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Archived fights, from the Dragon's Neck Colosseum, from week 11 through week 20! This is only an archive. All these votes closed a long time ago, so don't bother voting.

Week 20: Auron vs Cyan Garamonde[]

Auron Art.png
It's a battle of honour when our two favorite samurai go head to head to show off their skills. Will Auron's Bushido have a sharper edge than Cyan's SwordTech? Or will Cyan pierce the defenses of Auron? And once they've given their all, will they share the sake Auron brought in a friendly toast?

Votes for Auron[]

  • Hecko X: I vote for Auron because I like his style. He's freakishly skilled, but he doesn't let it go to his head and I'd respect that in anyone. Also, his voice actor did an awesome job, Square did good in hiring Matt McKenzie. And I know Cyan has some Psycho bug, but there's no one there to imp him, so it can't activate.
  • Frusion1021: Out of all of the FFX characters, Auron was the best cause he was just downright powerful and owned everyone I put him against. That and, I have no clue who Cyan is... :(
  • Crazyswordsman Yes, I'm going for Auron. Yeah, FFVII fanboys piss me off. FFX-2 fanboys piss me off. Cloud, Squall, Sephiroth, Tidus, Yuna, Tifa, Yuffie, and Rikku fanboys (ESPECIALLY in the case of Cloud, Seph, and Rikku) all piss me off. But more than all of those combined, Cyan fanboys piss me off. Cyan just happens to be one of the series' most overrated characters, and he gets so much praise for a weakling. Auron, meanwhile, is one of the few characters who gets all the love he deserves, and he is one of the only two (the other being Kain) who is lucky enough to receive absolutely no hatred whatsoever. And besides, there's that really cool fanart of Bender from Futurama wearing Auron's clothes drinking (even though Bender actually was in the game playing other characters).
  • Auron Kaizer 16:01, 2 November 2006 (UTC) Auron, by far. A great warrior, a noble spirit, and a wise guardian. One of the greatest characters made by Nomura. Besides, Cyan looks like TOO many other characters I've seen in games. My apologies, Mr. Thou. Besides, it's not Sake, it's Nog.
    • Nope, it's sake, for verious reasons that would fill up this voting. Check here in stead
    • Nog was a poor translation. It actually is sake.--MarioFanaticXV 18:15, 4 November 2006 (UTC)

--Hecko X 16:31, 2 November 2006 (UTC)

  • S.Fawdrey: It most certainly IS Sake. Auron is an excellent character, not merely for his power, but also for his strength of character. Plus the fact he uses Masamune as the Celestial Weapon (which looks damn sweet), so he's sorta like a good version of Sephiroth!
  • Random anonymous person: Auron. Cyan was useless, his ye olde Englishe was annoying, his moustache was annoying, his backstory was boring, his character was two-dimensional and he got on with Gau. Auron rocks, he rocks, he rocks, he rocks, he rocks, he rocks. (If it had been any two other FFX/FFVI characters I would have picked the VI one. But not Auron)
    • Auron needs a moustache! --Auron Kaizer 23:10, 2 November 2006 (UTC)
  • Darth CowAuron is in my top 4 favorite characters. He's definitely the best.
  • Ultima8: Auron is a character that should not be forgotten! He is strong in the game, he has an interesting personality, he's an ally in Kingdom Hearts II etc. Cyan is okay but he's just not the best character. So yeah i'm voting for Auron.
  • StijnX Auron is the coolest character in FF history. 'nuff said

Votes for Cyan[]

  • someone deleted what i wrote before why?
  • yanadi: Auron fanboy pisses me off. =)
  • 00:37, 2 November 2006 (UTC): Cyan is possibly the most unfairly treated character ever. The game mechanics screwed him over, as his good stats are in things that are less important than the stats he's bad in, while SwordTech would be excellent if the game system didn't work against it. Storyline-wise, he's one of the most powerful playable characters in the game (he does have the strength of a hundred men, after all) All in all, if we're going for storyline power, it's actually closer than one might think. And Cyan doesn't have to kill Auron to win; Auron's already dead :P
    • To be fair, Cyan could chuck a Fenix Down at Auron and win that way. :) Crazyswordsman 06:18, 2 November 2006 (UTC)
    • Auron is dead, not undead. It would be like throwing a Phoenix Down/Pinion at a regular fiend, e.g. a flan. No effect, other than regaining consciousness. --Hecko X 13:44, 2 November 2006 (UTC)

Week 19: Edward Chris von Muir vs Songstress Yuna[]

Edward Amano art.jpg
Yuna Songstress.jpg
The first face-off using our new Dragon's Neck Colosseum template. It's a battle of vocal chords, so tune in to your favorite music style, and vote for the bard of your choice, in the battle of "Spoony vs Yunie".

