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Many things in the Final Fantasy series share their name but are otherwise unrelated to each other. To cover both these things and make them easily accessible, disambiguation pages (or "disambig") are created. These are pages which allow users to reach the correct page.


Disambiguation pages are used to link users to the article they were looking for. The title of the disambiguation page is the ambiguous name.

For example, Rocket Launcher refers to numerous things within the series, and the disambiguation page links to them all. As an enemy ability in Final Fantasy VII, the information is covered at Final Fantasy VII enemy abilities#Rocket Launcher, which should be linked to. As a boss in Final Fantasy V, the information is covered at Rocket Launcher (Final Fantasy V). For information on what tags should be used and when, please see the naming policy.

Disambiguation pages should not be linked to, unless to direct users to other uses of the name (eg Final Fantasy may link to Final Fantasy (disambiguation)).

Articles may have Etymology sections. Since members of a disambiguation page have no relation besides name, uses of {{Etym}} should be used without any additional commentary.


A disambiguation will be structured as such:

  • The title of the disambiguation page is bolded, followed by the words, "may refer to:"
  • Bullets are created to list the various things that have the same title as the disambiguation page
  • The {{disambig}} template is placed at the bottom of the page.
  • Etymology is added if applicable.

The result will look something like this:

Title of disambiguation page or variation of name (if applicable) may refer to:

  • Thing A
  • Thing B
  • Thing C


Each "thing" may use a different notation depending on the subject.

  • The recurring [[link|type of thing]].
  • The [[link|type of thing]] from ''[[release]]''.
  • The [[link|type of thing]] from the ''[[sub-series]]''.

If two things were to have the same entry then they would have to differentiate. Using Capture as the example:

  • The recurring [[Mug|ability that attacks and steals items]].
  • The recurring [[Catch (Ability)|ability that catches weakened enemies]].

Both abilities' functions are described so the user can identify the one they were looking for. It would not be appropriate to say "The recurring ability, Mug" because the person using the disambig would be unlikely to know the ability by its alternate names given that they searched "Capture" when looking for it.