Present here is a history of the first few weeks of the Dragon's Neck Colosseum fights! This is only an archive. These votes have all closed a long time ago, so don't bother voting.

Week 10: Cactuar vs. Tonberry[edit source]

(Winner: Cactuar)

FF8 Cactuar.png

With Crazyswordsman being probably too busy to update this due to reverting vandalism galore, I will update it instead. This week's fight features two enemy creatures, the first battle of its kind. Tonberry with its vicious everyone's grudge and throat slash versus the acupuncturific attack of 1000 needles. Who will survive?

Also this week features a personal challenge for someone to write up a better article on Cactuar, since Cactuars are only intelligent creatures in one Final Fantasy, equal to or less than the number of games Tonberry's are intelligent, and they deserve a more personalized and thorough article.

Follow up: CSM Wins 500gil for creating a new cactuar page!

Votes for Tonberry[edit source]

  • TacticAngel: I've been pulling this over since I created the post. Traditionally I'm not afraid of either of these creatures; however, I can't solo either of them in FFXI. The difference between them though is I have tried to solo a Cactuar, but I was never bold enough to think I even had a chance against a Tonberry... so, clearly I think a Tonberry is a fiercer opponent. PS: Sorry for trumping your authoritah CSM, and... I notice how we never agree on these things... wierd.
  • Anonymous: Instant kill beats any number of needles. Doink!
  • yanadi: Tonberry. vote! I have never been beaten by Cactuar. It always runs away.

Votes for Cactuar[edit source]

  • Crazyswordsman Nice one. Anyway, I vote for the Cactrots because they're funnier.
  • Sephiroth7 Ditto what crazyswordsman said. And thanks for updating TacticAngel...i was wondering when we'de get another battle...
  • Ultima8: Yes, Cactuar is a much more hilarious monster. If you see the Cactuar and Tonberry series on Newgrounds then you will see how funny Cactuar really is.
  • Hecko X: I've given this a surprisingly lot of thought, and come to the conclusion, that with the potential they both have in sense of abilities and such, they would come to a draw. So I vote for the Cactuar solely because of their "charismatic personalities".
  • turk_soph : Cactuar gets my vote, I mean come on look at them! Like 'Heko X' said it would be a pretty even fight, so I am going for Cactuar because they are entertaining!
  • Cactuars rock! Darth Cow

Week 9: Setzer Gabbiani vs. Cait Sith[edit source]

(Winner: Setzer Gabbiani)

Ff6 amano setzer.png

WOO! I UPDATE! This week, it's the battle of the two most popular gamblers! Special thanks to Zeromus X from the Caves of Narshe forums for suggesting it.

Votes for Setzer[edit source]

  • Crazyswordsman: Setzer has to be THE MOST UNDERRATED FFVI character next to Relm. Fixed Dice + Offering are worth it, of course, but Slots are useful, too. 7-Flush is stronger than Aurabolt when focused, and Chocobop is like a Meteor clone. Cait Sith's Slots and Dice are too infrequent to rely upon, their options aren't as good as Setzer's, and his attack power sucks. Worst of all, Cait Sith is just a weak toy. Plus, Setzer's Italian. Italians are awesome.

It was a tough choice, but if we're going by who would win in a fight, then Setzer would destroy my Kitten Sith. But I think Cait Sith is a better character story-wise. =3 ~ *User:Zeromus X

  • Diablocon: It has to be Setzer. While I'm not a huge fan of either VI or VII, Cait Sith is a stupid stuffed doll! Setzer is a cool gambler who owns an airship. Also, Setzer's slots can at least be used every turn, if you're feeling lucky. Since Cait Sith's is his Limit Break, the risk seems greater.
  • Random anonymous person: SETZER! Duh. Everything that crazyswordsman said.
  • Maechen: I prefer Setzer exponentially. Cait Sith is hardly a character at all, while Setzer is a fun and interesting character with some actual depth to him, without the benifit of three dimensional graphics and fancy polygons. Setzer is among my favorite FFVI characters, and easily gets my vote.
  • S.Fawdrey: My life is a chip in your pile...time to ante up! How's a cat on a moogle going to top a card-throwing, dice-rolling Italian?
  • FFRipper: Setzer has an airship, nuff said.
  • Progamer: Setzer has Fixed Dice, Instant Slot Commands and the ability to wear Mail Armor. Cait Sith's dice and slots do not match up.
  • Wikada: Setzer is one of my favourite FFVI characters by far! He has the coolest airship and Slots.
  • Anonymous: Fixed dice. Does more even need to be said?

