The following outlines guidelines for conduct on the Final Fantasy Wiki community. These conduct guidelines apply to every wiki contributor and discussions user in order to preserve a friendly and collaborative environment that allows the site to continue to work for everyone.

These guidelines are simple, straightforward and exist to establish standards and etiquette that everyone should follow: this is a fan project and an open collaborative community, and welcomes anyone who wants to help out, or to join in the fan chat. Damage to the community is also damage to the project, and should be minimised to promote an environment for fans of the series to enjoy.


The following guidelines are overarching and apply to everything on the community.

Terms of UseEdit

The Terms of Use apply to everyone on Wikia - and that includes us. Please keep these in mind.

Please note the User Conduct section, which prohibits harassment, posting illegal documents, posting documents illegally, posting advertisement, attempting to impersonate another user, posting obscene/explicit content, posting racist/ethnic slurs/homophobic/religious intolerance, solicit personal information of minors, and violating laws in your jurisdiction.

For related information, please see common mistakes.


As a project developed for fans and by fans, rather than an official encyclopedia owned by Square Enix, coverage on the wiki always operates on consensus. This means that anything the majority of users have agreed to is law. Further, this is the only law, and there is no bureaucracy beyond enforcing rules that everyone has agreed to. When contributing, through editing or a discussion, always keep this in mind. Even if you think a policy or a guideline is horribly wrong, consensus is always the law - everyone has a certain policy, a certain page or a certain design that they conscientiously object to and would change or remove unilaterally if they could, but until a consensus is formed, they cannot.

If no consensus can be formed, the default is to leave whatever was already in place, and make no change, not to take it upon yourself to change it.


When following copyright laws in place on Wikia, no single, or group, of users own a wiki, and this applies to any content submitted on it. If you do not wish for your content to be mercilessly edited or redistributed at will, do not post it here. No content you post here is guaranteed to stay here intact.

Though you do give up the content, you do not give up your right for your contributions to be attributed to you. Furthermore, in the Walkthrough namespace, the original author has a superficial "ownership" in that they can decide what written and coded content goes on them up to a point, see below.


To that end, remember when editing that you're doing this for the community and the project. Editing is voluntary. Take all the breaks you need, and do not take it too seriously. You should edit because you enjoy it, because you want to share information, and because you want to help the project succeed. Regardless of user rights, or superficial deadlines, you have no strict obligations to edit.


This applies when editing or otherwise contributing to any page within the mainspace pages on the wiki.


The edit summary is an optional feature that allows you to describe your edit briefly. Unlike any page on the wiki, you cannot change a summary - any typo you make stays there forever. Keep the following do's and don't's in mind:

  • be descriptive and concise.
  • retain a neutral and calm tone.
  • use the edit summary to troll or flame other users with sarcastic or snide comments.
  • include external spam links.

Other than the above, there are no rules on how to use summaries. They can be used as self-reminders, as comments that other users may want to see, or in other ways. Rambling is not prohibited, though you must keep in mind it will likely help no one but yourself.


At times, editors will undo and revert edits back and forth. This is known as an edit war, and must be resolved. When engaging in an edit war, no matter how right you think you are, the correct course of action is always to take it to a discussion rather than to keep going.

As a general rule, no more than three, preferably less, reversions of a non-vandalism edit should be used. Beyond this is excessive, shows lack of co-operation, and is highly disruptive.

An administrator can protect a page to prevent excessive and counter-productive edit warring if it reaches an absurd level. Note that this does not give them the right to protect the page on a version they specifically disagree with and to prevent anyone from challenging them, and this is an abuse of power.

If you are dealing with what appears to be vandalism, please consult the Vandalism and Good Faith Policies.


Like any major change, a move should be backed with consensus first. It is better to move without leaving a redirect if no redirect is needed, and a bot or user should change all links to the new page. It is always better to ask first before making a major change to the name, though if it is a much simpler change - such as changing the name to use a tag, or to fit the Naming Policy, one is not needed. Like edit wars, do not engage in a war over moving the page. If a new name is provided for anything in canon, a source should always be provided in the move summary and on the page itself.


Page deletion is done through sysop tools granted to administrators. This should be done if:

  • it is not within Scope or meeting any criteria
  • it contains spam.
  • it does not contain enough content to be worth a page - a red link is always better than a stub with 2 sentences, as it is better to make editors know that information is missing than that very little information is there.