Votes for Edward[]

  • Crazyswordsman It's a fight of "which one stinks the least." Basically, if you look at it technically, Pop Star Yuna can't deal damage with any of her attacks. At least Edward can do it. Also, those X-2 songs sucked, when compared to Melody of Lute. Besides, that version of Yuna is so detrimental to everything Final Fantasy stands for. Also, isn't 1000 Words a Savage Garden song?
    • Nope. Actually, to elaborate, there is a song by Savage Garden called "1000 Words", but it's just not this one. They share a title, but that's pretty much it. --Hecko X 20:36, 23 October 2006 (UTC)
      • It's still better than the Sweetbox crap. Crazyswordsman 20:41, 23 October 2006 (UTC)
  • Random Anonymous person: So hard....hate them, Edward is slightly less annoying than Yunie-poo, as he opens his mouth less.

Yuna has always struck me as a "weak" character. She just doesn't seem to be of the same calibur as the characters of Final Fantasy IV. Actually, come to think of it, none of the FFX characters could stand up against any of the FFIV characters (major characters, not random monsters and/or townsfolk) in my opionion.--MarioFanaticXV 01:47, 27 October 2006 (UTC)

  • Tyr888 I'd have to go with Edward on this one. Sure, he never got good stat growth or anything, but at least he'd use that 'hide' move so you didn't have to deal with him. Also, he actually had emotions, and could show them, unlike Yuna
  • Auron Kaizer C'mon, what's not to love about a spoony bard who runs and hides when his HP gets low eh? Besides, Songstress? Gimme a break?
  • Jackisthemasterofwater To be honest, why would I want to vote for Yuna when Final Fantasy X-2 is probably one of the few FFs which I think suck... And Edward got the most comical line EVER used on him ("You spoony bard!")
  • some dude: like Crazyswordman, i'm choosing on which one I dislike the least. And that just happens to be Edward, although he is cowardly.. I just happen to like FFIV better than FFX-2. The latter is too showy. And what's up with the lack of clothes???

Votes for Yuna[]

  • Hecko X Personally, I feel like the Songstress dressphere, in general, is totally useless, so the only reason that Yuna gets my vote is because of the two songs by Jade (1000 Words and the intro song I've forgotten the name of). However, the first song (from the intro) is a lot better in Japanese than in English.
  • TacticAngel Songstress was more interesting than bard in FFIV. PS: I edited beneath the line.
    • Yeah, please don't do that. It might give users the idea of deleting the |} because it doesn't fit in, but if they do, the template, as a whole, messes up. So please do not edit below the line. That is why it was placed there in the first place --Hecko X 11:07, 24 October 2006 (UTC)
  • Ultima8 Yeah yeah the songstress can't attack but at least she can use that sleep song and change dressphere and own up the Spoony Bard with her Floral Fallal. Edward is the worst battle character in Final Fantasy History. And 1000 Words is pretty cool!
    • Edward can put Yuna to sleep too with his Dreamer Harp. And changing jobs in battle is forbidden. Crazyswordsman 04:38, 27 October 2006 (UTC)
    • Edward's sleep song hardly works. Ultima8
      • Edward's sleep song worked fine, it depends on the monster it's used against. tyr888

Week 18: Ifrit vs Shiva[]

Finally, this is what you've all been waiting for!! A battle between complete opposites. Fire versus ice; heat versus cold; beauty versus the beast. Who will win? Will it be Shiva and her ice cold attitude? Or will it be Ifrit, and his fiery hot rage, who will prove superior? That is up to you, my friends. Cast you votes now!