Votes for Cait Sith[edit source]

  • TacticAngel: Cait Sith was at least funny and he had a good death (despite it not being a death). Neither can claim to be useful or good fighters so I'm going with likability.
  • yanadi: Cait Sith died in the Temple of the Ancients. Eventhough he is a traitor, he is so kind that he sacrificed himself. HiX :(
  • Sephiroth7: Well, I don't really think either would win, they both are "eh". So i go with the one from my first FF: Cait Sith
  • Ultima8: The reason why I am voting for Cait Sith is because he is a very hilarious character. I haven't got up to the part where you get Setzer in FF6 yet. So my vote goes to Cait Sith.
  • Anonymous: All of the above. Cait Sith was a much more interesting and original character in my opinion. Regardless of whether he was a 'stuffed doll'.
  • Some random girl: I vote for Cait Sith as he has a good limit break and is really funny. In the part where Aerith died I used Cait Sith in the fight; there was all this sad musuc going on while he was dancing around on a moogle! I thought it was really funny.

Week 8: Fighter vs. Black Mage[edit source]

(Winner: Fighter) The first job class fight! Final Fantasy's two most popular classes duke it out! You can pick a Fighter and Black Mage from any combination of games that utilize the Job System. These games include FFI, FFIII, FFV, FFXI, FFX-2, and the Tactics series. You should probably state which set you're using.

Votes for Fighter[edit source]

  • Zeromus X: It depends. For most of the games, the Fighter/Warrior has superior speed, vitality, and overall better constitution and stats. While the Black Mage has debilitating spells and what-not, it'd probably take too long to cast them before they get a sword shoved down their throat.
  • Crazyswordsman: I'm picking the original Fighter and Black Mage, since FFI is the one that started it all. In this case, I picked Fighter to win because he never dies.
  • Sephiroth7: Fighter, as crazyswordman said, almost never dies, and plus he does alot of damage. Mages can't fight.
  • Ultima8:I prefer the Fighter because they are more powerful and have cooler weapons. Mages die easily and have a limit for their magic.
  • Random anonymous person. A mage needs the backup of a fighter to make sure they don't get pulverised before they get a chance to cast nuke. The mage wouldn't have time to cast a spell before it was squished.(Based on FF1, but pretty much the same for every other final fantasy).
  • FFRipper: Have to go with the fighter here, i'd chose strength over magic anyday. Even if fighter has low Mag. Def he usually has enough HP to stand strong spells.
  • Jackisthemasterofwater: I'll be using Final Fantasy I for this. Fighter. The Black Mage gets puny weapons which deal little to no damage what so ever. The warrior can deal more damage then any other character, and is probably the first character to be able to strike '2-hit' attacks. Also, the Black Mage's spells cost a whole wallet full of dough to buy.

Votes for Black Mage[edit source]

  • TacticAngel: Not so much that I would want the Black Mage to win, but Black Mages have access to a lot of spells that mind of make hand to hand combat useless, including but not limited to Stun and Bind. Without addiquate magic resistance, should the Fighter (or warrior) ever get close enough to touch the Black Mage, Drain can help him recover some of that damage delt and so can any subjob abilities. -FFXI perspective-
  • Although I always use Attacks a lot more than black magic, I think TacticAngel has a huge point. They have tons of spells that can do way more damage than just an attack. That Fighter has no chance.

Darth Cow

  • Hecko X: I vote BM simply because they are harder to play. With a Fighter/Warrior you can simply bash the attack command and win against an AI (whoop-di-doo), with a BM, you have to be more tactical in your gameplay, fin alternate solutions and plan ahead. And if all else fails, they can still bonk an enemy in the head with their rod/staff (sounds so wrong...). Thinking of Final Fantasy Tactics (and FFT Advance).
  • Diablocon: Black Mages as a whole are always better, in my opinion. They're always handy against those damn Flans, and once they gain the ability to cast spells faster (FF X-2), they're just an unstoppable force. Just don't mention monsters with auto-reflect...
  • Anonymous: Magic beats down a nice little sword attack every time. Sorry, fighter, but you're really just there to be the meat shield while the mage does the real workd.

