The Final Fantasy Wiki has a main Discord server, which can be found at [1].

In addition, we are affiliated with discord of the Final Fantasy subreddit community, which is must better for official communication. This is an official communication platform for the broader Final Fantasy community, and can be used to discuss both Final Fantasy subjects, wiki content, wiki policy, and for general chit-chat and off-topic discussions with the community. It is a convenient place to reach Staff members if you have a question. It also contains voice chat rooms for users who want to hang out, play games as a group, or for the Let's Play or Podcasts.

Discord requires a signup with an email and password, but once joined, is very simple to join and convenient to use. No downloads are required unless extra convenience is desired, and it can be accessed on web and mobile easily, with the ability to pick up and join the discussion from anywhere. Discord also allows users to join any of a large number of servers aside from Final Fantasy, and conveniently switch between them.

Wiki users can alternatively check out our IRC chat channel, which requires no login, and is used more specifically wiki business.


The rules of Discord use are as follows:

  1. Do not post spoilers for any game in #general, only in #spoilers. Non-FF content goes in #off-topic.
  2. Do not insult the moderators of the server, and do not insult or hurt the experience of any of its users.
  3. No pornographic or illegal content, including ROMs or how to otherwise pirate games, is permitted.
  4. Don't spam any chat, or advertise any content not considered fanworks.
  5. If you need help or support, contact the moderators. Both wiki admins and reddit mods are moderators of the server.
  6. Do not evade the filter on invite links to other servers.
  7. Absolutely no raiding other Discord servers or any other communities.
  8. Excessive use of memes outside of #off-topic is prohibited.

Breaking any of these may result in a kick, a temporary ban for one or several days, or a permanent ban. This choice is made at our discretion depending on past offenses and evaluation of the current offense. Have questions or complaints? Want to appeal a ban? Please DM one of the moderators.


The Final Fantasy server's public text channels are as follows:

Used to post wiki, Final Fantasy and Discord related news by admins. Users cannot send messages in here, but can read updates.
Used for general discussion, both on-topic or off-topic.
Used to ask questions related to the game.
Used to discuss wiki policy and wiki content. Open to all users, meaning anyone can ask questions here or seek feedback.
Used to discuss anything that contains spoilers for the game. Moderators will direct users to it if a discussion in another channel enters spoiler territory. Users who do not wish to be spoiled are advised to mute this channel.
Used exclusively to discuss new entries in the series.
Used as a watercooler channel to allow users to post general chit-chat not related to Final Fantasy, or for memes and non-serious content.
Only accessible to verified editors on the wiki, used primarily to discuss wiki policy, co-ordinate LPs/Podcasts and to post links or images that are relevant to the wiki users' voice channel but would not be understood on other channels.
Please note that the name of this channel may be changed without warning.


The Official Discord can be joined below:

The Final Fantasy Reddit Discord can be joined here:

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