Votes for Ifrit[]

  • Hecko X: This isn't really like me, since I always go for speed over strength, but lets face it... Despite being a fire summon, Ifrit is totally cool. This goes for all the games. Don't get me wrong, I like Shiva a lot to, but Ifrit just has her beat.
  • Crazyswordsman First off, for the record, Shiva is a GUY. Shiva is the Hindu God of destruction. And just because he looks like a woman doesn't mean he is (Flea, anyone)? I'm still going to have to go with Ifrit though.
    • To be fair, FF Shiva is said to be female (I'm only 99,9% sure, I mean, Kuja had me fooled twice...) Also, Shiva from Hindu beliefs is said to be both, as he has no material form, but can manifest any form. And when he did, he split, right down the middle, into two halves, one male (substance) the other female (energy/power). This was the origin of something I honestly can't pronounce or remember...Ardi-something, I think. --Hecko X 02:02, 15 October 2006 (UTC)
      • Still, Flea looks like a woman, but is actually a transvestite. Crazyswordsman 02:08, 15 October 2006 (UTC)
  • Ultima8: I prefer Ifrit because fire is my favourite element. I also really like Shiva but I prefer Ifrit. He looks mean and he is mean! Why did you take so long with this round of the DNC? Took like 3 weeks!!
    • Well, I'm not officially in charge of this place (the DNC), I just took action because it seemed way overdue. --Hecko X 12:18, 16 October 2006 (UTC)
  • I happen to like Shiva, specially from X, more than Ifrit; however, fire beats ice on the elemental wheel... Sorry old girl. --TacticAngel
    • In X, I found Ifrit still more useful than Shiva. I did use Shiva more often in FFVII and FFVIII though. FFIV, FFV, FFIX, and FFX were all Ifrit games though. FFVI was a no-summon game. Crazyswordsman 20:27, 16 October 2006 (UTC)
      • Oh, I agree for the most part... but what can I do. Fire beats Ice. Ice beats Wind. Wind beats Earth. Earth beats Lightning. Lightning beats Water. Water beats Fire... In FFXI they're about even in terms of usefulness. In almost every other incarnation, except tactics, I liked Shiva better. Its just a question of Paper/Scissors/Rock. In this case you're asking scissors to beat rock. --TacticAngel
        • Which happened in the beginning of FFVIII ^_^ --Hecko X 11:48, 17 October 2006 (UTC)
          • And Lightning also beats Wind. Fire also beats Poison (usually an element associated with life). Crazyswordsman 04:29, 19 October 2006 (UTC)
  • Random Anonymous Person: Love em both, as a general rule like Shiva better, but Fire > Ice

Votes for Shiva[]

  • Frusion1021 - I'm more of an ice person.
    • Well... isn't this kind of sad... --Frusion1021 16:41, 20 October 2006 (UTC)
  • S.Fawdrey I just prefer Shiva.
  • Yes, in Hinduism Shiva is supposed to be a guy. i think he's the god of chaos or something. But although i like Ifrit i like Shiva better...because poor Shiva needs more love.

Week 17: Kuja vs. Seymour Guado[]

CharX Seymour.jpg

As promised, a Kuja fight! Sorry for the delay. I guess life takes over sometimes.

Votes for Kuja[]