Week 7: Zeromus vs. Jenova[edit source]

(Winner: Zeromus)


I'm out of ideas, so I went to my request box and pulled out this one. I don't know what the significance of this is, but let's give it a go, shall we?

Votes for Zeromus[edit source]

  • Crazyswordsman: His music is a lot better. And Jenova was easy to kill. Jenova couldn't touch Zeromus unless Cecil was on her side, and that will never happen. Her dark nature will also prevent her from using the Crystal. And no, Sephiroth is too dark to use it as well.
  • DarthZantetsuken: Zeromus is a stronger and more threatening villain. He has intense power while Jenova is fairly weak. While Jenova has Sephiroth on her side, Zeromus can mind-control anyone with darkness in their heart. I doubt Sephiroth would be able to resist. And that whole thing about "Zemus produces Zeromus, which is stronger than Zemus himself. So does Jenova, she will produce Jeronova when needed, which, thus, is much stronger than Zeromus" makes no sense because Zemus is stronger than Jenova after he goes through ONE form change (maybe technically 2) to reach full while Jenova has to go through like FIVE to reach full power.
  • Maechen: Beyond Jenova's bizarre mysticality, Zemus is a classic and terrible monster of a villain that proves much more difficult to Cecil and his party that Jenova is to Cloud and his.
  • Anonymous: Zeromus all the way. It takes the collective power of light, hope, prayer, love, and friendship to take him down. And it takes what, a couple punk kids to hand Jenova her butt? Sorry, Jenova, but the lunarian monstrosity is going to wipe you from existence.
  • LK: As much as I dislike Ze(ro)mus, I have to vote for him. Anonymous person above has a good point. And Zeromus continues to hand me my bum on a platter. Haven't gotten around to fighting Jenova yet. In addition, if Zeromus decided to break out the mind magic, Jenova'd be screwed.

Votes for Jenova[edit source]

  • TacticAngel: Jenova, a moleviolent being from another planet, who infects living beings, creates fragments of herself, and is otherwise not so much killed but supressed (not to mention accompanied by a lovely/psychotic theme) is at best beaten only in battles, but inevitably she will win the war.
  • Sephiroth7: Sephiroth is what he is because of Jenova...need I say more?
  • yanadi: Jenova comes from the place further than the moon, so she must have possessed greater power. And you see, Zemus produces Zeromus, which is stronger than Zemus himself. So does Jenova, she will produce Jeronova when needed, which, thus, is much stronger than Zeromus.
  • Ultima8: I think Jenova is better because like what Sephiroth7 said, without Jenova, what would Sephiroth be like? Zeromus is basically what Zemus creates at the end of FF4. Zeromus is also a really cheap boss who is really hard (at my level anyway). Overall I think Jenova is better.

Week 6: Edge Geraldine vs. Yuffie Kisaragi[edit source]

(Winner: Edge Geraldine)

Edge art.jpg

Two Ninjas battle. What else is there to say? Ninjas rule.

Votes for Edge[edit source]

  • Crazyswordsman: Yuffie is NOT a ninja. Ninjas are secretive and hidden. Yuffie is all over the place. Ninjas throw tiny little stars. Yuffie throws that ugly... thing... Besides, Edge is funny and Yuffie isn't. Yuffie is also a slut, aka Otaku jailbait, and I don't fancy stuff like that.
  • Ultima8: This week, I found it hard to decide. I mean, they both suck! Edge gets killed too easily and Yuffie is extremely weak! But however, Edge is better because he is more funny and Yuffie is just plain dry. She is also obesessed with materia.
  • TacticAngel 08:24, 25 June 2006 (UTC): Yuffie happens to be the worst ninja in the Final Fantasy series probably so Edge wins by default. To be fair though, Final Fantasy has never had a good or interesting Ninja.
  • DarthZantetsuekn: Yuffie is weak and couldn't hold a candle to Edge. She lacks the basic stealth abilities of a ninja plus Edge has ninjitsu! Edge can be a valuable party member but Yuffie is annoying and weak.
  • Anonymous: Are you Yuffie fans crazy? Edge is the greatest swordsman in the world (as he states)! He also has natural ninja abilities. It's all skill, baby! All skill! He's funny, has great lines, and has the good sense to fall for Rydia who's the coolest female character. He even had the balls to go up against Rubicante by himself. He also has one of the most tragic stories in the game. Edge all the way! Sheeesh, he even looks cooler than Yuffie, and his throw ability is (gasp!) useful! He'd kick the <edited> out of every character in FFVII if he needed to, not to mention he's cooler than any of them.
  • Edge, because I think Yuffie is annoying. I still hate her for stealing all my materias. Plus I like Edge for some unknown reason...

