his clothes are the most practical out of the characters in FFXII IMO. ...I hate Vaan, by the way. He's just...ugh. And his abs are weird. I wonder why they don't get cold with the lack of clothing while going through Paramina Rift.

Votes for Irvine[edit source]

  • Auron Kaizer Isn't it a bit too soon to include Final Fantasy XII characters? Haven't even got it over here. Anyways, I'm bettin' my pizza bun on Irvine. C'mon, he's a 'super sniper' cowboy who's trying way to hard with the chicks. What could be cooler?
  • S.Fawdrey I vote for Irvine. He would have assasinated Edea (had the shot not been deflected), he actually gets some character development (which is quite lacking in FFVIII), and he IS useful as a party member due to his various Shot attacks (Dark Shot once or twice on Balthier, then just pummel him into submission with Quick Shot). I have nothing against Balthier, by the way, I just prefer Irvine.
  • Jackisthemasterofwater Guess I've got to vote for Irvine. I've not read anything on Final Fantasy XII as a hope that I don't find any spoliers. All I really know is that all the main characters have blonde hair. So, that knocks Balthier out of the question, as I know nothing about him, leaving me with Irvine. And on the note that Irvine would have killed Edea... I doubt it.


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