  • Anonymous dude: Kuja is very similar to Kefka. Both villians destroy the world (in Kefka's case: the World of Balance, in Kuja's case: the world of Terra) and actually win against the party at least one point. Kuja, in fact, is never truly defeated by Zidane and co. since he uses Ultima before they have a chance. What makes Kuja even more awesome then Seymour is that he recognizes the mistakes he has made and ends up realizing that it is better to help then to kill. Now Seymour is a great villian as well, except that in his case, aside from a maniacal personality, he never achieves his wish of becoming the next Sin or end all life in Spira. He also never has a realization of his actions in the way that Kuja does. Therefore, Kuja gets my vote hands down here.
  • Crazyswordsman I go with the K-Man here. Yeah. I know he looks girlish, but well, he always in my mind had the voice of Alan Rickman. Plus he's actually evil and has a personality. Seymour is bland. And Anima? Kuja just can't wait to capture this Eidolon in the Invincible!
  • S.Fawdrey Ha...the villain of my favorite FF gets a turn. Seymour was good, certainly, but Kuja was better. He is one of only two villains in all of Final Fantasy to actually beat the heros in battle, and in effect, win (Kefka being the other one). Also simliar to Kefka in that both managed to destroy a world by themselves, and damn near cripple the other one. He's near enough the perfect villain- refined, intelligent,likeable, travels in style (Silver Dragon anyone?) good theme music, (especially the last battle) extremly powerful....etc, etc. Oh, and I think Kuja would have loved to get Anima with the Invincible....
  • Salamander135 I vote for Kuja. He knows how to get directly into the heroes' minds, and manipulate them how he sees fit. Throughout most of the game, he is pulling the strings, orchestrating the rise of Alexandria and downfall of Lindblum and Burmecia, then the inevitable downfall of Alexandria. Not only is he a great villain, he has one of the most awesome themes, Immoral Rhythm.
  • Hecko X: I openly admit that I thought that Kuja was a girl for a great deal of time, when I first started playing the game, and just when I was sure he wasn't, he went into Trance and grew boobs... But she-male or not, whatever it may be, it sure as Hell kicked a lot of ass. To me, Seymour was just to boring. I mean... when a game-villain, who happens to be somewhat psychotic, become freakishly empowered, you kind of expect something to snap and that people start dying and the psycho only slightly reveals what he has done, leading the main character to slowly realize what the psycho did. The entire 16th Century "Oh dear, 'tis the Ronso... Does thou know, thou art the last of thy kind now? m-hm-hm-hm-hm *giggle*" way of making Seymour act was just too boring, and as far as I recall, you never actually saw him destroy anything (even a plate or at least a teacup). For all we know, the Ronso could have died due to a flea-carried bout of rabies while Seymour was taking a stroll in the neighbourhood... Seymour should have taken more pride in being a raging lunatic Hell-bent on killing everything that even slightly seems to live.

One Person: Kuja's one of the only FF villians I repsect. Appearances aside, he's a great villian. Sinister, manipulative, gets ultimate power and he tops it off with a big ego, it would have to be if he was going to destroy all of existence because he wasn't going to be in it for much longer. I don't know why more people don't worship and are feakishly obsessed with him. He's actually a good villian. Seymour was just stubborn and didn't stay dead.

  • Ultima8: Both very, very evil (like all the villians in Final Fantasy) but Kuja is a lot better. Seymour just gets really annoying. I hated versing Seymour Flux (one of the hardest bosses in the game (excluding Penance and the Dark Aeons). Kuja is pretty cool though how he gets Zorn and Thorn to do you know what and posses the summons. I also loved the scene where he summons Bahamut. Overall, Kuja kicks Seymour's Guado butt!!
  • Random anonymous person: Kuja. There is no real reason, I just prefer him.
  • Some dude: Oh, God, I hate Seymour's English voice. His Jap voice is fine but he sounds so weird in English. For that reason I vote for Kuja although I don't know much about him since I haven't really played the game that much. His theme rocks though.

Votes for Seymour[]

  • 01:39, 27 September 2006 (UTC): Well, I still think Kefka and Kuja would've been the best, but this is also a good battle. This one's close, but I'm going with Seymour for a few reasons. First, I like both (along with Kefka and Exdeath, and to some extent Golbez and Seifer, they are my favourite villains), but since Kuja's going to win, I might as well give Seymour a vote. Second, he has an interesting goal; he wishes to stop Spira's suffering, but he plans to do this by killing everyone. He has good intentions, but bad methods, and I like those types of villains. Third, I also like recurring bosses. Finally and most notably, I quite like the fact that unlike most villains (Kuja included), Seymour is not particularly stronger than the heroes at the start; when playable, he's around the same strength as the other characters, he is defeated for the first time relatively early, and he gradually gains power during the course of the game; Kefka, and to some extent Seifer, are the only other villains that can really claim this.
  • S.Fawdrey Hmm. When you actually battle Kuja the first time in FFIX, he's actually weaker than your player party (or should be anyway). It's only when he goes into Trance that he wipes you out, and then the battle against him in Trance is far harder.
  • yanadi Seymour Guado. Cool voice for his english dub. I feel like punching his face everytime I hear he talks. haha.

Week 16: Kefka Palazzo vs. LeBlanc[]

FF6 Kefkaart.jpg
FFX-2 Artwork Leblanc.png

It's two of Final Fantasy's most clownish villains!