Votes for Yuffie[edit source]

  • Sephiroth7: I think Yuffie is awesome, and is a 133t ninja. I mean, she can beat up Cloud and take his money, so...yeah. Edge also gets killed too easy.
  • Anonymous: Yuffie wins. As Sephiroth7 stated: 'she can beat up Cloud and take his money' aswell as his Materia.
  • random anonymous person: I don't think either of them are paticularly useful, but I'll vote for Yuffie because Edge just deserves to be strangled. To quote Kefka "I hate hate hate hate hate hate etc. HATE him." Besides the bit where she says "Its a contract that says when the war is over, all the materia will belong to me." is funny.
  • Hecko X: To "counter" CSM's claim of her not being a ninja due to being loud and all over the place, I would then like to direct the attention to fellow loud fictional Ninja, Uzumaki Naruto. He seem's to be doing okay (for a loud and... REALLY loud ninja), and he also has a gigantic Shadow Windmill (or whatever the oversized shuriken is called). But back to subject, I vote for Yuffie because I think she had the funniest lines in FFVII: Advent Children (as heard in Cid's Airship in the Japanese version). That, and I don't have thaaat much experience with Edge (that I actually CAN remember).
  • yanadi: A ninja king? No way! A ninja should travel around the world and steal things from people! A king steals? Never heard one. Maybe Edge is one. Odd king.

Some random girl: Yuffie is my favourite female character, she is sooo funny! I wonder where she gets all her energy from. She is the only girl brave enough to kiss Cloud (In the Gongola if she gets chosen for the date) and if you use Yuffie when Aerith dies she hugs Cloud. When she is hurt in battles (her HP points are yellow) she sits on the floor and cries which I hink is really sweet!

Week 5: Sabin Rene Figaro vs. Tifa Lockhart[edit source]

(Winner: Tifa Lockhart)


A head to head matchup of Monks. Will it be the big, bad, buff dude of Final Fantasy VI or the swift, sneaky, spiffy Tifa of Final Fantasy VII? Will Bum Rush beat out Beat Rush? Or will Aurabolt be sent to Final Heaven? You decide!

Votes for Sabin[edit source]

  • Crazyswordsman: Bet you didn't see this coming. Despite Tifa being one of the cooler females in the series (probably the best of the later FFs next to Freya), I still give props to Sabin because he's funnier. Also, Sabin is the coolest monk in Final Fantasy hands down. The only Monk who is possibly as cool as Sabin is Yang, and he's not funny in the way Sabin is. Sure, Tifa can lift Seph's sword, but Sabin can lift giant trains, which are much harder to lift than swords. Sabin can also control the elements in a way Tifa can't. Also, the fact that lonely men masturbate to Tifa makes Sabin all the more cooler.
  • Random Anonymous person: Even though Tifa is tres cool, Sabin is still better. He would probably win. I think it would be a verrrry close match, but Sabin would come out top in the end.
  • Cloud_Strife510, Sabin has one deciding factor he does not need a limit to use his Blitzes, also since all his blitzes are magic based Sabin can hang in the back row taking half the normal damage. A few quick Bum rushes and Tifa will go down and out for the count.
  • Anonymous: Sabin. He's an old school monk. He lived on a moutain, trained with the old master, and even takes out the bad guy when you first meet him. He has true warrior spirit, whereas Tifa has some nice skills and er...ummm..."talent"? Yeah, sorry Tifa, you're a nice girl and all, and you're welcome to give me your number, but Sabin is going to cream you like it's not even funny.

