The Articles to Make project is a project that aims to list pages that need creating, and to keep track of pages that may need creating later.

Guidelines[edit source]

Before you start this project, make sure to check similar pages to the page you're creating (if you're making an item page, please check the item pages first). Beyond this, it's recommended that you check the layout guide. If you're struggling with writing prose, please read the style guide for help.

The Article Creation Policy is what currently determines whether or not an article should be created. If there are any ambiguities or issues with the policy, please discuss them at Rin's Travel Agency or its talk page.

Anything bolded in the list denotes that the article requires creation immediately, as it has enough appearances in the series. If you're not sure whether or not an article needs creating, please discuss it at the talk page.

List[edit source]

ABILITIES[edit source]

ACCESSORIES[edit source]

2 Games:[edit source]

  1. Diamond Bracelet - VIICC, FFT (Type-0 is not the same as these)
  2. Dragon Horn - FFVI, DFF
  3. Eidolon Tiara - DFFOO, FFBE (as Rydia's Hair Accessory)
  4. Faerie Bracelet - VIICC, FFD
  5. Garnet Bracelet - FFXV, FFBE
  6. Gold Choker - FFIX, FFRK
  7. Gris-Gris Bag - VIICC, FFX-2
  8. Leather Shoes - FFV, FFLIII
  9. Potpourri - FFX-2, FFXV
  10. Rebirth Ring - FFIX, FFRK
  11. Regen Ring - FFVIII, FFRK
  12. Sniper Soul - DFF, FFRK
  13. Sorcerer's Mantle - FFV, FFBE
  14. Wall Ring - FFX-2, FFBE

3 Games:[edit source]

  1. Alarm Earrings - FFVI, BD, BS
  2. Black Ring - FFX-2, FFXI, FFT4HoL
  3. Blazer Gloves - FFXII, XIIRW, FFRK.
  4. Ember Ring - FFXIII, XIII-2, FFTS
  5. Fake Mustache - FFVI, DFF, D012
  6. Gil Band - FFIV, TAY, FFD
  7. Guard Ring - FFVI, FFLTNS, FFBE
  8. Level Band - FFIV, TAY, FFD
  9. Magic Master - VIICC, Type0, DFFOO
  10. Mythril Bracer - FFX (Armor) (精銀の腕輪). Type-0 (Accessory)
  11. Rare Band - FFIV, TAY, FFD
  12. Runic Ring - LR, RoF, EoT
  13. Treasure Band - FFIV, TAY, FFD

ARMOR[edit source]

Others:[edit source]

  1. Al Bhed Potion - FFX (Item), FFBE (Ability)
  2. Angel's Bell (天使のすず) - DFF, D012, FFRK
  3. Anklet - FFIX, DFFOO
  4. Band of Thieves Tantalus - DFF2015, FFBE
  5. Blessed Ring - FFX, FFXIV, RoF, EoT
  6. Cameo Belt - FFXII, DFFOO
  7. Conflicted Hero - FFTA2, D012, DFFNT, DFFOO.
  8. Crystal Fragments - FFD (Song), PFF (Material), FFRK (Ability)
  9. Crystals' Blessing - Type-0 (Song), FFRK, FFBE
  10. Energy Sash - FFXIII, FFRK
  11. Extranger - FFRK, MFF
  12. Galbana Lilies - FFXII, D012, FFBE
  13. Iffrey - PFF, WoFF
  14. Ifreeta - MFF, WoFF
  15. King of jump rope - FFIX (Item), FFRK (Ability)
  16. Magic Armlet: FFVIII (Item). FFIX, FFX (Armor). BD, BS, FFRK (Accessory) (FFVIII/FFRK = (魔神の腕輪, Majin no Udewa?, lit. Demon God Bracelet). FFIX = (魔法の腕輪, Mahō no Udewa?, lit. Magical Bracelet). FFX = (幻術の小手, Genjutsu no Kote?, lit. Illusion Handguard))
  17. Magitek Elite - FFVI, FFTS, DFFNT, FFRK, FFBE (For Terra)
  18. Manufactured Nethicite (人造破魔石) - FFXII, PFF, FFBE (Ability)
  19. Moon Ring - FFX, FFXI, FFXII, FFTA2
  20. NulFrost Ring - FFX, FFX-2, FFBE
  21. Oil Bomb - FFXII, FFRK
  22. Pendalum - FFX, FFXV
  23. Prince's Fatigues - FFXV, DFFNT, DFFOO, FFRK (For Noctis)
  24. Purifying Salt - FFX, FFXV
  25. Purple Chocobo - FFXIII-2, CS
  26. Reno's Goggles - DFFOO, FFRK, FFBE
  27. SeeD Uniform - DFF, D012, DFFNT, DFFOO (as the Balamb Uniform) FFRK (For Squall)
  28. Shell Ring - FFX, FFXI, FFD
  29. Shinra Beta+ - VIICC, FFRK
  30. Soft Bangle - FFX, 4HoL (Fossil Ring), PFF
  31. Thunder Guy - PFF, WoFF
  32. Tourmaline Ring - FFXI, FFXII, FFBE
  33. Truth-Seeking Mercenary - DFFNT, DFFOO, FFRK (both skin & ability), FFBE (both character & ability)
  34. Wind Flute - FFII (Item), FFAB (Ability)
  35. Wizard Shield - FFX, FFXI, FFXV
  36. Wrist - FFIX, FFX (Armguard)

ENEMIES[edit source]

ITEMS[edit source]

JOBS[edit source]

  1. Green Mage - FFTA2, FFTS
  2. Musician (job) - FFTS, FFT4HoL
  3. Vampire (job) - FFTS, BD
  4. Fusilier - FFTA, FFTS
  5. Chocobo Knight - FFTA2, FFTS?
  6. Flintlock - FFTA2, FFTS, CD?
  7. Lanista - FFTA2, FFTS?
  8. Raptor (job) - FFTA2, FFTS?
  9. Arithmetician (job) - FFT, PFF, FFArt

LOCATIONS[edit source]

  1. End of Dreams - Location in Revenant Wings.

MUSIC TRACKS[edit source]

  1. "Gold Saucer" - FFVII, FFXIV, D012, DFFNT, TFF, TFFCC, TFFASC
  2. "Highwind Takes to the Skies" - FFVII, TFF, TFFCC, TFFASC, Final Fantasy VII Vinyl Limited Edition, X'mas Collections music from SQUARE ENIX
  3. "Locke's Theme" - FFVI, DFFNT, TFF, TFFCC, TFFASC
  4. "Stand Your Ground" - FFXV, DFFNT, TFFASC, FFRK, Tekken 7.
  5. "Veiled in Black" - FFXV, DFFNT, TFFASC, WoFF

STATUSES[edit source]

  1. Drain: FFVIII, MLaaD
  2. Charging: FFIV, FFT
  3. Golem: FFV, FFVI (Unless we want to merge this into Stoneskin)
  4. Boost: FFTA, FFTA2
  5. Expert Guard: FFTA
  6. Quicken: FFTA, FFTA2

WEAPONS[edit source]

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