Votes for Kefka[]

  • LadyArmageddon: Kefka actually did something that no Final Fantasy Villain has ever accomplished...he destroyed the world! Kefka gets my vote hands down!
    • Hecko X: As far as I recall, Kuja pretty much accomplished the same thing. And in a very abstract sense, Tidus did too (Dream Zanarkand, by defeating Sin/Yu Yevon).
      • Kuja didn't destroy the world, he just put mist on it. And Tidus did what he did because he was asked to by those it would affect. Crazyswordsman 21:30, 26 September 2006 (UTC)
  • S.FawdreyI believe he's referring to Terra, which Kuja did destroy (in a cutscene with much fire and death I might add).
  • Anonymous dude: Kefka is without a doubt the best villain in the Final Fantasy series. He goes from being an underling of Emperor Ghestal, to achieving godhood and destroying the world. No other villain in the series ever came to that conclusion (even the great Sephiroth). So...what does LeBlanc have to counter this with? She was more of an annoying rival to Yuna in the dispicable Final Fantasy X-2 than anything else, and plus she ends up helping Yuna and the Gullwings defeat Shuyin, who just happens to be the true antagonist of that game. So unless youre comparing outfits (lmao), LeBlanc is nothing compared to the awesomeness that is Kefka.
  • Crazyswordsman Gotta go with the Son of a Submariner here. It's the absolute best game in the series versus the absolute worst, for one. For two, Kefka destroyed an entire world and commanded three Goddesses for a year. All LeBlanc can do is steal, not destroy. ANY attack she sends at Kefka will be absorbed by the field of statues. For three, Kefka's actually funny. For four, Kefka's one of those few villains (probably the only Final Fantasy villain) who you really love to hate, mostly because of his rhetoric. Also, last I checked LeBlanc isn't known for any sinister laugh!

Maybe if it were Seymour or Shuyin I would consider it a fair match, but not in this case. Three cheers for nihilistic evil clowns! But seriously, LeBlanc isn't even really evil or anything, and although both of them were funny, Cefka was actually pretty insanely evil. He further defined (for better or for worse) what all the villains would be like in the series from that point on. ~ *ZeromusX

One Person: Well I don't really like Kefka but, he's achieved alot as a villian. That and I don't know who LeBlanc is but there's no way she's taken seriously as an antagonist with an outfit like that. Perosnally Kuja would have been a much better character to put up against Kefka

  • Ultima8: Kefka is a hell of a lot better than LeBlanc. LeBlanc is one hell of a crazy person. She is just really annoying. I love Kefka's laugh too.
  • Random anonymous person. Kefka. Duh. But honestly, leblanc would be crushed within seconds. SECONDS. Maybe even MILISECONDS. Stupid LeBlanc...
  • 20:35, 16 September 2006 (UTC): Sometimes I have to wonder about the matchups... really, Kefka would destroy Leblanc and all her underlings in one blow. Again, Kuja vs. Kefka would've made more sense. And even then I'd go with Kefka.
  • S.Fawdrey Kefka. Leblanc....ugh. It's not even a contest if you were to put them in battle against each other. I'd like to see Kefka vs Kuja too. But I would vote for Kuja in that instance.
  • Ultima8: Kefka and Leblanc are probably getting compared because they are makeup freaks! Nah, i'm kidding.
    • You're actually right. When I first saw LeBlanc I IMMEDIATELY thought of Kefka. Crazyswordsman 05:44, 22 September 2006 (UTC)
  • Darth Cow Kefka is the most memerable supervillian in the series I think. Who else has a laugh like that?!! I vote for Kefka, pretty much because I have no idea who LeBlanc is, which leads back to my point. I couldn't help hearing talk about Kefka, but LeBlanc...nope. Go Kefka, you feminine looking clown paint-faced Kuja wanna-be!
  • some dude: OMG, Kefka definitely must win! And I think he's winning. LeBlanc is just a clinched, ridiculous villain. They cannot be compared I'm telling you! I hate that mission in FFX-2 where you have to massage her. Eww.