Votes for Tifa[edit source]

  • Sephiroth7 : I think Tifa is just totally awesome. Plus, FFVII is one of my favorite games.....and anyone who can lift Seph's sword is just totally sweet.
  • TacticAngel: Tifa, hands down, is the best monk in all of Final Fantasy. There isn't even a monk present in another game who is worthy to be mentioned in the same sentence with how cool she is, not even when she is mentioned as a meer pronoun! I love her limit breaks so much and I could hardly imagine whats-his-futz would survive such a vicious beat-down.... in short.
  • Ultima8: I think Tifa is better because she is much cooler and she is in my favourite FF. She is also a strong one (Sephiroth's sword!? Man!). She is also good looking (loads of good-looking chicks in FF).
  • Hecko X: Aw come on, it's obviously Tifa. She doesn't even have to break a sweat defeating Sabin, all she has to do is wink and say his name in a sexy voice and then, when his guard is down and he's drooling all over himself, BAMM!!! Final Heaven his *ss to bits :P Beside, she shares several Limit Breaks with the funniest FF-monk ever, Zell Dincht (FF VIII), so that's a plus in my book.
  • Anonymous: I'm voting for Tifa... she's awesome!
  • Some dude: Aw, this is hard. I love both of them! I love you Sabin but sorry, Tifa won my vote, because she has more dialogue lines. The frustrating thing about older Final Fantasy games is that characters have less interactions IMHO. I can't be bothered explaining. Plus I love her philosophy: "Words aren't the only thing that express what you're feeling" --or something like that.

Week 4: Interceptor vs. Angelo[edit source]

(Winner: Interceptor)


Well, last week we had a cat fight, this week we have a dog fight. Shadow and Rinoa have been owners of dogs which they used in battle. Which dog would win? You decide! Interceptor is in the upper left corner of the Amano sketch. I tried to find a better one, but that was the best I could do.

Votes for Interceptor[edit source]

  • Crazyswordsman: This is obvious. Interceptor is the badass dog with the badass owner. Angelo is a wimp with a whiny owner. Interceptor figures into the main plot more than Angelo does. You don't want to mess with Interceptor. And FFVI > FFVIII to top it off too.
  • TacticAngel 00:18, 10 June 2006 (UTC): Yojimbo pwnz all, but this is a silly topic. I'll take VI over VIII though, just barrelly...
  • Sephiroth7: Angelo looks like a normal dog, whereas interceptor looks sweet. So i randomly choose Interceptor
  • Ultima8: I think Interceptor is a better dog because he is much better than Angelo. I think Angelo is very weak. The master of Interceptor is also better. Shadow compared to Rinoa is like comparing PS2 and a piece of dirt. Rinoa can get weird at some parts of FF8, but this is Interceptor .VS. Angelo not Shadow .VS. Rinoa so i'll conclude my speech here. Overall, Shadow's Dog is better.
  • Random anonymous person: Interceptor. I love both dogs, as they are so cute, but I think Interceptor has been a loyal battle-hound and companion more than Angelo, who was probably only a companion until the plot of 8 started. Besides, Interceptor would get in the first hit, as he attacks strangers.
  • Currently I'm anonymous, but have used the aliases Shanepain and Cloud_Strife510. For this match up Interceptor will rip Angelo's throat out, literally. Intercepto has always seemed like a german shepard to me, and After I saw a German shepard take out two coyotes (by ripping their throats out) I have learned they can kick some serious ass. Alos in-game criteria. Interceptor protects Shadow from nearly every phisical attack and counters with a very powerful attack, well trained dog indeed. Angelo wil die within fiftenn seconds.
  • Anonymous: Angelo looks fluffy, but Interceptor will kill you. 'Nuff said.
  • Some dude: lol, sorry Angelo, I think you're a cool breed, but Interceptor is cooler. I love how he runs in the middle of battles and help attack.

Votes for Angelo[edit source]

--FrozenFlame 21:50, 16 June 2006 (UTC)Yeah... well, I'm voting for angelo so he gets at least one vote.

Week 3: Rydia vs. Yuna[edit source]

(Winner: Rydia)

FFIV-Rydia artwork.jpg
Amano Morning Song.jpg

It should be pretty obvious what's at stake in this fight. A Summoner's duel. The legendary summoner Rydia of Mist from Final Fantasy IV versus the celebrity summoner Yuna Braska from Final Fantasy X. Although they may make use of the Summoned Beasts to fight, in the end, it may come down to the strengths and weaknesses of these two ladies.

I should also apologize for the delay. (I was away this past weekend).