Although anyone can remove content from any page, this does not delete a page. This should only be done if the content is being replaced with a redirect to a page that does contain the information. It is always better to remove content and replace with a redirect than to delete content and create a redirect afterwards in order to preserve page history. Deletion can, however, be done to remove past revisions if they are being reverted to in order to vandalize, or to hide personal or dangerous information.


All edits should be verifiable and attributable, and the burden of proof is always on the contributor. See Citations and Sources.


Discussions refers firstly to the Discussions feature, but also to talk pages, on-wiki forums in the Forum namespace, and other communication on the community itself. It does not directly apply to the IRC or social media, though similar principals can be assumed.


Each type of discussion has a specific place:

  • Article talk pages should be used for discussing improvements to the article and the coverage of its subject.
  • The on wiki forums should be used to discuss community/wiki projects, technical details and policy, and are located within the Rin's Travel Agency.
  • The Discussions feature can be used for any Final Fantasy related discussion, such as Final Fantasy world discussion, game help requests, fan works chat, or even bug reports related to the wiki. They should be categorized correctly.
  • User talk pages can be used for any discussion aimed specifically at that user. Beyond that this is not the place for spiteful trolling or harassment, the only other rule is not to use this for advertisement, or to break the ToU here.
  • IRC can be used for any discussion, but has its own rules. See its project page.

Constructive commentsEdit

Always attempt to be constructive when posting criticism or analysis. This means always explaining fully why you disagree with an edit or point of view, always be civil even if whoever you are in discussion with is not, and always working to achieve agreement and consensus.

Personal attacksEdit

Do not use personal attacks anywhere on the Final Fantasy Wiki. Comment on content, not on contributor. Any comments that pertain solely to the contributor's character rather than the submitted proposal does not help prove your point, it only seeks to make you look like a jerk.

Any comment which consists of personal attacks can be removed, and repeated use of attacks can result in a block.


Regardless of length of time, number of edits or user rights, no user has any form of social status that makes their input more valuable in any discussion. Just as anyone can edit, anyone can make their voice known on the open collaborative environment of Wikia, and we embrace the opinions of any user, regardless of how many edits they have made in the past.

This works both ways: you should not claim you are superior to anyone, but you should also not kick up a fuss if the person who disagrees with you happens to be a moderator, sysop or otherwise. Similarly, if you are discussing an article on Final Fantasy VI, you are not more authorized to speak of the game just because you've played x hundred hours of the game.

Always recognize that everyone is equal in any discussion, and the only time when their comment ever becomes unimportant is if their comment is unhelpful, for one of the reasons above.


Do not remove comments from other users unless they contain spam, personal attacks, trolling, or are otherwise harmful. You can only remove comments that have not been responded to; for the sake of clarity, do not heavily edit a comment that has been responded to to an extent that the content of the original message is lost.

Other namespacesEdit

The following applies to namespaces outside of the mainspace and discussions. As a general rule, any policy that applies to the mainspace, such as the Spoiler Policy, does not apply here.


Each project, such as the Dragon's Neck Colosseum, has its own conduct rules to refer to. Please refer to these.


Any walkthrough can be submitted to the wiki in Walkthrough namespace, and is owned by and attributed to the author. On these pages, the author is the sole user who can determine the content and code, and other editors are free to make small fixes, such as grammar and other corrections, but not to make changes to the prose or otherwise. If you think a writer's strategy is wrong, or their code is poor, this should be discussed with the writer; if the writer is no longer active, it is better to use another walkthrough hosted for the game.

Beyond this, walkthrough writers agree to the general Terms of Use on Wikia, to the Media policies and guidelines, copyright laws that apply to the rest of the site, and that the wiki reserves the right to rename or delete the walkthroughs at will. Walkthroughs are deleted if they remain incomplete and unedited for a year, or if they contain unlawful content and the author will not co-operate and remove it.


User namespace is completely free outside of the Terms of Use and the general rule to not include harassment or trolling towards other users. You can make your userspace as complicated or offensive as you like beyond that. This is often the best place to post personal theories or other content not accepted on mainspace and less suited for the Discussions format.