Votes for LeBlanc[]

  • Hecko X: To me, this seems like a poorly matched contest. LeBlanc is more of a rival to Yuna (kind of like Dona was in FFX), than an actual antagonist. So it's like setting up Bahamut and a regular Chocobo against each other, it simply makes no sense. But if I have to choose, I'm going with LeBlanc. Why? you ask. a) make up is for women, and I can't take a guy seriously, if he actually takes time out of his "destroy the world"-scheme, to put on make up (you can call it face paint from now and till the End of Days, it ain't gonna do much difference, he still does it). b) a Kefka-massage mini-game would kind of freak me out... What would he do? Laugh maniacally instead of moaning? Uh, I'm getting shivers already (and not the good kind).
  • TacticAngel: I can remember who LeBlanc is. Kefka just isn't memorable... and for the record, Hecko is right. LeBlanc is ultimately less of a villain as Kain Highwind is.
  • baralai888: This is a good one in my opinion. I think Kefka is pretty strong, but, even though he's a bit unusual, I bet LeBlanc could charm him. Maybe, perhaps.

A message for Kuja fans[]

I have an idea for a fight involving Kuja and it will come next week. Promise. Crazyswordsman 03:58, 19 September 2006 (UTC)

Week 15: Cidolfas Orlandu vs. Beatrix[]


Since Cecil already got his turn, it's time for the two other Paladins to go head to head. It's also the first time a Final Fantasy Tactics character is on the board!

Votes for Orlandu[]

One Person: Hmm...I think I'll go with Cid, sure he's not much cooler than Beatrix personality wise but, most acclaimed soldier types aren't. But I picked Cid over Beatrix because Cid didn't bust you up to within an inch to you life (3 times even!) before he joined and he STAYED permanently Beisdes Freya already is the cool serious female soldier type of the gang and she's much cooler than Beatrix. 20:27, 10 September 2006 (UTC): While I do like Beatrix, I'm going with TG Cid. He's just TOO powerful, and he actually stays with the party. In all honesty, I think Orlandu vs. Judgemaster Cid and Beatrix vs. Leo would've been better matchups.

Progamer: I voted for TG Cid because he basically nerfed the game when I got him. When I got Beatrix SHE was the one who got nerfed -_-. I'd actually agree that Beatrix was the stronger one but that one event ruined it in my opinion. Abilities-wise, Cid can drain Beatrix's MP, Silence her with Lightning Stab and break her weapon and armor with Divine Swordsmanship. Beatrix can try Climhazard, but its worthless without a sword. She can try Holy but she's silenced and has no MP... Even without such setbacks Cid can still drain the HP from Beatrix with Night Sword.

Votes for Beatrix[]

  • Crazyswordsman Beatrix is awesome. She's one of my favorite female characters, and my favorite from a post-FFVI game. Orlandu's cool, but Beatrix is way better.
  • TacticAngel: I, too, support Beatrix. I'm wondering why it wasn't Agrias up for FFT though. Agrias Vs. Beatrix... I'm not sure Beatrix would get my vote then.
  • Hecko X: I'm going with Beatrix, because some of her actions made Steiner react in funny ways. That, and I stole all of her equipment... Hey, if you're not gonna brawl, I'm stealing it all. Steiner needed it more than she did.
  • S.Fawdrey I must vote for Beatrix, once again because I don't know the alternative. But even if I did...Seikens are the bane of my existance, I can't imagine much stronger Paladin attacks.

Anon. User: Um, excuse me? Climhazzard, people. Beatrix has Climhazzard. Need I say more?

  • Random anonymous person: Beatrix. She is full of cools.
  • Ultima8: I'm voting for Beatrix since I have never played the original Final Fantasy Tactics but she is cool anyway. I love the part when she find the love note to Zidane from Eiko and though it was from Steiner. I loved that part!!!
  • I love Beatrix. She's just so cool. Besides I haven't really played FF Tactics which I think is where Orlandu originated from. Ah well. I love her name

Week 14: Krile Maia Baldeson (Cara) vs. Relm Arrowny[]


Another cat fight? These things don't seem to end. This time, instead of two dark and mystique girls, it's two spunky ditzy bubbly girls going at it.

Votes for Cara[]

  • Crazyswordsman It just so happens that Cara and Relm are my two favorite bubbly ditzes in the series. Relm is one of the most underrated characters. However, despite all this, nothing in Final Fantasy gives me more of a kick than a little girl in a little dress chuck a gigantic spear at an enemy or pummel an enemy with her tiny little fists for big damage.
  • S.Fawdrey I have not the faintest clue who this is, but I despised Relm, so....