Votes for Rydia[edit source]

  • Crazyswordsman. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Rydia wins this fight hands down for four reasons: Rydia is badass and Yuna is shy and delicate; Whips are cooler than Rods; Black Magic is more useful than White Magic in a duel (blame Drain and Psych), and Rydia's character wasn't destroyed by crappy voice acting that made Yuna sound like she had Tourette's Syndrome. Rydia might just be my favorite female next to Terra. (also blame my opinion that FFIV is the better game, heh). I should also mention that Rydia beat up the Shadow Dragon using the Mist Dragon, which is basically Anima in terms of attacks. So no Anima for Yuna. Or Magus Sisters, because they were beaten by an old man. Rydia could surely do the same. Fame clearly isn't everything....
  • Sephiroth7. Rydia wins hands down. One of my favs from FFIV, and all around a better fighter, she is 10x times better than Yuna. Of course, i greatly dislike FF X-2, (X too for that matter, tho it was ok) due to the removal of a decent turn based battle system (that friggin DEFINES Final Fantasy!!!), so my opinion is slightly biased...but still, Rydia wins.
  • Random anonymous person: Rydia. Hands down. She has many more summons than Yuna, and she can use black magic on top of that. Besides, Rydia is cool, and I never really liked Yuna :P
  • FrozenFlame. Wow, it seems I only come to this site to vote nowadays. But, yeah. Rydia would easily cream Yuna. No questions asked.
  • Anonymous: This isn't even funny. Meteo, and Bahamut, versus Holy and the Magus Sisters? And not just some wussy, looks like a nifty esoteric rendition of Bahamut like Yuna has, but full tilt, no holds barred, badass, old school Bahamut like Rydia has. Hell, Rydia even gets to hang out with a whole underworld full of nasty monsters, and what does Yuna do? Oh, yeah, she dances and prays. Nice. Sorry, Yuna, you're a sweet girl, but Rydia is going to obliterate you beyond all hope.
  • LK: Is this even a contest? Yuna's very nice and all, but Rydia kicks @$$. Lots and lots of it. In addition, I found that Yuna comes into her own very late in FFX. You know, when you get all the nice aeons, Holy, and possibly One MP Cost. Rydia is a contributing party member for pretty much all of FFIV.
  • Some dude: Rydia aging through time is not a bad thing, it's a cool plot. It's nice to see her change from a girl who gets killed easily (it was so annoying when we first get her, she has low HP) to an awesome whip-wielding black mage/summoner. Plus she has green hair!!

Votes for Yuna[edit source]

  • Cloud I vote for Yuna cause she can take them down with uber-powerful Aeons!
  • Ultima8 I voted for Yuna because she is much stronger than Rydia and you can hit 99999 damage with Anima. As for Rydia, Bahamut can only hit a max of 9999. She has the looks as well. Even though X-2 was a huge letdown (not so good music and killed the victory music!!) she is still in Final Fantasy X which is an excellent game.
  • yanadi Yuna is cute and she can easily transform to other jobs such as gunner, singer, etc.
  • user: FFreak Yuna would win hands down! What, are you people retarded(no offense to any out there) Yuna could easily beat some little girl who aged throughout the game. Yuna is way more experienced, has a better family line where Braska actually did something eventful instead of just dying by bombs. I mean come on who dies by bombs? They suck, and were weak summoners who had weak summons. The only good summons in FFIV were Bahamut and Leviathan. Yuna's aeon's had overdrives, special attacks, had magic and could even actually just regular attack. They actually protect her too and stay out and fight not hit and run like some pussies. Yuna wins no doubt.
  • user: Selphie88 FFreak said basically all I had to say, Yuna would own Rydia, though I still like Rydia.

Week 2: Leon vs. Cecil Harvey[edit source]

(Winner: Cecil Harvey)

Cecil Dknight.jpg

It's the battle of the Dark Knights! Final Fantasy's two most popular (only?) Dark Knights go into battle to rip each other apart! Many of you may not be familiar with Leon, but let's just say he's the Dark Knight from the REAL FFII.

Votes for Leon[edit source]

  • Chocobo Knight 18:31, 19 May 2006 (UTC): He is such a badass, he is cool. You have to go for Leon!
  • TacticAngel 22:59, 19 May 2006 (UTC): I'll throw my lot in with the original Dark Knight. I really find all Dark Knights a little lacking next to the beautiful rendition they got in FFXI and my favorite Dark Knight is Zeid.
  • FrozenFlame Leon stays as a Dark Knight even after turning good, Cecil switched to Paladin after becoming a good guy. So the choice of who the better dark knight is is clear.
  • Sephiroth7. I have to vote for Leon. I mean, after Cecil becomes a paladin, he just seems like such a wuss. I really can't stand him at that point.