Votes for Relm[]

  • Flag of Canada.svg Wikada - Talk Contributions I'm going to vote for Relm because she can be pretty useful in Final Fantasy VI with her Sketch/Control skill.
  • Random anonymous person: Relm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah...sorry. Um, I don't actually hate Cara, but Relm is just SO MUCH COOLER.

  • Ultima8: I haven't got that far in FF5 to get Krile and I haven't got that far in FF6 to get Relm but Relm sounds a lot cooler.
  • Relm's ability is more useful IMO.

Week 13: Lulu vs. Paine[]

FFX Lulu Art.png
FFX-2 HD Paine Render.png

X vs X2. The original or the replacement. The gothic versus the punk. Who will you choose?

Need I say more?

Votes for Lulu[]

  • TacticAngel: Lulu wins in my book for a couple of reasons... first, she had a better personality. Second, a sense of humor. Third, she has more then 3 lines... I could go on, but she actually fit in the party instead of the whole "just shows up" thing Paine pulls.
  • 13:31, 25 August 2006 (UTC): I agree; Lulu was my favourite FFX character, and I felt quite insulted when she was given the boot from FFX-2 (then again, I suppose Lulu isn't the type to wear skimpy clothes anyways). She fits more in with Yuna and Rikku than Paine does.
  • Frusion1021: Lulu wins. Period.
  • S.Fawdrey: Well...I never cared for Paine. Lulu was far scarier, certainly.
  • Crazyswordsman FFX-2 sucks balls. Need I say more?
  • Sephiroth7: I'm with CSM. plus, paine, a lot.
  • captanyellow: Do you not see all those belts? Lulu could whoop up on Paine
  • Barrylocke: I haven't played very far in X, and I haven't played X-2 yet, but Lulu was awsome
  • Ultima8: I prefer Lulu. She is cooler than Paine. Paine may be more sexy but so what!? Lulu is very helpful to Tidus and she is also rather funny as well.
  • Both their clothes are quite revealing but I like Lulu's weapons better.

Votes for Paine[]

  • Hecko X: Normally, I would vote for Lulu, but I'm feeling kinda sad to leave someone here without a vote, so Paine gets a pity-vote from me. The only positive thing I can think of, is that Paine's Saiyuu[1] is somewhat cute.
    • Her English voice ain't so bad looking herself (at least in a video interview of her I saw). Crazyswordsman 16:47, 27 August 2006 (UTC)
  • Random anonymous person: Paine would win, for the same reasons I posted in the BM vs. Fighter thing.
  • Ultima8: The English voice actor for Paine is in Desperate Housewives I think and my friends (ladies) are huge fans of it! xD

Week 12: Kain Highwind vs. Cid Highwind[]


The two playable Highwinds. Maybe I should put King Tycoon and Ricard in as well at some point, heh.

Votes for Kain[]

  • Crazyswordsman: This isn't even funny. Even though the two are related (name and job), Kain can destroy Cid easily. He's Kain, the big badass dragoon. And don't go "I love Cid's Limit Break" on me, because Kain can do Cid's Limit Break whenever he wants. Also, anyone with a temper problem (Cid) loses to someone who is always calm (albeit easily controlled) (Kain). Also, FFVII = overrated as hell and FFIV = underrated as hell. I love FFIV and Kain is one of my favorite characters in the entire series. Plus Kain wears protective armor that Cid doesn't. And so what if Cid can summon the Highwind to drop bombs on Kain? Kain spends most of his time in the air that the bombs will fall on nothing.
  • S.Fawdrey: Well...if I'm honest, I'm not a big fan of either. But since we've got to pick one, I'll go with Kain, simply because Cid didn't actually DO much of consequence in FFVII.
  • Random Anonymous person. Kain (I may be biased as I don't know Cid)
  • Some dude: Kain. Although he's kinda an antagonist (I think) he's cooler than the bad-mouthed Cid.

Votes for Cid[]

  • Hecko X: The fact that Cid DOESN'T wear the body armor that Kain does, just shows how much more badass he is. And even though he somewhat narrowminded at first, he has a big $@!# heart and charisma to boot :P Besides, it's a video game, who would prefer the quiet type over a charismatic loudmouth with an attitude in a video game? So vote Cid or he'll call you a &$?!* and your mother too!!
  • TacticAngel: Kain who? Go Cid! I think Freya is the best Lancer of the series though.
Shows how much you care :). I agree with you on Freya though. Crazyswordsman 00:36, 17 August 2006 (UTC)
Playing FFIV on and off right now, if you notice from my user page. I just... don't like him. --TacticAngel 10:17, 17 August 2006 (UTC)
  • Sephiroth7:I'de like to see Kain make an airship. Plus, i love a character with spunk, which cid sure has!
  • FFRipper Got to go with Cid
  • Ultima8: I choose Cid because he is a very hilarious (but nasty) character. Look how he treats his wife! He even smokes!! It's hilarious. I like Kain too. He's awesome but I prefer Cid. And yes he can beat Kain in a battle (and not with the Highwind limit).

S.Fawdrey What are you talking about? Cid wasn't married. Shera was his assistant. Angelus Draven - Cid would kick ass no doubt about it! And even if she was just his assistant they obviously cared for each other

  • Ultima8: Thank you for pointing that out! It's been a while since I have been through that part of FF7. Sorry!

Week 11: Odin vs. Bahamut[]

Odin amano.jpg

It's the first Summon/Esper/GF/Eidolon/Aeon battle!

Votes for Odin[]

  • Crazyswordsman I'm going with Odin. Mostly for his upgrade to Raiden though. Still a great Summon. Probably my favorite of all of them.
  • TacticAngel: I, too, will side with Odin this week, surprisingly if only for my rare agreement with CSM. Of course, had the picture been of FFX Bahamut rather than one of Amano's police sketches, I would have had a much more difficult time deciding. Still, generally speaking insta-death > lots'o'damage.
    • I always use Amano sketches whenever I can because Amano > Nomura. Anyone who's been playing FF for ten years or more knows this. Crazyswordsman 01:56, 10 August 2006 (UTC)
  • Odin's too cool for Bahamut. Anyway, who could say that the FMV of Odin destroying Cleyra wasn't nice? Darth Cow
  • S.Fawdrey Ok, I'll be blunt. If it was Odin vs Bahamut ZERO, I'd vote for Bahamut. But since it's not, my vote goes to Odin. Interesting to note that Odin had 3 different attacks, same as Bahamut, though.(Mega, Giga, and Tera Flares for Bahamut, Zantetsuken, Gulug Lance, and Silver Bladed Sword for Odin. Yes, yes I know Zantetsuken is identical to Silver Bladed Sword, but it's a 3rd attack nonetheless).
  • Just thought it was great on FFVIII when you encounter a group of enemies on your way to somewhere, they get "Zantetsuken" appear at the top. Great stuff, usually saves a little time, looks pretty decent, and spares you the trouble of effort (I'm lazy), even if he does usually show up when fighting a single Bite Bug. Bahamut on that game was a bit obsolete just like most of the other GF's - normal attack was overpowered in that game is junctions were right.

Votes for Bahamut[]

--Sephiroth7 01:38, 10 August 2006 (UTC)I'm basing this soley from FFIV, and i've got to go with bahamut. odin only hits sometimes, although its for instant death, but bahamut always does an uber amount of damage. Plus he was a lot harder for me to get. He would probably kill odin before he actually managed to hit bahamut. LOL.

Maechen 02:24, 11 August 2006 (UTC) - This was the most difficult choice for me yet. I like them both, but I chose Bahamut because he just seems to have more a significance in the series, more often an important character than Odin. Also, he's as old school as it gets, being in the first game.

User:ZeromusX Odin's great and all, but Bahamut pretty much outclasses him in every game they've both been in. They've kinda skewed both of their mythologies a bit, but meh. But my clever ten-year old self still remembers figuring out what the books in the Summons' library were really for. :] 14:59, 11 August 2006 (UTC) Quite simple, really; Bahamut's immune to instant death. Odin is NOT resistant to Mega Flare. 'Sides, Bahamut is just plain awesome, and storyline wise is always a higher-level summon than Odin is.

Random anonymous person: BAHAMUUUUUT! Ya. Bahamut.

Ultima8: I'm going for Bahamut because he is much better than Odin. Not just power, but looks as well. Heck there are even three forms of Bahamut in Final Fantasy VII. He is awesome in Final Fantasy X as well since he can hit 99999. And in the original Final Fantasy, he upgrades jobs!

FFRipper: Hands down the King of all summons would win.

Some dude: I love dragons. So I am biased.



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