Votes for Cecil[edit source]

  • Crazyswordsman. As much as I respect Leon (and feel sorry for him because Squall stole his name), I still have to go with my main man, the man who defines Final Fantasy, Cecil Harvey.
  • Squalltalk 18:16, 19 May 2006 (UTC). You may disregard this if you want, cause I've not played either game. But Cecil just looks like he is going to kick the other guys ass. That is if he actually has a weapon.
  • Ultima8 I prefer Cecil over Leon because Cecil has an amazing story where he suddenly turns into a Paladin on Mt. Ordeals. You don't see much of Leon at the start of Final Fantasy II and from where I am up to in FF2, he sounds like he has turned evil. I also prefer FF4 over FF2.
  • Anonymous: Cecil. He's an interesting character, is immediately faced with quite the ethical dilemma, and he stands his ground 100% all the way through the game. It takes a man to admit when he's wrong, and he endangers his own life to put things right. We need more main characters like him.
  • Some dude: lol, So Squall used Leon's name in KH? Anyway, Cecil is an interesting character, who's gone from a Dark Knight into a Paladin, and I've never played FFII, so there. It's kinda biased but meh.

Week 1: Zidane Tribal vs. Tidus[edit source]

(Winner: Tidus)

Zidane Amano.jpg
Amano Steel.jpg

I feel this is one of the underrated matchups. The two latest protagonists in the main series excluding Final Fantasy XI and unreleased games have something in common: They're a lot more playful than those of past games. So, who would win?

Votes for Zidane[edit source]

  • Crazyswordsman: Well, everyone tends to think of these two characters as whiny wimps. I will come to Zidane's defense and say that he only had one major freakout scene that played to good music. Tidus was just a whinefest all throughout FFX.
  • FrozenFlame: Tidus is a moron who never knows when to shut his yap, and Zidane is a "playah." I really don't care for either personality type. But, at least Zidane had some personality changes. The part when he learned who he really was was great, not to mention, You're not Alone is one of my favorite songs in FF. So, this was an easy choice.
  • Ultima8: Tidus is much stronger than Zidane no doubt about that, but still, Tidus is a guy who just can't stop talking. Zidane is a much more exciting character and is comedy gold. He doesn't have the looks (my friend thought he was Michael Jackson) but he is a very cool character and has a good storyline.
  • Darth Cow: Zidane is way cooler than Tidus, and he isn't a cry-baby! All Tidus ever does is cry and complain and cry some more, yet Zidane rocks is strong, funny, and my favorite FF Character!
  • Anonymous: Zidane. He has more depth, and he's a good person. He also has a more interesting backstory. And thieves are more fun, and much cooler than whatever job Tidus is supposed to have (jock?). Besides, we all know Garnet is a better catch than Yuna.

Votes for Tidus[edit source]

  • TacticAngel 17:38, 13 May 2006 (UTC): I'll go with Tidus, not because of any particular reason. In my opinion, they are both part of a recent tradition of weak, somewhat girly lead characters; however, in a head to head fight, I'd rarely pick a thief over a warrior.
  • --Squalltalk 13:21, 15 May 2006 (UTC) It's in his blood, Jecht was a badass so he's destined to be!
  • He is tougher than a thief!
  • Cloudtalk Tidus Rocks!
  • XFF*FANx: Just like Clint Eastwood whoops John Wayne, Tidus whoops Zidane. Zid's a freak! Besides, Tidus is a better swordsman than Zidane'll ever be. Plus, he's Jecht's son, thats gotta count for something.
  • User: FFfan : Tidus would win without a doubt. Too bad Zidane can only hit 9999 while BlitzAce with 99999 would be 700,000 something. No one can beat Tidus and i've played all of the FF's so...yeah.
  • User: FFhistorian : Tidus is a fighter and time mage Anonymous, what's Zidane a pervert and super-sayian wanna be? Exactly, Tidus is actually an actual human being, and would kick that pervert's butt. Oh, and Yuna is way better than Garnet.
  • Some dude: sorry Zidane, but your tail is a turnoff for me. And to be honest I haven't played FFIX that much because my game freezes in disc 2! I like Tidus character. I think his character development is great. It's really unfair though, how people say Zidane can only deal 9999 damage while Tidus can do 99999. That's just because in FFIX that's the maximum damage T_T


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